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  2. Posted by TwerDNA who here offended him? ------------- MyCarForum.com is really a pathetic place I'd admit I used to frequent there for a while. I realize it is a cesspool consisting mainly of 3 kinds of typical Singaporeans 1) car dealers: they masquerade themselves as normal users but are actually lowlife sales executives. Even if the world is experience another ice age, these scums would still be fear mongering "COE rising Liao. Taxes up up up! Buy now! Buy now before boat sails away!" 2) those who bought cars at a high price. These are idiots who bought in when COE was high and now that coe is falling, they are very desperate to keep blowing the illusion that coe prices will increase. Strangely, they gain nothing that way BUT they want to see prices higher (or at least higher than what they paid for) to pwn fellow sinkies 3) no money but wanna buy car Singaporeans. They frequently start off by asking "what kind of car should I buy?" and throw in a large range of cars for people to suggest. Actually, behind their back they already have a car model in mind and a budget they can't stretch. Hence the whole discussion you can see this type of loser self massage his own balls and defend his initial choice. Finally, I conclude by saying that I recently went to a gcb estate and noticed people driving Kias and Hyundais there. But when I go to those slum EC/condo/bto.. I see Audi and BMW dime a dozen. Also you can see a few of such people in hwz esp this guy who stays in Slum EC but drive Conti think he damn satki. Rofl http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drink-man-woman-16/mycarforum-com-really-pathetic-place-5879258.html
  3. anyone opted out of the plan ? why ? or anyone bought the enhanced plan which is supposed to pay more and longer than the $400/mth for 5 years when you "qualify" for the payout. meeting an insurance agent later on who wants to "talk" to me about the enhanced version of eldershield ... just turned 40 this year and they so fast catch up with me liow ??
  4. Just wondering what are the chances of all family members who drive separate cars being summoned by TP within short period of time on separate occasions within the last 2 months Been okay for the last many years. Even extended coe. Just received first time letter for speeding and also my family member first time speeding Or probably there’s a step up in activity in speed traps?
  5. Hello, Bros! MyCarForum will be opening a Groupbuy for RINSEKIT, the revolutionary portable, pressurized shower system that's like having a garden hose at the beach or the trailhead! The more members joining the Groupbuy, the bigger the discounts! Check out the mechanisms below: How it works: Minimum members required for the deal to be in effect is 15 members, else groupbuy cancelled. Member who is interested for the groupbuy needs to register and place a $20 non-refundable deposit per kit. Deposit will be offset from the amount. If groupbuy is cancelled, we will refund the deposit and inform the participants by 25 August 2016. If groupbuy is set to proceed, the remaining amount of payment needs to be completed by 16 September 2016. Collection Date & Options: SGCM office: 19-30 September 2016 (Monday-Friday only), 10 AM - 5 PM Kallang Leisure Park carpark: 21 September AND 5 October, 7-8 PM Terms & Conditions: You are only allowed to collect during the time slot that you’ve chosen. You may assign a proxy to collect on your behalf. You are only allowed to collect the item once your payment has been completed. Sign up now! Registration will be closed by 15 September 2016. More details about the product: http://www.rinsekit.com/
  6. I had a conversation with my GF last night. When I meant GF, I refer to the real human female with nice C-cup tits and pussy, and not referring to my vehicle. My GF has a collick who is a CHC convert. So this collick said that her cell group leaders said New Creation Church is on a "slippery road to the infernos of hell" because its member designed and built the infiniti pool on top of Marina Bay Sands, hence New Creation Church is supporting the vice of gambling! The collick also said Christians should band together to pray for New Creation Church. I am like WTF. What's the link? So I asked my GF how's the likability of this collick. She said she and others would try to avoid that collick if possible unless bo bian because that collick carries the holy Bible around. LOL This is scary stuff. I assume the CHC members will rise-up against the country if their pastor tell them to do so! Where's secularism?
  7. Dear Members! This weekend, MCF will participate at Cars@Expo! We would like invite members to come down to participate in the SURE WIN LUCKY DIP. Date: 25-26 April 2015 Time 10 am – 8 pm Venue: Singapore Expo Halls 3 & 4 Booth: C50 Totally no gimmicks. This is a pure rewards program for our members. Premium members will have a chance to do 2 times dip. If you are not yet a Premium Member, upgrade here for free. To participate in the dip, simply show us your phone screen with MCF account logged in. Prizes for the dip:
  8. ....including addresses and phone numbers of famous TCS actresses are out in the open liao. "Singapore Hall of Shame" ( dun dare to post actual link. Else i face wall for 7-7-49 days also no use )
  9. Dear Sir/Mdm I see no thread regarding in this and to know MCF members better, I created a poll and please vote accurately and confidentially, do not shout here what you have chosen. The point of this thread to understand the current situation of MCF economic and employment rate. Thank You Regards Kamli Bro
  10. Check out this month's deals, promotions and discounts that shouldn't be missed, specially for sgCarMart/MyCarForum members! Hurry and Grab your favourite deals today! Quote SGCARMART PROMOTION to the retailer. Cool n Lite CNY Offer Our exclusive automotive Classique Package at an unbeatable price of $288.00 Nett only. Hurry, offers ends on 31st January 2014. Contact us at: 6100 6262 Get an Instant Quote Best price guarantee up to 25%! No middle man. No agency comm. 0% interest monthly instalments. Contact us at: 6665 5555 D1Spec Coilover MonoTube Design damper for stability / comfort. Design damper gets harder as the force increases. Contact us at: 8321 7070 Moving Out Sale Various new & used audio & accessories at 50% off! Cash & Carry only. Contact us at: 6348 6220 You Do The Drinking, We Do The Driving Islandwide drive home service at only $38. Try your luck in gambling but not with the law! Contact us at: 8181 1728 / 8181 1730 Wow!Gadgets Lucky Draw Submit our warranty card to qualify. Qualification period from now till 31st Jan 2014. Contact us at: 6100 9691
  11. The poor are easier to manipulate. The Govt already knew that, though. http://www.straitstimes.com/premium/top-th...-study-20130114 WHO ARE SINGAPORE'S MEGACHURCH MEMBERS? Many from working class: Study In contrast, members of mainline churches tend to be from middle class Published on Jan 14, 2013 By Leonard Lim MEMBERS of megachurches tend to be from working-class or lower middle-class backgrounds, a large-scale study of Christians here suggests. It found that younger members of these churches, those aged 29 and below, tend to come from less privileged and non-English-speaking backgrounds, and live in public housing. Megachurches in Singapore are commonly understood to comprise New Creation, City Harvest, Faith Community Baptist Church and The Lighthouse. In contrast, members of mainline Anglican and Methodist churches, as well as independent churches, tend to have middle-class backgrounds. Responses from some 2,660 Christians across 24 churches were analysed for the study. Researchers Terence Chong and Hui Yew-Foong of the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies have written up their findings in a book entitled Different Under God. They said the findings suggest respondents from the mainline denominations and independent churches are part of the "established English-proficient middle class", while those from megachurches constitute part of the "emergent middle class". The study was motivated by the rise of megachurches in Singapore. In the past decade, they have catapulted into public consciousness, complete with images of their rock concert-like worship services and charismatic pastors. Their congregations have swelled from a few thousand to as much as over 30,000. The study was done through questionnaires and covered Christians' attitudes towards issues such as money, politics and sexuality. It was conducted from December 2009 to January 2011. Just over a third of respondents were aged between 18 and 29, with the authors accepting that this group was overrepresented compared to those aged in their 30s, 40s (about 20 per cent each), 50s (16 per cent) and 60s (7.1 per cent). Of the respondents, 21.7 per cent were from the Methodist Church, 22.9 per cent from the Anglican Church, 16.5 per cent from independent churches, and 36.4 per cent from megachurches. Another finding was that megachurch respondents were more likely to see numerical and financial growth as signs of divine blessing and personal faithfulness. This, said the authors, also suggests that megachurches articulate Christianity in the language of market ethos and logic, thus "converging with and appealing to the economic aspirations and consumer habits of many young, upwardly mobile Singaporeans". Civil servant Michelle Toh, who has attended New Creation for four years, said the findings largely matched the background of most of her church friends. "Many of us, including me, are first-generation Christians," the 25-year-old who lives in public housing said. "But within my cell group of 40, there is a good mix of those living in flats, condominiums and landed homes." Sociologist Daniel Goh, who has studied megachurches for more than a decade, said that their theology resonates with young people from the working and lower middle classes as they aspire very much to be upwardly mobile in terms of socio-economic status. But he disagreed with the authors' conclusion that these Christians had achieved upward mobility, saying instead they "are finding their aspirations blocked in the secular realm", as evidenced by the widening income inequality. "The extra spiritual push from megachurch membership is helping them overcome the obstacles to achieving upward mobility," the National University of Singapore don added. [email protected]
  12. We went to a recent Jusco Card Members' Day at Jusco TC, and have a good shopping day. - during the JC Members' Day at Jusco TC, it was very well organized, right from carpark entrance, usher in to parking lots, many voucher redemption counters with proper queue, clothings/bags up to 70% discount !!!, receipts above RM100 can redeem RM10 voucher. - carpark full house, every where crowded, very good turnout. Just saw on the Jusco website ----> Jusco Card Members' Day at Jusco Permas Jaya on 7/1/2010. http://www.jusco.com.my/juscohome/html/jus..._highlights.php
  13. North - From Serangoon up to Woodlands, Cola80 C708 Vass Dudemobile South - Tanjong Pagar, Marina South?? East - From Kallang up to Pasir Ris/Changi Conned Superb Secondhand Skodee Easyrider West - From Tiong Bahru up to Jurong/Boon Lay Hondaskoda Lightspeed Skodarr Tracxterem Volk74 Central - Orchard, Toa Payoh & Thomson Area Koolaba Passerby Beanoyip North East - Punggol, Sengkang, Hougang & Buangkok Steady Moeykf Relak Virus North West - Choa Chu Kang & Bukit Panjang Tifosi
  14. Our members have made a total of 3,038,633 posts We have 93,478 registered members The newest member is Wisemantsp Most users ever online was 61,075 on Sep 30 2011, 05:29 AM
  15. Interesting read: http://www.mail.com/intl/Article.aspx/worl...nistan?pageid=1
  16. Hahaha...we will kick out all those who are not cookie monster ya!
  17. Jan 20, 2010 Ex-scholars join Reform By Kor Kian Beng Mr Tony Tan Lay Thiam and his wife, Ms Hazel Poa, both 39, are former government scholarship holders who have become members of the opposition Reform Party. They currently run a chain of tuition centres. -- ST PHOTO: DESMOND WEE A FORMER officer in the Administrative Service, the top echelon of Singapore's Civil Service, has become a member of the opposition Reform Party. She is Ms Hazel Poa, 39, who worked for four years in the service in the 1990s. Her last-held post was that of an assistant director in the Finance Ministry. Possibly the first former Administrative Service officer to have joined the opposition in recent years, Ms Poa became a member of the Reform Party last month, eight months after her husband, Mr Tony Tan Lay Thiam. The couple, both of whom turn 40 this year, were government scholarship holders who went to Cambridge University in England, where they both obtained first-class honours degrees. She studied mathematics on a Public Service Commission scholarship, while he studied engineering on a Singapore Armed Forces Merit scholarship. They now run a chain of 10 tuition centres called SmartLab. Read the full story in Wednesday's edition of The Straits Tim
  18. Just curious,What Proton model you're using currently?Hopefully we can gather some day and organised a convoy trip to Malaysia perhaps? Mine is a 2008 black Saga M-Line auto. Got a co-share Exora with my mum in law back in JB.I just pay 20% of the instalment while she pay the rest.
  19. To all Muslim MCF members ........ SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDIL FITRI
  20. Any AA members here, I'm checking out whether beneficial to join especially with the current promotion that they are running now. I really appreciate the time taken to give your feedbacks. TIA
  21. Hi, just wanna know other than myself, Genie47, Kianbeng and alf08, who else are on CNG? CNG list: - 1) Nkps 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7)
  22. Just to refresh the list to see who are the members that are still active in skoda forum. Here are those which I think still active. "Active" as in not few months post one time that kind. Feel free to add on if I have left your name out. 1. Lightspeed 2. Taishi 3. Othello 4. Try_conti 5. Echelon 6. Moeykf 7. XLR8 8. Fortress 9. Conned 10.Beanoyip 11.Koolaba 12.King 13.Limlien Seems like thats all the active members folks. Compared to the main list this is kachang puteh man. Wonder where all gone to...
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