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Found 27 results

  1. Hydrocarbon

    Science and Engineering

    Instead of all the moaning and b*tching about people and the stupid things they do, I decided to start a thread on science and engineering, so that we can all learn more about the world around us. Do feel free to share videos that shed light on the workings of our world, so that we can all benefit from the knowledge. First up, something that quite a lot of us use daily. GPS! (Actually, more on the atomic clock than GPS) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2BxAu6WZI8 Secondly, for all of you who love to drink soda / canned drinks, ever wondered why the can was designed in such a manner and how it was made? Wonder no more! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUhisi2FBuw Check out more of this guy's channel! I just started watching him last night, and now I can't stop! Hahahha..
  2. Just wanna share my experience with this air con company called Perfection Airconditioning & Engineering Pte Ltd. I have been using their service for quite some time and all along was all good. Not long ago I called the boss, named Low, to do chemical wash for my house air con, but he sent his staffs to do, in the end there was some minor problem, i didn't complaint to Low at all, I just asked him to come and resolve the problem as I thought he knows better. He came and checked my air con with his partner ( i think it's his partner as he always come with that guy, but i don't know his name). when Low was checking my air con, I heard the other guy spoke in chinese and made something like a complaint about a customer..I didn't know exactly what happened also and I don't like to busy body so I just ignored but I saw the attitude of the partner and I think it's not really nice. After checking my air con, Low told me, it's leaking but need to check where the leaking was, since it's already almost dusk, he top up the gas for me for free and told me to monitor it, if air con has problem again, just call him. I just follow what he said as I trust him. Few weeks later, my air con not cold, I called Low but kinda difficult to reach him. When finally reached him, I told him about the air con and he told me he was busy and must see his schedule 1st. I understand him so I just follow what he said. Then he asked his staff to come down to my place to check. The staff also told me that there's a leaking in the pipe, but need a lot of time to check. Better ask with his boss for the solution, they top up the gas again for free. I told them I will pay as I feel bad for them but they said no need. Fine..few days later, I called Low and asked him to resolve my air con problem. Also very difficult to reach him. when I managed to talk to him, he told me he need to check and arrange time to come down and will let me know. I again, just follow what he said as I trust him. Then recently I called him to ask him to come down to my office to check my air con as it has been leaking for quite some time, and also to follow up regarding my house aircon. He told me he needed to arrange his time 1st, see if he got come near my place or not, then he will drop by to check. Although it doesn't sound very nice to me, I still listen to him. I mean, I'm willing to pay for his service, not asking for free. Yesterday, I called him few times and text him, no reply or return call at all. I already felt very disappointed, and this morning I still try to call him and he (Low) didn't pick up and return my call, I fed up and text him. I didn't curse him, just tell him how disappointed I am with him. May be he thinks this is a small money so he put it later, I don't know. I have recommended him to so many people even in other forum. I don't know if got people use his service or not but I, as an old customer, felt extremely disappointed. We have known for so long, my office air cons were installed by them and I never bargained at all with his price. I never make any single complaint at all about his service. Soon after i texted him, he read it, and left no reply. I just texted him saying thanks for all your helps. For those who happens to find or recommended to this company, just take note. They may look nice and friendly, but don't judge the book by its cover.
  3. Hi Anyone from the Manufacturing or Precision Engineering Industry?? How do u think of the current market now??Can share
  4. Vulcann

    Engineering career anyone?

    Read the following article from the ST Forum today. Basically IES will be fighting a uphill battle trying to encourage locals taking up engineering as a career. Stepping stone yes but to practice hardcore engineering until retirement maybe not for most. Sad fact is engineering is not that glamorous nor sexy a career as compared to say accounts or banking. Remuneration package is unattractive unless you are in a very specialised field say the oil & gas sector. Even PEs also pai tan with many consultancies in the industry all fighting over the few available jobs. From ST Forum: Efforts to revive interest in engineeringPublished on Feb 10, 2014 WE THANK Mr David Goh for raising an issue that is critical to the future of Singapore ("Revive interest in engineering"; Jan 30). It is true that we need to continue to pull in the brightest students into engineering, to keep our infrastructure robust, our economy competitive and retain a high quality of life. Compared with 30 to 40 years ago, it is a challenge now to get students to choose to study engineering, and to encourage engineering graduates to pursue engineering as a career. This is because the younger generation perceives engineering as a harsh and average-paying job that is limited to construction work. In reality, engineering is an exciting, promising and greatly rewarding profession. As global problems such as climate change and energy shortage become more serious, engineers are increasingly being sought after. Many new engineering disciplines, such as aerospace engineering, environmental engineering and biomedical engineering, have also emerged, offering a myriad of choices and opportunities to make a difference to the world. An engineering career can lead to great things. Many engineers in Singapore have gone on to become captains of industry. Mr Satya Nadella, the new head of Microsoft, is an engineer by training. To alleviate the shortage of engineers, the Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES), As the national society of engineers, has been working closely with government agencies to appeal to local young talents to join the profession, through National Engineers Day and other activities. We have also encouraged engineers based overseas to return and work in Singapore. In September last year, IES launched the Chartered Engineer Programme to raise the standards of engineering and the profile of engineers. Through this accreditation, we aim to give qualified engineers the salaries they deserve. In Britain, engineers who are chartered are paid as much as 40 per cent more than their non-chartered peers. With the support of industry players, we are moving in that direction as well. For parents with ambitious and talented children looking for successful careers and the ability to make an impact on the world, it is time to place engineering as a career of choice again. Joe Eades Council Member The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES) (source: http://www.straitstimes.com/premium/forum-letters/story/efforts-revive-interest-engineering-20140210 )
  5. LifePro_Tips

    Taroda Racing Engineering

    In 2002, Taroda Racing was founded by Dexter Low with a vision to make the Radio Control Racing Scene a hobby that many people could enjoy. We carry brands like Tamiya, Kyosho and HPI. These brands are reliable and with high accuracy of control. We believe in carrying full range of spare parts for the type of radio control (RC) cars that we have. Our customers can modified their RC cars to better performance and speed of up 100 km/hour. Throughout the years, we have held many racing events. These races include buffets for our members, lucky draws and trophies to winners. Taroda also organized both touring and drifting races at Taroda Track, East Coast Park. These events brought a lot of very young members, adults and father and sons to play together. Taroda is proud to announce that our sponsored drivers have done very well in the Tamiya Asia Cups. Our drivers holds the Championship for Super Stock touring for two subsequent years 2009 and 2010. These members have taken radio control hobby to a new height. In the coming years, Taroda will endeavours to make RC a hobby that many could have funs and create bonding among friends and family members. Taroda Racing Engineering 1 Pasir Ris Close #03-107 E!Hub@Downtown East Singapore 519599
  6. CWC Electrical Engineering Service ("CWC") is a government-licensed electrical firm that has over 20 years experience in professional electrical installation, maintenance and repair work. Our expertises also include fixing power failure, power tripping, electrical engineering works, electrical testing, blackout, new wiring, short circuit, rewiring and electrical extension. All electrical work must be undertaken or carried out by a licensed electrical worker. Such electrical work includes new wiring, rewiring and extensions which have to be tested before the supply is turned on. Power failure is certain, if the electrical work is not handled by a licensed electrician. When consumer needs any electrical work to be done at his premises, he is advised to check that the electrician whom he intends to engage to undertake or perform the electrical work has a valid electrical worker licence issued by the Energy Market Authority (EMA).To ensure quality result for major projects, CWC licensed electricians conducts comprehensive site survey and audit before commencement of electrical work to ensure adherence to authority requirement to Singapore Standard CP5 1998 (ICS 29.020), Code of Practice for Electrical Installations. CWC electricians designs, installs, repairs, maintains, operates, inspects and test electrical / supply installations where the operating voltage of such installation does not exceed 1000 volts and the approved load of such electrical installation does not exceed 45 kVA.As CWC electricians are licensed by EMA/BCA/IDA, you can have a great peace of mind, knowing that CWC electricians provide safe and professional electrical services. CWC Electricial Engineering Service 8 Burn Road #08-02/03 Trivex Singapore 369977 Phone: 9858 7555 Website: www.cwc.com.sg
  7. Hi guys Warning and beware of this company, L1 Cooling Airconditioning & Engineering, believed this is a one man show company, Johnny 林 is the person. Engaged this company to do basic cleaning of the aircon through groupon. Based on the groupon deal, call 81166269 to Made appt. Agreed on date n time, then did not turn up on actual day. Wasted my leave. Then schedule again, agreed to come in the morning, turn up late by more than 1hr. Aircon leaked the next day, called him to fix a schedule to fix the issue since got 95 days warranty if due to leakage. Came few days later, give me crap reasons etc etc, use a duct tape to seal the leakage. Ask my mum to boil lots of water so that he can pour into the fan coil tray to clear the choke as he claimed. Seems the leakage stopped so he left, the leakage came back again that night. Again fix a schedule to come n fix the issue, agreed on a date n time (abt 2 weeks later), appt date came, no show from him again, wasted mybleave again. Called him n he blamed the schedule was fixed by his admin, his admin screwed up c'mon his admin is he himself. He said he can only comes down 1 week later. Told him aircon has been leaking all the while. He said he will fixed an appt again. Then disapeear, numerous calls and SMS to him but no response. Trying to shirk his responsibility and accountabiltiy, so inform groupon for possible actions now. So if anyone of you engage this company or him to service aircon, pls think twice. Dun want you guys to go thru the same agony.
  8. FaezClutchless

    The world

    Images of a car with a really low height have been circulating on the internet recently. The car may look like something you might buy from a toy store for a small child. But in fact, the car is allowed to be driven on the road and it has broken the Guinness World Record for being the lowest road worthy car. The car is known as the Mirai (which means future in Japanese) and it was built by a group of students and teachers from Japan. The Mirai measures just 45.2 centimetres off the ground and as mentioned above, it was entered into the 2013 Guinness World Record Book for being the lowest road worthy car. The Mirai was created and built by students and teachers from the Okayama Sanyo High School in Asakuchi, Japan. The students and teachers are from the automobile engineering department of the school. A total of nine teachers and twelve students spent several months planning on how to build the car and they took around one year to finally assemble it. The car was initially planned to run on ordinary gasoline but it was later changed to feature an electric motor. The car runs on six batteries. The car
  9. FaezClutchless

    Inside Volkswagen

    [extract] Many manufacturing companies realised that the most effective way to leverage niche talent is to establish a team in the heart of the segment. From video game makers to chocolatiers, companies relocate their offices to seek specific talents and also to have a better local feel. Automakers do the same thing too. Southern California is known for its fanatical car culture and the place has become like a capital city for automakers seeking a better taste of the region
  10. Movie.wmv Near miss on CTE towards SLE this morning.....the lorry driver looks like FT to me.....
  11. This is the second incidents that I have encountered with this "Fast and Furious" lorry on CTE, VRN is G__ 2734 _. I was driving on CTE towards SLE at around 8 am and in the tunnel. I have encountered this lorry twice in the last two weeks that was driving way above it's speed limit on Lane 1. The last time, he was even waving in and out between lane 1 and 2. To the management of the company, please take note of the behaviour of this "fast and furious" driver as it is a matter of time that he will get into trouble with the authority. Beside I would consider him as a "danger" to the other road users pm the road.
  12. Anyone had send their car for servicing at Kar Engineering? Any feedback on them? Thks.
  13. [extract] Those in high density urban areas know that space is premium and the price for space is sky high the closer you get to the city centre. Aside from the need for personal space at home or at the office, there is also a need for space to park one
  14. deg in semicon , how to migrate? got family liao, not much savings, maybe more if sell hdb flat.
  15. I just bought a 2nd hand axio with no service record history. Need your help in intro a good workshop (west prefered) Pls pm me if there is a good lobang if it is inconvient Also is comfort delgro good? Is shell autoserv good also ?
  16. Lotus Engineering conducted two studies to look at the possibility of developing passenger vehicles from 2017. The specialised lightweight sports car maker says its long-time philosophy of weight reduction will benefit potential customers in the areas of fuel consumption and C02 emissions. By studying and comparing its concepts to a benchmark Toyota Venza crossover, Lotus was able to achieve a 38% vehicle mass reduction, excluding the powertrain. For example, compared to the baseline Venza's 400-plus body parts, the 2020 model Lotus had only 211. Yet it retained similar interior and exterior dimensions, as well as key safety and quality characteristics as its counterpart. The interior systems include 50% lighter seats, climate control hardware, navigation electronics and others. There is a high level of component integration for space maximisation and weight minimisation. An example is the audio/ air conditioning/navigation touch screen which also contains the shifter and parking brake functions. Chassis and suspension components are to be downsized, the glazing and width of the windscreen possibly reduced and replaced with an appropriate, lower weight substitute. A low energy, low heat friction stir welding process used on high speed trains would be employed alongside adhesive bonding during the production process. Lotus expects the system, currently applied by some low volume automakers, to have mass production value by the time the car is production ready. A second nearer-term vehicle was envisaged for the year 2017. Lotus says a mass reduction of 21%, excluding powertrain, was attained on this particular study.
  17. I have a friend who has graduated from local U engineering degree. He has lower honours and asking around 2.8k. Is that reasonable?
  18. Other than Leong Seng at Ubi and KBS at Sin Ming, may I know who else import or distributes VOLKS rims? Is there an agent here in SG.
  19. 14 years in the making and i don't even know such thing exist! should i say wow? "Will the Large Hadron Collider save the world, or destroy it? As the atom-smasher at Europe's CERN research center is readied for its official startup on Wednesday, researchers might wish that the general public was captivated by the quest for the Higgs boson, the search for supersymmetric particles and even the evidence for extra dimensions. But if the feedback so far is any guide, the real headline-grabber is the claim that the world's most powerful particle-smasher could create microscopic black holes that some fear would gobble up the planet...." http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/24556999/
  20. Hishercar

    First aicon engineering company

    need bros advice on this air-con company anybody know if this company is ok I had my air-con chemical clean last year and now they tell me I need chemical cleaning change gas 2 years ago now tell me gas dirty can you guys give some expert advice if this company is ok or not or had personal experience thanks
  21. As above . Very scarely sia ,, I'm still a poly student @ engin
  22. Dearjoshua

    MBA - Engineering to Finance

    Hi, any advice if an engineer has a good chance to swith his career into finance after getting a MBA? i mean being able to switch without starting at the bottom of the finance ladder....
  23. Check this out man... Click on the link ==> How to make them...
  24. hi guys, this thread is for pple to enquire abt the sub lah. for those who wish to listen to the sub, do drop by the wednesday meetups. Cheers!
  25. Been trying to find the address but can't find in resources. Can someone please tell me the address ?? Thanks in adavance.