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Found 25 results

  1. rarely see a founder quit and sell all the shares.
  2. Cld not get any search thru' the search engine. 1st time owning OPC. Can check if the steps mentioned below is correct? 1) Get quotations & Renew insurance abt 2-wks before expiry (does insurance need any proof that car is OPC??) 2) When letter from LTA to renew rd tax arrive (is it abt 2-3wks before expiry??), arrange to hv OPC seal inspected by Vicom first. 3) After inspect seal by vicom, take the letter of the passed inspection to LTA to renew rd tax (need insurance policy/cover note to proof insurance been purchased??) Sori abt the noobie question above... but 1st time, and normal car not so much effort needed... Thank you..
  3. Anyone has joined this? What's your points now? http://www.healthhub.sg/programmes/37/NSC
  4. Read that a person should walk about 10,000 steps a day to improve our health..............and started a program with my colleagues this month........ with the help of a pedometer..........we found out that it is actually not difficult to walk 10,000 steps a day.......... How many steps do you walk each day???? for the good of our health..................let's start walking 10,000 steps a day............ [bounce2]
  5. If you only have time to watch one short film today, make it this one. Well worth your time.
  6. With the Lunar New Year approaching, many restaurants and caterers have said they are facing more food orders. The National Environment Agency (NEA) has also stepped up the number of inspections it conducts during the festive season to ensure food safety. The number of inspections over Christmas and New Year last year and in the build-up to this year's Lunar New Year increased by 27 per cent compared to the previous festive season. The inspections include measuring and checking the temperature of the food served, to ensure there is no cross-contamination. And they seem to be working, with the number of hygiene lapses on the part of food retail operators decreasing. In 2013, NEA issued a total of 2,198 enforcement tickets for hygiene lapses. This was a drop of 749 tickets compared to the 2,947 issued in the previous year. Common offences included failure to keep licensed premises clean and free from pests, as well as failure to register food handlers. One of the restaurants Channel NewsAsia spoke to said they are also tightening their internal safety measures during the festive season. Irene Ong, corporate hygiene manager at Shangri-La Hotel, said: "We also carry out more inspections, internal food safety inspections. We usually do it three times a week, now we are doing it more frequently. “We carry out daily inspections. During the inspections we also remind our chefs to ensure good personal hygiene." Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/nea-steps-up-food-safety/969814.html NEA increases inspections at eateries, caterers The National Environment Agency (NEA) has stepped up checks on restaurants and caterers to minimise the risk of food poisoning incidents over Chinese New Year. The number of inspections over this festive season - which includes Christmas, New Year and the lead-up to Chinese New Year - has increased by 27 per cent, compared to the same period in 2012. The NEA has also issued advisories to event organisers, and a spokesman said: "Other than the usual checks, our officers keep a lookout for any instances of poor food and personal hygiene that may result from operators ramping up their production to cope with the increase in business volume and orders." This includes cross contamination between raw and ready-to- eat food and poor personal hygiene practices of food handlers. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/nea-increases-inspections-eateries-caterers-20140130
  7. Picnic06-Biante15

    Premium Taxi Services - "Right To Door Steps"

    This taxi uncle giving 100% premium service to his customers right to their door steps ...... Yahoo news: Buzz over a taxi stuck on a flight of steps at NTU A taxi was found on a flight of steps at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) on Tuesday morning, at about 11.30am. According to reports, the driver had accidentally driven onto the staircase, which is located off Nanyang Avenue, leading to the S4 block where the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering is located. A photo of it, uploaded onto Instagram, was widely circulated on the Internet soon after it was posted. Netizens then created hilarious memes out of the photo, fuelling a bigger buzz around the bizarre incident. link: http://sg.news.yahoo.com//photos/buzz-over...0036084743.html
  8. Z_Dash

    Car Grooming Steps

    Still a little uncertain on sealant, polish and wax. How does each compliment each other and which first? Step 1 - Wash Step 2 - Claybar when washing Step 3 - Polish (?) Step 4 - Sealant (?) Step 5 - Wax (?) Any bro could advice? I see many does only till sealant and mentions Wax is not needed.
  9. Jman888

    Taking steps back?

    It took 30 years to build a mindset for what it is today (kiasu, competitive, result, awards, numbers, etc), now they want to go back to basic. How long do you think it takes to reverse the mindset and parents will REALLY don't have to worry about which school to go to, less tuition for the children, focus on non academic activities or on the special talents?
  10. Hey there... I'm hoping to receieve some advice or if there's someone out there who can share their exprience in terms of taking the first steps to migrating outside of singapore. Please indicate where you are currently staying now and how or where you're working at. As for accomodations as well and embassy issues, where and who did you have to go to. I would be really greatfull for those who are able to give me an insight as to what is needed to go thru. Happy New Year and thanks in advance for those who can share!
  11. Has the MSK escape fiasco has anything to do with him stepping down. Kinda late to relive him of high profile position. http://sg.yfittopostblog.com/2010/10/27/wo...abinet-changes/
  12. Luca di Montezemolo has stepped down as chairman of the Italian carmaker Fiat. He will, however, remain president of Ferrari, with 34-year-old John Elkann - a descendant of the founding Agnelli family - replacing him at Fiat because Montezemolo has "finished the task" he began in 2004. Montezemolo, 62, denied the move is a precursor to moving into Italian politics or even founding his own party, insisting he is staying on the Fiat board and will not stop heading Ferrari. On the same day, Montezemolo announced that he still wants "major teams" such as Ferrari "and McLaren" to be allowed to enter third cars in grands prix. "We want a third car and I would do everything to have Valentino (Rossi)," he told reporters. "When he wins this year's MotoGP, enough is enough, he must also win in formula one," the Ferrari chairman and president added.
  13. Dear Bros, Due to work purposes, I have no choice but to convert my off peak car to normal. Anyone here can advise, in detail, what the things I need to do? and how long it will take? Many Thanks.
  14. anyone know where can i install the side steps?
  15. Dunno how to phrase the title, but this is the situation: a) I know someone who only got his Basic Theory Test (BTT) recently; he said got this Final Theory Test (FTT) to take b) He just booked and paid a downpayment for a new car, having boasted that he could get his Provisional Drivers' Licence (PDL) by Dec 08; c) Now he is having driving lessons almost every day to complete the 33 lessons by early- to mid-Nov, so that he can get his test date in Dec 08. What is the actual procedures, and pre-reqs to getting a licence - step by step? This is confusing (cos I got my licence more than 20 years ago when it was only Highway Code, and then Test Date).
  16. Beijing steps up car curbs Thousands of new cars hit Beijing's streets every day [GALLO/GETTY] Authorities in Beijing have reinstated some of the traffic rules that were used during the Olympic games to clean up the city's air pollution and ease the Chinese capital's chronic road congestion. Starting from Wednesday, officials said 30 per cent of government vehicles would be taken off Beijing's streets. Later this month, all cars will be banned from roads one weekday per week, depending on the final number on their registration plates. Government vehicles are said to account for about 10 per cent of the city's more than three million cars and vans. Tough restrictions on car usage during the August Olympics helped dramatically improve Beijing's air quality, taking pollution levels down to their lowest level in 10 years. The measures had limited private motorists to driving on alternate days, removing more than a million of the city's 3.3 million vehicles from the streets each day. Construction sites and dozens of factories were ordered to close for the duration of the games. The special restrictions for the Olympics were lifted on September 20 and since then the traffic gridlock and much of the pre-games smog has returned. As part of the new measures the official Xinhua news agency said employers were also being asked to adopt more flexible working hours - or to encourage working from home if possible - to help ease congestion. Recent reports in state media have also said Beijing was considering steep hikes in parking fees to discourage driving in the city. http://english.aljazeera.net/news/asia-pac...8929415251.html
  17. Apollo

    Mata steps up on drunk drivers

    Going up soon: Fencing to nab all drink drivers Zul Othman zul@mediacorp.com.sg STAGGERING out of a club after a night of heavy boozing, you wobble into your vehicle hoping to make a quick, furtive dash home undetected by the authorities. . But watch out: The cops might just be waiting for you around the corner
  18. Good move by LTA , but how they enforce it??? ST 30/4 THE so-called 'white light' on the road is making motorists see red. The rash of illegally fitted high-intensity discharge (HID) headlamps - which throw extremely bright white beams often blinding to other road users - has also caught the attention of the Land Transport Authority. The LTA said it received 43 complaints last year regarding blinding headlamps - or nearly once every week. It is now planning to ban the import of vehicles with HID lamps unless they come with proper anti-glare devices such as a self-levelling system. A self-levelling system automatically adjusts the lights so they do not point higher than they should. 'We will consult the industry before making any decision to implement this,' an LTA spokesman said. The Straits Times understands that the main cause of complaints are illegally modified headlamps which, like other illegal modifications, can draw a fine of up to $1,000 or a jail term of up to three months for first offenders. Many consumers are unaware that many parallel importers sell their cars with these illegal fittings. Surveyor Hermanto Kassanri, 35, was shocked when he found that the Honda Stream seven-seater he bought three months ago had these illegal fittings. 'I discovered this when I went to the workshop for servicing. My mechanic pointed out that the car's headlights were illegal,' he said. 'It's worrying.' Another Honda Stream owner, renovation agent Kamil F.S., 32, said he found out about his illegal lights through an online car forum. 'I will go back to the importer and see what can be done,' he said. Mr Neo Nam Heng, president of the parallel importers' Automotive Importers and Exporters Association, said 'all importers should be aware of and compliant to all rules and technical requirements'. But industry sources say many parallel importers 'bend' these rules. Pinnacle Motors admitted that it had sold cars fitted with the illegal HID lamps, but said it was taking steps to rectify that. Its managing director Larry Teo told The Straits Times that he would 'recall' all the cars and replace them with the original headlights. He said his company had sold 'over 100'' of such cars, mainly Hondas and Toyotas. 'It's a competitive market and we're not the only ones doing it. We meant no harm,'' he said, adding that 'our laws are not advanced'. HID lamps fitted by parallel importers are not the only kind making motorists squint. Some cars sold by authorised agents too can be blinding. This can happen when the rear of the vehicle is heavily loaded, thereby lifting its nose. The slight tilt in angle is enough to get the HID light into the eyes of other drivers. Which is why the LTA is looking to implement the self-levelling device requirement - which is mandatory in Europe. For those who bought cars with illegal modifications, the LTA advises them to keep documentation proof. 'They will have to give a statement and provide evidence, such as the sales agreement to the investigation officer,' the spokesman said. 'Appropriate action will be taken against the culpable party who caused the offence.' IGNORANT UNTIL... 'I discovered this when I went to the workshop for servicing. My mechanic pointed out that the car's headlights were illegal. It's worrying.' SURVEYOR HERMANTO KASSANRI, 35, who was shocked when he found that the Honda Stream he bought recently had these illegal fittings
  19. Forget the language bit and just concentrate on the entire process of producing a BMW Click on Link to View ==> How to Make a BMW - Video (Soapbox MSN)
  20. Check this out man... Click on the link ==> How to make them...
  21. hi, Any1 knows the steps to retrain Lancer CVT CS3 txm EUC. Txm EUC not the engine EUC. I just chg batt n is facing a 1 sec pauses when chging gear, from D-> R or P->D thanks mice
  22. Daredarr

    Steps to do detailing

    Just to find out the 'actual' or 'correct' way of detailing my ride....cos I noe nuts abt detailing.... Wat I did thus far, is.... Step 1: Spray/splash/rinse ride with water Step 2: Use sponge and clean ride with car shampoo Step 3: Use claybar onto areas that are 'rough' (Didn't use too often cos jus started using claybar) Step 4: Spray/splash/rinse ride with water again Step 5: Wipe dry with cotton cloth(cheapo orange cloth bought fr petrol kiosk) Step 6: Apply wax (Soft 99) Step 7: 'Wipe' off wax Wonder if it's the correct or normal way of doing so. It did improve on the rough surface....no longer got the rough and detestable feel on my ride anymore. Guess must be the claybar's work. Had read abt using sealant....any folks can recommend wat brand of sealant to use or how do I actually use/apply the sealant.... Thanks in advance
  23. Genie47

    Steps to detailing a car

    See this post in Web-cars detailing forum. Brandon is an amateur. Ron Ketcham is a pro running a business. Ditto with Bud Abraham. http://www.web-cars.com/detail/phorum/read...i=27008&t=27008
  24. STEPS TO WASHING YOUR CAR General steps below: 1. Rinse car to remove loose grit, dirt, including wheels and wheel wells. 2. Apply car shampoo using a sponge or a wash mitt ....start shampooing and work your way from the top down, and rims last. Use a different sponge for the rims. 3. Rinse car....start from the top first. 4. Use chamois to dry car. I usually hold both ends of the chamois and drag it along the top surfaces to drain off all the water, its quick and fast and does not exert much pressure on the paintwork, thus lessens the chances of getting swirl marks. Move in straight parallel lines, in the direction of air flow, rather than in circles, to minimise circular swirl marks, which are more visible. 5. Open doors and wipe door sill areas. 6. Open boot and wipe boot sill areas. Steps 1-6 should take about 45 minutes. Additional Steps: Shake off dirt from car mats. Vacuum car. Clean windows with glass cleaner. Apply leather cleaner/conditioner to leather seats. Apply sealant/wax to car. Points to Note: Try to wash your car at least once a week. Try not to wash your car under the hot sun. If you really have to, then during shampoo each area and rinse before moving on to another area. This is to prevent the shampoo from drying on the paintwork. Basic concept is to always work from the top areas first and move your way down. This applies to washing and drying. These are general steps, and you may vary the steps according to your preference. Time taken fro each step also varies from person to person. You can also take a look at the Car Washing disccussion thread here --> http://www.mycarforum.com/..._latest_reply;so=ASC If you intend to clay bar your ride, it will be between steps 3 and 4. Here are the steps to the How To Clay Bar Your Car thread--> http://www.mycarforum.com/...;;page=unread#unread If you are wondering what kind of detailing products to use, you can check out the INTRO TO DETAILING PRODUCTS thread here --> http://www.mycarforum.com/...;;page=unread#unread
  25. Garang_guni2002

    What exact detailing steps?

    Hi all Wanted to wash my car with shampoo, wax it and use sealant as well. Bros here...please advise on the proper steps required to achieve it. Thanks all!