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  1. This kind of Budget 7 seater is not worth getting if you always carry full pax... Instantly get killed if rear gets bang totally no room for cushioning the impact
  2. Starters open 8689 very close
  3. Hi all, Have one Nissan March 1.4E, Coe expiry 21 July 2019. Engine and gearbox perfect condition. Any takers please PM
  4. Only good thing about this is ppl cannot temper their odometer to disguise their car as low mileage car in future Cos can trace
  5. If this thing happen in Hong Kong I wonder what will happen
  6. Drive more pay more, our own private cars more and more like rental cars from Gov...
  7. Bobo07

    What's Your Favourite "Movie Car"

    Movie bike can input? 90's iconic bike in Andy Lau movie Last time if you have this all the girls stick to you machiam u drive lambo now
  8. The way he drive seems like he riding motorbike cut in and out of traffic...
  9. Ever wonder why sg gov never impose a rule for foreign vehicles to come in at only 1/4 tank so they can make money.. Force them to pump in sg.. Why only impose on sgporen cars.. ?
  10. Should be global since all made in kr..
  11. Good to see COE coming down..
  12. Ya when GTR just launched only 200k plus only.. at that point of time 200k for GTR seems expensive compared to Evo and WRX... Now if 200k for new GTR I think will immediate sold out.. Ridiculously, used 2008-2009 Civic Type R now selling at 16k-18k deprecation when bought new was only 8k depreciation. Sg the only unique country for cars to be sold like wine due to COE FLUCTUATION...
  13. Those ppl who used to own these performance cars in that era can never convince themselves to buy the current “lower specs” sports sedan. Evo till date is still smashing world records on track or drag and the engine is so bullet proof.. Japan needs to bring back that kind of engineering back in place again...