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  1. Do remember to check the medication your elderly at home are consuming. They are the most vulnerable groups. HSA recalls 3 brands of high blood pressure drugs over potentially harmful impurity SINGAPORE: Three brands of high blood pressure medicine containing the ingredient losartan have been recalled because they contain higher than acceptable levels of a potentially harmful impurity, the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) said on Thursday (Mar 28). The drugs contain the active ingredient losartan potassium, which was manufactured by Indian pharmaceutical company Hetero Labs. The affected products are the 50mg and 100mg tablets from the brands Losartas, Losagen and Hyperten and distributed by local suppliers Apotheca Marketing, Medicell Pharmaceutical and Goldplus Universal, respectively. About 137,000 patients in Singapore are using the three recalled brands of losartan medicine, said the Ministry of Health (MOH). Losartas is prescribed in public healthcare institutions, while Losartas, Losagen and Hyperten are prescribed at private healthcare institutions. HSA has advised patients not to stop treatment on their own as there is no immediate health risk and sudden stopping of the drugs can pose greater immediate risk to their health. The recalled products were found to contain trace amounts of a nitrosamine impurity, N-nitro-N-methyl-4-aminobutyric acid (NMBA), which are above internationally accepted levels, HSA said. Exposure to nitrosamines at high quantities over a long-term period may potentially increase the risk of cancer. For example, the added cancer risk from an additional six-month exposure is estimated to be less than 0.0002 per cent. “The risks of trace amounts of NMBA are associated with long term exposure. Sudden stopping of the medicines can pose greater and more immediate risk to patient’s health … We have advised healthcare professionals to review the medicine and treatment plans of their patients,” HSA said. HSA said that several losartan medicines have been recalled overseas since end-February due to the presence of NMBA. It tested all locally marketed losartan products for the presence of the NMBA impurity and in March found the three brands contained trace amounts of NMBA above acceptable levels. The other seven brands of losartan medicines marketed in Singapore are NOT affected by this impurity.
  2. Consumers can contact HSA on 6866-3538 or e-mail [email protected] if they have more questions. HSA recalls 3 versions of diabetes drug metformin amid global testing for carcinogen SINGAPORE - Three versions of a diabetes medication are being recalled here after they were found to contain unsafe levels of an impurity that can potentially cause cancer. The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) tested all 46 locally marketed metformin medicines and the remaining 43 are not affected. The recall comes even as health authorities worldwide are checking if the impurity, carcinogen earlier found in heart and gastric drugs, might also be found in unsafe levels in diabetes drugs that are widely used. HSA said on Wednesday (Dec 4) that three metformin drugs were found to contain trace amounts of a nitrosamine impurity, called N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), which are above the internationally acceptable level. NDMAs are classified as potential carcinogens for humans. The authority tested all 46 locally marketed metformin medicines and the remaining 43 are not affected. As a precaution, HSA said that it is recalling the three affected drugs, which are used to control high blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. The recalled drugs are: one batch of Glucient XR Tablet 500mg, supplied by Glorious Dexa Singapore; and all batches of Meijumet Prolonged Release Tablet in 750mg, and 1,000mg versions, supplied by Pharmazen Medical. The authority said that the risk to patients who have been taking the affected medicines is “very low”. This is because the potential risk of nitrosamines is associated with long-term use of the affected drugs, and the medicines have only been supplied here for a short period of time – since last year. Patients taking the affected metformin medicines are advised not to stop treatment on their own, as doing so suddenly will raise blood sugar levels, which may pose a greater health risk than the trace amounts of NDMA in the affected medicines. It has also advised healthcare professionals to contact their patients who are taking the affected drugs and arrange for an exchange of their medicines as soon as possible. Patients who are concerned about their current treatment should speak to their doctor or pharmacist. Besides being a potential human carcinogen, the NDMA nitrosamine impurity found in the diabetes drugs is also known to cause cancer in animals, Bloomberg reported on Thursday. NDMA can be found in food or the environment. They are commonly found in low levels in processed food – including pickled vegetables, salted fish, processed meat products such as bacon and sausages – and in polluted air. Nitrosamine impurities have recently also been found to be formed unexpectedly during the manufacture of some medicines. Recalls were done worldwide for affected products found to contain these impurities above acceptable levels. HSA said that acceptable levels of nitrosamines are set in one-billionth of a gram. This is based on what is considered as reasonably safe if a patient continues to take the affected medicine every day for a lifetime of 70 years. On Wednesday, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that it is testing samples of metformin sold in the US for NDMA, Bloomberg reported. The agency will recommend recalls of the medication as appropriate. The European Medicines Agency said on the same day that companies should test for high levels of NDMA in metformin. No dangerous levels have been detected in European Union supplies to date. Poland's health minister, Lukasz Szumowski, said earlier that officials were scrutinising metformin-containing drugs but that no products would be pulled from the market as NDMA had been found in only trace amounts. HSA is working with the companies supplying the affected medicines and international regulatory agencies to verify the causes of the contamination, and identify the measures to address the issue.
  3. https://www.motortrend.com/news/ferrari-brake-failure-recall-2005-2022/ Ferrari Is Recalling Nearly Every Car It's Sold Since 2005 Even the LaFerrari is implicated in Ferrari's latest NHTSA recall for brake failure. Ferraris are mostly known for one thing: going fast. Perhaps they should be better known for their brakes, then. Anyone—in any car, almost—can go fast; it's stopping that matters. Now, Ferrari has a big stopping problem, with 19 of its models dating all the way back to 2005 reportedly at risk for potential brake failure, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
  4. BERLIN (AFP) - German carmaker Mercedes-Benz is recalling nearly one million older vehicles worldwide due to a potential problem with the braking system, the federal transport authority (KBA) said. The KBA said in a statement dated June 1 and reported late on Saturday in German media that the recall affected cars built between 2004 and 2015, of the SUV series ML and GL and the R-Class luxury minivan. "Corrosion on the brake booster can in the worst case lead to the connection between the brake pedal and the braking system being interrupted," the KBA said. "As a consequence, the service brake can stop functioning." The KBA said that worldwide 993,407 vehicles were being recalled, including around 70,000 in Germany. Mercedes-Benz confirmed the recall later in a statement sent to AFP, saying the move was based on "analysis of isolated reports for certain vehicles". "In rare cases of very severe corrosion, it might be possible for a particularly strong or hard braking manoeuvre to cause mechanical damage to the brake booster, whereby the connection between brake pedal and brake system would fail," Mercedes said. "In such a very rare case, it would not be possible to decelerate the vehicle via the service brake. Thus, the risk of a crash or injury would be increased." The company said it would "start with the recall immediately" and contact the owners of the "potentially affected vehicles". "The recall process will involve inspecting potentially affected vehicles and, depending on the results of the inspection, replacing the parts where necessary," the company said. "Until the inspection takes place, we ask our customers not to drive their vehicles." https://www.straitstimes.com/world/europe/mercedes-recalls-one-million-older-cars-worldwide
  5. Guys/gals....please take note...should your ride needs to ....better make arrangement. Don't flame me because recall is in USA. Singapore, I am not sure. Volkswagen of America has issued a voluntary recall for about 13,500 vehicles equipped with DSG transmissions. Apparently a faulty temperature sensor in the said DSG transmission is reportedly the problem. Failure of the temperature sensor could result in illuminated warning lamps in the dashboard, and in rare instances the transmission may shift into neutral. The recall affects models like the Jetta, Jetta SportWagen, GTI, and Eos built between September 2008 and August 2009. Affected owners are encouraged to call local Volkswagen retailers to schedule an appointment to have their vehicle inspected and repaired.
  6. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/business/hyundai-recalls-over-390k-vehicles-for-possible-engine-fires-14744106
  7. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1111532/1/.html
  8. https://edition.cnn.com/2019/06/23/business/daimler-earnings-expectations/index.html New York (CNN Business)Daimler, the German auto company that makes Mercedes-Benz, has slashed its 2019 profit expectations by hundreds of millions of euros. The financial downgrade, announced Sunday, is the latest fallout from the diesel emissions scandal that has rocked the German auto industry. The company said that "various ongoing governmental proceedings and measures relating to diesel vehicles" will affect the company's second quarter earnings. It said it expects an increase in expenses related to those proceedings. Daimler said its profit for 2019 will be close to last year's level. Shares in the carmaker declined 3.6% in Frankfurt on Monday. The stock has dropped nearly 20% from a recent high in April. German automakers have faced years of scrutiny regarding harmful emissions that diesel vehicles produce. That scrutiny stems from a 2015 admission by another German automaker — Volkswagen (VLKAF) — that it rigged millions of diesel engines to cheat on emissions tests. The revelation trashed confidence among consumers and regulators in diesel technology and cost Volkswagen tens of billions of dollars in recalls, legal penalties and settlements. ****** Lets see if there is a large an outcry from merc owners. Will the resale value drop and what will the second hand car dealer use. Merc no resale value. Buyer dont want to be associated with a brand with low integrity ?
  9. Singapore authorities recall bottled water from Malaysia containing bacteria Authorities here have issued a recall of bottled mineral water imported from Malaysia after it was found to contain a common environmental bacterium that is found in faeces, soil, water and sewage. In a media statement on Wednesday (June 12), the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) said that the bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa was detected in Malaysia’s “Starfresh” bottled drinking water during a routine sampling of the product. It comes in 500ml and 1.5 litre bottles. The agency said it has directed the importer Radha Exports to recall all affected products, with the process ongoing. It pointed out that the bacterium can multiply in water environments and also on the surface of suitable organic materials in contact with water. “Use or consumption of products contaminated with Pseudomonas aeruginosa can cause a range of infections but rarely causes serious illness in healthy individuals,” said the agency. Consumers who have purchased the product are advised not to consume it. Those who might have done so and are concerned about their health should seek medical advice, said the agency. Affected consumers, it added, can contact Radha Exports at 6220 2777 for enquiries or exchange of product.
  10. Folks please take note that there is a recall on this Evergreen brand of Manuka honey from NZ. I myself have bought a few tubs and it is selling at many department stores like Robinson and Metro. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/recall-of-manuka-honey/2552384.html http://www.ava.gov.sg/docs/default-source/press-releases/media-release_recall-of-evergreen-life-manuka-honey-from-new-zealand.pdf
  11. Hi.. Euror owners here. I Received Takata airbag recall letter from Jack Cars in november last year. Some background info. got this car about 1 year ago from direct owner off sgcarmart. this car is 10 years old. coe renewed last november. am unfamiliar with this as i am a first time car owner so pls pardon me if i ask some stupid questions or "common sense" ones. if really so dangerous why did the recall took 10 years? some eurors already scrapped also. part recall is it something that happens frequently? usually after letter sent from agent/dealer, how long will it take to change the defective part? and whats the ddowntime? thanks in advance.
  12. Not sure if Toyota owners saw this. Better check your chassis number. Details are in the post. I have pasted the link from Japan Toyota as well. Affects Alphard, Vellfire, Prius, Sienta and the Triplets. https://www.hevshop.com/single-post/2018/05/27/Toyota-Vehicle-Airbag-Recall-Check-Your-Chassis-Number-Now https://toyota.jp/recall/2018/0131.html Cheers.
  13. TOKYO: Toyota Motor Corp said on Wednesday (Sep 5) it planned to recall around 1.03 million vehicles, including its gasoline-hybrid Prius model, in Japan, North America, Europe and other regions due to an issue with the engine wire harness which can pose a fire risk. Following a domestic recall announcement by Japan's transport ministry, Toyota said that in affected vehicles, the wire harness which connects to the hybrid power control unit can come into contact with the covering at the connection point. If dust accumulates on the wire harness or the cover, the insulation on the wires could wear down over time due to vehicle vibrations. This could cause an electrical short circuit, which could generate heat and lead to a risk of fire, Toyota said. The issue affects vehicles produced in Japan between June 2015 and May 2018, and includes the plug-in version of the Prius and the C-HR compact crossover SUV sold in Japan, Europe, Australia and other countries. Roughly half of the recalls would take place in Japan, Toyota spokesman Jean-Yves Jault said. Only the Prius model would be recalled in the United States, where around 192,000 vehicles were affected, he said. Jault added that the issue had led to one incident of a short circuit in Japan, which produced smoke from the vehicle. In Singapore, a total of 4,115 Toyota Prius cars are affected by the recall. Borneo Motors, the authorised distributor for Toyota in Singapore, said it will reach out to Prius customers to check their vehicles, and if necessary, conduct repairs at no cost. Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/toyota-recall-1-million-prius-c-hr-cars-over-wiring-issue-10686252
  14. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/subaru-two-global-recalls-faulty-engine-part-information-display-10887944 "Fewer than 100 vehicles in Singapore are affected, said distributor Motor Image in response to Channel NewsAsia's queries." That said, Subaru owners should take a look to see if their vehicles are affected by the recall.
  15. Seeking help, the takata airbag is going through a series of recall, I'm driving PI honda fit GE6 bought second-hand through a dealer - how can I check if my car is a defective one? Since its a PI, how to go about through the recall?
  16. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/business/744-toyota-prius-cars-recall-singapore-fault-crash-risk-10795656?cid=fbcna Wow, I wonder who kana the recall
  17. This thread served to provide a central reference for vehicle recall issued by automotive manufacturer. For a start, I will start with something light (but still along the line hor). Case #1: Lamborghini Centenario It doesn’t matter how rare or expensive your car is, there is always a chance it could be recalled. The Lamborghini Centenario was developed to pay homage to the 100th birthday of Lamborghini’s founder. It’s based on the Aventador and is powered by a naturally aspirated V12 engine, generating 770 horsepower. Only 40 units total are out in the wild – 20 coupes and 20 roadsters – and apparently at least 11 of them are in the U.S. The 2017 Lamborghini Centenario is being recalled due to an incorrect certification label, which may have an incorrect weight limit. This could cause the vehicles to potentially be overloaded, increasing the risk of suspension or tire failure, which could increase the risk of a crash. A total of 11 units are affected by the recall, which includes both the Centenario coupe and roadster models. The Italian automaker will begin notifying owners on how to get the correct label fitted to their exotic. Err... how much could one possibly overload a 2 seater sport car? Come on, no 1 owner will likely be using it to say transport heavy items, of for the matter of fact, use it as a cargo mover, so how can it get overloaded to the extend of having it suspension damaged?? Well, I guess that is a high SES question that low SES people like me cannot foresee. Case #2: Rolls-Royce Ghost Amid a seemingly endless run of multimillion-vehicle recalls by volume carmakers, Rolls-Royce looks to have joined an elite group for making one of the smallest. The British-based luxury carmaker was forced to issue a safety recall notice in the US because of a problem with the side-impact airbags on the 2015 model of its best-selling Rolls-Royce Ghost. The number of cars affected — one. The company, which is owned by Germany’s BMW, told the Financial Times that the issue “was due to the incorrect labelling on one of the airbags” that had been identified during the customer pre-delivery check by Rolls-Royce. The company added that at no point was there any question of a safety risk. “It is a good way of demonstrating Rolls-Royce’s attention to detail,” it said. The carmaker, which sold a little more than 4,000 vehicles last year, said the car with the fault had left its factory in Goodwood, West Sussex, in January 2014 but its North American owner had not yet taken delivery. “The affected vehicle has thorax air bags fitted to both front seats that may fail to meet the side impact performance requirements for the front seat occupants,” according to the recall notice, issued by BMW North America, through the US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Rolls-Royce did not confirm which company supplied the airbags. Although the NHTSA did not immediately respond to a request for comment, subsequent data provided by the agency confirmed that among carmakers a single vehicle recall is rare. It is label again... Now, since the recall involved only 1 car, and that car was not even delivered to the customer, is there a need to issue a statement of recall for it? It is more for marketing purpose if you ask me, or maybe again, a high SES problem... ... OK, back to the topic, and on a more serious note, here are some information relating to vehicle recall, which was posted on onemotoring.com.sg At a glance - When a vehicle is recalled, motor dealers/ importers are required to notify LTA and the owners of affected vehicles. - Your motor dealer/ importer will then arrange for rectification works, if your vehicle is affected. - With the Electronic Vehicle Recall System (EVRS) you can now check the details of the recalls, and determine if your vehicle is affected. Understanding vehicle recall Your vehicle may be recalled if the manufacturer finds defects that need to be rectified. Your motor dealer or importer is responsible for informing you as well as LTA. They must also make arrangements to rectify the affected vehicles. If your vehicle is affected, your motor dealer or importer will notify and arrange rectification works directly with you. Check with your motor dealer for the latest information on vehicle recall. Electronic Vehicle Recall System (EVRS) When LTA is notified by a motor dealer or importer about any vehicle recall, the information is updated into the Electronic Vehicle Recall System (EVRS). With the EVRS, you can check: - If your vehicle is recalled (Enquiry on Vehicle Recall - Vehicle Specific) - The list of vehicles being recalled (Enquiry on Vehicle Recall - Submitted for Last 6 Months) - The status of rectification works for your recalled vehicle (Enquiry on Vehicle Recall - Vehicle Specific)
  18. I got a letter about a recall to replace some part. What part is this? Is getting the part changed important? Is the risk of the workshop making things worse higher than the risk of the part being recalled causing trouble? The workshop is Optiwerkz, which is also the "warranty" workshop for my car. I have never even visited it once since my car was purchased two years ago. Will they do the replacement without charge given that Honda is the one paying for the recall job?
  19. https://sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/south-korea-orders-vehicle-recalls-hyundai-kia-whistleblower-025450436--finance.html
  20. Sigh... i wonder whether will affect me... http://abcnews.go.com/Business/wireStory/toyotas-recall-639-million-vehicles-23263661 A Look at Toyota's Recall of 6.39 Million Vehicles April 10, 2014 (AP) By The Associated Press Toyota Motor Corp. said Wednesday it's recalling 6.39 million vehicles globally for various safety defects. The total rises to 6.76 million if vehicles with multiple recalls — like the Yaris subcompact — are counted for each recall. No one has been injured due to the recalls, but the company says two fires have been linked to a defective engine starter. This is a breakdown of the vehicles and defects involved. PROBLEM: Electric connections can be damaged when the steering wheel is turned, which could deactivate the air bags. VEHICLES INVOLVED: 3.5 million. Includes the RAV4, Vanguard, Corolla, Matrix, Yaris, Land Cruiser Prado, Highlander, Tacoma, Reiz, Camry, Hilux, Fortuner, Innova and Pontiac Vibe (which was developed for General Motors by Toyota). Vehicles were made between June 2004 and December 2010. PLACES SOLD: Mostly North America, but also Japan, China, Europe, India and elsewhere. PROBLEM: Spring in the front seat rails could break, so the seat may not lock into position. VEHICLES INVOLVED: 2.32 million. Includes the Ist, Vitz, Belta, Ractis, Scion xD, Urban Cruiser and Yaris built between January 2005 and August 2010. PLACES SOLD: Mostly Japan, but also North America, Europe, China and elsewhere. PROBLEM: Weld that connects the steering column bracket to the instrument panel can break if the steering wheel is repeatedly turned with full force. The steering column may tilt out of position, but the driver can still control the car. VEHICLES INVOLVED: 760,000. Includes the Ist, Vitz, Belta, Ractis, Scion xD, Urban Cruiser and Yaris built between September 2005 and February 2009. PLACES SOLD: Mostly Europe, but also Japan. PROBLEM: Faulty windshield wiper motors. VEHICLES INVOLVED: 160,000. Includes the Ist, Vitz, Belta and Ractis built between September 2005 and February 2008. PLACES SOLD: Japan. PROBLEM: Metallic particles may accumulate in the engine starter's circuitry, increasing the risk of a fire. VEHICLES INVOLVED: 20,000. Includes the Porte, Spade, Corolla Axio, Corolla Fielder, Auris, Ractis and Subaru Trezia (developed by Toyota for Subaru). Vehicles were built between March 2012 and August 2013. PLACES SOLD: Japan and Hong Kong. Source: Toyota Motor Corp.
  21. Hope all are clear! National University Hospital recalls 178 children for TB tests The first of the 178 patients were at NUH (above) for screening on Tuesday. The children will have a chest X-ray to check for TB, and blood tests if aged five or older, and/or skin tests to see if they have the bug latent in them. The National University Hospital (NUH) is recalling 178 paediatric patients - including 131 under the age of two years - who had been cared for by a nurse now confirmed to have tuberculosis. They include 34 children who have received a transplanted organ. These children are on immunosuppression drugs and therefore at higher risk than normal children. Associate Professor Daniel Goh, head of paediatrics at NUH, said the risk of any of the children contracting TB from the nurse is "very low", especially as she had donned a mask while working. But the hospital is not taking any chances and is recalling patients who had been in ward 47 since July. The nurse was treated at a GP clinic for her cough in July, but despite having a chest X-ray, was not diagnosed with TB. She was given antibiotics and seemed to get better. NO CAUSE FOR ANGER I would be angry if the hospital did not do anything and the patients started getting TB. But they are doing something. MADAM CRYSTAL LIM, 28, whose son was in ward 47 for three weeks in August. Her son had a liver transplant in October last year, but was back in hospital for treatment for a 3cm abscess on his buttocks. The doctor had explained that because of his transplant, he was at a higher risk. Madam Lim is worried, but not angry. How the disease is spread Tuberculosis is an airborne disease transmitted through fine respiratory droplets from an infected person. It usually affects the lungs but can also hit other parts of the body such as the brain, lymph nodes, kidneys, bones and joints. Persons with TB are most likely to spread it to people who have close and prolonged contact with them, such as family members, friends and colleagues. It is not spread through sharing drinks, utensils, cigarettes or kissing. There were 1,454 new TB cases among residents here last year, 34 more than in 2013. In the past 30 years, Singapore had more than 1,000 new cases a year. According to the Health Ministry, there has been a resurgence of TB cases in recent years. TB can be cured with a combination of different drugs taken over six to nine months. However, if the treatment is incomplete, TB germs may develop a resistance to the drugs. Second-line TB drugs must then be taken for a longer period, but chances of a cure will be significantly reduced. Tan Weizhen But the cough persisted, and last Wednesday she sought treatment again and was given a CT scan which showed a possible TB patch in her lung the size of a 50-cent coin. She told the hospital on the same day and was tested for TB. Last Friday, the results confirmed she had TB. Fortunately, it is the normal and not multi-drug-resistant variety. Dr Goh said his team spent the weekend trawling through the patient database to identify patients who might have had long exposure to her while warded, as well as those who are deemed at higher risk because of their age or disease. Mr Joe Sim, NUH's chief executive officer, said: "We fully understand the anxiety of the parents and are taking this matter seriously." Professor Paul Tambyah , a senior infectious disease expert at NUH, said TB transmission depends on the amount of exposure, the bacterial load of the carrier and the individual's immune system. He said there is a one in 10 chance of people getting the bug if a person with TB coughs at them for two hours. Of those who get the bacteria, one in 10 would get the disease in his lifetime. This doubles for those with low immunity. The first patients were at NUH for screening on Tuesday and more will be screened over the coming weeks. They will have a chest X-ray to check for TB, and blood tests if aged five or older, and/or skin tests to see if they have the bug latent in them. Any child diagnosed to have caught the latent bug will be given treatment, which has a greater than 90 per cent chance of preventing TB. For those with TB, chances of a cure are very high with treatment. Madam Crystal Lim, 28, whose two-year-old son was in ward 47 for three weeks in August, was shocked when his doctor called to ask her to bring her son back for tests. Her son had a liver transplant in October last year, but was back in hospital for treatment for a 3cm abscess on his buttocks. The doctor had explained that because of his transplant, he was at a higher risk. She is worried, but not angry. "I would be angry if the hospital did not do anything and the patients started getting TB. But they are doing something," she said. As for the nurse, Madam Lim said: "She did not do it purposely. All the nurses look after the children very well. I hope the doctors can help her get well." The nurse, who is on medical leave for two weeks, will be able to resume work as being on treatment means she is not contagious. Her colleagues in the ward have all been tested and found negative. So far this year, 1,252 new TB cases have been diagnosed in Singapore.
  22. (FD) Some vehicles steering wheel may become heavy and Electronic Power Steering (EPS) Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) will be turn "ON" with Torque Sensor Main Signal Fail. Might want to call hyundai whether your vehicle is affected.
  23. Long article below. The press conference after the address was interesting. Reporters asked whether Barra was aware of the design lapse since she was once Head of Safety (oops) and she dodged the question. WARREN, Mich.— General Motors Co. 's chief executive vowed to upend the corporate culture responsible for what she denounced as a "pattern of incompetence and neglect" in the auto maker's 11-year failure to recall cars equipped with a defective ignition switch. The scathing indictment by Mary Barra, a GM veteran who inherited the recall crisis shortly after she became CEO in January, coincided with the release of a company-funded report that could deepen GM's legal vulnerability and scrutiny from regulators, prosecutors and lawmakers. The 315-page report by former U.S. Attorney Anton Valukas concluded that information about the faulty ignition switches, which could abruptly slip from the "on" position, stall vehicles and disable their air bags, bounced around an "astonishing number of committees" inside GM. That led to a "troubling disavowal of responsibility" and devastating consequences, Mr. Valukas concluded. So far, GM has attributed at least 54 crashes and 13 deaths to switch-related air bag failures. GM President Dan Ammann didn't rule out the possibility that the death toll could climb. In the report, Ms. Barra was cited for a description of what she called the "GM Nod," or meetings where participants appeared to nod in agreement that action should be taken, then did nothing. Another official invoked the "GM Salute," or crossing arms and pointing toward other employees to indicate that "responsibility belongs to someone else, not me," the report said. In a meeting Thursday morning with GM employees at the company's technical center here, the 52-year-old Ms. Barra tried to position the report as a defining moment in a new effort to transform the auto maker's management after decades of dysfunction. She claimed responsibility for fixing problems still entrenched after the company's bankruptcy and 30 years of similar crusades by predecessors. "We will accept responsibility for our mistakes, and we will do everything in our power to make sure this never happens again," she said. Ms. Barra promised to expand an overhaul of GM's product-development organization and legal department to make sure that information about safety problems doesn't get bottled up in "silos." As expected, the report exonerated the CEO, executives who report directly to her and the company's board of directors. Fifteen employees have been dismissed from GM because of misconduct or failure to respond properly as evidence of the ignition switch's defects mounted, Ms. Barra said. More than half of those officials were executives, and Ms. Barra said five other GM employees have been disciplined but remain with the company. Ms. Barra wouldn't identify the employees by name, except to confirm that two low-ranking engineers involved with the design of the defective switch were dismissed. Also fired were lawyers and officials responsible for safety and dealings with regulators, according to people familiar with the matter. The internal report was especially critical of one of the fired engineers, Raymond DeGiorgio, who approved the initial ignition-switch design in 2001 even though he knew it failed to meet GM's standards, the report said. After problems surfaced, Mr. DeGiorgio tweaked the design but told no one about the change and didn't assign a new part number to the switch, which might have alerted GM to the problems, the report concluded. In a statement, General Motors CEO Mary Barra discusses the lack of accountability and responsibility in the problems the automaker experienced with faulty ignition switches in some of its vehicles. 15 GM employees were fired as a result of the investigation. General Motors fired 15 people, most in senior roles, amid its probe over defective ignition switches. Its investigation found a "pattern of incompetence" but no evidence of a coverup. GM will also establish a victim compensation fund. Joe White joins MoneyBeat with details. Photo: Getty Images. Does General Motors CEO Mary Barra deserve applause for how she handled the company's failure to act for years after becoming aware of its deadly ignition switch problem? Vianovo Partner Matthew Miller joins Lunch Break's Tanya Rivero to discuss. As a result, the company's investigators were stumped for years. Mr. Valukas said GM officials were "misled" by Mr. DeGiorgio, whose name was cited more than 200 times in the report and its footnotes. The report is a big step in Ms. Barra's scramble to bring the recall crisis under control, and the findings fill in many of the blanks that she declined to answer when questioned by lawmakers in early April. She now faces an uphill battle to instill urgency and accountability throughout a sprawling company long known for marathon meetings, PowerPoint presentations and a maze of departments largely cut off from other parts of GM. GM still is wrestling with a Justice Department criminal investigation, Securities and Exchange Commission probe and civil lawsuits from deaths, injuries and economic losses allegedly tied to the ignition-switch problems. Congressional committees are investigating the company's handling of safety defects, and Ms. Barra is expected to testify again as early as this month.Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D., Conn.) said the internal report is "not only a window into GM's incompetence but also a failure to come clean and acknowledge full responsibility." House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R., Mich.) said GM and federal officials "must continue to cooperate and provide us honest answers as we work to determine what went wrong, if there are gaps in the law that allowed the system to fail, and what legislative remedies may be necessary." Plaintiffs' lawyers saw the report as ammunition to reopen wrongful-death lawsuits previously settled by the company. "It is critical that the civil cases move forward so that the American public may learn the whole truth, not just the truth GM chooses to disclose," said Lance Cooper, a lawyer representing the family of crash victim Brooke Melton. Ms. Barra and Mr. Ammann reiterated that GM will move ahead with an effort to compensate victims of crashes linked to the defect, using a fund set up and run by compensation expert Kenneth Feinberg. He also will decide how many deaths can be tied to the ignition-switch defect. "I am gathering some preliminary ideas, I will talk with plaintiff attorneys, the company and others and devise a plan within the next few weeks," Mr. Feinberg said Thursday. Separately, GM Chairman Tim Solso said the board had "retained independent counsel to advise us with respect to this situation and governance and risk management issues. We will establish a stand-alone risk committee to assist in overseeing these efforts." The report by Mr. Valukas used "failure" or similar words more than 150 times. Information about problems with Chevrolet Cobalt ignition switches was shuffled among an "astonishing number of committees." GM engineers investigating complaints about air bag failures failed to locate key documents in GM's own data systems. When senior executives in the engineering and quality departments realized in late 2013 that a recall might be necessary, they waited weeks to act while sending subordinates to find more data. Engineers and executives failed to recognize that a car's sudden shut-off was a safety concern or that turning the ignition switch to the "off" position would cut power to air bags, Mr. Valukas said. Employees saw the switch problem as a "customer convenience" issue, not a safety defect. "Had GM personnel connected the dots and understood how their own cars were built, they might have addressed the safety defect before injuries and fatalities occurred," the internal report concluded. From 2011 to 2013, GM engineers assigned to figure out why air bags were failing on the Cobalt and other vehicles bogged down in a search for "root causes" and an inconclusive hunt for an "ultimate solution." Ms. Barra refused to delve into the moves by Mr. DeGiorgio, the fired GM engineer. The report didn't address why Mr. DeGiorgio changed the ignition switch's design. "To this day, in informal interviews and under oath, DeGiorgio claims not to remember authorizing the change to the ignition switch or his decision, at the same time, not to change the switch's part number," the report said.
  24. http://www.worldcarfans.com/114020669844/aston-martin-will-recall-75-percent-of-all-cars-made-since Aston Martin DB9 2008-2014 model years Aston Martin has announced a major recall which will affect 75 percent of all cars manufactured since 2007. This huge recall affects no less than 17,590 cars made by Aston Martin and involves all left-hand drive cars manufactured since November 2007 and all right-hand drive models produced since May 2012 which according to a company spokesman represent approximately 75 percent of all cars built since 2007. Out of a total of 17,590 cars, 5,001 units are from North America while the other 12,589 units were sold worldwide and none of the recalled cars is a Vanquish model. This massive recall has to do with a Chinese sub-supplier who was using counterfeit plastic material for a component which they supplied to Aston Martin. Company spokeswoman Sarah Calam says 22 failed parts have been reported so far and luckily no accidents or injuries were related to this problem. As a result of this recall, Aston Martin is now being supplied directly by a DuPont distributor.
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