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  1. Ev0lutionz

    Car Rental in Malaysia JB

    By the way, need to get international licence from AA before renting ?
  2. Hi guys, planning to go on a road trip with the family, is the Hertz Malaysia website this? http://www.simedarbycarrental.com Anyone rented before from here?
  3. Ev0lutionz

    Top 10 accident hotspots in Singapore

    Just saw an accident along Clementi road. Aye to tuas exit. BMW buang Van.. Wonder how they did it. Maybe the van beat red light.
  4. You accidentally pump diesel in your car? Too distracted etc. Read online that our diesel pumps in our gas stations are significantly larger and wouldnt fit into our fuel tank nozzle? Just curious. Also if pump in, just have to drain the diesel out and fill gasoline in and everything would be fine liao?
  5. Ev0lutionz

    Petronas Petrol

    Filled 95 back in Kuantan in Aug last year. Can fill up.. And i always pump petronas as i like their brand, due to F1. HAHA.
  6. Ah thanks! I called Komoco and they told me the mirror was 79 SGD. Shocking :(
  7. Ev0lutionz

    COE Bidding 1st - Mar 2013

    102 dollar for COE??? http://www.onemotoring.com.sg/1m/coe/coeDetail.html
  8. Centre console panel.. Any third party workshop does those? Picture as inserted. Centre console panel meaning the plastic panel surrounding it as cracked already..
  9. Ev0lutionz

    Insurance Quote for 1989 Toyota Corolla 1.6M

    Yup! Not me actually. A friend who is about the same age as me wishes to get that as a daily car for a year!
  10. Hi guys, I'm 24 years old with 5 years driving experience. What would the insurance quote be for the above mentioned car...? I wish to convert it to a legal rental insurance, how much would the quote be too...?
  11. If i'm a car dealer, i probably wont. Take an example. You are rich, living in an expensive bungalow away from the city area. You are able to afford any car you want. This measure will probably not affect you and you would say its good for the future of Singapore. Less cars on the road. But if you're on the other end, needing a car for your work, this move will probably affect you when you get a change of car and you would be unhappy about it.
  12. No policy is perfect i guess. One policy either makes one happy and makes the other unhappy.
  13. Probably got money mountain behind him aka his parents.
  14. Ev0lutionz

    Plans for car-free weekends

    Promote cycling?? I'm a cyclist myself and i still think Singapore roads are still too dangerous for cycling.
  15. After he realizes he has to pay that much of an income tax, he regretted not going to Switzerland instead where its a tax exile there. Correct me if i'm wrong, the tax rates in Swiss is kinda low right?