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  1. Lai ah lai ah....... 2022 TOTO Hong Pao Draw on Friday, 11-02-2022 Prize money $12 Million Huat Ahhhhhhhhhhhh .........................
  2. 7hm

    Drawing cars...

    Anyone got skill? I don't think I got. never manage to become car designer. But can still imagine my own dream car.
  3. Hi I just change my Amazon battery less than 10 month ago from AA, however, yesterday the batt is weak and I could not start and get AA mechanical to come down and check, he managed to jumpstart and check, his reason was the car electronic fault and not the battery, the car electronic eg: Sound system, light, video camera etc are drawing current from the battery even through the car engine is off. I try to drive the car for at least 30min after he jumpstart to charge the battery. This morning my car could not start again, I am now waiting for AA to come and jumpstart again, Can someone advise , is it possible on what the AA mechanical have claim? Thanks
  4. Recently I received a phone survey from someone who claimed to work for a company in Hong Kong wanting to setup branch here. Few weeks later, they said they are having some event at JB, Tebrau City Jusco shopping complex on one of the Sunday and invited me to attend. I did not go to the event. 2 weeks later they called me up again and said I have won their 2nd prize (cash prize) All the activities are conducted in Mandarin with over 10-15 phone calls. So far they did not ask me to buy anything but said to verify my identity and asked a lawyer from Hong Kong to contact me. Basically they got my NRIC number, d.o.b., my bank account number (say for the purpose to crediting the price money). The way I look at it, these are information easily obtainable with various technic (e.g. dumpster diving) and I have not much to lose so I gave them these data. (In one of my previous job, when running a lucky draw, we easily get about 1 million records of these information even with address and family member's information, so if this is a scam, why go through so much trouble ?) My questions are: - has anyone else received similar phone calls? - How can they take advantage of these information collected if this is a scam? - What else do I look out for?
  5. Anyone here has won a car in a lucky draw before? Can share your experiences? I see so many advertisements can win nice cars but I am never so lucky to win one myself. LOL!
  6. 'HONG BAO' draw $12million ​"HUAT AHhhhhhhh....."
  7. This year TOTO 10 million 'Hong Bao' draw will be held on 6th February 2009 (Friday) From 29 Jan onward, can purchase 2 draws covering the 'Hong Bao' draw......... Wishing all members who buys TOTO........... ............................................. "HUAT AH" ....................................
  8. Lai Lai Lai....... Got buy got chance No buy no chance I got 7 bucks on my family birthdates....lol My offer still stand......if me strike 1st prize. Happy Meal BF for 1 month to all whom put his/her footprint here. Hehehe
  9. Hi all. I won a red CLA180 coupe at a lucky draw. Putting up for sale. I'm looking at $100k. Please PM me if interested.
  10. heard about the 4 potential winners every week for 1 yr supply of petrol. so whts the deal? min. $50 pumped = 1 chance? btw anyone here won any free fuel b4?
  11. Thank You SG CarMart.com Enter last month contest and won a Seiko Watch........ Just came back after collecting the watch. Heard only 2 watches to be won and I'm one of them. Here the watch.....
  12. Come this Friday 23-05-08, TOTO 5 million anniversary draw...... ................................HUAT AH ....................................
  13. Hi guys Just went to change battery (one year) Reason : when crank the bat like half dead. But manage to start. Don't want to take chance. Went to change. The mechanic told me that our iu drain lots of current. Is this true? What if we install a switch on the iu wire. On it when want to use. Anyone tried this?
  14. Gee

    UCL Draw

    UCL draw result February 12 and March 6 Celtic v Juventus Valencia v Paris Saint-Germain February 13 and March 5 Shakhtar Donetsk v Borussia Dortmund Real Madrid v Manchester United February 19 and March 13 FC Porto v Malaga Arsenal v Bayern Munich February 20 and March 12 Galatasaray v Schalke 04 AC Milan v Barcelona
  15. kqkhlj

    Lucky Draw

    Hi Guys i am tasked to do Christmas lucky draw for my company, does anyone know of any software that can conduct lucky draw using photo? kqkhlj
  16. Something to share : Today is my lucky day in KSL, A promoter approached me and gave me a car decal to stick on the windscreen and if spotted with that decal, there will be monetary rewards. I was asked to filled up an enclosed lucky draw, she opened up the lucky draw and told me to fill up my particulars and later was told to sign on the "Thank you" words prior returning. After filling up, I returned her the lucky draw and she insisted me to sign on the words "Thank you" that I couldn't find but it was the word Congratulation and a prize of RM$6000+ that consists of a twin induction cooker and a vacuum cleaner. I already feel suspicious, something like those "Kua Kua Le" is happening ! After her dramatic act with her fellow colleague by calling the office blaa...blaaa...blaaa and I was told to take the prize in one condition that is for own personal use and cannot sell away for profit. I agreed with her but I asked her is this those "Kua Kua Le" thingy and she denied. She brought out the two prizes and was packing for me but told me that I need to utilize the RM$50 voucher before I can have my prizes which I need to fork out RM$3000+ for the water filter system. I rejected her request and immediately she closed her sales catalogue and told me I'm unable to take the prizes. The way they act is very dramatic, I have to salute them. This is a new approach something like the "Kua Kua Le" please don't fall into their trap.
  17. Must say that I am pretty surprise reading this - Netizens question upgrading lucky draw Quite a stupid move in my opinion. PAP ties upgrading to electoral votes, WP ties lucky draw to upgrading votes.
  18. Two lawmakers prodded the bankruptcy trustee in charge of unwinding MF Global Holdings Ltd. to drop his plan to pay bonuses to top executives who were at the securities firm when it collapsed. In a letter to former Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Louis Freeh, Sen. Jon Tester (D., Mont.) said it would be "outrageous" to proceed with a proposal to a bankruptcy judge that could result in payouts of several hundred thousand dollars each for MF Global's chief operating officer, finance chief and general counsel. The size of the bonuses would depend on their job performance in helping Mr. Freeh maximize value for creditors of the company. "Rather than reward executives in the hopes of being able to pay back creditors, I urge you to forgo executive bonuses and instead use these funds to repay the farmers and ranchers whose trust was so betrayed by MF Global," Mr. Tester wrote. "I look forward to your reconsideration of this decision." Montana is home to farmers and ranchers who invested in the futures market through MF Global but are likely to suffer losses because of the estimated $1.6 billion shortfall in customer accounts that emerged after the New York company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Oct. 31. The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that Mr. Freeh is planning to ask the bankruptcy-court judge in charge of the case to approve potential bonuses for Bradley I. Abelow, Henri J. Steenkamp and Laurie R. Ferber, according to people familiar with the situation. The payouts likely would be made in pieces throughout 2012. As many as 20 or so other MF Global employees now working for Mr. Freeh also would be eligible for possible bonuses. Details could be filed as soon as this month. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D., Minn.) said in a separate letter to Mr. Freeh that the plan is "unacceptable" until numerous civil and criminal investigations into MF Global's demise are finished and missing customer money is found. She is a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, which is conducting a probe of the financial firm's demise. "These same executives were at the helm of MF Global when it collapsed," Ms. Klobuchar wrote. "Issuing bonuses with the company's holdings sends the wrong message to customers already skeptical of the bankruptcy process." A spokesman for Mr. Freeh said Sunday in a statement that "the trustee has noted the comments" made by the senators, but "has not made any decisions" on the bonuses. He described the issue as one that comes up "routinely" in Chapter 11 cases. A lawyer working for Mr. Freeh on the case also said Friday that keeping current staff is the "most cost-effective way" to protect the interests of creditors snarled by MF Global's bankruptcy. Without help from Messrs. Abelow and Steenkamp and Ms. Ferber, Mr. Freeh likely would have to spend more on accountants and consultants to sift through MF Global's tangled financial statements, according to people close to Mr. Freeh. The three executives are the highest-ranking MF Global employees among about 300 still working at what is left of the company. Chief Executive Jon S. Corzine, the former New Jersey governor and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. chairman whose bets on bonds of troubled European countries led to a run on MF Global last fall, resigned in November. Mr. Tester said federal bankruptcy law limits Mr. Freeh's ability to reward bonuses to former MF Global executives who kept their jobs. Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa, the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, raised similar concerns in a statement Friday. U.S. law sharply restricts "retention" bonuses to executives for sticking with distressed companies. Some companies in bankruptcy cases carefully craft "incentive" plans with specific performance targets to avoid running afoul of the law. Mr. Freeh's bonus plan at MF Global would likely need to include performance-based targets deemed challenging enough for a judge to conclude that the proposal is an "incentive" plan rather than "retention" payouts for Messrs. Abelow and Steenkamp, Ms. Ferber and the other employees who could get bonuses. A lawyer for Mr. Abelow declined to comment. After the Chapter 11 filing, Mr. Abelow agreed to cut his annual salary to $60,000. For the fiscal year ended March 31, 2011, he got total compensation of $7.6 million, including a salary of $829,545, according to a securities filing. A lawyer for Mr. Steenkamp couldn't be reached. Last week, a lawyer for Ms. Ferber told the Journal she is "working hard to assist the trustee" in the bankruptcy case. Her "personal interests are completely aligned with those of MF Global," the lawyer added. The attorney declined further comment No one at MF Global has been charged with wrongdoing. Messrs. Corzine, Abelow and Steenkamp told lawmakers last late year they didn't do anything improper and were uncertain exactly how the shortfall occurred. While MF Global customers have received varying amounts of their money back, many have received about 72 cents for every dollar they had at the securities firm when it collapsed. Prosecutors, regulators and others have been interviewing MF Global employees, but hopes for more recoveries have dimmed. Write to Mike Spector at [email protected] and Aaron Lucchetti at [email protected]
  19. As above, there are so many lucky draws going around in Singapore. some use car, some give money while other use house as bait. honestly, anyone actually win big like a car or house before? or even TOTO or big sweep. I have only once witness a frd who have won TOTO some years back but the amount was 600K. Never knew anyone who cross 1million mark. Here i mean is real ppl around you whom you know. Not those my friend's cousin's father side auntie's in-law's son's gf's uncle. Do you believe in lucky draw or windfall?
  20. Intimacy in public: where to draw the line By Shawn Lee Miller PICTURES of couples behaving intimately in public have been making its rounds on the internet through websites like STOMP. While these acts of intimacy may be nothing new, the frequency in which they are caught on camera have raised an eyebrow or two. "It's just that there is an increasing number of camera phones around. These things were present since my mum's times. However, people taking pictures of others should protect the identity of the people they are taking pictures of because you don't want to get them into trouble," said STOMP Star Blogger Silver Ang. While most Singaporeans RazorTV spoke to were against such invasions of privacy, there were some who felt that couples who have no reservations about acting intimately in public do not deserve to have their privacy protected since they are in a public place
  21. http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_639687.html
  22. Friday, 18/02/2011, TOTO Hong Pao Draw snowball to S$11/- million leow .............................. .............................. HUAT AH ............................... ..
  23. .................... HUAT AH ..................... This Friday, 28/01/2011, TOTO 5 million 'Reunion' draw .............
  24. I think I half dead also cannot take out own money. Well not to say I have much money by time I can draw my money, its half eaten away by inflation already!
  25. anyone in interior design , i need someone to help me draw a 3D prospective. willing to pay. can message me thanks
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