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Found 18 results

  1. kobayashiGT

    2021 Munich Motor Show!

    The audi gransphere looks cool! (Still a concept thou) BMW Is also into Hydrogen! FTW Hydrogen! Cupra concept car seems like is ready to go for WRC! Hahaha. Kuga Mindfulness. If I drive this to work, can it ease my anxiety? 🤣 Ioniq 5 Robo taxi is cool. level 4 autonomy driving. Micro scooter is into EV car too! Can this replace our existing BlueSG? 😂 The cheese grater Mercedes Benz-Maybach EQS & the EQG is yay or meh? 👍or👎 The Mercedes Benz EQT is like a Citan on electric! Mini Paul Smith is a raw looking yet handsome car! Porsche Mission R is sleek! Sepang-ing on this?
  2. Latest "casualty" of the COVID-19 outbreak... THE GENEVA INTERNATIONAL MOTOR SHOW IS CANCELLED! #GIMSSWISS 5-15 March 2020 The 90th edition of the GIMS, which was supposed to welcome the media from next Monday and the general public from 5 to 15 March 2020, will now finally not take place. This is an injonction decision of the Federal Council of 28 February 2020 that no events with more than 1,000 people are allowed to take place until 15 March 2020. The decision falls 3 days before the opening of the exhibition to the media. The organizers accept this decision: "We regret this situation, but the health of all participants is our and our exhibitors' top priority. This is a case of force majeure and a tremendous loss for the manufacturers who have invested massively in their presence in Geneva. However, we are convinced that they will understand this decision," said Maurice Turrettini, Chairman of the Foundation Board. We would like to warmly thank all those involved in the organisation of the 2020 edition of GIMS. A few days before the opening of the event, the construction of the stands was very nearly complete. A week ago, during the press conferences announcing the 2020 edition, there was nothing to suggest that such a measure was necessary. The situation changed with the appearance of the first confirmed coronavirus diseases in Switzerland and the injonction of the Federal Council on 28.02.2020. The event is cancelled due to this decision. In the meantime, the dismantling of the event will now have to be organised. The financial consequences for all those involved in the event are significant and will need to be assessed over the coming weeks. One thing is certain: tickets already purchased for the event will be refunded. The organisers will communicate about this as soon as possible, via their website. Palexpo, 28 February 2020
  3. kobayashiGT

    Tokyo Motor Show 2019 Highlights~!

    Hi guys! I have gathered some highlight of this year Tokyo Auto Show from various source. Enjoy! This is the Subaru Levorg Concept. No interior shot thou. You guys can watch the full video here. Honda Fit. The front sure looks a bit bland. But if you are a minimalist and like to shop at muji, I think you will appreciate this look. Here's the interior shot. I kinda like the 2 spoke steering wheel. Still, have the same practicality to it. And just look at the real estate of the screen! The gearstick has been revised too. No more handbrake lever. We still have the ultra seat that can fold upward and fully flat depends on what configarations you want it to be. The back now spotted a new taillight. Look really nice! Quite a decent boot space! And the commentator stated that there is no spare tyre. So means more storage and weight saving! By the look of the steering wheel control, I think this car will be equipped with honda sensing. The only thing that is lacking is a pedal shifter here. Does anyone know the engine is a 1 L, 3 cyl or a 1.5L 4 cyl engine? It is a hybrid version for this. I am waiting for the mugen and spoon to sport-tified this Fit.
  4. Who is going? Is it open to public? https://www.audibrandexperience.sg/ Singapore will preview the world of tomorrow through the eyes of Audi with the biggest event of the year - the Audi Brand Experience Singapore 2018. Held at the Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre from 10 to 14 October this year, the Audi Brand Experience Singapore will feature the official debut of the brand's highly-anticipated flagship model, the Audi A8, in Singapore. In a spectacular display of innovations spanning over 8,000m2, the Audi Q8, Audi A7 Sportback and Audi A6 will also be making their debuts alongside over 30 models in a choreographed brand show filled with stunning visual light effects. Together with the grand display of Audi's top-notch innovation and technology, visitors will stand a chance to win a brand new Audi A5 Sportback in the lucky draw by taking part in a quiz at the event. This lucky draw is exclusively for ticket-holders, and each ticket purchased qualifies the holder for one chance to win. Tickets are now available with prices starting from $9 for myAudiworld and Audi on demand members. Early bird tickets are also available at $11 until 23 September. Visit www.audibrandexperience.sg to purchase tickets to the Audi Brand Experience Singapore 2018 and for more information about this event.
  5. Might have some good deals coming up at the Singapore Motor Show, 12-15 Jan 2017 http://www.motorshow.com.sg/2017/home/ So far no exhibitor list available. Don't know which Distributors & Parallel Importers are coming in.
  6. Hyundai unveiled the new 2015 Hyundai Sonata at the New York Auto Show wearing a bold new design as part of the new Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 design language - an evolution of the original fluidic sculpture design language that perfectly expresses Sonata's premium look and excellent value. The 2015 Hyundai Sonata will go on sale early this summer in the U.S.A. I believe the American model would not make it to local shores, although it provides a hint of an all new i45 for Singapore. The design of the Sonata matures for the 2015 model year with a larger, more refined grille with a wide air intake defines the face of the 2015 Sonata. The coupe-like roofline remains, but it is balanced by a larger window graphic that emphasises the roomier interior. In SE trim, the Sonata's exterior styling includes standard LED daytime running lights, 16-inch alloy wheels, a rear lip spoiler and chrome surround for the day light opening. The premium interior plays a special emphasis on ergonomics. For example, intuitive buttons and controls are placed on the centre stack - angled toward the driver - for easier accessibility. The height of the display screen for the audio display or 8.0-inch navigation system and instrument cluster are optimised for visibility and reside on the same plane to enhance readability during a quick glance. Sonata Sport 2.0T receives a unique interior featuring a D-cut steering wheel and paddle shifters while the sport instrument cluster with six o'clock needle position hints at the improved performance from the more responsive turbocharged engine. Hyundai continues its all four-cylinder engine lineup for the 2015 Sonata. A revised 2.4-litre Theta II GDI four-cylinder engine powers SE, Limited and Sport models. The 2.4-litre four-cylinder produces 185 horses and 241Nm of torque. A revised 2.0-litre Theta II turbocharged GDI powers the Sport 2.0T models. The 2.0-litre turbocharged engine is optimised for lower RPM drivability and produces 245bhp and 352Nm of torque. Both Theta engines are paired to a six-speed Shiftronic automatic transmission.
  7. Based on the 12C super car, albeit with the face of the McLaren P1, McLaren Automotive expands its young lineup with the McLaren 650S - which would formally debut on the 4th of March, at the forthcoming Geneva Motor Show. Like the 12C, the 650S is available either as a Coupe or a Spider with a retractable folding hard top. According to McLaren, the 650S promises to redefine the high-performance supercar segment, and has been designed and developed to provide the ultimate in driver engagement on both the road and the race track. The badge designation refers to the power output - 650PS - amounting to 641bhp - from the British-built McLaren M838T twin turbo V8 engine, while 'S' stands for 'Sport'. Inspired by the McLaren P1, the front bumper and the better integrated front splitter contribute to increased levels of downforce, for a greater level of steering feeling and confidence to the driver on turn-in, while also adding to the agility and handling. A new design five-spoke lightweight forged '650S' alloy wheels are unique to the model, and are fitted with Pirelli P Zero Corsa tyres for optimised road holding, handling and driver feedback. The bespoke 'MC1' branded tyres have been developed alongside the 650S by Pirelli. The McLaren Airbrake, now operates with a greater level of functionality providing increased stability. The newly developed system deploys the Airbrake when the car requires added downforce - instead of braking or when manually operated in 'Aero' mode. Below the Airbrake, a distinctive rear three-piece bumper, similar to the GT3 racing version of the 12C, compliments the aerodynamic shape of the McLaren 650S. Active aerodynamics featured on its stable of cars have been further developed and honed to ensure the ultimate performance and ability for the 650S. Enhanced levels of specifications are also available as an added option. These include fixed-back carbon racing seats, an electric steering column adjustment, a rear parking camera and extended carbon fibre throughout the interior.
  8. Audi launched its flagship performance series line, the RS, with the Audi RS2 Avant twenty years ago. To pay tribute to the founding model, Audi will launch a special edition RS4 Avant Nogaro from early 2014. Although previewed through digital media, the car will celebrate its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show, finished in Nogaro blue and carrying exclusive equipment. Like its forefather, the customised Nogaro blue pearl effect paint finish is the most noticeable visual signal of the anniversary model. Originally, the RS2 Avant was optionally finished with an exclusive Nogaro blue hue, recalling the two victories achieved by Frank Biela on the Nogaro circuit in the French Touring Car Championship of 1993. The RS4 Avant Nogaro houses a naturally aspirated 4.2-litre V8 powerplant that delivers 450bhp at 8,250rpm, with a peak torque of 430Nm available between 4,000 and 6,000rpm. The lump propels the RS4 Avant from nought to century in a brisk 4.7 seconds before climbing to a governed speed of 280km/h. It sips 10.7L/100km - for a CO2 equivalent of 249g/km. In the sporty interior, Audi offers two different upholstery versions. In both cases, the side sections are covered with black Valcona leather, Alcantara synthetic fibres for the centre sections and door trim inserts are coloured either black or Nogaro blue. A modern classic: the Audi Avant RS2 from 1994 The Audi RS2 was the first RS model from Audi, and also the brand's first high-performance model to combine everyday usability with a dynamic character. Audi developed the RS2 in cooperation with Porsche, with assembly occurring at Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. Its appearance alone was indicative of the power it held within. The front bumper featured powerful air inlets, and the grille was painted black. The rump of the RS2 Avant was dominated by a thick horizontal band of light that emphasises the width of the vehicle. The force fed 2.2-litre five-cylinder engine delivered a modest 315bhp and 410Nm of torque and sprinted to the century mark in a respectable 5.4 seconds and reached a top speed of 262km/h. A six-speed manual transmission delivered the power to the quattro drivetrain, which had a manually activated locking differential at the rear axle. Fast forward twenty years later and the Audi RS6 Avant, the most powerful car in its lineup, is armed with 560bhp and a dizzying 700Nm of torque from a 4.0-litre V8. Dubbed the everyday supercar, the RS6 Avant completes the sprint to 100km/h in just 3.9 seconds - 0.7 seconds quicker than a V8 powered Audi R8.
  9. Previewed as the Cactus concept back in September last year, the production-ready Citroen C4 Cactus retains the funky looks, practicality, and the radical but functional, 'Airbump' element. Citroen believes the Citroen C4 Cactus stands out from its rivals in the C segment, and unites good looks with functionality - with unique styling and flush surfaces that are free of harsh edges. The C4 Cactus boasts a length of 4,160mm, sits 1,730mm wide and stands just 1,480mm tall for improved aerodynamics - with a 2,600mm wheelbase - akin to the C4 hatchback. Fitted to the sides of the car and the bumpers, the innovative Airbump technology, they are available in four colours and can be matched with the ten body colours and three choices of interior trim for a wide range of personal customisation. Above all they provide real protection, as the supple Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) skin comprises air capsules to absorb impacts - and require no specific maintenance, which contributes in reducing the vehicle repair costs. Don’t they remind your of Nike Air sneakers from the nineties? Inside, the linear and tidy cabin provides more space for the driver and passengers cocooned in a friendly, relaxing environment. The rear passenger legroom is similar to the Citroen C4 - but with more compact exterior dimensions. Boot capacity is an adequate 358 litres. The large panoramic sunroof provides effective shield from UV rays, while excellent light, heat and acoustic protection eliminates the need to fit a sunblind - which shaves 6kg of the vehicle weight. Cars equipped with the Efficient Tronic Gearbox (ETG) feature a simplified 'Easy Push' system - comprising 'Drive, Neutral and Reverse' selection control on the lower fascia, while steering wheel paddles allow the driver to manually shift gears. Tipping the scales at just 965kg, Citroen has adopted smaller latest generation engines, which reduce fuel consumption whilst maximising driveability. As a result, the C4 Cactus is available with a petrol version emitting less than 100g/km of CO2 and a diesel version emitting just 82g/km - despite returning 38.7km/L.
  10. With 197bhp, 300Nm of torque and a top speed of 234km/h, a high performance version of the new 1.6-litre SIDI turbo engine will globally premiere in a Vauxhall Cascada at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. The engine is one of the newly-designed Vauxhall four-cylinder SIDI (Spark Ignition Direct Injection) units and will join the existing 167bhp 1.6-litre SIDI turbo, available from its launch. The new power unit delivers 11 percent more power, including 300Nm maximum torque with overboost - 70Nm more than the comparable 1.6-litre turbo predecessor. At the heart of the SIDI turbo is a new engine block that can withstand a maximum combustion pressure of up to 130 bar in the cylinder. The block is made of grey cast iron with an aluminium baseplate. A different type of piston was also developed on top of a reduced compression ratio. Vauxhall engineers also achieved a high power output with exceptional refinement by optimising the car
  11. Back in the Geneva Motor Show last year, British automaker, Lotus, introduced the world to its potentially fastest handmade convertible ever, the Exige S Roadster. Based on the company's new Exige S coupe, this roadster looks mostly identical to its coupe counterpart. However, the rear spoiler has been disposed of and there's now soft top roof available. Weighing no more than 1,166kg, this roadster will let you feel the wind blowing your hair at a speed of 233km/h, thanks to its supercharged 3.5-litre V6 engine. Mated to either a six-speed manual transmission or the automaker's Serial Precision Shift (SPS) transmission system, the engine can provide the power of 345 horses in addition to 400Nm of torque. The Lotus Exige S Roadster will get you going to 100km/h in no longer than 3.8 seconds, from a complete standstill. And, to complete your comfort, you can choose a sporty or a comfortable enhanced plush interior. As Lotus is readying the 2013 Lotus Exige S Roadster for order, the automaker has also announced the prices of its latest roadster for 3 regions - UK, European Union, and Japan. With Japan being closer to us here in Singapore than the other two, I think we can assume that the price tag of the roadster there won
  12. RchLuvSlly

    Facelifted Nissan 370Z to launch in China

    The sports coupe to succeed the 350Z from the Japanese automaker Nissan, the 370Z, was officially unveiled for the European market back in 2012, during the Paris Motor Show. However, the model has now made it into the spotlight, again, with Nissan announcing an imminent launch of a facelifted version of the 370Z in China. Like its predecessor, the Nissan 370Z facelift maintains its sporty look. In fact, it looks a bit sportier and more luxurious now with a new front bumper, revised front end, and also a pair of vertical LED daytime running lights, the latter being the trend in the present day automotive market. However, expect no increase or decrease when it comes to performance as Nissan will not make any alteration to the engine. That said, the Nissan 370Z maintains a 3.7-litre V6 engine capable of spitting out 324bhp of total power output. Thanks to this engine, the car is able to go from a complete standstill to a speed of 100km/h in no more than five and a half seconds. For the facelift, Nissan is offering two new colours - Midnight Blue and Magma Red. Personally, I would choose the Magma Red over other colours as I think the car looks stunningly wonderful in it. Of course, apart from the colours, you also get to choose whether you want to drive in a coupe or to feel the air blowing on your hair. For the coupe version of the Nissan 370Z facelift, you'll have to pay 608,000 Chinese yuan (S$121,000). As for the roadster version, you'll have to spend a total of 668,000 Chinese yuan (S$134,000). Of course, you can only get the car at those prices in China, at least for now.
  13. From the City of Love brings us the 2012 Paris Motor Show. No motor show is complete without the lovely booth ladies gracing the event. Despite the economic uncertainty in Europe, participating brands at the Paris Motor Show does not sting on putting on a good show. Prepare to feast your eyes on the beautiful ladies from the 2012 Paris Motor Show. Photo Credit: worldcarfans.com, carscoop.blogspot.com
  14. JulesK

    An experience to remember

    In this country where the well-disciplined and well-mannered people have braved and survived the recent earthquakes, expect big and colourful signboards at the top of buildings and shopping malls, sidewalk ramen stalls bursting with people in their working suits, electric scooters, rows of bicycles lined up on sidewalks everywhere and cool kids with their funky dressing that may be deemed as an ah beng back in Singapore. It is very different from the old-world aura of impatient, inconsiderate and intolerable behaviour that has cast a dark and rusty shadow on our country. For the first two days in Tokyo, we stayed in Shinjuku, a happening suburb 30 minutes away from Tokyo Big Sight where the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show (TMS) 2011 was held. Every single one of them was cocooned in their
  15. Rigval

    KLIMS 2010: The full report

    You've read individual reports on Proton, the show girls, Hyundai & Kia and the concept cars of the Kuala Lumpur Motor Show 2010 (KLIMS). Now if you're interested in an overall report and/or more photos, do head over to SgCarMart.com for the write-up or you can click here to be directed to the review. The event is currently being held at the Putra World Trade Center, Kuala Lumpur and is open to the general public until the 12th of December. Tickets are be priced at RM15 for adults on weekdays and RM20 on weekends. Children get in at a flat rate of RM5. There will also be family tickets (2 adults and up to 5 children) at RM30 for a weekday pass and RM40 for a weekend pass. Quite worth the visit if any of you happen to be in or around KL over the next few days.
  16. This is the second of the two cars displayed at the '2 days of Nostalgia' event in Japan. This time we bring you the SR311 Nissan (or was it Datsun in those days) Fairlady modified by Rocky Auto(don't ask, but they tune vintage Nissans). This is the 2nd generation Fairlady and it was first manufactured in 1965. The car first came with a 1595cc engine SP311 type called the "1600 Fair Lady" and this evolved into the 1967 version 1982cc four-cylinder series SOHC which appeared with a transmission 5-speed engine and it was called the SR311 Type 2000. Lets just call it 'the Lady' in this article for simplicity's sake. The original 2.0 gave 145ps and 180Nm of torque. A 910kg body means that 0-400m happens in15.4 seconds and a top speed 205km / h . The Lady was the first production Japanese car to exceed 200km/h. However, the Rocky Auto is a modified version of this Lady. A Nissan Silvia Automatic from the 1990s had donated its drivetrain for this Lady. The 140-150bhp SR20 (Hence SR311 instead of SN311) 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine had replaced the original (non-turbo version) for modern reliability and maintenance as well as drivability, the automatic transmission replaced the original transmission and the car is also equipped with air conditioning. The car is also fitted with power assisted steering as according to Rocky Auto, the original steering rack is ridiculously heavy. Rocky Auto will charge
  17. [extract]Recently in the far away land of Japan a 2 day motor event was held. The