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Found 47 results

  1. <Designer Of The Mazda Miata, Shunji Tanaka, Dies Aged 75 Thanks for everything, Tanaka-San. Shunji Tanaka, the chief designer of the original (NA) Mazda MX-5 Miata, has passed away. The announcement was made on Facebook by a close friend and chairperson of the MX-5 Club Tanaka was a member of, Mr. Katsuyuki Satake. A translation by a fellow enthusiast alerted CarBuzz to the news with a simple statement, "I'm so sorry to announce that Mr. Tanaka, the Chief Designer of NA MX-5 has passed away on Dec. 12th at the age of 75." Apparently, Mr. Tanaka's last words were, "I have no regret in my life." It's unclear what Tanaka died of, but he was right, not having any regrets. He gave the world the seminal small sports car. The Miata is the Porsche 911 of small sports cars and has a legacy and reputation some manufacturers can only dream of. Mazda Friends Of MX-5/Facebook Mazda Mazda Mazda It remains the world's best-selling sports car and one of the most affordable ways for automotive enthusiasts to have fun. Mazda may be moving over to hybrid power for the MX-5 in future, but we're sure the fun element will be retained. For now, it remains true to its origins. Despite being head designer of the Miata, Tanaka did not get as much attention as the lead engineers, Toshihiko Hirai and Takao Kijima. These two men were responsible for making the Miata the epic driving tool, while Tanaka was responsible for the exterior and interior design. While the Miata certainly deserves praise as a driving tool, the design is as much a part of a very successful and lucrative roadster. Before the Miata came along, the roadster had all but died out. It continued the ethos of British roadsters but rectified their build quality and reliability issues for a complete package like no other. Friends of MX-5 Miata/Facebook Mazda MX-5 Miata 25 years The NA Miata was such a hit, an entire book was written about it when it turned 25. As you can see, the famous pop-up headlights and smiling face were always a part of the design, inspired by the Lotus Elan. According to Tanaka, the concept for the Miata was a "Swinging Time Machine." In short, it was a symbol of freedom and meant to provide a thrilling open-top experience that brought the driver closer to nature. Many people don't know this, but the first concept was designed in California. Mazda approved the project, which sparked the initial design phase. After completing the project, it was shipped to Japan, where a disapproving Tanaka met it. Mazda MX-5 Miata 25 years MX-5 Miata Forum MX-5 Miata Forum According to interviews with Tanaka, he thought the design was too Americanized, and there was no way to identify it as a lightweight sports car. He didn't beat around the bush. He also said the US team must have "eaten too much steak and forgotten the delicacy of Japanese cuisine." You can see the difference between the California concept and Tanaka's clay model in the photos above, with the redesign taking influence from his wife's love of Japanese Noh masks that seemingly change expression depending on the angle they are viewed from. Whether his comments were too harsh or not, history speaks for itself. The NA Miata is a driving and design icon, and Shunji Tanaka was responsible for half of that. Rest in peace Tanaka-San. Your legacy lives on in the heart of every Miata fan. Kenji Matsuda/Facebook Friends of MX-5 Miata/Facebook 佐竹克行/Facebook 佐竹克行/Facebook>
  2. Skoda takes on Mazda MX-5 with new Scala-based open-top roadster source: https://www.carsguide.com.au/car-news/skoda-takes-on-mazda-mx-5-with-new-scala-based-open-top-roadster-79870 Skoda has surprisingly revealed its very own Mazda MX-5 rival, the Slavia, which is an open-top roadster based on the incoming Scala small hatch. But before you get too excited, it’s worth noting the Slavia is just a concept. In fact, it’s the latest one from the Skoda vocational school in Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic, which annually tasks students to produce a one-off vehicle in-house. Inspired by the 1958 Skoda 1100 OHC racecar, the Slavia naturally started life as a Scala, but soon its roof was removed and rear doors welded in place, while its underbody was reinforced. Then a rear cover was added behind the Slavia’s remaining front seats, with it highlighted by two flying buttresses that integrate into the redesigned bootlid, which is topped by a prominent spoiler. As a result, it measures 4362mm long, 1793mm wide and 1410mm tall. Finished in White Crystal Blue paintwork, the Slavia borrows its 20-inch Xtreme alloy wheels (with 235/30 tyres) from the Kodiaq RS large SUV, while its brakes package and wheel hubs are shared with the Octavia RS mid-size car. It also gets an upgraded exhaust system. That said, the Slavia’s most striking feature is its underbody LED lighting, which can be set to blue, red or white. And to really cap the exterior transformation off, the bootlid’s Skoda lettering doubles as a brake or reversing light. Inside, the Slavia stands out from the Scala crowd with its Sparco race seats, four-point seatbelts, black perforated leather upholstery with carbon trim and white stitching and piping. The steering wheel and gear selector are also trimmed in white leather up top. Like the Scala, the Slavia is powered by a 110kW/250Nm turbo-petrol four-cylinder engine, which sends drive exclusively to the front wheels via a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. As reported, the Scala is due in Australian showrooms imminently, with its four-variant range priced between $27,690 and $34,690 plus on-road costs.
  3. I tot they zao liao? How come last afternoon I see got one driving along clementi to commonwealth there? definitely diff from the one below
  4. Third AMG GT Roadster variant sits between the current GT and GT C, with 0-62mph taking 3.8 secondshttp://www.autoexpress.co.uk/mercedes/amg-gt/103486/new-mercedes-amg-gt-s-roadster-unveiled https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sT73b5jQwI The new Mercedes-AMG GT S Roadster has been revealed. It’s the third variant to join Affalterbach’s drop-top sports car lineup, and it sits between the current GT and GT C in terms of performance and price. Under the bonnet sits the same ‘hot vee’ eight-cylinder twin-turbo used in the rest of the AMG GT range - and indeed almost every other current 63-monikered AMG. An output of 515bhp places the GT S between the standard 469hp GT and the GT C’s 549hp. The 670Nm peak torque also sits between the other two - 10Nm below the GT C but 40Nm above the GT. As a result, the GT S covers the 0-62mph dash in 3.8 seconds en route to a top speed of 191mph. Similarly, the chassis spec sits between the two current Roadster incumbents. The GT S features an electrically-controlled limited slip differential and adaptive damping - neither of which are fitted to the standard GT Roadster - while the wheels measure 19 inches at the front and 20 inches at the rear. They house composite brake discs that measure 390mm at the front and 360mm at the back. Drivers who wish to focus the driving experience further can upgrade to the AMG Dynamic Plus package. Stiffer suspension, active engine and transmission mounts and a retuned steering setup aim to deliver a sharper drive, while inside the pack adds an alcantara-effect steering wheel and yellow details in the dials. Four-wheel steering is also an option; the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction to the fronts at low speeds to aid manoeuvrability, but turn in the same direction at higher speeds to boost stability. First deliveries of the GT S are due in July this year, and although Mercedes is yet to confirm prices, the current AMG GT pricing structure suggests customers should expect to pay around £124,700.
  5. http://www.supercars.net/PicFetch?pic=2004_aston_martin_vanquish_zagato_roadster-1.jpg http://www.supercars.net/PicFetch?pic=2004_aston_martin_vanquish_zagato_roadster-2.jpg http://www.supercars.net/PicFetch?pic=2004_aston_martin_vanquish_zagato_roadster-3.jpg Zagato and Aston Martin: a strong alliance that goes back to the 60s with the legendary DB4 GTZ, continued in the 80s with the Vantage and Volante, and is now stronger than ever with the DB7 Zagato and AR1. At this year's Geneva Motor Show, Zagato is presenting the Roadster version of the Aston Martin Vanquish. For the first time, this Milan workshop is not giving an entirely new look to the production model, but is offering an interesting variation of the Vanquish, introducing new elements of style. While the Aston Martin DB7 Zagato and AR1 were initially presented to customers in the form of a limited edition, immediately sold out, the Vanquish Roadster is a concept proposed by Zagato with the backing of Aston Martin itself. Close cooperation between Nori Harada, Zagato's Automotive Chief Designer, and Peter Hutchinson, Design Manager at Aston Martin, has resulted in this new car introducing elements that are a sharp break with the Roadster segment. A totally unique design of the rear introductes a functional modular cover system. A hard top for winter, developed to not appear as an add-on but as an integral part that also takes in the rear. On warmer days of the year, its place is taken by a transparent hardened glass and an easily used soft cover. Developed by Zagato's engineers, this soft top is easily and simply mounted and, when not in use, is held in the luggage compartment without taking up much space. The car has a round rear light cluster, a tapered tail to best feature the wheelbox, a completely new rear bumper and a new transparent cover. The hardened glass, with its curvy 'double bubble' form, uniquely emphasises the relationship between the solid and void. It covers the luggage compartment immediately behind the seats which can be seen through the glass. Story by Aston Martin Lagonda Limited & Zagato, edited by Supercars.net
  6. Input your comments / input here. I start by : Convertible / Roadster 1.Yes, it is ok to own a convertible / roadster as long as one can afford. Doesn't matter on what other people says not practical and so on. 2. If one have a family, he / she must at least have a family car (Can be BNB or etc) , and the convertible/roadster is for weekend use ! 3. It is not feasible if you want piak /bj cos its very "open" and not discreet. 4. It is cool to own a convertible / roadster as people will go "woah woah". Coupe: 1. Same as point 1 2. Same as point 2 but if raining , you have to rush and pull up the seat to let the passenger sqeeue in the back seat. (back seat usually not much leg room) 3. So how I felt that coupe cabin(boot) is larger than sedan cars ! Good for shopping groceries and maybe small furniture. 4. You have tinted glass to be discreet. (But be warned LTA will summon you cos I kenna tinted glass before, period) 5. People will go woah woah but not as high as convertible/roadster BHP/Torque which is the performance wise , I leave it to you guys...
  7. Antonee

    Honda S660

    As usual - hopefully it will come to our SG shore. As usual - the concept model looks nicer than actual production. Now the actual one the back looks a bit obiang. (Abit like latest CRZ though). http://www.mycarforum.com/blog/12-hondas-successor-to-the-beat-is-almost-ready-for-sale/?showentry=3937
  8. Carmour

    World premiere of Lamborghini

    World premiere of Lamborghini’s Veneno Roadster on Italian aircraft carrier Lamborghini world premiered their super sports car, the Veneno Roadster, in Abu Dhabi on December 1. The carmaker chose a very unique way to debut the car, they did it by displaying the supercar on the ‘Nave Cavour’, an Italian naval aircraft carrier. The Lamborghini Veneno Roadster is based on the Veneno and both the cars borrow design elements from the Aventador. The Veneno was a hard-top car whereas the Roadster comes sans the roof with only a rollover bar. This Roadster weighs lesser than its elder sibling and the Italian carmaker has made use of carbon fibre to a large extent to make it lightweight. Its dry weight is as less as 1,490 kgs. The Veneno Roadster is powered by the same engine seen on the Aventador. However, the 6.5-litre V12 engine has been re-tuned to churn out 750bhp. The super car can sprint from 0-100kmph in just 2.9 seconds and has a top-speed of 355kmph. Just like the Veneno, of which only three units were made, Lamborghini will make only nine units of the Veneno Roadster. The fully road legal super sports car will be available for a price of 3.3 million Euros (Rs 27.87 crore) after its goes into production in 2014. Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO of Lamborghini, said, “We are honoured that Lamborghini was chosen to represent the Italian car industry in the UAE, as a perfect example of iconic Italian super sports cars, and that we have the opportunity to show the Veneno Roadster for the first time in Abu Dhabi. Lamborghini has an extremely strong following in the region for its super sports cars, with the Middle East being one of our largest markets in the world.”
  9. New Copen is here! its at Turf city. http://www.sgcarmart.com/new_cars/newcars_photos.php?CarCode=11618
  10. my friend ask me how many S2000 Type S are there in the world. a search on wiki shows only 100. really so little? anyone know whether it's really only 100 of them?
  11. Twenty-five years after the original Mazda MX-5 was revealed at the 1989 Chicago Motor show, Mazda has given us our first insight into the technology that will underpin the all-new fourth-generation MX-5 – due on sale in 2015. Now these images show how the car could look. Displayed at last week's New York Motor Show wasn't the new Mazda MX-5 itself, but the advanced new SKYACTIV-chassis and engine that will form the backbone of the new MX-5, and the new Alfa Spider being co-developed alongside it. Mazda has confirmed the engine will be positioned behind the front axle and closer to the car’s centre than ever before, plus the centre of gravity will be lower than previous generations – factors that should improve the handling. The new chassis has also been engineered for “outstanding body rigidity and crashworthiness”, while the weight has been reduced by more than 100kg through the use of thinner, higher-strength steels. As a result, entry-level soft-top models are expected to weigh less than 1,050kg. New Mazda MX-5: extra details: At this stage there are no other official details from Mazda, although the car is expected to gain a slightly longer wheelbase than its predecessor for improved stability, comfort and interior space. The engine range is likely to include a pair of naturally-aspirated four-cylinder SKYACTIV petrol engines – one a 1.5-litre unit and the other a 2.0-litre, with around 130bhp and 165bhp respectively. As you can see in the picture, a manual gearbox will continue to be offered, with an auto as an option. Mazda is giving little away about the car’s design, but it’s believed to be a very different interpretation of the ‘Kodo’ design language – rather than a cardboard cut-out of the new Mazda3 or Mazda6. Expect simple-surfacing and classic roadster proportions with a long bonnet and the cabin pushed back towards the rear axle.
  12. Back in the Geneva Motor Show last year, British automaker, Lotus, introduced the world to its potentially fastest handmade convertible ever, the Exige S Roadster. Based on the company's new Exige S coupe, this roadster looks mostly identical to its coupe counterpart. However, the rear spoiler has been disposed of and there's now soft top roof available. Weighing no more than 1,166kg, this roadster will let you feel the wind blowing your hair at a speed of 233km/h, thanks to its supercharged 3.5-litre V6 engine. Mated to either a six-speed manual transmission or the automaker's Serial Precision Shift (SPS) transmission system, the engine can provide the power of 345 horses in addition to 400Nm of torque. The Lotus Exige S Roadster will get you going to 100km/h in no longer than 3.8 seconds, from a complete standstill. And, to complete your comfort, you can choose a sporty or a comfortable enhanced plush interior. As Lotus is readying the 2013 Lotus Exige S Roadster for order, the automaker has also announced the prices of its latest roadster for 3 regions - UK, European Union, and Japan. With Japan being closer to us here in Singapore than the other two, I think we can assume that the price tag of the roadster there won
  13. Just to refresh your memory, at the 2009 Detroit Motor Show, the German automaker Volkswagen (VW) displayed its BlueSport roadster concept. Unfortunately, not long afterwards, VW postponed the project. Some early reports mentioned that the reason production of the roadster was postponed was because the German automaker didn't see a business opportunity for the model while I would say otherwise. The car looks attractive and that, alone, should be able to attract quite a few customers already. Add that with quite an affordable price tag for a roadster, you may be surprised by the number of people interested in spending their cash on the model. Yet, rumours have been swirling on the internet with some still believing that the roadster will finally come to life. I, for one, would like to see the open-top model comes into production. Despite the various rumours on the World Wide Web, there's now a bigger chance that the VW BlueSport will actually hit our showrooms within the near future. At least, this seems to be what Walter de Silva is trying to tell us, although not so explicitly. The VW Design Chief told AMS, "I'm not the only one in our company who is convinced that a small roadster wouldn't be the worst thing for Volkswagen. This is a vehicle that we particularly like, and we always have in mind." Well, I agree with you, de Silva, I like the open-top very much, too. Therefore, it's nice to know that there're still some insiders in VW that would like to move on with this particular project. Moreover, it was confirmed by one of the German automaker's spokesperson. Just in case you can't really recall, the VW BlueSport roadster concept carried a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine when it debuted at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. The engine is good enough to spit out 177bhp in addition to 349Nm of torque. Volkswagen claimed that the fuel consumption of the roadster could reach 23.2km/L, which is quite efficient in my opinion. The company also mentioned that the car would need only 6.6 seconds to reach 100km/h from a complete standstill. Also, expect no less than 225km/h when it comes to the top speed of the car. Given its model and engine specifications, I'd say the BlueSport concept may well be slotted under such brands as Porsche and Audi. Yet again, perhaps it doesn't really matter as both the brands belong to VW as well. Now that the VW BlueSport roadster may finally come to life, here's hoping that VW won't forget to ship the model to the showrooms here in Singapore as well. By the way, the roadster is estimated to cost around USD$30,000 (around S$37,000). As I said earlier, it's quite affordable for a roadster, isn't it? The only drawback so far that I can think of about this roadster is probably its roof. I think it would have been better if VW applied a hardtop, but perhaps, the softtop is a better solution for the current estimated price tag of the roadster.
  14. It is a known fact that Pagani doesn't build more than 40 units of the Pagani Zonda roadster in the whole world. Now, even if you have the money to buy it, you might not really get the chance to get your hands on one. However, this time, there's one unit of Pagani Zonda roadster up for grabs, provided that you're interested and quick enough to grab it. Well, you will have to splash at least around US$1.6 million (S$2 million) to get a brand new Pagani Zonda roadster. However, in this case, US$153,135 (around S$189,000) will do. Well, don't be surprised as the car isn't in a hundred percent good working condition. It experienced a crash some time ago. However, aside from its oil feeder and a portion of its front chassis, all the mechanical parts of the car are in good working condition. Nonetheless, you may have to replace each of the body panels, besides the windshield. Well, it isn't surprising to expect to spend a couple hundred thousands of dollars. Compared to the original price of the Pagani Zonda roadster, it
  15. Ever since Honda stopped production for their Civic Type R and S2000 models, the Japanese automaker has not produced any sports or performance based car. You could argue that the Honda CR-Z looks sporty. But that is as much as someone could say about the CR-Z. What many people are wishing for is the car (or range of cars) that made Honda a popular choice among performance enthusiasts and that is the Type R cars. For those who feel disheartened by the absence of such cars, do not despair because Honda has confirmed that there will be a new Civic Type R. Honda
  16. PetrolHead

    Small roadster with a big heart

    Aston Martin has revealed a new drool worthy and limited drop top version of its Aston Martin V12 Vantage sports car. Like the name suggests, it is powered by a naturally aspirated 6.0-litre V12 engine within the petite Vantage frame. The V12 powertrain generates 509bhp and 570Nm of torque and is mated to a six-speed manual gearbox, good enough to sprint to a 100km/h in 4.5s before maxing out at 305km/h. The car looks fairly similar to its coupe sibling besides a redesigned boot lid that reduces rear lift and improves stability at high speeds and the front air intakes are lower among other minor changes. Carbon fibre is dominant in many parts of the car including the rear lamp infill
  17. FaezClutchless

    A 1961 C1 Corvette parked since 1968

    In Singapore, finding an old classic car is something not that easy nor is it common due to the fact that our country is very small and there are not much of these cars left. But in big countries such as the United States, barn finds happen rather often and sometimes that find could be a gem. The vehicle you see in the pictures here is a 1961 C1 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster with 93423 miles (150,349 km) on the odometer and has been parked since 1968. The car was found by the guys at Barn Finds, a web based group who hunt for old vehicles and classic cars and publish them on their site for enthusiasts to snatch them up. Apparently, this particular C1 Corvette was found in Las Vegas and it has two owners since new. The current owner has parked the car for the last time in 1968 and it has not run since then. The Corvette has a 4.6-litre dual carburettor V8 engine that generates around 270bhp. The weather condition in Las Vegas has left the car in a terrible state. The car is also covered in huge amount of dust, both exterior and interior of it. Right now, it is on sale on eBay Motors and it is being sold with a hard top, without the convertible top and also without any of the convertible top
  18. [extract] Back in November last year, Alfa Romeo (which is under the Fiat Group) is challenging, particularly at the Mazda MX-5, the rear wheel drive roadster market segment with a new generation Spider. But now it seems that things are going to change. The MX-5 will receive a sibling but it will not be a Mazda. Mazda Motor Corporation and Fiat Group Automobiles have signed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the development and manufacturing of a new roadster for both companies
  19. Mazda and Alfa to co-develop roadster based on next gen MX-5 platform! significantly, engines will NOT be shared. looking forward to a good looking mx-5 by ALFA!
  20. SYF77

    Say goodbye to the Daihatsu Copen

    The Copen is a two-seater convertible for the man with a small budget. However, time is running out for this affordable little car as Daihatsu is ending its production in August after a 10 year run, due to poor sales in recent years. The beginning of the end for the Copen could have started in January 2011 when Daihatsu announced that it would withdraw the Copen from the European market due to the ongoing strength of the Japanese Yen. The Copen was launched in June 2002 and enjoyed its highest sales in 2003, moving 11,000 units in that year. However, sales declined to around 2000 cars in 2011. I feel that Daihatsu already made plans to withdraw the sales of the Copen a few years ago as no automaker would leave a model unchanged for a decade. The model was unveiled in 1999 at the Tokyo Motor Show as the Daihatsu Copen concept. It was originally designed with a 660 cc turbocharged engine in order to meet Japanese kei car regulations, but it also came with a more powerful 1.3 L engine for the other countries to meet the environmental emissions standards. According to SgCarMart, Jack Cars Enterprise is still offering the 660cc turbo Copen for sale. If you wish to get a unit, do act fast.
  21. FaezClutchless

    First Look: 2013 Mini Roadster

    [extract] Mini has extended its model range with the release of the Mini Roadster which is slated for release some time this year. It will be Mini
  22. [extract] The Alfa Romeo Spider, first released in the mid 1960s, lasted for almost three decades. It is one of Alfa Romeo
  23. Nice: http://www.mercnews.net/2011/09/the-merced...g-roadster.html
  24. Honda Beat Successor in the Works... Roadster Coming in Late 2013 Quote AutoWeek We've heard rumors about a new Honda roadster for a while now. Auto Express is now reporting that Honda is definitely planning a new roadster that will combine the best of Honda's car and motorcycle technologies. The new roadster will be a successor to the Beat roadster from the Nineties. The front-wheel-drive, two seater roadster will be based on the same platform as the CR-Z hybrid, but will have a smaller body. It's expected to take styling cues from the OSM concept car. What will power the new roadster? It's rumored that it will be powered by one of Honda's next-generation 1.3L or 1.5L VTEC engines, but a hybrid version is not planned. The engine is expected to be mated to Honda's first ever dual clutch transmission. The Honda Beat will be released in late 2013 and will be targeted at the Mazda MX-5. Unlike the original Honda Beat, the new one will be sold worldwide. Unquote