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Found 207 results

  1. Hi all guru, i am driving a honda stream 1.8x 2009 model. Just purchase this car from close family member. He is a careful driver thus i believe that the car has no previous problem. But recently i realise that my car has slight longer time (1second more) to start engine when i turn on the key. SPark plug was removed to check and is in good condition. Also, i experienced loss of power when going from 2000 rpm and above..specially when im trying to change lane and speed up. The car behave like "a buffalo", cant accelerate as fast and car from behind already came near me!! And sometime i tried to rev the rpm to 5-7rpm, i feel that the car is "free gear" ...i feel that the engine just keep turning at high speed but it feels that it nt engaged in any gear **(hard to explain this feeling. the car seems to be at free gear which i cant really control the speed but to let go accelerator then the accelerator seems to be engaged into the gear for me to control the speed) I tried to top up full and drive slowly. Full tank is about 470-480km. But the consumption sometime still state 9.9-10.2km/l I heard from my close family he used to get 11-12. Would like to check if anyone has this problem for high fuel consumption loss of power when overtaking (*seriously mus solve this problem) thanks in advane!!
  2. Taken from http://www.moh.gov.sg/mohcorp/pressreleases.aspx?id=22752 6th Influenza A (H1N1-2009)-related death 02 Aug 2009 We have our 6th Influenza A (H1N1-2009)-related death today. She is a 29-year-old Indian female with no other known underlying medical conditions other than being overweight. She was admitted to CGH’s ED on 25 Jul 09 with a four-day history of flu-like symptoms and having fainted that morning. She was transferred to the ICU on 26 Jul because of low oxygen saturation. She passed away this morning and the cause of death is pneumonia with renal failure, with Influenza A (H1N1-2009) infection as a contributing factor. MINISTRY OF HEALTH 2 August 2009
  3. Hi, can I check if the petrol tank capacity for honda fit GE6 1.3 auto is 42L ? And, when low petrol warning indicator lights up...how much petrol is left ??
  4. Hi all, My car has this problem of the HID light turning off and on again by itself. The left one will turn off and turn on almost instantly, and then the right one will follow suit. What could the problem be? I have done the rewiring, changed to a 2nd hand ballast but the problem still persist. Need your kind advice. Thanks!
  5. I have tried to search for similar issue in this forum, but couldn't find any. So I decide to start a new thread, hope someone can advice me. The issue with my 2009 Kia Cerato Forte steering wheel is when travelling at highway speed (eg. 100km/h), whenever i need to make a slight adjustment to the steering wheel (eg. 5 degrees to the right), the steering wheel seems to stuck, and I need to use a bit of strengthen to turn it. This has nothing to do with the steering wheel getting heavier at higher speed. I don't encounter the same issue when travelling at low speed. I think my car's steering wheel is electric powered, as when I open the bonnet, I don't see steering fluid reservoir. Anyone has any idea what's wrong with the steering wheel on my car?
  6. Please pm if there's anyone thinking of letting go their's. Thanks.
  7. Techaview

    Passat CC launched 14th March 2009

    http://www.vwasia.com/publish/vwasia/vwasia/en/company/media_centre/press_releases/2008/Beyond_the_mainstream_the_new_Passat_CC.html Media Release 07 April 2008 Beyond the mainstream
  9. Garlic

    2009 Nissan Maxima

    More pictures @ http://www.topspeed.es/auto/nissan/-nissan...re238943-1.html
  10. Scenic98

    April's Fool 2009

    Did anyone spot any April's Fool joke in our local papers today? ST used to have one like last year when it mentioned S'pore having their own F1 team. Can't seem to spot any this year. Times are bad, no one in the mood?
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-M1rZAYMM0 Directed by Yasmin Ahmad. Dunno if we should hack this with words of the son asking his mom to go stay in JB. Damn! This clip is too good to hack. I would feel guilty.
  12. Any body got info? Buying spares in bulk from taobao.
  13. Lycanthrope

    Used 2009 Toyota Harrier

    As per the link How much do you think will be reasonable
  14. Hi all, 2009 avante 1.6a sport model. Just got today. Hope there are kind souls out there to help. Current Issue: - When aircon temp set at 25,26,27,28 deg celsius, i get hot air. Even after 3 minutes. - When aircon temp set at 24 and below, I get cold air. I don't think this is normal. I was afraid that the hot weather was affecting however it is the same even at night. Thanks in advance.
  15. Rogersk8ter

    Help Value BMW 320CI 2009

    Hi. Pls help me to value a March 2009 Black BMW 320CI Coupe. Mileage: 20+k OMV: $46k COE: $5k Owner: 01 Thanks
  16. Just to refresh your memory, at the 2009 Detroit Motor Show, the German automaker Volkswagen (VW) displayed its BlueSport roadster concept. Unfortunately, not long afterwards, VW postponed the project. Some early reports mentioned that the reason production of the roadster was postponed was because the German automaker didn't see a business opportunity for the model while I would say otherwise. The car looks attractive and that, alone, should be able to attract quite a few customers already. Add that with quite an affordable price tag for a roadster, you may be surprised by the number of people interested in spending their cash on the model. Yet, rumours have been swirling on the internet with some still believing that the roadster will finally come to life. I, for one, would like to see the open-top model comes into production. Despite the various rumours on the World Wide Web, there's now a bigger chance that the VW BlueSport will actually hit our showrooms within the near future. At least, this seems to be what Walter de Silva is trying to tell us, although not so explicitly. The VW Design Chief told AMS, "I'm not the only one in our company who is convinced that a small roadster wouldn't be the worst thing for Volkswagen. This is a vehicle that we particularly like, and we always have in mind." Well, I agree with you, de Silva, I like the open-top very much, too. Therefore, it's nice to know that there're still some insiders in VW that would like to move on with this particular project. Moreover, it was confirmed by one of the German automaker's spokesperson. Just in case you can't really recall, the VW BlueSport roadster concept carried a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine when it debuted at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. The engine is good enough to spit out 177bhp in addition to 349Nm of torque. Volkswagen claimed that the fuel consumption of the roadster could reach 23.2km/L, which is quite efficient in my opinion. The company also mentioned that the car would need only 6.6 seconds to reach 100km/h from a complete standstill. Also, expect no less than 225km/h when it comes to the top speed of the car. Given its model and engine specifications, I'd say the BlueSport concept may well be slotted under such brands as Porsche and Audi. Yet again, perhaps it doesn't really matter as both the brands belong to VW as well. Now that the VW BlueSport roadster may finally come to life, here's hoping that VW won't forget to ship the model to the showrooms here in Singapore as well. By the way, the roadster is estimated to cost around USD$30,000 (around S$37,000). As I said earlier, it's quite affordable for a roadster, isn't it? The only drawback so far that I can think of about this roadster is probably its roof. I think it would have been better if VW applied a hardtop, but perhaps, the softtop is a better solution for the current estimated price tag of the roadster.
  17. Just to share a good experience i had with a used car dealer which i am in no way related to him. sign the sales contract and took over a 2009 car in week 2 of 2013. Only verbally agreed that i will come back to him if my car got any problem with the next 2 weeks. Car was in good condition when i test drive.. call me a easy buyer .. anyway its a bread and butter car so i didnt srutinise the car maybe like other detail buyers .. Test driven once and was happy with the visual inspection.. decided to buy after some consideration. Last week, the door indicators were faulty. went down to their associated WS for repair.. but before i could make it.. realise i got a bigger problem. Coolant is empty.. after 2 refills.. must be a leak somewhere .. Alerted the dealer and he was ok i include this in the repair job today.. Guess what, he honour what was promise and got me a brand new radiator.. Phew, i was glad and really please with this dealer ..i wasnt expecting this after reading so many bad remarks about the used car business. Bros, i guess it isnt everyday we meet a "honest" fella in the used car business.. so i thought i should share this with you folks :)
  18. Velocity73

    2009 Skoda Superb

    any comments? Worth to buy? Suitable for what age? owners please response, interested in this car.Thanks
  19. Stinkray

    Honda City LX_1.5 (2009)

    Hi All, Anyone can help to confirm what is the Auto Transmission for Honda City LX model ?? CVT or 5AT ??? thanks
  20. Hi All, noticed in used cars market, 2009 Avante and Altis resale value is very high around 60k to 70k+ :angry: , even higher than 2009 honda civic, if i'm not wrong in 2009 brand new Avante and Altis only were 40k+ and 50k+ respectively, after 3 years using, still can earn 20k, it's extreme value of money onyone know Y?
  21. Hi All, I wanna get out of Sgp during the 2009 CNY week by driving to Koh Samui for a week. Anyone interested? I've already booked my rooms from the 24th Jan to the 31st Jan. Stopover at Penang for the night (23rd Jan & 1st Feb) Its a family thing for me with my 4 years old kid going as well. Do highlight interest. I can pass to you the websites that you can book your accomodation, eg. AWD or Asiarooms, etc. Cheers.
  22. Hi all, I'm just wondering whether it is alright to use a set of brand new Made in Japan DOB 2009 Tyres in mint condition? Anyone have done it before? Please advise me and Thank you very much. Regards,
  23. Erykool

    2008 or 2009 Sportage

    Just a few questions on 2008/2009 Sportage 1) Is the engine using timing chain or belt? 2) does the steering able to adjust telescopic and elevation? 3) arm rest got 2 levels meaning got one deep part and one shallow tray for small items? 4) the keyword stock DVD can connect with reverse camera? 5) side mirror got electric folding and auto fold? 6) Roughly how much the additional front and rear bumper add on and side steps cost? 7) it seems the speedo meter got no temp meter leh. Can help as looking at a preowned unit.
  24. Hi All, Went for 40K servicing on my Honda Fit (year 2008-2009) today. Was told that the new Honda fit uses 4 x Spark Plug and can last 100k Is this correct?