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  1. I was looking at the used car section for Auction Cars...... I wonder what is the definition of pre-owned car? I believe it is different from Auction Car. Auction Car will be repossessed car from the finance companies, right? I believe pre-owned car are previously test-drive vehicles at showrooms or leased car that is more than 6 years old from the AD. Am i right? I noticed there is another category of car that is only for Business Entities To Tender. It is not repossessed car. Why only business entities can tender? special COE? I ever saw a car own by a business with a COE value of $0. The COE still have few years left. I wonder why the COE value is $0.
  2. some people claim that skimming the rotors is dangerous. I wonder why? Any idea?
  3. I find that my car brake is not very sensitive. My car workshop advise me to change the brake pad and also to skim the rotors. I was told that the time to change the brake pad will be when the brake give out a hissing sound when you pressed on the brake. This is because there is a inbuilt strip within the brake pad which will make a hissing sound when it had been worn down to a certain thickness. Otherwise, it is not necessary to change. Is this true? Some people also claimed that we should never skim the rotors. May i know the reason why? My workshop claim that by skimming the rotors, it make the rotors more even, resulting in better grip when the brake pad pressed on the rotors. Is this true?
  4. Kohck

    Scratches on Car

    But $140 to rent another car in the meanwhile, is it justified? Even if you go to your own insurer, i do not think they will give u a rental car for this small amount of damage. So an amount of $350 instead of $490 is more reasonable. What do u think?
  5. Kohck

    Scratches on Car

    But $140 to rent another car in the meanwhile, is it justified? Even if you go to your own insurer, i do not think they will give u a rental car for this small amount of damage. So an amount of $350 instead of $490 is more reasonable. What do u think?
  6. Kohck

    Scratches on Car

    My sister-in-law drive a Nissian Latio and hit a Toyota Estima accidentally. The Toyota Estima driver ask for $490 ($350 to respray the scratches and $140 to rent another car in the meanwhile). My sister-in-law is readily pay for it while we think she is being carrotted. The scratches looks really minimal. I have attached the photo of the scratches here. What do you think it is the typically cost to compensated the driver?
  7. Kohck

    Pickup trucks

    AD do not sell Mitsubishi Triton. Any dealers that deals with pickup?
  8. Kohck

    Pickup trucks

    I want to buy those pickup-trucks that is so popular in USA and Australia. But i find that most AD do not carry pick-up trucks, or had very limited selection. Take for example, Toyota only have the single cab Toyota Hilux and manual drive. I am talking about those double cab pickup-truck. In some countries, i saw some drivers adding a shell over the truck bed, effectively converting it to a cheap SUV. Do you know where i can find a bigger selection? through parallel importers?
  9. Kohck

    Conditions of Singapore roads....

    We should compare Singapore road to other first world countries, not third world countries which the PAP likes to do. Singapore road is too bumpy and even and even the expressway have small potholes. Also, have a lot of metal covers on the roads which is not even with the road surface, causing much bumpiness. Compared to road in the cities in country like USA, Japan, Germany, etc, we are so far behind. Not to mentioned, we pay so much tax as well. Where did the taxes goes?
  10. Kohck

    How to park at Chevron House?

    I am looking for the Chevron House carpark. There is also the Singapore Land Tower carpark. So i should turn into this small lane, after i turn into battery road around HSBC? Thanks
  11. Kohck

    How to park at Chevron House?

    Thanks Ooosh, Do i turn before or after i pass HSBC? Do I turn into this small lane? See picture from Google Map.
  12. Kohck

    How to park at Chevron House?

    I cannot seem to find the entrance to the carpark of Chevron House? Could anyone advise me which road it is on? I been circling around Collyer Quay and Battery Road. It had the cheapest parking in that area of $2.50 per 30 minutes :)
  13. I work near Raffles place. I usually park at the HDB carpark at Hong Lim Complex. Is there any other HDB carpark around Raffles place, that is nearer compared to Hong Lim? Also, is anyone aware of any differences between HDB carparks and URA carparks?
  14. Kohck

    3 weeks to fix a broken windscreen

    Based on my insurance, replacing the windscreen do not affect the NCD. But is there any minimum charge for the replacement of windscreen? Also, is there any rule on how big the crack must be or what causes the crack in order for the insurance to cover the replacement of the windscreen?
  15. Kohck

    Tire Pressure - DIY at Petrol Stations

    So the digital ones allows you to set the pressure and the pump will automatically deflate or inflate according to the pressure differences between the tire and the pressure wanted? Could the petrol attendant help you with the pump? Is he usually willing to?