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  1. TVT

    Malaysia: Directions to Genting

    Anyone knows what's the weather like usually in the Genting area ? Is it rain everyday ? Roads up/down safe ?
  2. TVT

    Malaysia: Directions to Genting

    Where is this Premium Outlet located exactly ? From the video like nearby Awana.... anyone knows...
  3. TVT

    Grab/Ryde issues and charges

    Lately, my Grab app shows my payment mode as "no cash" . Previously it was showing "cash" and I always pay by cash only. I did not load any credit card details onto the app. Anyone knows why is it like that ? Anyone knows how I can contact Grab to fix the problem ?
  4. TVT

    Perodua Bezza

    No need to stress or wait or think lah. Very easy...just drive your existing car till scrap, or total breakdown beyond repair. Then after, you can buy the new Bezza, if still available, at its prevailing COE rate !
  5. TVT

    Grab/Ryde issues and charges

    Yes, I kena this $6 charge before, when I cancelled a ride cos the Uber car did not turn up after 30 mins of waiting. I had to paid the charge to the next Uber driver who picked me up. Then later I wrote to Uber to complain, and they credit me $6 to offfset my next ride.
  6. Hi there, long time no see too.
  7. Hi. Thanks for remembering me. I hope you are well too. I've started to scale down my time in MCF from 2015 when I sold my car in Dec 2014. Cos no more car liao so less needed to come in to check for lobangs. I have since became car-less till now, and had not gone for any road trips since then. But I do come back once-in-a-while to check for interesting topics (especially in the non-car related sections) but usually I don't reply unless I feel its really necessary. Otherwise I come in to ask some questions, eg. KTM train tickets, etc.
  8. I agree on this point. I gets discouraging when you wrote about something which is your own opinion (and not intentionally offend anyone) and someone just give you "dislike" and worse is, you dun know who is it and why ! Best is to remove the "dislike" button totally.
  9. TVT

    Got my NS50 pack liow !

  10. TVT

    Grab/Ryde issues and charges

    Err....actually I had been in a situation before whereby there were no Uber cars. So in the end I book Grab.... Fyi, I always search for Uber first, then Grab, in such an order.
  11. TVT

    Grab/Ryde issues and charges

    Yah, that was my understanding too. Uber has no taxi partnership. So how come that other passenger can say he book by Uber ? Yes, I think this is wat had happened. Taxi driver accepted the Grab job first, then got another higher booking, then cancel the previous one. To the taxi driver he doesn't care, cos he is not under Grab, and is not rated under Grab. So he can accept/cancel as many times as he wants and there's no impact to his rating.
  12. TVT

    Treetop Walk

    OK thanks mod. I was actually looking for my topic - then can't find it and wonder where it went....
  13. Thanks to everyone for their advices.
  14. TVT

    Grab/Ryde issues and charges

    http://stomp.straitstimes.com/singapore-seen/what-71-grab-fare-from-tanah-merah-ferry-terminal-to-marsiling $71 - from Tanah Merah ferry terminal to Marsiling !!!