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Found 113 results

  1. Lai which mcfer is this? Confess https://mothership.sg/2020/07/clementi-hdb-flat-1-million/ A five-room HDB flat at Clementi was purchased on July 5 for a staggering S$1.04 million, and it was done so in cash. Buyers paid for flat in cash The 1,248 sq ft unit at Block 441A Clementi Avenue 3 was priced at S$833 per sq feet, according to Edge Prop. The flat is located within Clementi Towers, a cluster of HDB blocks including 441A, 441B, 442 and 443. 4-room and 5-room flats are located in 441A. The other three blocks comprise 3-room and 4-room flats. Clementi Towers is also part of the Clementi integrated transport hub, including Clementi Mall, Clementi MRT station and the bus interchange. According to Edge Prop, the flats have 91 years left on their lease. Edge Prop reported that the buyers are an elderly couple who are downsizing from a landed property in West Coast. They also paid for the HDB flat in cash. The deal was closed in a day. The Clementi HDB flat was on the market for about 10 days and had two separate viewings. The previous record for the block was held by a five-room flat, also in Block 441A, sold for S$1.038 million (S$810 per sq ft) in July 2019.
  2. Do our part and reduce air pollution for our next generation, especially young kids! Do not take what we have now for granted, as it may soon happen to Singapore or to our neighbouring countries, and we will too, be seriously affected by air pollution. If anybody here got links or know the operations manager etc for schoolbuses, or fleets, please let us know. We will provide these companies free trials to bring down their fuel consumption and emissions, and prolong their engine life. More here: Everyone waited for it to be taken down. 150 million views later, it's still up. Watch it here. Update: Complete video with fully translated english subtitles! The full video is around 2 hours and still not yet fully translated. This is a short 10 minute video with english subtitles.
  3. Simply amazing to do 1 million miles in five years!!! See the article in this link : https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.hotcars.com/hyundai-elantra-1-million-miles-5-years/amp/
  4. someone told me that the combined salary is $80 million for all ministers, PM and president. Think abt it, guys. This is our money, our taxes, our CPF....... If you think they are doing such an amazing job in their portfolio, then go ahead vote for them. The horse man even dare to say that opposition wants to raid our reserves? Who is doing the raiding now??
  5. TOKYO: Toyota Motor Corp said on Wednesday (Sep 5) it planned to recall around 1.03 million vehicles, including its gasoline-hybrid Prius model, in Japan, North America, Europe and other regions due to an issue with the engine wire harness which can pose a fire risk. Following a domestic recall announcement by Japan's transport ministry, Toyota said that in affected vehicles, the wire harness which connects to the hybrid power control unit can come into contact with the covering at the connection point. If dust accumulates on the wire harness or the cover, the insulation on the wires could wear down over time due to vehicle vibrations. This could cause an electrical short circuit, which could generate heat and lead to a risk of fire, Toyota said. The issue affects vehicles produced in Japan between June 2015 and May 2018, and includes the plug-in version of the Prius and the C-HR compact crossover SUV sold in Japan, Europe, Australia and other countries. Roughly half of the recalls would take place in Japan, Toyota spokesman Jean-Yves Jault said. Only the Prius model would be recalled in the United States, where around 192,000 vehicles were affected, he said. Jault added that the issue had led to one incident of a short circuit in Japan, which produced smoke from the vehicle. In Singapore, a total of 4,115 Toyota Prius cars are affected by the recall. Borneo Motors, the authorised distributor for Toyota in Singapore, said it will reach out to Prius customers to check their vehicles, and if necessary, conduct repairs at no cost. Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/toyota-recall-1-million-prius-c-hr-cars-over-wiring-issue-10686252
  6. 1.5million per km of walkway. That's just... WOW. SINGAPORE: When it poured, some Fajar Secondary School students were late for school while waiting out the rain at void decks or at bus stops. Others turned up at school soaking wet, having run the distance that's not covered by sheltered walkways. But since sheltered walkways leading to the school gate were built this year, the school in Bukit Panjang has seen more students turning up on time on rainy days, said its vice principal. The walkways are part of 200km worth of sheltered walkways that have been built in the past five years under the Land Transport Authority's (LTA) Walk2Ride programme. LTA announced on Saturday (Sep 15) that a milestone in the programme has been completed, at a cost of S$300 million. "Where feasible, walkways have been built to schools, healthcare facilities and other public amenities within a 400-metre radius of MRT stations, and within a 200-metre radius of bus interchanges, LRT stations and selected bus stops with high commuter volumes," said LTA. Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/sheltered-walkways-lta-completes-construction-10724514
  7. Japan's Honda Motor on Monday recalled more than two million vehicles worldwide over an airbag defect that could pose a fire risk. Honda said the recall covers about 2,033,000 vehicles which were produced between August 2000 and December 2005, including over one million in North America and 668,000 in Japan. Subject to the recall are a total of 13 types of vehicles including popular Fit and Accord models. Front passenger airbag inflators could have been assembled with an improperly manufactured propellant component, Japan's third largest automaker said. That could cause the container of the inflator to rupture in the event of a crash, posing a fire risk or injuring passengers, it added. The same inflator problem has also caused top automaker Toyota to recall millions of vehicles globally. Toyota has earlier said it acted as it received a complaint from a Japanese customer who said his passenger seat was burned from the defect. Honda said the company had received no complaint or reports of injuries on its own. Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/business/honda-recalls-2m-vehicles/1194544.html
  8. no money to pay ex wife monthly maintainence. Read in today Straits Times. So lucky to strike 4D and Toto more $1m but no money to give ex wife and children. Rather do jail and declare bankrupt. Doctor somemore.
  9. Picnic06-Biante15

    TOTO $12 Million Draw, 02 March 2018

    'HONG BAO' draw $12million ​"HUAT AHhhhhhhh....."
  10. I don't think this question has ever been asked in this forum before. I am wondering how many here have a million cash in the bank now (not CPF) with the house they are living in now (hdb or private) fully paid and with zero debt? Please note that I am not talking about those sitting on paper assets as some bros here will probably say they can liquidate this and that property to have x millions, I am talking about those debtless people with a million cash in the bank now. If you are in this category, it would be interesting to hear what do you plan to do with your cash in the next couple of years?
  11. Picnic06-Biante15

    100 Million Pound Dowry ..........

    Yahoo report : Chinese magnate gives 100-mn-pound dowry for girl's wedding By Indo Asian News Service | IANS
  12. Picnic06-Biante15

    TOTO : 10 Million Draw

    This year TOTO 10 million 'Hong Bao' draw will be held on 6th February 2009 (Friday) From 29 Jan onward, can purchase 2 draws covering the 'Hong Bao' draw......... Wishing all members who buys TOTO........... ............................................. "HUAT AH" ....................................
  13. Anyone eat before? Is it really that nice? The couple behind Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint, Madam Betty Kong, 66, and her 62-year-old husband, said their children are not keen on taking over the business. -- PHOTO: LIANHE WANBAO Finally, the secret behind Kay Lee's well-known roast meats can be revealed, but for the right price. The restaurant's owners want $2 million for the Guangzhou-style recipe, which dates back to the 1950s. The price is $3.5 million when the shop space is thrown in. The couple behind the 30-year-old Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint on Upper Paya Lebar Road are Madam Betty Kong, 66, and her 62-year-old husband.
  14. Sigh... i wonder whether will affect me... http://abcnews.go.com/Business/wireStory/toyotas-recall-639-million-vehicles-23263661 A Look at Toyota's Recall of 6.39 Million Vehicles April 10, 2014 (AP) By The Associated Press Toyota Motor Corp. said Wednesday it's recalling 6.39 million vehicles globally for various safety defects. The total rises to 6.76 million if vehicles with multiple recalls — like the Yaris subcompact — are counted for each recall. No one has been injured due to the recalls, but the company says two fires have been linked to a defective engine starter. This is a breakdown of the vehicles and defects involved. PROBLEM: Electric connections can be damaged when the steering wheel is turned, which could deactivate the air bags. VEHICLES INVOLVED: 3.5 million. Includes the RAV4, Vanguard, Corolla, Matrix, Yaris, Land Cruiser Prado, Highlander, Tacoma, Reiz, Camry, Hilux, Fortuner, Innova and Pontiac Vibe (which was developed for General Motors by Toyota). Vehicles were made between June 2004 and December 2010. PLACES SOLD: Mostly North America, but also Japan, China, Europe, India and elsewhere. PROBLEM: Spring in the front seat rails could break, so the seat may not lock into position. VEHICLES INVOLVED: 2.32 million. Includes the Ist, Vitz, Belta, Ractis, Scion xD, Urban Cruiser and Yaris built between January 2005 and August 2010. PLACES SOLD: Mostly Japan, but also North America, Europe, China and elsewhere. PROBLEM: Weld that connects the steering column bracket to the instrument panel can break if the steering wheel is repeatedly turned with full force. The steering column may tilt out of position, but the driver can still control the car. VEHICLES INVOLVED: 760,000. Includes the Ist, Vitz, Belta, Ractis, Scion xD, Urban Cruiser and Yaris built between September 2005 and February 2009. PLACES SOLD: Mostly Europe, but also Japan. PROBLEM: Faulty windshield wiper motors. VEHICLES INVOLVED: 160,000. Includes the Ist, Vitz, Belta and Ractis built between September 2005 and February 2008. PLACES SOLD: Japan. PROBLEM: Metallic particles may accumulate in the engine starter's circuitry, increasing the risk of a fire. VEHICLES INVOLVED: 20,000. Includes the Porte, Spade, Corolla Axio, Corolla Fielder, Auris, Ractis and Subaru Trezia (developed by Toyota for Subaru). Vehicles were built between March 2012 and August 2013. PLACES SOLD: Japan and Hong Kong. Source: Toyota Motor Corp.
  15. Hishercar

    Famous Quotes From Our Politicians!

    "In 2007, Raymond Lim said public transport fares have to go up because of the rising oil prices. In 2008, the same Raymond Lim said public transport fares would not go down despite the falling prices of oil because there is no correlation between the two". "Based on figures provided by ComfortDelGro , Singapore 's biggest taxi operator, cabbies are pocketing about $11 more a day, earning about $318." - Mr. Raymond Lim "Only 5% are unemployed. We still have 95% who are employed." - Yeo Cheow Tong "People support CPF cuts because there are no protest outside parliament." - PM Lee "GST hike is to help the poor." - PM Lee AND last but not least, here's what MM Lee said in April 2007:- ........you have to pay the market rate or the man will up stakes and join Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers or Goldman Sachs and you would have an incompetent man and you would lost money by the BILLIONS.....!!!!!! WHAT do you guys think? ANything to add?
  16. Most Singaporeans will probably agree that we pay some pretty ridiculous prices for our cars here, especially with rising COE prices. But one Singaporean in particular doesn’t really seem to mind that, for he has just forked out over $3 million for his new car. And the craziest thing is, he isn’t even allowed to drive it on our roads here. But when you pay that sort of money, minor inconveniences like that won’t be a concern to you anyway. In all likelihood, the owner of this bespoke Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse ‘1 of 1’ special edition model will probably have his car in storage, maybe at one of his numerous properties overseas even, so the fact that this car is left-hand-drive and thus illegal to be registered here is of little significance. Bugatti have not revealed the identity of the Singaporean buyer, who was presented with his new purchase at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance show in California by Bugatti’s president himself, but there is a very obvious clue ‘hidden’ in the grille. Apparently, the owner has requested to have his initials, PL, laser cut into the grille design, so given that information, you can probably figure out pretty easily who is this (not so) mysterious billionaire. Other requests by ‘PL’ for his custom-made Bugatti include a sketch of the classic Bugatti Type 35 race car into the lid of the centre storage box located between the seats, as well as a gigantic Bugatti logo painted in black on the underside of the rear spoiler, which rise up once the car hit speeds of over 180km/h. He has even opted for a “Uniquely Singapore” paintjob for his million-dollar ride, with the yellow and black two-tone colour scheme clearly bearing a strong resemblance to the 'Yellow Top' cabs that used to ply our roads regularly. A $3 million taxi, imagine that. PL is Peter Lim? https://sg.news.yahoo.com/3-million-bugatti-cannot-193304385.html
  17. And to think that he prob need to borrow $$$ from T2....... https://sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/warren-buffett-facts-about-his-wealth-193006548.html
  18. RadX

    1mil gone in a yr

  19. Michael Jordan has lowered the price on his art deco mansion to $16 million, nearly two years after first trying to sell it for nearly twice that amount. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lf_w0olusA The house is on seven-plus acres in Highland Park, Ill., about 25 miles north of Chicago. The former NBA star first put it on the market in March 2012 for $29 million. The price was cut to $21 million nearly a year ago and then failed to sell at auction last month, when nobody made even the $13 million minimum bid. The house was built in 1995 and has nine bedrooms, 15 baths, a cigar room, and a garage big enough to hold 14 cars. There's a huge home gym. Katherine Malkin, the listing agent, said the most awesome home feature is the regulation sized basketball court. "There's nobody -- man, woman or child -- who walks on the court who is not stunned by it," she said. "The lighting, the floor, everything is so beautiful." With the court and finished lower level of the house included, the compound totals about 56,000 square feet. Outdoors is a chipping range and putting green, tennis courts, a lily pond and a huge flagstone patio. The front entrance gate sports a giant number 23 -- not for the address but, of course, for Jordan's former number. http://money.cnn.com/2014/01/03/real_estate/jordans-house/ ------------- 56,000 square feet stared bid at $13mil, and nobody bought... In Singapore, u prolly get a 1000sqft apartment in Sentosa.
  20. Can only give mother $4000 for emergency. Some more the mother gave the daughter $40000 to start a company...
  21. Girl_powerful

    Yamamay Million Dollar Swimsuit

    Miss Universe 2013 Venezuela's Gabriela Isler models the "Yamamay Million Dollar Swimsuit For Miss Universe" during an unveiling ceremony in Moscow November 10, 2013. The swimsuit, which is handcrafted by jewellery manufacturer Dinacci, consists of nearly 200 carats of gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds and rubies. An expensive swimsuit that will never be use for a dip.
  22. Picnic06-Biante15

    Spend $137 Million On Entertainment Per Year

    I would love to work as a Protocol Officer for this company ...... Yahoo news: China rail employees punished after spending $137m on receptions Eight employees of China's largest railway building firm have been punished for spending more than $137 million on receptions, state media reported Tuesday, the latest move in the leadership's much-publicised anti-corruption drive. The state-run Global Times newspaper did not give details of the punishment but said another 57 employees of the state-owned China Railway Construction Corporation have been reprimanded, and one faces prosecution. According to the company's March 2012 annual report, CRCC spent 837 million yuan ($137 million) on receptions in one year -- equivalent to about 10 percent of its 2012 profits. The report comes amid public anger at official misconduct and a campaign by Chinese President Xi Jinping, who took office earlier this year pledging to tackle corruption at all levels of government. Last week the mayor of Nanjing, an eastern city with a population of about eight million, was removed from his post over graft allegations. Ji Jianye had been in the post since January 2010 and was fired for "suspected serious disciplinary violations", according to state-run news agency Xinhua. Former China railways minister Liu Zhijun, who held the position for eight years and was considered the "father" of the country's vastly expanded rail network, was sacked in 2011 and given a suspended death sentence this July for accepting a total of 64.6 million yuan in bribes to help 11 people secure contracts and promotions. The Global Times said 41 provincial-level officials had been summoned to Beijing earlier this month for a week-long class on transparent governance. Wahhhhhhhhh...... 1 year got 52 Saturdays and each Sat spend $1million & still got balance of $85million for other things. Like that every Saturday several officers can sleep with film stars ...
  23. Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) today entered into a sale and purchase agreement to buy online car portal sgCarMart for up to S$60 million. The deal includes sgCarMart's online vehicle classifieds site, car auction platform, online marketing site as well as its service provider for car loans, insurance and settlement services. SPH, which owns online car portal s----s, will pay for the acquisition wholly in cash. SPH shares ended today 4 cents down at $4.44. http://www.businesstimes.com.sg/breaking-n...armart-20130401
  24. Picnic06-Biante15

    TOTO - 5 Million Anniversary Draw.....

    Come this Friday 23-05-08, TOTO 5 million anniversary draw...... ................................HUAT AH ....................................