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  1. Dgeralds

    [Error] Mazda & Vezel Thread

    I drove to Stamford the next day of taking delivery of Vezel and traded in the 16" wheels for around $350. It is low beacuse so many are trading in...
  2. Dgeralds

    Vitas Inspection

    I also wondering what is the current waiting time for vitas inspection.
  3. Dgeralds

    Vitas Inspection

    Hi All Do anyone know the current waiting time for VITAS inspection? Thank you.
  4. Dgeralds

    Honda Vezel

    Hi rstopel Are you doing your own import for the for the fun of it or have plans to kick it off as a business later? It seems to make business sense to start off slowly and gain reputation gradually. Im sure there will be a market if the dealings are transparent with just one popular model to start off....and sell it as wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) without any add ons or accedsories with a reasonsble margin for seller and saving for buyers. If you have such concept please drop me a PM and we could explore further. Thank you.
  5. Dgeralds

    Honda Vezel

    Those black vezel owners, can i know what is the colour of your interior leather seats and sides? If possible attach photos too. Thank you.
  6. Dgeralds

    Honda Vezel

    Seems like the price for vezel has not gone down despite from COE 65k days to now COE 55k...
  7. Hi all Im looking for a car left with 6 months COE. Note that this is for personal use and I can pay you only about $500 + paper value (cash). Please PM me if interested. Thanks.
  8. Ok. Thank you. It is not a hassle for buyer if the price is right and the seller willing a take a smaller profit like few hundred above minimum PARF....
  9. What date COE expires in sep 2015? What is the minimum parf at expiry of COE? Thanks.
  10. Dgeralds

    2015 May, 2nd COE Bidding Exercise

    I think COE may never go down. I see a lot of demand and many are cash rich. Recently met a group with 2 new citizens. Both said yes the cars in Singapore is very expensive but affordable! I believe the household income for each of these families is easily 15K..
  11. Yes. That is the maximum for me too. If big maintenance issues comes up at least my maximum loss will be limited.
  12. I offer $1300 above CURRENT paper value.
  13. Hi all $650 is average insurance with 50% NCD for a 35 year old. Also note that cancellation involves 20 to 25% admin fee or cancellation fee or whatever it is called.
  14. Anybody want to let go car left with 3 or 4 months of COE? This is for personal use and willing to pay few hundred above scrap value. Please PM me. Thank you.
  15. 1. If you go to dealer he will say 10 months left and will say he would give paper value. But he would then make money out of it. 2. If you scrap yard, he would pay paper value plus may be 50 to 100 dollars So best is to sell yourself...at least cab get a few hundred bucks plus paper value.