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Found 36 results

  1. RadX

    Sleep quality

    Recently have been tracking my sleep and realized that I am not getting a good nights rest . Case in point, see pic. Wonder if it’s age or the stressful lifestyle Also , what apps are best to track sleep? @dach dedicated to u too haaaa
  2. Ender

    Sleep Paralysis

    I use to have this frequently as a young man. Initially scare the shit out of me. Some times can hear heavy breathing beside me. https://www.healthxchange.sg/wellness/sleeping-disorders/sleep-paralysis-causes
  3. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/harsher-punishment-for-security-officers-who-sleep-on-the-job-or-act-unprofessionally-from SINGAPORE - Private security officers who slack off, sleep on the job or come to work drunk can face tougher punishment from next year, as the police strengthen penalties for errant behaviour to boost the industry's professionalism and bolster Singapore's defences. From Jan 1, officers who display errant behaviour can be punished by a fine not exceeding $2,000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding three months, or both, The Straits Times has learnt. ***** Would it not applied to the SMRT to "cure" the deep-seated cultural extraction? Have become so intolerant of the security or has the security becoming so blatant that this has become law?
  4. Showster

    Lack of sleep and dementia

    Not enough sleep? Beware of dementia People in their middle years who do not get enough sleep could find themselves suffering from Alzheimer's in their late 50s or 60s.PHOTO: ISTOCKPHOTO PUBLISHED8 HOURS AGO Adequate shut-eye is needed to clear 'junk' in brain linked to Alzheimer's, says sleep expert Salma Khalik Senior Health Correspondent People in their 30s and 40s who are not getting enough sleep could find themselves with dementia by their 60s, sleep expert Michael Chee has warned. He issued the warning as growing evidence has shown that adequate sleep is necessary to clear the accumulation of "junk" in the brain, which is linked to Alzheimer's disease, the most common form of dementia that can result in extreme forgetfulness. Professor Chee, director of the Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, said that a paper published in 2013 showed that sleep helps clear metabolite - the junk that develops when the brain processes the energy it needs - in adult brains. Growing evidence has shown that adequate sleep is necessary to clear the accumulation of "junk" in the brain, which is linked to Alzheimer's disease, the most common form of dementia that can result in extreme forgetfulness. While doctors are not sure if it is the protein beta amyloid - the metabolite junk which Prof Chee spoke of - that causes Alzheimer's, they do know that there is a huge amount of these proteins in the brains of people with Alzheimer's. Prof Chee said that as people get older, their ability to clear this junk from their brain is diminished. Sleep is important in helping to clear away these proteins, he noted, adding that the rate of clearance is about six times during sleep, compared with when one is awake. "If you are sleep-deprived, the rate of clearance of beta amyloids is reduced, so you have more junk floating around in the brain." It is like having a blocked sewage system in the brain, Prof Chee said. As the sewage piles up, there comes a time when there is so much that it does damage to the brain. Related Story World Sleep Day: 6 things to know about sleep Pharmaceutical companies have invested billions of dollars trying to produce medicine that can clear beta amyloids from the brain, but have yet to succeed, he said. It takes years of accumulation for damage to be done, typically 10 to 20 years, he said. That is why people in their middle years who do not get enough sleep could find themselves suffering from Alzheimer's, becoming forgetful by the time they are in their late 50s or 60s. In general, Prof Chee said, people need at least 61/2 to seven hours of sleep a night, with peak performance generally associated with seven hours of sleep. Busy people often think they can get by with four to five hours of sleep a night and that it is all right as they can still manage their daily activities, he said. People who use their brains a lot, he said, "are able to compensate better and they hide it to a point where they cannot hide it any more, then they go bang and get it very bad". "By the time you're diagnosed with Alzheimer's, it's too late." But Prof Chee admitted that more studies are needed, as it is still not known if sleeping longer on weekends, for example, can help clear the backlog of beta amyloids and, if so, to what extent. Similarly, is just having seven hours of sleep a night enough, or must it be a deep sleep? Nevertheless, Prof Chee said, it is irrefutable that having enough sleep is critical for good health. Aside from dementia, insufficient sleep is also known to raise the risk of diabetes, some cancers, heart attacks and stroke. "If you take care of your sleep, you can improve many aspects of your health," Prof Chee said.
  5. Jman888

    Does your child lack sleep?

    primary school children need 9-10 hours sleep, secondary probably 8 hrs, but nowadays many students are sleeping after 12 midnight. Is your child getting enough sleep?
  6. Just saw someone doing that in the car park....
  7. Kinky pilot............ https://sg.news.yahoo.com/pilot-sentenced-groping-teenage-girl-flight-203048028.html SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A former Utah airline pilot was sentenced Wednesday to more than two years in prison for groping a 14-year-old girl in the seat next to him during an off-duty flight. Michael James Pascal, 46, of Park City, appeared in federal court Wednesday in Salt Lake City. He wore a navy blue suit and had close-cropped hair. "Whatever the sentence is, I will accept it," he told the judge, saying he hoped to be a good father during his time in prison. On the October 2013 Delta Airlines flight, the teenager awoke from a nap and felt Pascal's hand under her, gripping her buttocks, she said, according to court documents. She elbowed him and yelled, "What the hell are you doing?" the records show. Earlier, she said, she had pushed down the armrest between them but when she woke up, someone had pushed it upright, she said. Pascal pulled his hand out from under her, she recounted, saying, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I was asleep, I have to use the bathroom." Pascal told investigators he fell asleep with his hands in his lap and couldn't recall where his hand was when he awoke. He said he had lifted the armrest between him and the girl because the man on his other side was taking up a lot of room. His attorney Rhome Zabriskie maintained that any contact was inadvertent and that Pascal was asleep. "When he woke up, he realized he had kind of flopped over on the passenger next to him," he said when Pascal was charged in 2013. The girl, who was flying alone on the Detroit to Salt Lake City flight, told attendants and changed seats. She said Pascal earlier in the flight helped her retrieve a blanket from the flight crew after he saw she was on crutches. After she moved, she said, she saw Pascal looking at her in an "annoyed" manner, court documents show. Pascal lost his job with a regional airline carrier, a Delta Airlines contractor, when he was charged in 2013. In March, a jury convicted him on two counts of abusive sexual contact related to the incident. "He has suffered an awful lot and it will continue," Zabriskie said Wednesday. Pascal has an 18-year-old daughter of his own and maintained that he was asleep. Delta on Wednesday deferred comment to an ExpressJet Airlines spokeswoman who said the company does not comment on previous employees. Delta last year told The Associated Press that it cooperated with investigators but had no other comment. U.S. District Judge Dale Kimball ordered Pascal to turn himself in on Sept. 30. He is set to serve his sentence in Colorado, where he has family, and to serve 60 months of probation afterward. The order also puts him on the sex offender registry.
  8. Picnic06-Biante15

    Singapore Adults Unfit, Sleep Deprived .....

    Hur..... Singaporean not healthy enough .... Yahoo news: Singapore adults unfit, sleep deprived: survey Singapore scores just 59 out 100 for healthy living, according to the 2013 Healthy Living Index Survey that was announced on Thursday by insurance company AIA Singapore. This ranks the bustling city-state at number 10 out of the 15 markets across the Asia-Pacific region which took part in the survey. The 2013 AIA Healthy Living Index Survey was conducted with 10,200 adults and it studied their behaviour and health satisfaction. Over 75 per cent of the total respondents mentioned that their health isn't as good as it was five years ago. The same percentage applies to the Singapore adults who had taken part in the survey; many of them had rated themselves at only 6.6 out 10 Among Singapore adults, who rate their health satisfaction at just 6.6 out of 10, the survey findings showed that many of them are sleep deprived, have bad posture and do not spend enough time exercising. They spend about 30 hours lesser on exercising compared to others in the region — this is below the average. However, they are spending more time engaging in online activities and logging on to social networking sites. Three in four Singapore adults have confessed to this and over 75 per cent of them said that they find it hard to break the addictive habit. Furthermore, less than half of Singapore respondents said that they have gone for a health check-up in the last 12 months, said the survey. However, Singapore adults are concerned with food safety and hazards from various types of pollution. Three in four of them are anxious about food that may contain harmful ingredients mainly due to the food scandals that have been coming up in the region, and 70 per cent of the total Singapore respondents are concerned with incidence of poor air quality, mainly caused by the recent haze. link: http://sg.news.yahoo.com/singapore-scores-59-out-100-on-healthy-living--aia-survey-120928050.html Not enough sleep I believe lar. After a hard days work, tug in one Pub and happy hours till 11.00pm...... Some surf mcf till 2 am also have ....
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X49hNXB6ubA
  10. The cleaning supervisor who died after being run down by a taxi at Changi Airport was cremated in Johor Baru on Monday. Mr Chandra Mogan, a 35-year-old Malaysian, was killed when a wildly careening taxi crashed into him outside the Budget Terminal at about 7am on Saturday. The taxi was driven by a Chinese national who allegedly hijacked it after a disagreement with the driver. He has since been charged with voluntarily causing hurt in committing robbery, and is being investigated for causing Mr Mogan's death. Meanwhile, several people have stepped forward with offers of help for Mr Mogan's widow and four young children. Madam Pusparani Mohan said her biggest worry was how to support the children - three sons aged nine, eight and five, and a 2 1/2-month-old daughter. 'We have no savings - every penny went to our children,' the 32-year-old told The Straits Times on Monday. She broke down constantly beside her husband's altar at their rented home in Taman Selasa Jaya, a town near the Causeway. The home is sparsely furnished, but Madam Pusparani said it is filled with memories of her husband, who would talk, laugh, sing and play games with their children. She said he would often buy toys for their children and had no bad habits. His only weaknesses were Coca-Cola and home-cooked kecap chicken, which he last had three days before his sudden death, said Madam Pusparani's brother Magenthiran Mohan, 30, who lives with them. Madam Pusparani, who is also a cleaning supervisor at the airport, said she earns $1,200 a month, while her husband earned $900. Her siblings have offered help, and her mother has since moved out of her home in Kedah so that she can live with Madam Pusparani and help take care of the children. Among the 50 friends and relatives present at the wake were some of Mr Mogan's colleagues. They went to show their support for his family and give them some money they had raised among themselves. Mr Mogan's employers, Chye Thiam Maintenance, paid for his funeral expenses and will be assisting his widow in processing his insurance claims. 'There is definitely insurance, and more than one policy. We're working on it now, and have also paid about RM14,000 (S$5,800) for his funeral expenses so far,' said a spokesman for the company. She added that a donation drive for Mr Mogan has been started by his colleagues at the airport, and the response has been overwhelming. 'He did his job well with us for the past two years and it is very unfortunate that this has happened,' she said. His direct supervisor, who wanted to be known only as Desmond, organised and attended the funeral in Johor Baru. He said he would be working to help Mr Mogan's family through their grief. Madam Pusparani was told that she may receive between $15,000 and $25,000 in insurance money. She said she will save it for her children's education and other needs. The couple undertook a round trip of about four hours to and from their workplace every day, and had worked in Singapore for more than a decade. Madam Pusparani said she plans to continue working at the airport, and will return to work in a month. 'I have memories of him there, and I want to stay near them,' she said. Mr Mogan's body arrived at the home at 7pm on Sunday, and was cremated at the Johor Baru Hindu Crematorium on Monday afternoon, with his eight-year-old son Dharmaa given the task of performing the funeral rites. The ashes were then scattered on a nearby beach at Danga Bay. While eldest son Sarveswaran appeared sad, his two younger brothers were clueless, asking when their father would be back. The plight of the children moved many Singaporeans, who wrote to The Straits Times to offer help. 'It's such a sad case,' said one man who did not want to be named. 'I think everyone should help. It was such a tragic accident, and I felt compelled to give when I heard about their four children, and how they had to travel to and from Johor every day just to work.' Those who wish to donate can make cheques payable to 'PUSPARANI A/P MOHAN' and mail them to The Mogan Family, c/o Changi Airport Group, Corporate Communications, PO Box 168, Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore 918146, by the end of this month. Donors may wish to indicate their names on the back of their cheques. jalmsab@sph.com.sg esoh@sph.com.sg
  11. http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_755137.html
  12. Our members have made a total of 3,038,633 posts We have 93,478 registered members The newest member is Wisemantsp Most users ever online was 61,075 on Sep 30 2011, 05:29 AM
  13. The Miss Universe 2011 pageant courted a fair share of controversy. An entertainment website reported that Miss China, Luo Zilin, was allegedly photographed with some of the judges in the preliminary rounds of the competition. Miss Luo, who finished fourth runner-up, even took a photo with one of the judges at his home, said the website. The website also listed other controversial Miss Universe contestants. Miss Venezuela, Vanessa Goncalves was labelled "queen of lies" because she denied having plastic surgery on her nose. There were also other photo-related controversies. Miss Brazil, Prscila Machado's sexy photos were leaked online, while Miss Kosovo, Aferdita Dreshaj was seen in a party photo kissing a girl. Earlier this week, The Daily Chilli reported that Miss Australia and Miss Columbia were given warnings by pageant officials for being inappropriately dressed. Miss Australia, Scherri-Lee Biggs was told that her evening gown was "offensively see-through" and that her bikini bottom was too small. Miss Columbia Catalina Robayo meanwhile, was chastised for attending official Miss Universe engagements without wearing underwear.
  14. Where to get off the racks mouth guard?
  15. Picnic06-Biante15

    Sleep With Band Mates Also Cannot ....

    Was having the thinking that Japan is very open to such 'Hanky Panky' but I was wrong .......... Yahoo News : Aya Hirano sex scandal 2 Aug
  16. Kids nowadays
  17. Any bros experience head aches from lack of sleep?
  18. anyone using it? i tried it today at courts and its pretty comfy for the price 799
  19. Cootie-Monster

    Couple sleep seperately because of aircon

    Long winded Sumiko Tan article HERE I think Sumiko is not suitable for marriage. She sounds rather uncompromising in the article. Good luck to H
  20. RadX

    Disturbed Sleep.....

    ...for 3 nights in a row with the context of the dream that awakes me...FUNERALs Yes, dreamt that I was at funerals for the last 3 nights. Last week too.....I sense a disturbance in the force Maybe downstair paging
  21. I am sleeping 4-5hrs daily for the past 2 month and I think this will carry on for a long long time. Is there any supplement I can take?
  22. Pls be considerate and watch the time if you wanna drag your ride at populated housing estate. Grow up and go to the tracks if u wan some F-ing 0-100 timing. :angry:
  23. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVcRCB9acS8 Meaningful, especially for those who have watched the local movie 881..
  24. Unfazed

    Early Morning Sleep Disrupted!

    Arrrrrgh..... Yesterday was Xmas, this morning was still sleeping but got woken up by a series of hella / fiamm horns at 7am due to someone's big day! Tried to get back to sleep but was unable to do so. This is a big torture on boxing day! Why cant ppl nowadays be more considerate? They marry but whole block of residents marry with them also, I know they wanna share joy but can let me have my peaceful sleep before i can share their joy. Patience is really running out on me.
  25. As reported in CNA : 44% of Singapore parents believe their babies have sleep problem By Greta Georges, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 02 October SINGAPORE: An international study has found that 44 per cent of Singapore parents believe their babies have a sleep problem, while in Caucasian countries, less than one quarter feel the same way. A study of over 1,000 local infants shows their average bedtime is at 9.38pm, compared to those in predominantly Caucasian countries, who sleep at 8.51pm. But Singapore babies are early risers - waking up at 6am, earlier than babies anywhere else. This means they get 40 minutes less sleep a day than their Caucasian counterparts, after factoring in daytime naps. Paediatrics professor from the School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr Jodi Mindell, suggests three golden rules. She said, "We want parents to be putting their babies to bed early, we want them having a bedtime routine and we want them to help their babies fall asleep independently." And this means not rocking or nursing babies to sleep, even when they wake up at night, so they will learn to fall asleep on their own. Dr Mindell said, "We found that 3 out of 4 babies in Singapore are sleeping in their parents' room, though not all are sleeping in their parents' bed. Those babies who fall asleep independently, no matter in their parents' bed or a separate room, are going to sleep better at night." Dr Mindell is the leader of a global study by the Asia Pacific Paediatric Sleep Alliance and Johnson & Johnson. Sleep is a natural biological need and is especially important for babies in their formative first years, and babies may get cranky, irritable and accident prone if they do not get enough sleep. Establishing a bedtime routine goes a long way, say experts. Bathing, massaging or reading and cuddling can help babies stay 20 per cent longer in continuous sleep and help cut babies' night awakenings by half. Hmmm....... something to ponder about....... Our babies have sleep problems.......