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  1. Toyota Claims Its New Combustion Engines Are a Game-Changer The Chief Technology Officer argues the new engines are completely different than current ICEs. Toyota's CTO mentioned the new engines are going to have a shorter piston stroke, which was "a very difficult task" to accomplish. These inline-fours are all going to be smaller to "revolutionize vehicle packaging," enabling lower front ends for better efficiency by optimizing airflow. The torque lost in the process will be compensated by the instant response of an electric motor. These new engines are being developed primarily with hybrids in mind. As to when the first cars will hit the streets with the new engines, expect to see them around 2027. Toyota is developing the powertrains to run not just on fossil fuels, but also on biofuel, hydrogen, and even synthetic fuel. Nakajima claims this new engine family "has lots of room to play," suggesting there are plenty of engineering tricks the company won't divulge for now. https://www.motor1.com/news/722314/toyota-claims-game-changing-engines/
  2. hi all... all my previous rides even till now... i have always believed in a good oil... i can imagine sludge built up in the engine and i dont want that to happen with a lousy oil used... my last 4 oil services were with OWS NA Racing... i have used before Mobile 1, Shell Helix Ultra, x-REV, spitfire, bizol, KIC oils, liquid moly,idemitsu, Castrol... etc. i have never used mineral or semi-syn oil... always fully syni & I want my car to be fed with oil from at least a company with abit of positive reputation... until lately... i read and found out about many cheap fully syn oils in the supermarkets... so far reviews have been pretty positive... so i thought to myself... OWS NA racing 4liters = $135 (average price) VX Super Syn 5W/40 - 5 liters = $23.80 (promo) schnell is 4 liters german... $29.90 or $39.90 cant remember... c@rlube is 5 liters from UK... ($28.90 with engine flush@Giant) or ($38.90 with oil treatment@carrefour) ($50-$60@autobacs) carrefour also has a full range of the new oil from x-gold or smthing... Giant only 1 from the range but on offer $27 for 5liters basic range one 5W/40. this VX Super Syn is made in SG... i have purchased 1 btl earlier (note this is only at Carrefour Suntec... Plaza Sing dont have) and will change today thursday afternoon... i will just change the oil... no sparkplug change... no cleaning of my air filter, (also no oil filter change cause no tools to take out filter)... thus i can do a proper test with my butt dyno... haha 2.5liters i will need for my sunny... cost=$11.90... for a 5W/40 fully Syn engine oil change... with $135 ... i can change my engine oil 8 times plus 3 oil filters... i hope this oil is really as good as it looks... so far i've heard c@rlube is ok no problems... Schnell is ok and smooth no problems.... and as i am only using it for 5k OR less, i dont forsee problems... i hope. if its ok i might even change every 4k... haha... the thing is nothing beats a 'new engine oil' drive... so if $11.90 is all i need to get it, why not? more clean oil time for my car should be a good thing right? hang on for the results...
  3. According to PapadakisRacing, the answer is yes. And they reckon that the B58 is capable of pushing out 1,000bhp. Yes, the tuning company plans to take the Supra's 3.0-litre turbocharged six-cylinder to such extreme outputs and for them to get there, they have to strip it down to see what it is made off. The B58 engine has been in existence since 2015 and has since proven itself to be easy to work with. A tune on the B58 engine could see a BMW 340i's horsepower numbers jump from the factory's 326bhp to well over 420bhp.
  4. Just change this engine oil today. Feels like Shell Ultra Helix at a fraction of the price..bought from carrefour at $29.89 4L pack. Surprisingly the oil feels smooth & the engine is quiet too! Anyone using this oil too?
  5. Approaching 60k+ svc soon. Will be trying to get parts myself to save cost Car is 4 yr old 1.6 turbo diesel. Currently using Castrol Edge 5w30 but thinking to change to Shell Helix Ultra 5w40 as offer better protection against high rev/temps esp in hot weather. However not very sure about ACEA grade A5/B5 which is what the Edge is rated at. The SHU is rated at A3B3.. from what i gather it refers to viscosity? Is the SHU compatible with the current engine? From what i gather, ATF wise.. the handbook says it recommends BOT 341 fluid. Not sure what ATF is good.. Using Volvo MPS6. Thanks in advance
  6. Hi, My car check engine light was on. I went to a workshop to get it diagnose. The error code is P2096 Told me need to change catalyst convert....few thousand. Any encounter this before?
  7. During my last oil change at my regular workshop, I noticed the labour prices have increased 50% from before. So I am thinking of embarking on my own oil changes. With the investment into the proper equipment required, I should be able to cover the costs in 2 or 3 oil changes. There is only one problem, I don't know where to dispose of the old engine oil. If there are any of you who are currently doing your own oil changes, where do you dispose of the old oil?
  8. guys, recently my car's check engine light turns On again. it happened few months ago and i got a mechanic who specialises honda car in ubi area to fix it for $280 in 5 mins. i guess i want to try and get it fix somewhere else to see if i could get it done one and for all without having to be a carrot. well, i'm driving an EK. when the engine light turns ON, sometimes it lost power on gear one. sometimes it works as fine. and sometimes, it goes back to normal after i restart engine. this problem has been a few days. today, it just doesn't turn Off after i tried to restart. all the good honda mec i know are located in the WEST, i wish not to travel that far to fix this. TIA
  9. While changing engine oil recently, my workshop informed me that my valve cover was leaking oil and needed fixing. So a replacement part was duly procured and I took the opportunity to look at the insides of my 1NZ-FE engine: The cause of the oil leak. A perished rubber seal was the culprit. All these were meant to be one single rubber part. All shiny and slick. The oil is dark because its 10,000km old. Continued in the next post......
  10. Hi all, wondering if anyone here have tried Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Engine Oil pls? cheers
  11. https://jalopnik.com/check-out-what-a-toyota-prius-engine-looks-like-after-3-1848018980 <Check Out What A Toyota Prius Engine Looks Like After 303,000 Miles This Prius engine was neglected, but it was still alive and kicking. Screenshot: Speedkar99 / YouTube (Other) A Toyota Prius has joined my shared fleet in what so far is a positive Carvana experience. Since I love knowing all I can about every vehicle in the fleet I’ve been binging all sorts of Prius videos. One of the ones that I’ve come across is a detailed teardown of a high-mileage 2004 Prius engine that looks good, even after some neglect. A few readers have expressed concerns about picking up a Prius with 90,000 miles and expecting to run it 30,000 miles a year. That kind of driving can be hard on a car. Yet, I’ve seen plenty of second and third-generation Prii driving around in taxi service with more than 300,000 miles and still kicking. If, like me, you wonder what the engine of a high-mileage Prius looks like, YouTuber Speedkar99 tore one down and examined its wear. The engine here is a 1.5-liter 1NZ-FXE inline-four from a second-generation Prius with 303,561 miles. This engine uses a low compression ratio and a high expansion ratio. This works by holding the intake valve open longer for a reverse flow of intake air into the intake manifold, simulating an Atkinson-cycle engine. The result is less power but more efficiency, perfect for a hybrid. The 2ZR-FXE uses a similar system. Screenshot: Speedkar99 / YouTube (Other) The YouTuber informs us at the beginning of the video that the engine was running fine without issues before the teardown. The Prius the engine was taken out of was a parts vehicle. Our host tears through the engine, giving us a thorough explanation of how everything works. But we’re here to see how this engine has fared over 17 years, and the video certainly delivers. First up is a tour through the positive crankcase ventilation system and even the throttle body, which presents some dirty build-up and could use some good cleaning. Screenshot: Speedkar99 / YouTube (Other) But the valves appear to be clean thanks to the injectors. Next, we take a peek under the timing chain cover, where things look a little discolored. The YouTuber says that this is likely because the car may have not gotten timely oil changes but even then, there isn’t a lot of wear. Screenshot: Speedkar99 / YouTube (Other) The camshafts and the head also look clean for the mileage they’ve gone through. Screenshot: Speedkar99 / YouTube (Other) Further in the teardown, the YouTuber cracked open the oil pan to reveal a sad sight. Screenshot: Speedkar99 / YouTube (Other) Yep, that’s sludge. They blame the sludge on cheap oil, the cheap oil filter and deferred oil changes. The filter in the oil pump pickup tube appeared to be pretty gunked up and the pistons have some carbon buildup on them. The bigger point of concern for the YouTuber was clogged-up oil control rings on the pistons. Screenshot: Speedkar99 / YouTube (Other) The host explains that this could mean that the engine might not have been getting proper lubrication there. Overall, the engine looks pretty good despite some neglect. It’s no wonder why Prii are able to rack up so many miles on their odometers when they appear to be so durable. Still, the sludge build-up is a perfect example of why you should always keep up on your maintenance.>
  12. Hi guys, Saw someone posted on fb that it enhance his car mileage just by using these tapes on the engine, any reviews or anyone using it here?? To be installed on: Fuel Line Air Intake Hose Battery Cables Note*: i am not a seller nor a marketing person, just wanna know if this tapes works like it mention as it cost $280
  13. https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/gm-crate-engine-zz632-1000-horsepower/ "GM's 1,000 hp 632 cubic-inch crate engine is its largest and most powerful ever This monstrous motor clocks in at over 10.3 liters of displacement and makes more than 1,000 horsepower on pump gas without a turbo or nitrous. This 1,004-horsepower monster is the biggest crate engine GM has ever offered. They say that when it comes to making power and torque, there is no replacement for displacement. While that's slightly less true these days with super-efficient turbocharged engines and EVs, the folks at General Motors are holding fast to that ideology with their latest crate engine, the ZZ632/1000, which clocks in at a whopping 632 cubic inches of displacement and which was announced on Wednesday. For those of you not accustomed to working in old money, that's 10.36 liters. For comparison's sake, the utterly massive Dodge Viper engine only weighed in at 8.4 liters and with two more cylinders. As its somewhat unwieldy name suggests, the 632-cubic-inch crate engine produces a whopping 1,004 naturally aspirated horsepower. It also makes 876 pound-feet of torque, and it does both on 93-octane pump gas. Apart from its displacement, there are a few notable features that make the ZZ632 special. Chief among these are the aluminum RS-X symmetrical port cylinder heads, which, unlike many previous big block head designs, have identically sized intake and exhaust ports for each cylinder, which helps ensure that all the engine's eight cylinders produce the same power. The ZZ632 shares its block architecture with GM's only slightly less elephantine ZZ572 crate engine but features a bore that's been increased by 0.040-inch. The engine's stroke has also been lengthened over the ZZ572's by 0.375-inch, which accounts for the bulk of the displacement increase. The engine also features forged steel connecting rods and crankshaft, which helps with engine longevity. GM claims that the ZZ632 withstood 200 simulated dragstrip passes without issue. Unlike some of its other high-performance crate engine offerings, GM isn't placing a cap on ZZ632 production, and, in even better news for speed freaks, the engines will be kept in stock rather than being built to order. We don't have pricing yet for this monster of an engine, but we suspect it will land somewhere north of the approximately $16,300 that is being charged for the ZZ572."
  14. Hi there! I have just bought a Nissan Almera 1.8 from 2004 manual transmission. One thing i have noticed, is that it makes a slight whining sound that will pitch up with the engine speed and then the whining sound will disappear when the engine speed increasing I have recorded the noise with my phone https://instaud.io/1RR6 What could it be? All the best Patrick
  15. I leave my car at car park for a week unused. last night I try to start me car. I crank many times and then finally started. The battery was strong. After start, the car vibrate a bit while. The RPM needle move up and down and dieing off again. AFter warm up, car back to normal. What happen? ANy advise
  16. My car is a honda Fit, left 2 years 3 months. Topped up petrol at Esso, Esso 95. Upon leaving the station, noticed engine check light on, but not flashin Drove for 20 mins to eat, turned off and Start again light still on This morning the engine check light disappeared Should I bring to workshop and check or since it went away should be okie? Since no engine light on,means the diagnostic tool willl not pick up anything wrong with the car? First time car owner here with mcf sticker 🥶
  17. The combustion engine is living on borrowed time. https://www.motor1.com/photo/5822112/2022-mercedes-maybach-s680/ A recent (and rather shocking) proposal made by the European Commission calls for the end of new ICE car sales as early as 2035. That has to be voted by the 27 members of the European Union in order for the ban to come into effect, but in the meantime, automakers will likely be forced to shave off their gasoline and diesel offerings. Why? Euro 7 regulations are inbound. Expected to come into force in 2025, the more stringent CO2 emissions will put small cars powered by internal combustion engines in jeopardy. The reason being is that it will be tricky for automakers to still make a profit after tweaking the gasoline and diesel engines to make them comply with regulations. The same holds true for high-performance cars with their typically gas-guzzling engines. For these reasons, Mercedes is thinking ahead and it's planning to eliminate many engine variants. In an interview with Autocar, the three-pointed star's Chief operating officer Markus Schäfe admitted Mercedes will basically halve its engine variants later this decade: "[We] will reduce the number of engine variants, going through Euro 7, by about 50 percent." With the next-gen AMG C63 switching from a V8 to an electrified version of the AMG A45's four-cylinder engine, the transformation is about to start. How will Euro 7 change engines? According to proposals made by the European Commission's Consortium for Ultra Low Vehicle Emissions (Clove), cars could be fitted with a multi-stage "supercatalyst." The same British publication looked at the documents and found out gasoline-fueled cars could get a heated electric catalyst, dual three-way catalysts, a particulate filter, and an ammonia slip catalyst. Not only that, but Euro 7-compliant cars might feature a diagnostics system built into the car's computers to analyze the engine at all times and make sure it meets emissions for 150,000 miles (241,400 kilometers). It all sounds quite expensive to implement, which is why we'll be hearing from other automakers about their plans to simplify the engine portfolio. It would seem the Euro 7 will be another nail in the internal combustion engine's coffin, effectively forcing automakers to accelerate the switch to EVs. Several brands have already announced plans to transition to an all-electric lineup by the end of the decade, including Jaguar (2025), Opel (2028), Ford of Europe (2030), Volvo (2030), Bentley (2030), and others.
  18. Today while i was driving my honda stream, i then stop while waiting the green light. as i was abt to move, i then realised thqt my engine had died n the batt n water red light was on. This was the second time happened aft a month ago. Luckily I am able to start it again. My amaron batt is abt 10mths old.My car aldy 5yrs old. May I seek your expert advise on wat had happened? thanks
  19. Hi, anyone knows where to buy the trd engine air filter? I couldn't find the right one online and the last time I replaced it was at borneo motors trd package.. I heard its reusable since like the quality is way better and it has a metallic mesh to it. Any thoughts?
  20. Hi I just change my Amazon battery less than 10 month ago from AA, however, yesterday the batt is weak and I could not start and get AA mechanical to come down and check, he managed to jumpstart and check, his reason was the car electronic fault and not the battery, the car electronic eg: Sound system, light, video camera etc are drawing current from the battery even through the car engine is off. I try to drive the car for at least 30min after he jumpstart to charge the battery. This morning my car could not start again, I am now waiting for AA to come and jumpstart again, Can someone advise , is it possible on what the AA mechanical have claim? Thanks
  21. try to cut long story short- car had coolant leak, and end up is due to a crack in the engine block. however its just out of warranty by 6 mths, though mileage is still well within 100k. As servicing has always been with distributor, they agree to bring this up to the factory for an extension of warranty in order to replace the engine. but factory rejected. While they are still seeking escalation to factory, i counting my ways to seek a legal recourse because. 1. the crack in block is on the lower end, not at the side or anything. hence not due to impact. hence i thought this is something that might have been in the running for a long time. 2. as the servicing has always been done with them, i take it that they owe the responsibility to thoroughly check. even if they were topping up coolant, they should have done more comprehensive tests to confirm what is wrong. (in real life, i know its not done like that. just saying this as a way to defend my case) . for that, they failed. and leading up to the total loss which they are liable for. its a cheap conti car, so i was thinking to just seek up to close to market value (~10k above scrap) which i can then bring to Small Claims Tribunal. (i meant to seek claim on the additional 10k above scrap) any thoughts?
  22. With sub-micron particles continually sucked in through the filter into the engine, would it be advisable to change engine oil and the filter more often?
  23. Mercedes has been coming out with several new variants using smaller (sub 2.0L) engine for its passenger vehicle lineup of late and there seems to be no end to the trend, in view of tighter emissions and fuel economy requirements by EU and other countries. I have to admit that I am surprised when I learnt about the "new" C160 at the beginning of this year and E180 shortly after that, both having a 1.5L inline 4 turbo-charged unit under it hood, producing 129ps / 210Nm and 156ps / 250Nm respectively. And the naive me thought these are the limits. I am wrong, as the CLS260 has just been introduced in China, and spotted the same 1.5L inline 4 unit under the hood, but producing 184ps / 280Nm this time with a help of the mild hybrid setup. Coupled with a 9 speed automatic transmission, it can accelerate to 100 km/h in 8.7 seconds and reach a top speed of 250 km/h. Fuel consumption is rated at 7.2 L/100 km (13.89 Km/L), which is decent to say the least, for a car of this size (~5m in length) and weight (~1.8 ton). While the spec look very impressive for this entry variant, but taking into consideration that the selling price is unlikely to be more than $30K different from the CLS350 due to COE, VES and other vehicle taxes, while saving in road tax is "negligible" since the CLS350 is actually powered by a 2.0L turbo engine (instead of 3.0L as many have expected), it is not a good deal after all. What is your take? Will we be seeing a 1.5L S280 soon, or even a GLS300? I sincerely hope it will not happen. BTW, rumor mill is saying that the next C43 AMG and E53 AMG will be using a 2.0L unit... ...
  24. Just curious, if there are some engine oil left-over from a car's servicing, can it be used to top-up a diesel engine ? (e.g. Shell Helix Ultra 5w-40)
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