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Found 37 results

  1. 10 Top Singapore Pools Outlets Ranked According To The Most Wins, For TOTO & 4D Players source: https://thesmartlocal.com/read/top-singapore-pools-outlets/ If you’ve ever dreamt of becoming a millionaire, the quickest way is probably to hope to the heavens that you strike 4D or TOTO. ‘Course, it’s easier said than done. Many try to maximise their chances of winning by going to outlets that have been “blessed by the Fortune God” or have good fengshui. But whatever you believe in, it’s best to heed what cannot be disproved – statistics. Here are the top 10 lucky Singapore Pools outlets and authorised retailers for TOTO, ranked according to their winning frequencies from official sources, measured from October 2014 to now. You can also place your 4D bets at these places. P.S. Before you dive straight in, here is a gentle reminder to bet within your means and gamble responsibly! 1. Tong Aik Huat Some say it’s all in the name, and Tong Aik Huat has already produced plenty of lucky winners. It’s been crowned #1 on this list for producing a grand total of 10 jackpot – or Group 1 winners – who’ve hit all 6 of their lucky numbers to take home the ultimate loot. Even if the jackpot prize is way out of reach, many of us are more than happy just to get a slice of the pie and might be glad to know that this spot also has had 56 Group 2 wins, a.k.a consolation wins. Number of Jackpot Prize winners: 10 Number of Group 2 winners: 56 Address: 685 Hougang Street 61, Singapore 530685 Opening hours: Mon 8AM-6PM | Tue & Fri 8AM-8PM | Wed -Thu & Sat – Sun 8AM-7PM 2. NTUC FairPrice Tampines Mall Easties, if you’re wondering where’s a good place to place your TOTO bets, it’s none other than at Tampines Mall’s NTUC Fairprice. Make sure to prepare for an insanely long queue if you’re headed down for the CNY draw as this is a popular betting spot, with 9 Jackpot winners to date. Number of Jackpot Prize winners: 9 Number of Group 2 winners: 17 Address: 4 Tampines Central 5, #B1-12, Singapore 529510 Opening hours: Mon 8AM-6PM | Tue & Fri 8AM-8PM | Wed -Thu & Sat – Sun 8AM-7PM 3. Delisia Agency Pte Ltd It might look and have a name that sounds like one from a bakery but don’t be fooled – this place means serious business when it comes to TOTO. The store’s long snaking queues every Monday and Thursday and bright red signboard will indicate that this is where you come for the lottery – not cakes and buns. With 8% of the prize pool, second prize is still darn decent and you might be glad to know that there has been an extremely high number of consolation Group 2 winners from this retailer. Number of Jackpot Prize winners: 9 Number of Group 2 winners: 47 Address: 149 Rochor Rd, #B1-26 Fu Lu Shou Complex, Singapore 188425 Opening hours: Mon 8AM-6PM | Tues & Fri 8AM-8PM | Wed -Thur & Sat – Sun 8AM-7PM 4. Tan Wee Fong Trading Tan Wee Fong has seen plenty of Group 1 winners with the biggest prize being a whopping $4.5 million, which went to a single winner who played using Quick Pick. The place has also seen a whopping 32 Group 2 winners. Number of Jackpot Prize winners: 8 Number of Group 2 winners: 32 Address: 24 Bendemeer Road, #01-529, Singapore 330024 Opening hours: Mon 8AM-6PM | Tues & Fri 8AM-8PM | Wed -Thur & Sat – Sun 8AM-7PM 5. Singapore Pools Clementi N7 Branch For Westies who aren’t too keen on travelling out to a neighbourhood for a bigger stroke of luck, Singapore Pools at Clementi N7 is your best bet. Number of Jackpot Prize winners: 8 Number of Group 2 winners: 12 Address: 722 Clementi West Street 2, #01-164, Singapore 120722 Opening hours: Mon – Thur 8:30AM-8PM | Fri – Sun 8:30AM – 9PM 6. 7-11 Yishun At Yishun’s 7-11, it’s certainly a store and more. Residents of the area, check out this branch, which has 7 Jackpot Prize and 32 Group 2 winners under its belt. Number of Jackpot Prize winners: 7 Number of Group 2 winners: 27 Address: Blk 102 Yishun Avenue 5 #01-137, Singapore 760102 Opening hours: 8AM-9PM, Daily 7. Singapore Pools People’s Park Centre Palm readings, fortune telling and TOTO – the one thing they have in common is that they’re all available in Chinatown. Your fortune is predicted to be great this CNY, put it to the test at the Singapore Pools outlet at People’s Park Centre. It’s one of the go-to spots for many to attempt getting their hands on a winning TOTO ticket. Number of Jackpot Prize winners: 7 Number of Group 2 winners: 27 Address: 101 Upper Cross Street, People’s Park Centre, #01-12 Singapore 058357 Opening hours: 8AM-9PM, Daily 8. Mee Lee Cheong Pte Ltd Mee Lee Cheong shifted locations once back in 2016, but the move has not seemed to affect their luck. This betting post near the Tampines Round Market is both a convenient spot to place bets after a morning grocery run and a hotspot for winning TOTO. Number of Jackpot Prize winners: 7 Number of Group 2 winners: 26 Address: Blk 139 Tampines Street 11 #01-88 Singapore 521139 Opening hours: Mon 8AM-6PM | Tue & Fri 8AM-8PM | Wed, Thu, Sat & Sun 8AM-7PM 9. Singapore Pools IMM Branch With 7 jackpot wins and 13 Group 2 wins, Singapore Pools at IMM is a lucky and accessible spot to place your bet after eating and shopping your heart out at the mall’s restaurants and outlet stores. Number of Jackpot Prize winners: 7 Number of Group 2 winners: 13 Address: 2 Jurong East Street 21 #02-63, IMM Building Singapore 609601 Opening hours: Mon – Thur 8AM-8PM | Fri – Sun 8AM-9PM 10. Singapore Pools Suntec City CBD workers, here’s a convenient spot to pop by if you’d like to toss in a dollar or two for the prospect of more. Perhaps the Fountain of Wealth is what brings the fortune to this spot, perhaps not. But regardless of whether or not you believe in fengshui, the results show that this outlet has plenty of winners. Number of Jackpot Prize winners: 7 Number of Group 2 winners: 13 Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard #B1-143 Suntec City Mall Singapore 038983 Opening hours: 10AM-9PM, Daily Other “unofficial” lucky places to place your bets Official data from Singapore Pools aside, there are also some lucky outlets that are the people’s choice – that also means this list is based completely on hearsay: Eunos 7-Eleven at Blk 1A NTUC Fairprice Serangoon Central Hypermart (Serangoon NEX) Chua Yan Kee Singapore Pools Choa Chu Kang Branch Ng Teo Guan Fun fact: Biggest TOTO win ever was $9.7 million. The winning ticket was bought from NTUC FairPrice Changi Business Park Hypermarket.
  2. Mllcg

    TOTO changes

    SINGAPORE: The TOTO jackpot just got bigger. But it will cost you more and it will be more difficult to win the jackpot. In changes that will take effect from Oct 7, An ordinary bet of six numbers will now cost S$1 as opposed to 50 cents previously, while System 7 will now cost S$7, as compared to S$3.50 previously. Punters will, however, get a higher chance of recouping their bets with the introduction of a new winning tier of S$10 by matching 3 numbers. The number pool will also be increased from 45 to 49. The minimum guaranteed amount for the jackpot will be increased from S$500,000 to S$1 million. And with the new Group 7 prize category, customers need only match three numbers to win a $10 payoff. Singapore Pools said the change is in response to customers’ requests for a larger jackpot prize, and well as prizes for successfully matching three numbers. With the addition of Group 7 prizes, the odds of winning any prize will improve from 1 in 321 to 1 in 54. The chance of winning the jackpot, however, falls from 1 in 8.14 million to 1 in 13.98 million. Other changes include increased pay-outs for groups. Group 5, which requires four matched numbers, will be increased from S$30 to S$50, and Group 6 – three matched numbers, plus the additional number – will now pay S$25, up from S$20 currently. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/larger-jackpot-with-more/1333876.html?cid=FBSG siao liao. Min bet for all levels x2 current prices. max numbers increased to 49. match 3 numbers win $10
  3. Heman75

    What if i strike the Ang Bao toto

    Guys Lets do some day dreaming.. Ang bao toto 12million What will you do when you strike the 12million all by yourself no sharing in group 1 let me start this. give 2million to my prefer charity buy a 1million car of my choice to play buy a 5million bungalow to stay invest 4million and get 5-10% annual return (every month got 20k-30k to spend good enough) will still continue to work..
  4. Hondacub777

    Todays TOTO

    1st prize; 27 winners 2nd prize;13 winners those pple who strike 1st prize dun know to consider lucky or "suay" .so hard to strike 1st prize and yet so many pple share .luckily i never kana .
  5. MrWeiwei


    Care to share any strike 4D / TOTO experiences?
  6. no money to pay ex wife monthly maintainence. Read in today Straits Times. So lucky to strike 4D and Toto more $1m but no money to give ex wife and children. Rather do jail and declare bankrupt. Doctor somemore.
  7. Picnic06-Biante15

    TOTO $12 Million Draw, 02 March 2018

    'HONG BAO' draw $12million ​"HUAT AHhhhhhhh....."
  8. Picnic06-Biante15

    TOTO : 10 Million Draw

    This year TOTO 10 million 'Hong Bao' draw will be held on 6th February 2009 (Friday) From 29 Jan onward, can purchase 2 draws covering the 'Hong Bao' draw......... Wishing all members who buys TOTO........... ............................................. "HUAT AH" ....................................
  9. Hiphiphoray

    TOTO 12M Draw 19 Feb

    Lai Lai Lai....... Got buy got chance No buy no chance I got 7 bucks on my family birthdates....lol My offer still stand......if me strike 1st prize. Happy Meal BF for 1 month to all whom put his/her footprint here. Hehehe
  10. Shern25

    Toto winners pls come in

    Is there anyone out there who also suddenly become millionaire overnight by winning toto first price? What is it like to become suddenly rich? Do you invest them? Or have u spent it all already in properties, cars, women etc. Is there any family disputes arises because u won and family unhappy in the way u distribute to them? Is your life really changed for the good after u strike toto?
  11. Leepee

    TOTO $5million

    Yoohoo...due to the rain yesterday...no many people buy TOTO.....so there was no winner. Prize money snowballed to Monday 23Nov.....$5million. Can buy my dream Caymen, Q5 and maybe a Lambo and a Rolls. Yeah Good luck!!
  12. Picnic06-Biante15

    TOTO - 5 Million Anniversary Draw.....

    Come this Friday 23-05-08, TOTO 5 million anniversary draw...... ................................HUAT AH ....................................
  13. Zanter

    Kena 2nd prize Toto but...

    Only get $2018. Toto results Anyway I didnt even kena but friend kena. He very happy thought can retire..but alas not to be.
  14. Prince_of_Darkness

    Toto Group 2 - 196 Winners????

    How would someone feel when u strike 5+1 numbers and realise you got only $2k???
  15. SimonTan

    $7million winner TOTO

    I wished that my numbers is the winner! Good luck everyone. Tonight few people will have a super duper huat huat CNY! May the best men win!
  16. What about our neighbourhood's 4D/Toto shops? They do not even have a $10 or $1 entry deterrence. What are they going to do about these outlets mushrooming everywhere, with thousands of housewives, retirees and average Joes all flocking to them without fail on daily basis? How much $$$ are these folks pumping in on a regularly basis? Many of them do not know they have contributed generously to the building of the Esplanade. This MG merely TCSS only. See if he and his ministry can tackle this more pressing menace. From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1167611/1/.html Tighter advertising & promotions guidelines for casinos By Imelda Saad | Posted: 25 November 2011 1800 hrs
  17. Yeshe

    3mil toto winner

    solo winner with only 50c quick pick ticket at AMK ave 1.... congratz!
  18. Picnic06-Biante15

    TOTO : 5 Million Reunion Draw .........

    .................... HUAT AH ..................... This Friday, 28/01/2011, TOTO 5 million 'Reunion' draw .............
  19. wah seems that every industry also can be rich is true. a fisher man fish a big tuna and it is sold for $396k USD hmm seems that when free i also must go learn some big item fishing
  20. I've always laughed at people buying toto. "Lottery is tax for the mathematically impaired". But......~8.4 million! s--t! So....tempted. Maybe I just buy the dream instead. If I look at it that way..... Hmmmmmm. I'd get.....an...M5! Or....RS6? For normal everyday use. And then.....a....a.....Porsche? GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. MY MIND VS MY HEART.
  21. HDB resale prices hit record high again rising by 4.1% in Q2 By Alicia Wong, Sharon See | Posted: 23 July 2010 1318 hrs SINGAPORE: DB resale flat prices have hit record highs again. Prices rose by 4.1 per cent in the second quarter of 2010 compared with the previous quarter. This makes it the fifth straight quarter of increase. The HDB resale market continues to attract keen interest. Analysts said the demand is driven by those who don't qualify for a new flat or want a flat quickly. These are the singles, permanent residents, flat owners who want to upgrade or downgrade and married couples who can't wait three years for a new HDB flat. Chris Koh, director, Dennis Wee Group, said: "Private property prices are very high today and because it's so high there are a lot of people who are now turning to the HDB market.
  22. Picnic06-Biante15

    TOTO - 8.3 MILLION ......................

    Friday TOTO 8.3 million ......................... ...................... HUAT AH ....................
  23. Robo

    TOtO 5.5M anyoNe?

    anyone tio tio anything anot? and anyone know the winning numbers? my office IT sibeh knn.. blk sgpools webby.
  24. Picnic06-Biante15

    TOTO : 9.1 Million Draw

    This Friday 25/09/09 @ 9.30pm TOTO F1 draw is 9.1 million.......................... ........................... HUAT AH ............................
  25. Picnic06-Biante15

    Remember : TOTO This Friday ..........

    Ha.ha.... remember, TOTO 10 million draw this Friday 06/02/09 ........ 10 Quickpick System 7, here I come .......... ......................... HUAT AH .........................