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Found 37 results

  1. Thai boys already lost for a week in a cave. International teams helping in search. https://abcnews.go.com/International/desperate-search-boys-soccer-team-lost-thailand-cave/story?id=56271772 Desperate search for boys' soccer team lost in Thailand cave hampered by rains A nation continued to hold its breath Friday and hope for the safe return of 12 young soccer players and their coach who remain trapped in a flooded cave in northern Thailand after disappearing nearly a week ago. "My son! Come on out! I'm waiting for you here!" one mother could be heard calling into the cave recently as she stood next to her child's bicycle. Tham Luang, Thailand's longest cave and a popular tourist site, is said to be a labyrinth, miles of passageways and tunnels running underground that can flood up to 20 feet during heavy downpours. It's believed that the coach often brought his team to the cave for fun excursions. The boys, who are between 11 and 16 years old, went missing with their coach after he took them to the cave complex after soccer practice June 24. It's believed the group crawled through a narrow channel that may now be flooded after days of heavy rainfall.
  2. therock

    Please help me find this movie

    Setting up this thread to help myself and others who may have caught a snippet or the whole movie somewhere, like a plane, trailer or something and would like to know what the movie title is, so they can find and watch that movie :) Some format to help others find the movie for you: - rough period in which the movie was viewed - likely year of release of the show, even if you only narrow it down to the decade, it helps - Western / Chinese / Jap / Korean etc - genre So here's my first question: It was an incidental finding on an recent flight.. What I know It's release in the recent past - 2016 onwards It's a Chinese / Korean / HKG / Jap collaboration Set in WWII, with a Jap treasure involved, and an HKG who plays a kick ass Jap general with a wonderful fight scene at the end The movie starts with an Indiana Jones / Han Solo type hero rogue who bluffs and cheats his way out of trouble, and a Korean actress who is a spy and kills her Jap army officer husband on a train to secure some map / info.. That's all I have... Thanks bros!
  3. My family is looking to purchase a 2nd-hand landed property for investment purpose and I'm the guy appointed to do all the grunt work... ie, I need to do the search and shortlisting. Criteria is this : - Within 400m of MRT station (existing or constructing) - Freehold or 999 years - If 3-storey, below $1,100 psf (land) - If 2-storey, below $900 psf (land) - Budget of $X million. (enough for terrace or small Semi-D. Don't wanna state the value here cos scared get sarcastic remarks) I been looking at propertyguru and its been tough as most listings don't state their exact location. How should I go about my search? I was thinking to just send out my above criteria to 20 agents who do landed property sales and get them to search for me. Any important pre-viewing criteria I missed out? I have another long set of checkboxes for viewing. Seeking opinions from gurus please.
  4. good to see SG, Indo and MY cooperating to search for the missing men... S'pore in search and rescue mission for 2 missing men near Pedra Branca http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/singapore-search-and-rescue-mission-2-missing-men-near-pedra-branca
  5. Roadrunner2029

    Search function broken?

    Tried searching "sea games" and "sea" cannot find the Sea Games 2017 thread. Search function broken ? Last week tried searching something else also cannot find anything, but browse page by page to slowly find, it's there.
  6. Of late I have been seeing many DUPLICATE threads of the SAME ISSUE!. This gives the MODs a hard time merging as well as deleting threads. FOR THE SAKE OF HUMANITY HERE, 1. SEARCH the forum PLEASE befoer posting a thread - many times it becomes a chore when we see duplicate threads and both threads can have good posts. KINDLY do the basic etiquette and SEARCH 2. POSTERS like AHTONG will start the thread with all sorts of title headers, and WE understand. If you see the TS AHTONG and it is similar to your thread, PM the mods and we do the REST! Ahtong, you are but an example...soli hor 3. POST in the right section. this is well, easier for folks searching under the thread sections WE will not hesitate to REMOVE threads unilaterally if THEY ARE DUPLICATES as this thread has already served that notice. No cards or such given, as this is not a crime BUT IF YOU THINK BEING A MOD IS EASY, THINK AGAIN!! THANK YOU AND HAVE A GOOD SUNDAY AND REST OF THE WEEK ps: thread will be locked after today. Gather comments first
  7. Stash

    Pop up ads on MCF & carmart

    Hi there, anyone else having this issue? when i click on threads(MCF) or search for car models (carmart), always have 1 or 2 pop up ads... its only on these 2 websites.... any advise?
  8. Carben68

    Career & Job Search

    Hi all, I've been a member of MCF for donkey years, since 2002. I've enjoyed the sharings, the joustings & of course the BBQs! Today, I am career job search & attraction specialist. But this thread is not to advertise my organization. The job market is not looking very friendly. I am here to help provide some inputs in any career related questions you might have. I'll try to answer (Along with others I'm sure) as best as I can if I know. Some Background 25 years corporate experience of which 15 years as a recruiting leader. I've led regional/ international in-house recruiting teams for household brands along with several years working in agencies. I've recruited thousands, interviewed tens of thousands and seen probably close to a hundred thousands CVs in that time. From receptionists to CxOs. So, let me know how I can help. Happy to... Cheers
  9. Hi All, As the topic, additionally, no Sunny, no Subaru TS, no OPC, balance COE>4 years any lobang?
  10. I have said before that Kenny might be sacked end of season when top 4th finish was out of grasp. Sadly, it came true. FSG must have the balls of steel to sack a legend in the eyes of all Liverpool fans worldwide. However, it is also such firm decision that gives me the assurance that the owners do mean business. Credit to King Kenny, though utterly disappointed, he carried himself like a true legend after the sacking. He asked fans not to jump to any conclusion as the owners must have their reasons for doing what they did. He urged the board and fans to support the new guy like how they had supported him. That leads to the next question. Who is the new guy? Whoever now can tell you for sure who he is going to be, is pure bullocks. Even FSG do not know. They have set forth their criteria and those who met it, will be invited for an interview. From what I have gathered, 2 candidates have already been invited. FSG are looking for one who will be able to take on the project long term, probably 5 years or more. They want the person to have necessary credential, meaning to have won major trophies in his management career. They want someone who has the passion, the hunger and the determination to carry out their plan - to bring glory back to Liverpool. Based on the above, only 3 persons whom I think meet the criteria and willing to take on the job come to mind - Andrea Villas-Boas, Jurgen Klopp and Rafa Benitez. Let's hope I will not be too far off on this one. Each one of them is a worthy replacement in my opinion. Lastly, I shall leave you with the wishes from Suarez, which I believe echoed many Liverpool fans and those associated with the club: "KENNY thank you very much for all your help and things I learned from you during 1 year and a half! A big hug and good luck!!"
  11. Wonder who are these six ? From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1190544/1/.html Search on for Singapore's strongest woman Posted: 22 March 2012 1006 hrs
  12. Luckcent

    Help...Qvod cannot search in XP

    Any IT specialist can help me ? my xp pc cannot search , only can play movies or songs.
  13. Tom_kkh

    Strip search wins naked squat

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=playe...xrRZ-Avg#t=276s boleh land loss.....
  14. I saw very nice ones in Ion Orchard 4th floor but they were selling at 22 bucks for a PAPER box any bros know of a reasonably priced box? Must be hard and stylish. Budget around 10-15 for it. Size must be around slightly larger than a deodourant can
  15. On the old forum, when i typed 'red light camera'. It shows me all the threads related to red light camera and even thread titles. However, now i cant seem to find those threads.
  16. Snowbell

    Search for a girl on bus

    http://www.girlonbus.com/ After just one encounter wif a girl in a bus he decided to search for the girl & even came out with a website for her.I take my hat off him...
  17. Hi all, any one know any good web portals where one can post CV for executive search and potential employers to refer to? i know the very common ones are jobstreet, jobsdb, ST701, Monster etc etc.... any other ones that are NOT meant for fresh grads or junior positions?
  18. as title, any online websites to search for old plates for sale? any such thing? dont mind can PM me if u have lobang too cheers
  19. Appreciate if anyone can tell me the fastest and accurate way to search email address of big shot such as CEO, President of corporation in Singapore...not President of Singapore... Wan to write love letter to them leh..heee Thanks
  20. http://goshopjapan.com/forum/share-rant-rave/maids-stuff/
  21. So far, I find the Kura one of the better one, which is one street before the Crystal Crowne Hotel. The Kirishima in Crystal Crowne Hotel (frequent by the Japanese) also not too bad, but seating is a problem for family. Unless you can get them to give you the private room. The more comfortable dinning areas are unfortunately meant for the smokers. Regards,
  22. Sometimes still need to multiple logon....but at least it is functional after soooooo loooonnng Welcome back!
  23. Yeobh

    In search of this adaptor

    If anyone out there knows the supplier for this adaptor ( similar to insert photo but with three pin) , pl kindly adv. Yr help will be much appreciated. Spec : 3pin UK 220 AC volt / 12DC cigarette lightter socket.
  24. Dear Bros! I just received my renewal notice for my motor insurance and this bloody AXA is asking for 2K Plus .... I really need to look for a cheaper insurance.... Can any bro help? My NCD: 20% Age 27 Car : 1.5 Kia Rio Thanks a million!