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  1. everywhere is totally white and u cant see the road nor the traffic white lines. What they install are guiding poles on your left and red coloured arrow pointers on lamp posts giving you a rough guide of the driving lanes. once you are there and do the actual driving, you will learn and adapt. As they always say......when in rome do what the romans do.😁
  2. Heavy snow in Sapporo NOW!!. Plus the wind is picking up. Cold like hell......🤣 VID_20191207_181515.mp4
  3. The Jap GPS also one kind. Sometimes key in the telephone number.......not found....lol. End up I use Google map almost all the time. It's better bcos you can choose toll and non-toll routes. Time duration btw them is not a lot.
  4. By the way....a few little things to note. 1) people don't smoke in the open. They go to smoke rooms or smoke inside their cars. Cigs are bloody cheap here. 270 yen to 520 yen per pack of 20. 2) big cities shopping closes at 2100 or even 2300hrs. Smaller cities closes by 1700. 3) Hokkaido is 1 hour ahead of us and nite falls at 1600hrs their time (our time 3pm..lol) So plan your itinerary accordingly. 4) driving etiquette is top class here. I have never heard a car honking ever and they drive slow and always ready to give way. I do the same in return 5) thier toll uses ETC card which is similar to our cash card but fees are paid after you return the car. You don't have to top up 6) Japanese are generally very poor in speaking English. Even in the service sector they are weak. 7) Minus temp is still bearable but when the wind picks up (blizzard which happens quite often) ....you can't last for 5 mins. 😎😎 parking is almost free everywhere outside the city. Hotel charges like yen 1000 per nite. City parking is expensive. That day we park at Animate Sapporo for our daughter to get animate stuffs. 1300 Yen for 2 hrs....lol. 9) hotel rates, poi fees, meals are surprisingly reasonably priced. I find Singapore a more expensive place to visit as a tourist....lol
  5. My trip here is almost over. We are flying back on Monday. We used NicoNico and drove a Nissan Serena. Can seat 5 adults comfortable and load 2 large luggages and 4 medium ones. Our trip brought us from airport to Lake Shikotsu to Niseko to Hakodate to Otaru to now Sapporo. Many nice sceney along the way. Driving in snow is not that difficult over time. Started at 50+ km/hr speed then gradually to 80+km/hr. The video you see is the route from Niesko to Hakodate. Not much cars so I stay middle. Probably one in like 15 mins...lol. once outside the city it's usually one up one down lane. They have no lamppost but red arrow lights blinking for night driving. And finally it's always snowing like 70% of the time. Temp is minus zero all the time. Night falls at 4pm sharp. And shops closes early at 5pm outside the city. Sorry for the messy writing. We are now at Daimaru Sapporo shopping...hahaha.
  6. Currently at AYA Niesko for 3 nites. It's absolutely freezing here. Heavy snowing. About -3 deg. VID-20191129-WA0024.mp4 VID-20191129-WA0061.mp4
  7. Hiphiphoray

    Difficult PSLE 2019 Math Question!

    My gal is taking her O Levels this year. I see her Anderson Sec A Maths Exam questions...…..faint faint faint...….no way I can learn this again. Even my wife in the Science field says...…..why set the Chem questions so difficult!!! Siao!!!!!!!
  8. Hiphiphoray

    Difficult PSLE 2019 Math Question!

    It's ok....he already put in effort. I wash my hands liao.....no more psle maths for me forever......hip hip hooray ka Chang but tay.........lolllll.
  9. Hiphiphoray

    Difficult PSLE 2019 Math Question!

    The 1 x 1, 2 x 2 , 3 x 3 is pretty standard stuff. The rest is all about patterns and difference. Odd & Even is considered pattern...…….so its within the PSLE realm. Not a difficult question. Manageable with a clear mind. The problem is....setting it at the very last question, most pupils' brain already in moderate to high Haze levels liao……….lol I guess the Maths T-score will be push up 5 points at least ???
  10. Hiphiphoray

    Difficult PSLE 2019 Math Question!

    100% = 61.20. Not 70.38 Hence 9.18/61.20 x 100 = 15%......no ? Confuse Confuse Confuse...……...lolllllll
  11. Hiphiphoray

    Difficult PSLE 2019 Math Question!

    Can I ask the maths expert here on the egg tart question. My son got the answers as 46 tarts and $1.53, same as me...…….but the outside world says the answer is 40 tarts and $1.80. 😒 I cannot let go of this...……..cant eat cant sleep......but my son already lost in the Plug-G world liao...........lol.
  12. Hiphiphoray

    Difficult PSLE 2019 Math Question!

    Paper 2 long questions is always the killer...…….if you can get your kid to overcome this hurdle, the rest will be smooth sailing. What I taught my son to effectively tackle 4 & 5 marks questions within a standard 5 min time frame is to ALWAYS consider Model first. Bocs its usually the easiest and quickest way to tackle the question. (but not always) If cant do it, then clean off the model and try solving using Ratio. Lastly if all else fail, then use the long-winded algebra method ( we nickname this "equation method" bcos we are trying to form 2 equations from the question). Actually my son find "equation" model easier to do.....lollllllll. Hence u and see his algebra method attempt on question 16...…...lol The other main killers include the so call pattern/figure question (question 17 this year), "water tap questions", Dist/Sp/Time" questions. The rest I isolate them into "Miscs". And there is also the time management factor and recheck process. Paper 2 question 1 to 17 DIE-DIE must be attempted within 45 mins. Any question that needs more than 1 min of reading to understand and lift the pen...must SKIP IMMEDIATELY without delay. Any question exceeding the 1 mark 1 min rule...SKIP!!! We nickname these BLANK!! Usually he will have 2-4 of them at the end of Q17. At the end of Q17, go back to Q1 and recheck. DO NOT ATTEMPT THE BLANK QUESTION. Recheck is not just eye power only. Recheck workings first then the calculations. He is trained to read the question and point at his workings. Every information in the question MUST be stated in his workings. Then the calculator will conclude the checking and move on to next Q. Once rechecking is completed, he usually have between 20 mins to 40 mins left to tackle the BLANK questions...…….depending on the difficulty of the maths paper. It varies. Now Total focus on the BLANK Questions only. And more often than not, he could solve most of the blank questions. He can tell me which of his answers is 100% correct, which is only 50/50, he even got 70/30 and 30/70 opinions….and of course.....0% sure die...........lol My self-invent teaching method may not be perfect but its my best attempt to help my son tackle maths exams effectively and as less stressful as possible...……. Looking back, there was lots of ups and downs, frustrations, and sweat, sometimes even thots of giving up. Whatever the outcome is...…...we have done our best. I am glad that I went through this journey with my son. Today is the last PSLE paper, and he can finally resume his childhood activities. He earned it.
  13. Hiphiphoray

    Difficult PSLE 2019 Math Question!

    I would say Maths now compare to our days is totally different. Now there is a lot of English involve in the question. If you cannot digest the english, you cannot even lift the pen to write. ( not the DEAD-BRAIN kind of questions during our time) And Schools nowadays expect kids to have a lot of background on the subjects (presumably at home). The school just supplement it. (our days is the other way round) So I jump in the wagon and learn on my own. I actually learn a lot from Bro Ender. Replying this thread now (4am). It was like a norm for me to wake up this time(for countless nites) to self-teach maths or to think of a more efficient way to answer Science section B structured questions...…….its really really hard. I really pity my son. (that's also why ive been inactive from MCF for a long long time) The journey was very tough. My son was still getting Maths sub 50s for the whole P5 duration, even after guiding him for 1 full year. Fortunately P6 he manage to grasp it. P6 CA1 : 53%. SA1: 63%. SA2: suddenly he kai qiao and got 92.5 %(Pei Chun). That period between school SA2 exam and the PSLE exam, he did 10 x 2018 SA2 paper. The usual Rosyth, Henry, Cat high..... Scores range from 77% to 94%. Days before D-Day, we tone down a lot and he only did 3 more maths papers...... 2019 SA2 paper for Nanyang, RGS, Nan Hua(in my opinion the toughest). He got sub 80s. Not RI standard, but he has come a long long way.
  14. Hiphiphoray

    Difficult PSLE 2019 Math Question!

    Just download the CA1, SA1, SA2 papers from the internet. Search and you will find it. And throw in tons of time and effort into writing the worked solutions properly and systematically. (you need lots of patience and perseverance for this) Don't just see their suggested worked solutions....its crap!!! DIY via assessment books and YOUTUBE videos and make it as simplified as possible. Easy to understand Then pass on the skill to your kid. I did it from ground zero when my boy was P4...……….U can do it too!!!!
  15. Hiphiphoray

    Difficult PSLE 2019 Math Question!

    my son got 17a & B correct but left 17c blank.....Hiaz (he told me the whole PSLE exam P1 & P2, this is the only question he don't know...…..im like SURE BOR!!!!) LOL!!! My simplified version for 17c W (diff) G Total F1 1 1 0 1 (1x1) F2 1 2 3 4 (2x2) F3 6 3 3 9 (3x3) F4 6 4 10 16 (4x4) Since its a repeat pattern.....1 & 1 , overlapping 3 & 3. Grey F5 must be a overlapping 10 & 10 Since F5 total is a 5x5 = 25. Using basic model, F5 white must be 25-10 = 15 Now for F250...…….. Basically you have to test whatever self-invent formula on F3 & F4....if it works then proceed to find F250. Something like from Total how to get white, or from grey how to get total...….along this line (that's what I taught my son) Just test on F3 & F4...don't test on F2 cos its not accurate. Now using simple model to test on F3 & F4 & F5 U can see F3 is actually total 3x3 with diff 3. hence F250 will be 250x250 = 62500 with diff 250. using model, you will get 31125 & 31375 (grey / white, or white / grey) Which is which ????? Go back to F3, F4, F5.....see it like a model F3 White - Big, Grey - Small F4 White - Small, Grey- Big F5 White - Big, Grey - Small Its actually a sequence !!!!!!! Odd number - Grey is ALWAYS small Even number - Grey is ALWAYS big Hence for F250, Grey is 31375. White is 31125 % of Grey = 50.2 percent.