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  1. Yup, the German's DSG also beat everyone hands dowm. Don't flame me also.
  2. Bro, this is the only way SG gov. to make SGporeans not to spend $$$$$$ over at Malaysia by making all of you frustrated. Imagine the amount of $$$ flowing into M.....and not into their pockets. 👀👫👫
  3. Luckcent

    Pump Petrol In JB - Worth it

    Definitely nothing wrong. If really wants to save $$$, please give up driving and free himself from maintaining the vehicle, that will be the best savings. Period.
  4. Guys, can still top up/reload the touch n go card at the 2nd link before immigration ?
  5. Luckcent

    2020 VW Golf is coming

    If they change their gearbox transmission, maybe I can consider.
  6. I had vertigo many years ago....so I started drinking hot lemon juice mixed with ginger and it goes away. Not sure it will help. Take care guys.
  7. Luckcent

    Is Singapore General Election Round The Corners ?

    Whatever it is.....please vote wisely and do not spoil votes.
  8. Luckcent

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    Guys, give them the thumps up for creating jobs for a select few lah............
  9. Luckcent

    Kenwood DDX 917WS

    I think your suggestion is good enough, just need to learn more on AA.
  10. Luckcent

    Kenwood DDX 917WS

    Carz73, probably you are right. Also they did tell me it is my set that is the problem. So it maybe the Head unit is problematic. Anyway, thanks for all the info and advises.
  11. Luckcent

    Kenwood DDX 917WS

    Just an update. It is rather unfortunate that the Kenwood 917WS of mine do not support the 3rd party add-on GPS. Ah Put tried to redo the wiring but it is still not successful. Link Auto accessories was kind enough to refund the money. Too bad, now got to use my phone's Here We Go maps.
  12. Luckcent

    How to Setup Your Android Auto - video tutorial

    Bro, too cheam lah..... well at least I can try google maps even though needs data. Thanks. The rest of all those supported apps are alien to me.
  13. Luckcent

    How to Setup Your Android Auto - video tutorial

    Hi, bro, certainly it helps. I suagu dont even knoe tha AA dont support Here off line map. Thanks.
  14. Luckcent

    Q85 battery

    Any bros give you any suggestions ?
  15. Luckcent

    How to Setup Your Android Auto - video tutorial

    Hi bro, ....I am new to AA and I have Here Wego navigation. When I tried to use " Here " , it just do not operate.....Can instruct me how to go about it ? Sorry to bring up an old thread.