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Found 20 results

  1. Blueray

    Movie Releases - 2019

    Captain Marvel and Abenjers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LHxvxdRnYc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hA6hldpSTF8
  2. I know there are lots of threads about malaysia etc. Have read comments by @enye, @dleodleo and many others in desaru and other threads. Maybe can get specific comments for stuff to do for kids in MY. Planning a 4 (maybe 5 day road trip) in June to Kidzania KL. Driving in daytime and need for regular toilet breaks for the kids will take quite a while to get to KL. Day 1 - drive up to Petaling Jaya area Day 2 - kidzania Day 3 - Farm in the City and ? drive down to Malacca to stay one night (The long drive is quite sapping for me, so i prefer to make the return trip to SG a shorter one) Day 4 - nuah and return to SG If i stay a day 5, what to do around the area? Going up Genting is an option but probably seems a bit short to go up just for 1 day... District 21 seems good, but maybe my 4 year old son can't enjoy much. 10 best things to do in KL with kids. http://www.kuala-lumpur.ws/magazine/10-things-kids.htm
  3. Did you ever realize that your head unit can be the best way of your entertainment? Well, I think you know about it normally but many may don't! Yes, head unit can be your best entertainment ways regrading in car entertainment. I wanted to give some ideas regarding the best car head unit those can take your entertainment at the high stage! Let's have a look at some most popular head units that can be your in car entertainment main purposes! PIONEER DEH S4000BT Are you trying to upgrade your automotive stereo with the most effective single DIN head unit accessible within the market? Well, Pioneer DEH S4000BT are going to be the primary alternative for you. This model permits you obtaining the most effective extremist clear sound within your automotive. Our editorial team researched to a tolerable degree to square this model at the #1 position. It permits you CD/DVD, MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, playback exploitation the distinctive USB. The 13-band extremist graphics equalizer provides you swish sound dominant. the graceful exterior style can amendment the within read of your automotive & can assist you creating your automotive additional respectable with you friends and family. Features Hands free calling Audio streaming Digital display Modern remote control CD/DVD, MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV BOSS AUDIO BV9986BI BOSS Audio BV9986B is another best one DIN head unit within the when market. This model enclosed with uncountable trendy options that you just can largely prefer to take. owing to it’s service we have a tendency to featured this model to focus on you and permit your obtaining a best product for your automobile audio improvement. This item is combined with automobile & marine audio in order that folks will have a distinct take a look at by exploitation such model. and truly it’s one thing totally different within the market that you just should not forget to shop for that permitting trendy Bluetooth technology. Features Fits any size of head unit HD 7” TFT touch screen display Convenient for hands free phone calls CD/DVD in multiple formats SD cards Support ALPINE CDE-HD149BT Alpine CDE-HD149BT one DIN head unit is that the one for classical read with several trendy options enclosed. It’s another high complete across on-line that is additionally called the foremost fashionable premium din stereo for higher sound as perpetually. The options keeps the stereo up and running with owner satisfaction. This classical best single DIN head unit can make sure you running your reproducer with non-stop music. Features Output power of 50 watts RMS power of 18 watts iPhone/iPod feature enabled 9-band parametric equalizer LCD rare display EZONETRONICS CW9601 Ezonetronics CW9601 is that the last of out list however ne'er the smallest amount. we tend to placed it at the last however not decide it wrong having at the last. This model is another trendy fashionable one with massive bit screen show that together with show flipping feature that is such cool. This model is enclosed FM feature to form things a lot of swish for you. The HD monitor provides you reside expertise even within the geographic region. Features 7 inch indash touch screen Supports USB/SD cards Wireless remote control system Supports FM radio Can connect your iPhone/iPad/android Source: AutomotivePick.com
  4. CNA reported : SAFRA to spend more than S$50m to redevelop, strengthen its relevance By Monica Kotwani | Posted: 19 July 2012 2058 hrs SINGAPORE: SAFRA will spend more than S$50 million over the next five years in a bid to redevelop and strengthen its relevance. The move is also to keep up with the changing lifestyles and interests of National Servicemen (NSmen). Defence Minister Dr Ng Eng Hen, who is also the chairman of SAFRA board of governors, said this at the 12th SAFRA Awards on Thursday. As a start, the association will add two more clubs to its current five. The first club, due to begin operations in 2013, will be a six-storey multi-entertainment centre in the town area for NSmen aged 18 to 35 years. It will be located at the former SAFRA Town Club building, which closed last year. The second will cater to NSmen and their families, and will be located at Punggol. The club, to be built on a one-hectare plot of land, will have family lifestyle resort features. The club is expected to cost some S$50 million and will be completed in 2015. SAFRA will also be enhancing its benefits and programmes. This includes looking into a new package for NS units to enhance its programmes in cohesion-building. The new package is expected to be implemented in 2013, benefitting over 100,000 NSmen annually. The initiatives are some recommendations at the end of a year-long review that focused on three areas. They are furthering SAFRA's market reach, strengthening its position as NSmen's choice club and finding ways to better recognise NSmen's contributions. Helmed by Minister of State for Defence, Lawrence Wong, the Strategic Review Steering Commitee held focus group sessions and conducted online and face-to-face surveys with more than 1,800 NSmen who shared their vision for SAFRA. Some 400 SAFRA volunteers and NSmen attended the awards ceremony. Dr Ng said: "I think this was the original idea of SAFRA. The idea was that since we require Singaporeans to do National Service, we must find a way to help them benefit from the progress of the country. "Why not give them access to a range of quality social, recreational, sports and educational facilities that help them experience regularly, what they are protecting. "Even as we focus on facilities, programmes, how we can continue to provide benefits to SAFRA members. "None of us want to forget the founding mission of SAFRA - that while it provides benefits which private social clubs and recreational establishments provide, our critical mission is different, and that is to recognise the vital contributions, to foster cohesion among NSmen, to build SAF as a cohesive fighting force, operationally ready and committed in both heart and mind to defend Singapore." - CNA/ck I was wondering, SAFRA clubs really serve us, NSF or running as just another entertainment hub ? The places are running like a business hub where all entertainment under one roof and furthermore, operates by private companies which only offer discount to NSF. Other eateries elsewhere also offer same or better discount by certain credit card companies. I do miss the 70's where we have the NCO Club at Beach Road where beer is so cheap cos its duty free. At Tampines SAFRA restaurant, there is one run by Sakura and in Clementi Wood branch offer much more varities of food. If really want to help those NSF, build medical facilities at the club houses to cater to their needs. Coming into the workforce after completing NS at the age of 20+ would not earn them much (unless graduates) and had to work its ways up through years in workforce before he can command a good salary. Dental treatment is another way as the cost outside are super expensive and the waiting list at Polyclinic Dental Clinic or at HPB at Outram is at least more than 14 months wait. As stated, serving those age 18 ~ 35, some would want to set up family around age 26 ~ 35, help them to get cheaper HDB flats or reducing their queue number in getting a HDB flat. This is also a way of recognising their NS contribution. Restaurants, Bowling Alley, Jackpot Room can be commonly found everywhere in SG. Those who wants to play Jackpot, can always go to the 2 casinos. Be the first to set up Medical & Dental facilities at all SAFRA clubhouses to cater to NSF and it families at a special price would be very much appreciated. Nowadays, waiting at Polyclinic to see a doctor without appointment is minimum 3hrs. Even with appointment, one have to spend at least 2hrs. at the polyclinic. my 2 cents worth of contributions.
  5. ins1dious

    Home Entertainment speakers

    Hey guys, So after many years of abuse (more like the last 2 once my 3-year old twins started crawling), I'm thinking of selling my 12 year old Infinity Alpha speakers which I use as my 5.1. Also my big beef is my current amp - Denon AVR 1910 - which is very flakey when switching inputs. And staying in a smallish flat now and not waiting to piss off my new neighbours, I'm thinking of going with a smaller 5.1 setup. Not like Bose small... more like bookshelves. Looking at a few bookshelf speakers for front and surrounds from Wharfedale and Boston Acoustice. Also checked out some Yamaha but they sound tinny after the full warm sound of my old towers. Any other recommendations for bookshelves with an AVR with at least 4 HDMI inputs? Budget about 2k.
  6. Hi, I am looking for other shops selling Harman Kardon Aura wireless speaker either Black or White colour. Was informed that Gain City has this speaker and cost around S$670/- Any brother/sister here got lobang for this speaker. Happen to listen on the wireless speaker and the sound quality was fantastic .... The clarity of the sound is so much solid than most brands.
  7. Hi! Do anyone here use the Eonon In car entertainment system? Any reviews for the system? http://www.eonon.com/ I saw quite a few great reviews on Youtube and I realised all of them are actually Caucasians. Seems like Eonon is still not that popular in Asia even though its a Hong Kong Company. Price wise, its not exactly cheap, but with all the functions in place, it seems pretty value for the money you spent! I recently got a Android Set (GA5151W) from them and the shipment should arrive by this week! Will show you guys some photos of it after i get it installed!
  8. Found this video on the internet... amazing feat indeed.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=MQm5BnhTBEQ
  9. as in, fit this into this [laugh] [laugh] i was watching Pimp my ride and they could frigging fit 40" TVs into estates. So why not a simple sound bar? Do you think it is plausible? what kinda stuff do we have to look out for if we want to DIY this kinda thing?
  10. Picnic06-Biante15

    Spend $137 Million On Entertainment Per Year

    I would love to work as a Protocol Officer for this company ...... Yahoo news: China rail employees punished after spending $137m on receptions Eight employees of China's largest railway building firm have been punished for spending more than $137 million on receptions, state media reported Tuesday, the latest move in the leadership's much-publicised anti-corruption drive. The state-run Global Times newspaper did not give details of the punishment but said another 57 employees of the state-owned China Railway Construction Corporation have been reprimanded, and one faces prosecution. According to the company's March 2012 annual report, CRCC spent 837 million yuan ($137 million) on receptions in one year -- equivalent to about 10 percent of its 2012 profits. The report comes amid public anger at official misconduct and a campaign by Chinese President Xi Jinping, who took office earlier this year pledging to tackle corruption at all levels of government. Last week the mayor of Nanjing, an eastern city with a population of about eight million, was removed from his post over graft allegations. Ji Jianye had been in the post since January 2010 and was fired for "suspected serious disciplinary violations", according to state-run news agency Xinhua. Former China railways minister Liu Zhijun, who held the position for eight years and was considered the "father" of the country's vastly expanded rail network, was sacked in 2011 and given a suspended death sentence this July for accepting a total of 64.6 million yuan in bribes to help 11 people secure contracts and promotions. The Global Times said 41 provincial-level officials had been summoned to Beijing earlier this month for a week-long class on transparent governance. Wahhhhhhhhh...... 1 year got 52 Saturdays and each Sat spend $1million & still got balance of $85million for other things. Like that every Saturday several officers can sleep with film stars ...
  11. Seems like Johor is going to fun place, rumor going to be twice the size of legoland. What's happening to Singapore. Why all the interesting investments going to Johor, even Peter Lim chose to invest the race track in Johor. Must add another set annual passes to my collections. http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...e-park-20130109 Six Flags Entertainment to invest $484m in Iskandar theme park NUSAJAYA, JOHOR (THE STAR/ANN) - United States-based theme park operator Six Flags Entertainment is planning to invest between RM1.2 billion (S$484 million) and RM1.5 billion to set up a theme park in Iskandar Malaysia. Sources told StarBiz that the theme park, which will be double the size of Legoland Malaysia and the company's first theme park in Asia, would offer more than 40 rides. According to Wikipedia, Six Flags Entertainment is the world's largest amusement park corporation based on quantity of properties and the fifth most popular in terms of attendance. It maintains 19 properties throughout North America consisting of theme parks, thrills parks, water theme parks and family entertainment centres. Iskandar Investment (IIB) president and chief executive officer Datuk Syed Mohamed Syed Ibrahim, said an announcement would be made by an investor within the next six months on the matter.
  12. Any one worked with Jacqueline Chow from Fly Entertainment before? She's quite pretty and seems quite confident - might wanna engage her. Thoughts guys? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9WUgAGO51Q...eature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9fApCLelp4...eature=youtu.be
  13. Just a heads up. Wanted to change to 3350BT but was told by one audio shops that 2012 models are coming up. Releasing in late Jan early Feb. Bros who are getting 2010 & 2011 models may bargain more Otherwise, hold your horses for a while more. 2012 Car Audio
  14. http://www.engadget.com/2011/10/12/sony-to...ing-components/
  15. The inaugural race is almost thrown into problems after India government has classified F1 as an entertainment rather than sport for the purpose getting money. http://www.planet-f1.com/driver/18227/7176...ms-row-diffused
  16. looking for event company to entertain during my company count down party on 31st december. please PM for further info
  17. Roborovskii

    Some DIY entertainment for your kids.

    Some cut, fold and stick optical paper illusions. A healthy alternative to excessive TV. Basically the head of the dragon seemingly follows the direction of your gaze. http://pontomidia.com.br/ricardo/greatweb/...per_dragon.html Demo here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xysjfkVRre4&NR=1 There are also other links to different versions of this same illusion. Keep your kids occupied for a couple of hours.
  18. hi guys, just to raise the alarm here.... the stupid van that was driving, trying to 'sell' their home entertainment systems, is now appearing in HDB MSCP! looks like they are 'expanding' their net to the heartlands areas now.... i was parking my car at my HDB MSCP, secs later, a van enter the MSCP, driving slowly. when the driver saw me standing by my car, taking my stuff out, asked: "bro, want some home entertainment system. Not selling. dun worry...." immediately i gave him a stern look and shook my hand off him. LL, he drove off. and the van went to the upper levels of the MSCP, searching for their next victim. plate no. GV 47*9. its a Mercs van. got 2 fellas inside..... this time, these 2 fellas seem to be wearing some kind of polo-T uniform! Wow, now they come out with company polo-t uniform ar? want to look more authentic! same polo-t design and same baseball cap.... like DHL or UPS guys! so beware of them!! this is my forth encounter with them already.....! i forgot to add.... i stay in Toa Payoh estate.....
  19. Hi, My car settling is two front speakers and tweenters, two subwoofers and two rear speakers, one amp and one equalizer. everytime, i drove the car whenever i turn left or right, rough road and the problem is the front speaker inc tweenter either left go soundless or both front side goes soundless and the rear sub woofers will go soundless too. what the problem with the wiring? Please advise
  20. Turbobrick

    In.Car.Entertainment FAQ

    Great info here. http://www.mobileaudio.com/rac-faq/ I downloaded all until siow liao! Now to find time to read them all