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Found 21 results

  1. Bros, I notice that there's usually no PUB aka City Gas which is piped into landed? That means that heaters, and some dryers etc can only be electric. I am used to gas for cooking, for heaters and I wonder if anyone has added City Gas to their homes? I did email them, and they quoted a few thousand just to get a connection: Is it worth the hassle? Thanks bros
  2. Deciding between high level condo or landed property. Wife n kids r terrified of cockroaches n other crawlies. Will this problem be prevalent in landed. Undetstand lizards r unavoidable though.
  3. Sdf4786k

    JB Forest City

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJk57ZfHvyM Looks like final fantasy but quite near reality Heard the ghost township may have some injection of life soon. But mostly collecting dust at this point in time. Maybe tempting to invest in a landed gated estate if I cash out on the HDB.
  4. Ct3833

    Auto gate repair

    Due to continuous rain, my rolling gate finally decided to stop working on me this morning, I suspect it was water sippage through a small hole into the motor housing but I have no time to open it up this morning. Called my regular maintenance guy but he has no gate lobang, Any bro have reliable lobang to have the gate motor checked would be appreciated, while i will open up the box later to see what is wrong first. Thanks in advance.
  5. Sometimes i really wonder what makes some of these house owners think that they own the road outside their houses too. So often you see people put their trashbins along the kerb just to prevent others from parking outside their houses. I mean, the road is common property, and if there is no double yellow lines or whatsoever, it is LEGAL to park. Even if there is dbl yellow line, i can still park if i want as i am taking the risks in getting a summon. Yesterday, i parked outside this house along carpmael road (off joochiat).. there is no marking on the road, so its legal. The kerb between the 2 houses is actually long enough to accomodate my car length. I even got out the car after i parked to ensure i am not obstructing any of the unit's entrance... When i return to my car.. someone actually leaned the trashbin AGAINST (not just near) my driver's door. It is just sickening to the core. I was tempted to ring the bell of the house but even if they did, they will deny the deed. And yes, there is a chance its really not them, but the mischieve of some boliao people. I had seen before, a house owner after moving away his vehicle from the spot outside his house, will actually place the bin in the same spot then drive off...what i did then was to remove the bin and park there. For house owners that are in the forum here, do you use bins to chop the road outside your house too? And do you have the possessive mindset of the road outside your houses too? seen too many examples at these estates.
  6. As mentioned in the topic title, which place is the better choice in term of: 1. Privilege 2. Capital appreciation 3. Accessibility
  7. My folks thinking about purchasing a landed (F/H) property now (to stay). It's about 980K. Land size 1300 sqft, built up about 1500 sqft. Is it wise for them to get it now? Is the price okay? Thanks.
  8. My family is looking to purchase a 2nd-hand landed property for investment purpose and I'm the guy appointed to do all the grunt work... ie, I need to do the search and shortlisting. Criteria is this : - Within 400m of MRT station (existing or constructing) - Freehold or 999 years - If 3-storey, below $1,100 psf (land) - If 2-storey, below $900 psf (land) - Budget of $X million. (enough for terrace or small Semi-D. Don't wanna state the value here cos scared get sarcastic remarks) I been looking at propertyguru and its been tough as most listings don't state their exact location. How should I go about my search? I was thinking to just send out my above criteria to 20 agents who do landed property sales and get them to search for me. Any important pre-viewing criteria I missed out? I have another long set of checkboxes for viewing. Seeking opinions from gurus please.
  9. SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) - An Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 passenger jet crashed and burst into flames on Saturday as it landed short of the runway at San Francisco International Airport, killing two people and injuring 181 others. Investigators said they could not yet offer an explanation for the crash of Flight 214, which had 307 people - 291 passengers and 16 crew - on board when it left Seoul. But images appeared to suggest the aircraft struck a rocky area at the water's edge short of the runway at the airport - a major international hub, especially for flights to and from Asia. Pictures showed the tail detached from the fuselage, and the landing gear had also sheared off. "At this time there are two fatalities," the city's fire chief Joanne Hayes-White said. One person was still unaccounted for, officials said, revising downwards an earlier estimate of dozens. The remainder of those on board were uninjured. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said there was no indication that terrorism was to blame for the crash. Survivor Elliott Stone told CNN that as it came in to land, it appeared the plane "sped up, like the pilot knew he was short." "And then the back end just hit and flies up in the air and everybody's head goes up to the ceiling." Video footage showed the jet on its belly surrounded by firefighters with debris scattered on the runway and in the surrounding area. "It looked normal at first... the wheels were down," an unidentified man who witnessed the crash told CNN. "It just hit (the seawall) like that and the whole thing just collapsed immediately. "It just pancaked immediately. The wings caught on the tarmac." A team of experts from the National Transportation Safety Board was heading to San Francisco to investigate the crash landing. "Everything is on the table at this point," NTSB chairwoman Debbie Hersman told reporters in Washington when asked if pilot error was to blame. "We have to gather the facts before we reach any conclusions." One dramatic photo tweeted by a survivor showed people streaming out of the jet following the crash-landing. An inflatable slide was at the front entrance. Other emergency exits also appeared to have been used. "I just crash landed at SFO. Tail ripped off. Most everyone seems fine. I'm ok," the passenger, Mr David Eun, wrote on Twitter. But another photo from above showed a more distressing scene, with most of the roof of the plane missing and the cabin seating area charred by fire. The aircraft's wings were still attached. "I saw some passengers bleeding and being loaded onto an ambulance," another passenger, Chun Ki Wan, told YTN TV in Seoul. "Everything seemed to be normal before it crash-landed." Mr Stone said he feared for the flight crew seated in the back of the plane, which took off in Shanghai, stopped in Seoul and then headed to the United States. "They were sitting in the back end and got hammered because we landed short. And then they all fell out and it was just the most terrible thing I've seen," he said. The airport was closed immediately after the incident but two runways later reopened. Some flights were diverted to Los Angeles. Among those on board were 77 Koreans, 141 Chinese, 61 US citizens, and one Japanese national, Asiana said in a statement. San Francisco General Hospital said it was treating 34 patients, five of them in critical condition. Local media cited multiple witnesses who said the plane had approached the runway at an awkward angle, with several onlookers saying they then heard a loud bang. "You heard a pop and you immediately saw a large, brief fireball that came from underneath the aircraft," Mr Anthony Castorani, who saw the crash from a nearby hotel, told CNN. The accident site was covered in white foam used by firefighters, with at least six fire trucks at the scene. The White House said President Barack Obama had been briefed on the incident, noting: "His thoughts and prayers go out to the families who lost a loved one and all those affected by the crash." Asiana is based in Seoul. The twin-engine 777 aircraft is one of the world's most popular long-distance planes, often used for flights of 12 hours or more, from one continent to another. http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...irport-20130707
  10. Hi Am a noob in ppty, only got 1 ppty....HDB. Anyway, thinking of getting one landed at Penang to retire cos wife nag nag about life here and wanted to retire in a lesser pace with her siblings and relatives there. Anyone bot landed in Penang? Went there a few times over past few years and it seems there's some appreciation. But am a noob in ppty so all views welcome.
  11. recently did a research for interest purpose . I noticed the selling price per sqft of a landed property is far higher than the price recorded in the caveat lodged transactions in the same area. This phenomenon is common across all disct. While it is understandable that there is no easy way to compare per sqft price of landed property from one to another due to the build-up/land ratio, reno quality and the property condition etc. But even the per sqft price of hose very poor condition units that would require a massive reno if not a A&A are higher than average transacted price. Wonder how a landed sales/purchase is negotiated? Any experts who could kindly shed some lights would be much appreciated.
  12. From $7 onwards Trusted & Cheapest Condo Access Card / Automated Gate Remote Duplication Call me at +6585111087 $7 - Normal RFID $10 - HID Proxi, IC $15 - HID Indala, Adalo,etc $25 - remote $50 for any other kinds Why choose us? 1) We are registered as a private limited company to provide ultimate security. 2) We are service oriented. Look at our feedbacks and you will know. 3) We concentrate only on duplication services to give you the best. 4) Every dollar earned from you will be put into further R&D to break through in this field. Steps to follow: 1) Take a photo of your access card/remote 2) Indicate Condo Name 3) Amount of cards/remotes needed Meet up will be at Marine Drive Contact Us: 8511-1087 Email: Sales@kactradingservices.com www.kactradingservices.com * We don’t charge until it works * Please note that not all access cards can be duplicated. We hold the highest success rate. * Seller not responsible for any fraud, illegal activities arising from rendered service. Tags: Rental, Condo Access Card, Adalo Condo Access Card, HID Proximity Condo Access Card, HID Indala Condo Access Card, Mango Condo Access Card, Engima Condo Access Card, FDI System Condo Access Card, Urmet System Condo Access Card, HID Corporation Condo Access Card, Fermax Condo Access Card, Rental Condo Access Card, Landlord Condo Access Card, Property, Cheapest Condo Access Card, Cheap Condo Access Card, Landed Remote, Auto Gate Remote, Flip Gate Remote, New Condo Access Card, Samsung Condo Access Card, Yale Condo Access Card, Kaba Condo Access Card, 复制公寓卡, Office Access Card, Access Control System, 复制卡, 门禁卡, rent, Extra condo access card, condominium, apartment access card, Like for like,
  13. Guys, What are the fees for transferring ( changing owner names ) a property to your siblings ? Of course don't ask me to enquire from the lawyers hor.
  14. Rennie Whang, My Paper, Tuesday, Sep 16, 2014 SINGAPORE - Sales of new homes were stagnant again last month, with developers selling 432 private homes. This was a 15 per cent drop from the 509 private condominium and apartment units moved in July. The number of new homes sold last month was 23 per cent more than the 351 homes that were launched, indicating that buyers went for units at projects launched earlier in the year. The top seller was The Panorama in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 2, which moved 40 units at a median price of $1,249 per square foot (psf). Other popular developments included Coco Palms at Pasir Ris Grove, with 23 units sold at a median price of $1,046 psf, and Eight Riversuites at Whampoa East, which sold 22 units at $1,345 psf. While there were no executive condominium (EC) launches last month, 58 EC units were sold. A major contributor was Waterwoods EC at Punggol Field Walk, which sold 28 units at a median price of $813 psf. After including the number of ECs sold, a total of 490 new private homes were sold last month, a 13 per cent drop from July. - See more at: http://business.asiaone.com/news/private-home-sales-drop-august#sthash.4n4kxehU.dpuf
  15. Scb11980

    Landed or condo

    Land yourself a good investment In recent years, landed properties have seen higher capital appreciation and proved to be more resilient during a downturn. Sun, Apr 01, 2012 The Business Times SHORTER economic cycles coupled with increasingly volatile equity markets have led to a growing desire for safer investment options. In property investments, homebuyers seek to purchase assets that can weather an economic downturn and provide long-term capital appreciation potential. Landed properties, being limited in supply, have often been regarded as a safer property investment option compared to their non-landed counterparts. This has been so in the past few years where a significant number of non-landed units were released to the market through the Government Land Sales (GLS) Programme. In H1 2012, some 7,020 non-landed residential units are expected to be released via the confirmed list while another 7,120 will be supplied through the reserve list. There are no landed sites. While non-landed properties across Singapore have seen higher sales volume in recent years, landed properties have seen higher capital appreciation and proved to be more resilient during a downturn. Should one consider landed homes as an investment option, particularly as the economy becomes more volatile and uncertain? Different classes of landed properties In general, there are four main classes of landed properties in Singapore: Good Class Bungalows (GCBs), conventional landed houses, strata landed houses, and Sentosa Cove landed houses. While there are no restrictions on Singaporeans buying landed properties, permanent residents (PRs) and foreigners face restrictions. GCBs may be regarded as the cr
  16. Zyrofillica

    Parking etiquette for landed homes

    I have a new neighbour. He refuses to park within his compound and parks his car just outside my place. Now i have no place to park my car cos my dad's car is parked within the compound and i have to park far away all the time(sometimes inadvertently parking in someone else's lot and i get notes on my car etc). So everytime i go to work and come back the car is parked there cos apparently that guy doesnt use his car for work. He has 2 vehicles and refuses to park within his own compound. Sometimes even if his space is unused (in front of his gate) he still parks at my dustbin/letterbox area wtfish right? dun want park in compound, dun park in front of gate, park in front of my place..... buay tahan! no etiquette at all..... How would you guys settle this "dispute"? any other landed owners here have experience dealing with such new neighbours who do not show any parking etiquette? I dun want this to end up like the saga everit road landed saga where the neighbours hamtum each other in newspaper. Pls advise thank you.
  17. Dont know which idiot smoker flick his ciggie onto my car and cause a burnt mark on my car. Anyone can help advise where to rectify it??? Car only 8mth old.
  18. I am kind of curious, is there anyway I can get my wife's parent's neighbour to stop parking his/her car outside 24/7? They have their own personal driveway but they always park outside on the public road taking up precious parking space for visitors. I thought last time there was a case whereby the traffic police fined someone for doing that? What do you guys think of such behaviour?
  19. BM having special preview of IS250 now at their rear showroom. 2 models: - Higher-end one with Mark Levinson Hi-Fi, R17 rims, HID etc. - Lower-end one with 16" rims, Lexus Hi-Fi, R16 rims. But no test drive, as car has not been homologated yet. Both in factory-fitted everything ... including factory leather seats. 205 BHP, 6-speed with steering wheel paddles. Published 0-100 in 8+ secs. Sculpted body. Cool man For the basic model, list $135,888. Loan rebate of $3,750 (> 7 yrs). Lexus owners get $10,000 discount up-front. (But I think others can get it too). Further loyalty discount of $1,888. Net-net price ~$120K. Good value for the BHP and styling IMO vs BMW 323i (177 BHP only) and plenty reliability problems.
  20. Kinetics

    Rental of landed property

    Hi all Am a newbie in property, not sure where to ask so back to the usual place. My aged parents thinking of renting out their newly renovated 2-floor semi-d (about 3k sqf), to move in to my place to help take care of my baby , as well as getting some pocket money . Is it easily to find a tenant for a landed property? It's located near Bishan MRT. Thanks all for the advice again.
  21. chery A168 now is available at vertex automobile has anyone tested driving? http://www.chery-vertex.com.sg/showroom_a160.php