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Found 9 results

  1. Hi bros, Any recommendations for a reliable plumber and electrician with good workmanship? Preferably not the tok carrot head type. Why must the 2 toilets, the kitchen sink and a couple of electrical switches start to conk out at almost the same time? Beats me!! Thank you for you time . . . .
  2. dcb

    Electrician lobang?

    Need to change some lighting stuffs for the house. Any good electrician to recommend?
  3. HI anyone knows and can recommend a good car electrician. I need to know whether it can be done to my car's front lights. One side cannot turn on automatically and only at times it lights up. My workshop mechanic says need to change the control module that cost more than $ 600. I wonder whether any electrician that can wire it from one side to the other light ( power line wire ) when it automatically lights up. Hope I have explained clearly. Its an old coe mitsubishi grandis. TIA
  4. Neutrino

    Apprenticeships in Singapore

    A friend is coming to Singapore with family including a son who hopes to gain an apprenticeship to become an electrician. Do we do apprenticeships in Singapore??? How do electricians become qualified??
  5. CWC Electrical Engineering Service ("CWC") is a government-licensed electrical firm that has over 20 years experience in professional electrical installation, maintenance and repair work. Our expertises also include fixing power failure, power tripping, electrical engineering works, electrical testing, blackout, new wiring, short circuit, rewiring and electrical extension. All electrical work must be undertaken or carried out by a licensed electrical worker. Such electrical work includes new wiring, rewiring and extensions which have to be tested before the supply is turned on. Power failure is certain, if the electrical work is not handled by a licensed electrician. When consumer needs any electrical work to be done at his premises, he is advised to check that the electrician whom he intends to engage to undertake or perform the electrical work has a valid electrical worker licence issued by the Energy Market Authority (EMA).To ensure quality result for major projects, CWC licensed electricians conducts comprehensive site survey and audit before commencement of electrical work to ensure adherence to authority requirement to Singapore Standard CP5 1998 (ICS 29.020), Code of Practice for Electrical Installations. CWC electricians designs, installs, repairs, maintains, operates, inspects and test electrical / supply installations where the operating voltage of such installation does not exceed 1000 volts and the approved load of such electrical installation does not exceed 45 kVA.As CWC electricians are licensed by EMA/BCA/IDA, you can have a great peace of mind, knowing that CWC electricians provide safe and professional electrical services. CWC Electricial Engineering Service 8 Burn Road #08-02/03 Trivex Singapore 369977 Phone: 9858 7555 Website: www.cwc.com.sg
  6. Wkwlb

    Overcharged by electrician?

    Hello guys wish to gather some opinion here. Recently done a renovation to my apartment, a 700sqt studio. The electrician work includes all plug/switches changed, installing a few lamps and shifting the D/B box. Now the electrician came up with a bill totaling $2900+ here I list some of the items: Installing heater switch $120 each socket outlet $80 each shift heater switch $75 each shift D/B box $850 I have provided all sockets and switches from my own source, the old D/B boxes is re-used. Am I being carrot? I was expecting something of $1K plus since it is only a studio. Any input is appreciated.
  7. Horsee

    Electrician to recommend

    Hi, Anyone face the problem of having your home circuit breaker trip, during heavy rain with loud thunder.. Mine is quite frequent and need one to recommend electrican to t/s. Thanks
  8. Berncsp76

    Any good electrician to recommend?

    Hi all, intend to change the whole electrical circuit board and wires for my 4-room flat. Any bros/sis here have nice and trusty guy to recommend? Wana change coz planning to install aircon system then my flat has remain status quo since 1982. Scared that it will short circuit.
  9. Newbie_driver

    Recommendation for Electrician

    the lamp tat i fixed to my ceiling is spoil and thus i am thinking of changing the whole lamp, i have bought 2 lamps from IKEA and intending to fixed it to my ceiling. Any one has any electrician to recommend and any idea on the estimated cost of taking down 2 lamps and fixing up 2 lamps? I dun think any form of drilling is required. thanks.