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Found 19 results

  1. Watched a repeat of TopGear (episod in china) and the 3 men condemned whatever cars made in china. I think today, china's cars are not really up to international standard yet in terms of safety, performance, etc but since these B&B cars are for their domestic markets where the majority of buyers dont really know anything better, china car makers will continue to churn out millions of mediocre cars yet still find buyers queue up, end of the days making tons of money. Is there a incentive for them to make better cars, to match the quality/performance etc of say VW etc, let alone the highend conti/jap/korean cars? Those china buyers who have the taste / money for better cars, in typical chinese 'culture', will buy imported cars, coz no china car makers have the prestige / history / brandnames to attract buyers who want not only good cars, but also 'face'/status only brands like Merc/BWM (RR also) etc could provide. Patrioism is more or less non existent when it comes to the rich, except state owned companies buying mic highend cars for their bosses? Bottomline, will it be almost unforeseable china made cars will ever match the quality / status of highend foreign-made cars? not in the next 10/20 years? The expanding domestic B&B car markets are big enough to occupy them for a long time, export is hardly something they have time to think about.
  2. Good news for fans of Mazda. The Japanese company has announced that it is working a new family of straight-six Skyactiv-X engines for its premium models. Mazda made the announcement during an investor conference and said that the engines will come in both petrol and diesel variants. This comes as a surprise as this is Mazda's first foray into having a straight-six engine in its line up. The new engines will make use of the brand’s Spark Controlled Compression Ignition technology that will be seen in the new Mazda 3 and also be compatible with mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid technologies. The company didn’t provide a timeline for the powertrains just yet, nor did it discuss what kind of models will use it. Moving forward, it is safe to assume that this move will see Mazda try to move up into the premium market with larger models running both rear and all-wheel drive drivetrains.
  3. dcb

    Junction Produce fusa

    Does anyone know whether are we still able to buy the above mentioned locally? Need to replace mine.
  4. jack Neo spent only 3 mil to produce 2 gd movies Ah Boys to Man 1 and Ah Boys to Man 2. But Ho Yeow Sun spent almost 40 mil to produce one MTV (u know which one!)? koped from asiaone -
  5. anyone kenah b4 ? my colleague paid almost $4k for his wedding shoot ( whole day, incl. gown) however, last week when he collected his photos, he was told that the pics for his tea ceremony was not able to be processed. so what recourse can he seek from the photoshoot company ?
  6. Need joint efforts from a few local big names:- First, sgp car cant fight in the mass market coz we dont have the volume (domestic market) to kick start, so it gotta be some kind of low volume, highend cars which is not a bad thing coz profit margin is usually high vs mass market cars. It must have backing / link with some local but World Class names, for example, if the car is somewhat linked to say SIA, at least pple will think maybe it deserves a second look?.... all sales, marketing, promotions, adverts etc will feature SIA girls prominently..... To make it sweeter, first 1000 buyers will enjoy free upgrade when they fly SIA within 6 months of buying the car. As for the interior and uphostery in the car, why not handmade by our very own something Choo, the world famous shoe maker? Surely he can stitch up something nice... even can do it made-to-order if the customer wants durability, he can specify sawphaikhwa skin... guarantee very thick and lasting In this age of hi-tech motoring, we can use Creative's designers and know-how to take care of all the IT components, including the in-car sounds system. Engine?.... dont worry, we can ask the sgp guy who now owns shares in MacLaren to make a deal to borrow designers or even whole engine / handling package for the made-in-sgp car. Body shape? ...... this one not sure which local party / design team can handle it well and give us a super-duper sexy body to tempt all buyers? Maybe some FTs can help here? So far, all major areas are covered, the remaining question: what type of highend, high performance car it should be? Sports car, or high performance 4door eg M3 type? Or life style car eg RangeRover Evoq? Realistically speaking, why not let ST Engineering co-produce a 4X4 Evoq type of life style model using its expertise in rough terrain vehicles? Imagine a Evoq-beater high performance SUV (MaClaren power+handling) bearing the Made-In-Sgp badge sponsored by world class aviation household name SIA (only Saab has such heritage linked with planes)!!! All govt QY plates will be using this model, all TP and SAF will also use a stripped-down 'budget' edition. All applicants for PR / Citizenship will have to show their loyalty by ordering one. Overseas market: the MaClaren+SIA name will do the selling. Anyone interested to subscribe for IPO?? MCF can also help / contribute: by providing a NAME for the car Call it BEST ENDEAVOUR? (short for "I did My Best") or Good Time (short for Many More GOod Years)? or what? .............. maybe just OPERA (more refined form of wayang)?
  7. very funny http://edvantage.com.sg/edvantage/photos/4...y_students.html
  8. as above a car brand with so much prestige class and history
  9. Thu, Feb 11, 2010 Reuters SAN FRANCISCO - Apple Inc's AAPL.O forthcoming iPad tablet computer will cost as little as US$229.35 (S$325.67) for the company to produce, according to an estimate on Wednesday from research house iSuppli. The group conducted what it called a "virtual teardown" of the iPad, since the device is not yet available and component suppliers have not been announced. Apple's iPad, which resembles a large iPhone and uses the same operating system, will go on sale as early as next month, as the company looks to define a new category of mobile devices. For the US$499 (S$708.58) iPad - the lowest-cost model, which features 16 gigabytes of flash memory - iSuppli estimated the total materials cost at US$219.35 (S$311.47), with a US$10 manufacturing cost. The priciest iPad will cost around US$335 (S$475.70) to produce, while the mid-range model will cost roughly US$287 (S$407.54), the group said. The most expensive component in the iPad is the 9.7-inch display and touchscreen, at an estimated cost of US$80 (S$113.60), according to the estimate. Analysts expect Apple to ship somewhere between 2 million and 5 million iPad units in the first year.
  10. Turbonetics

    Incest produce defective child?

    below is one of the paragraphs from Yahoo news where a man raped his daughter for 30 years: "The man, whose identity has been withheld, started abusing his daughter when she was aged 11, said the Herald-Sun newspaper, adding the girl had four children from her father, all of whom were born with birth defects. One of them later died." so it is true that incest will produce children whom will not be "perfect" in any ways but is it scientific proven? hope this thread won't turn into the news discussion but focus on "Incest" topic.
  11. How many horses/torque can a fully modded Civic Type R produce?
  12. Do all air ioniser produce the tiak tiak sound?? quite irritated by it...Does maier air ioniser produce tt sound??
  13. strange that nobody posts this: SEOUL - SOUTH Korea's top car maker Hyundai Motor said on Sunday it would begin mass producing hybrid cars next year amid growing demand for fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles. The first mass produced model will be a compact sedan, known as 'Avante", the company said in a statement. The hybrid models will then expand into mid-size vehicles in 2010, with fuel-cell cars also being produced in 2012, it said. Hyundai has produced about 2,800 compact hybrid cars since 2004, largely for government agencies, while Japan's Toyota Motor has dominated the global hybrid car market. Global demand for hybrid cars is rapidly growing, with 390,125 units sold in 2006 and 517,911 last year, Hyundai said, adding that the figure was likely to grow to 750,000 this year and more than a million by 2010. -- AFP http://www.straitstimes.com/Latest%2BNews/...ory_219716.html
  14. Hi Experts... I need advice as im intending to polish(wax) my car tonight to prepare for Hari Raya outing this Sat Sun. I had to do this myself as most polishing services are fully booked! And i have only myself to blame for not booking in advance. All i need is a list of things i should get and where can i get them conveniently. Im only available to shop for those items after 7pm. Petrol Kiosk, Mustafa, anywhere with late opening hours to recommend? These are what i have currently.( i know my current set is a joke... ) 1) Proglaze wash n wax shampoo. (is this good enough for a good wash) 2) A couple of sponges (a rough surface one for the tyre areas n below bumpers and the smooth surface sponge for the body n bumpers. 3) Chamois - To wipe dry my car after wash. 4) Turtle wax - swirl mark remover wax. 5) Turtle wax applicator pads 6) A pad to buff. 7) ArmourAll Tyre shine applicator 8) ArmourAll windscreen cleaner Are these good enough? or are there better waxes off the shelf(not that ex. appx. <$25) to recommend? Another thing, my ride has been exposed to rain n shine in an open carpark for 2 years. There are visible trace of water marks on the roof as well as some light fingernail scratches. Do i need to claybar my ride? If so, where can i buy claybar. I would appreciate your time to recommend n give me some tips. I need simple items only...nothing complicating pls. From the set that i have currently, which one should i continue using and which one should i just stop using them? Thank you.
  15. This should spice up the hatchback scene soon... http://www.leftlanenews.com/mitsubishi-to-...ck-in-2008.html
  16. Forget the language bit and just concentrate on the entire process of producing a BMW Click on Link to View ==> How to Make a BMW - Video (Soapbox MSN)
  17. This is roughly translated from what I read from the Chinese evening papers tonight. Singapore based company Royal Automobile is collaborating with Chinese company Chongqing Lifan Corporation to produce a new car called Lifan 520. As of now, the production line has the ability to produce 50,000 cars annually. Royal Automobile becomes the first Singapore company to produce cars in China. Lifan cars go with the slogon of "high performance, low fuel consumption, high quality", set to change the general public's perception of Chinese cars. According to sources, Royal Automobile will debut with two Lifan cars, 1.3L and 1.6L. The 1.6L car comes with TRITEC 1.6L engine - winner of world's top 10 automobile engine.