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Found 154 results

  1. Today is Sunday, alot of illegal parking in my area, usually I just closed two eyes, but some are downright inconsiderate, blocking ramp for trolleys/wheelchairs for hours with driver nowhere in sight.. Just realized TP dun catch illegal parking anymore, have reported one super inconsiderate illegal parking online at LTA/Onemotoring.. Please report online for any 'inconsiderate' illegal parking, thanks.. Ranting over..
  2. StreetFight3r

    Time to report errant PMD riders!

    Download MyTransport.SG App if u havent already done so. New feature allows you to report PMD riders to the authorities. Launched date 31 July. Users can upload an image or video of the offending device and send it to LTA with information such as the time, date, and location of the incident. You will also need to indicate if the incident is an accident or an Active Mobility violation. The form also asks for the errant device’s identification number, but of course if it was moving too quickly for you to memorise it or even notice or locate it, you don’t have to key it in — it isn’t a required field. You will also need to provide your name, contact number, and email address in filing the report. Aside from identifying errant users, these reports will facilitate LTA’s enforcement efforts on the ground by identifying PMD violation hotspots, said Senior Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Transport Baey Yam Keng. See more from here https://mothership.sg/2019/07/report-pmd-riders/
  3. Ownself check ownself 2019 edition Auditor-General finds lapses in procurement, contracts and IT controls in public agencies Mata involved! Police reports made after AGO highlights lapses Police begin probe over irregular quotations received by MND and URA after AGO report
  4. I just can't link a marine co. with car wash business... ... Sembcorp Marine lodges report with CAD following Brazil scandal SEMBCORP Marine said that it has lodged a report with the Commercial Affairs Department of the Singapore Police Force, after revealing last week that its yard in the south-eastern state of Brazil was raided and the facility's former president was involved in a corruption probe. Present investigations involve Martin Cheah Kok Choon, the former president of SembMarine's Brazil unit Estaleiro Jurong Aracruz (EJA), during the time when he was in the employment of the group. In this light, SembMarine has "lodged a suspicious transaction report . . . with the Commercial Affairs Department of the Singapore Police Force", according to its exchange filing on Monday. SembMarine said that Mr Cheah's employment with the group was terminated in June 2015. Other than Mr Cheah, "the company is not aware that any director or management of the company is a subject of the current investigations being conducted by the Brazilian authorities", it said. SembMarine Brazil unit involved in Operation Car Wash probe over ex-consultant SEMBCORP Marine (SembMarine) on Wednesday said it has cooperated fully with the Brazilian Federal Police after a search warrant was executed on Estaleiro Jurong Aracruz (EJA), its subsidiary in Brazil. The search warrant was in connection with ongoing investigations related to Operation Car Wash in Brazil, the country’s biggest anti-graft crackdown which sent former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to jail. The offshore and marine firm understands the search relates to investigations against Guilherme Esteves de Jesus, a former consultant engaged by EJA in Brazil who has been arrested by the Brazilian Federal Police. He is facing ongoing criminal charges which have not been concluded. Present investigations also involve Martin Cheah Kok Choon, EJA’s former president, the company added. SembMarine said it has a strict compliance programme and continuously works to ensure its policies and procedures are in place to prevent any violation of anti-corruption laws applicable to its operations. "The company wishes to reiterate that the group is committed to the highest standards of compliance with anti-corruption laws and does not condone and will not tolerate any improper business conduct," it said. The company added that it will continue to monitor developments in Brazil and other jurisdictions regarding the matter and will make appropriate announcements when there are any material developments.
  5. Spot A Rogue PMD Rider? MyTransport.SG App Will Soon Let You Submit Photo, Video Complaints As the period for e-scooter registration is coming to a close, the Land Transport Authority (LTA)’s new rules will be in effect starting 1 July. From then onwards, it will be an offence if you’re found riding an unregistered e-scooter on public paths. Commuters and retailers should note that enabling someone else to ride an unregistered e-scooter, and selling or leasing non-UL2272 certified personal mobility devices (PMDs) for use on public paths, are also prohibited. To make it easier to enforce these rules, the LTA hopes to give the public a more accessible channel to report cases of misconduct. The authority has said it is “working on an enhancement” to its MyTransport.SG app so that users can soon upload photos and videos if they come across errant PMD riders. You can download MyTransport.SG for iOS here and Android here. Before the update is rolled out into the app, people can lodge complaints and feedback on LTA’s website in the meantime. Things To Know If You’re An E-Scooter RiderSince registration opened on 2 January 2019, there have already been more than 75,000 e-scooters registered across Singapore. If you own an e-scooter and haven’t registered it yet, it’s still not too late—you have until 30 June to get it done at LTA’s OneMotoring website. Registrants must be at least 16 years old, and will have to declare that their device is compliant to criteria, which includes having a maximum weight of 20kg and a top speed of 25km/h. False declarations can result in fines of up to $5,000 and a year’s imprisonment. Once you’ve completed the process, you will be issued a unique registration number, and you’re required to affix both the Identification Mark bearing this number and an LTA Registration Mark on your e-scooter. After 1 July, those found riding unregistered e-scooters on public paths can face fines of up to $2,000 and up to three months’ jail for a first-time offence. Additionally, all e-scooters used on public paths must be certified to the UL2272 standard by 1 January 2021. Existing owners of non-UL2272 certified PMDs purchased before 1 July 2019 can still register and use them until December 2020, after which they will be automatically deregistered. Not sure if your e-scooter falls within the accepted standard? You can find LTA’s list of UL2272 certified PMDs available in Singapore here.
  6. https://sg.news.yahoo.com/driver-investigated-videos-taken-pm-lees-eldest-son-105034248.html This driver is darn stupid, just drive and mind his own business and nothing would had happened. What for post this video online for people to see, somemore the rider is Lhl son. See la now the driver kanna hot soup. Stupid driver. For sure one must be professional in the work. Like for driving grab/go jek etc. Cannot suka suka intorograte people, cannot suka suka see wa I am fetching a famous person, must take video and then show off to people I fetch so and so. That's not professional. Hope other drivers to realise this. Like for me I just drive, I don't care who the person is, I just drive to ensure rider reach destination safely. Of coz if rider open up conversation, I will then start talking to the rider too, but then I will not ask personal questions, just see what rider talk and go with the flow, that's it.
  7. Straits Times Jun 21, 2011 Ho Ching not leaving Temasek, says report By Robin Chan TEMASEK Holdings' chief executive and executive director Ho Ching is believed to have told staff she is not resigning. Ms Ho reportedly told employees that if she had to leave on a high note, she could have done so last year, when Temasek's portfolio had more than recovered from the financial crisis, Reuters said, citing unnamed sources. Temasek's portfolio rose 43 per cent year-on-year to $186 billion at the end of March last year. A spokesman for Temasek declined to comment on the Reuters report. Speculation arose earlier this month when the Financial Times ran a front page story claiming Ms Ho may step down in August. It had said Temasek is expected to report further gains on its portfolio investments when it releases its annual report next month.
  8. KapitanE

    Trip Report..... SQ to London

    Yes, I am again in the air and flew out of Singapore on the 12th evening, SQ322, the A380 direct flight.... Well, have been on this type of seat configuration many times before, so it is not as exciting as before. But as always, couples of drinks, good food, and a good night rest before arrival...... Service not as good as previous experience, maybe because stewardess is young and new.... I was not asked if I wanted a drink when I woke up and she walked pass the aisle a few times,.... walk through... I had to stop another to ask for coffee... haiz.... What is a trip report without pictures.... Plane took off from Terminal 3, shots of other SQ planes at the terminal last night... Traditional leg room shot..... some champagne before taking off....
  9. New uniform to look out for for Cisco parking wardens. LTA, URA and HDB to share one common hotline in order to improve response to public feedback and effectiveness of response. https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/one-hotline-enforcement-provider-parking-offences-august
  10. Ysc3

    Oil leak report to who ?

    this afternoon was going out with my mom to supermarket. once the lift door opened, there was a very strong petroleum smell in the air. as i walked to the car park to my car, i passed by the motor cycle parking lots and was shocked to see a motor bike was leaking petrol from its fuel tank ! the ground below the bike was already wet with a pool of pinkish petrol and still flowing .... question :
  11. $60 hair cut for a BOY <_< i eat until so old never had a hair cut so expensive wow!
  12. Dear friend. dealer send 2nd car to STA for inspection. Overall Grade is B. The report mentions that (1) engine oil and (2) transmission oil are dirty and need to replace. Dealer promise to change to it before deliver to me. Is there any concern? What shall I pay attention to ?
  13. Hi All, I am a newbie here and intend to purchase a used car which was sent for STA evaluation. The overall grading was B, made with following remarks: 1. VEHICLE TRANSMISSION HOUSING SIGN OF STAINS 2. VEHICLE DRIVESHAFT GREASE SIGN OF STAINS 3. VEHICLE REAR BRAKE DISCS SIGN OF WORN 4. VEHICLE FRONT PANEL SIGN OF TOUCH UP 5. VEHICLE FRONT WINDSCREEN 70% 6. VEHICLE FRONT WINDOW 73% 7. VEHICLE REAR WINDSCREEN 49% 8. VEHICLE REAR WINDOW 57% Should I be worried about the above comments? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. https://sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/south-korea-orders-vehicle-recalls-hyundai-kia-whistleblower-025450436--finance.html
  15. Creative_tec

    Credit Bureau Report ...

    Made mistake years ago and managed to settle all my CC bills in full in 2010. However, report today still shows that i have 4 defaults and OCBC bank put the "discount of 2K plus" under negotiated settlement. Called ocbc and ask if i can pay them the "discounted" amount so that my CBS will look slightly better... got rejected by them... call CBS. Told me no point to pay the discounted amount to OCBC. Told me to wait for 3 years for the records to be erase off.... Put up application to buy a car of $80,000, downpayment 60K, also kena rejected by Banks... is there any way to improve on my credit bureau report? p/s: And for those who is in CC debt, don't play a fool with the bank. They let you off in the early stage but come back killing you off in the later stage.
  16. To all bros/ sis who are planning to ride all the way to Northern Thailand. Here is the link I set up during my trip. This is ONLY the first leg. Very tiring but worth every single second. I set up this humble post to guide bros/sis interested, and some tips to share. I thank bros/sis who did give me encouragement and valuable informations......this is very doable and if you need any more info, can email me and i am willing to share! Since this is only the first leg, the return leg will be publish shortly!!! http://roadtriptothailand.blogspot.com/201...o-thailand.html
  17. 4.30am on a cool, damp November morning and its cold and dark, and I reach out to punch the button on my alarm clock to cut off the buzz and I stretch a bit, shivered a little as I get out of bed and into the bathroom for a splash of cold water and it hits my face like a sheet of small sharp needles, bam! and I wake up a little more, curse a little more and I ask for coffee, make it strong
  18. Hi guys, Some of you might be aware I am buying a second hand Jazz... this is AA evaluation report. I am not a merchanical person so need some expert advise if its worth to get this car. Particularly these few issues: - Rattling noise when change "D" to "R" : Is this serious? Gearbox related? Need repair or replace? - Bottom of gearbox seepage: Can this be fixed? Will it affect my gearbox? - Possible missing front reinforcement bar: AA told me yesterday they check a newer Jazz model have this but mine don't have. Can any 2005 Jazz owner advise me? Heard from AA it can be quite serious as I dun have any front protection without this bar. Please also point out if anything you feel is critical (minus cosmetic)... Thank you so much!
  19. while getting out of a very tight parallel parking, i gently touched the rear bumper of the car in front of me. it was so gentle that my OC and kids don't even know until i asked them if they felt anything. should i report to car insurance? my car has totally no damage at all.
  20. frenchfly

    Report to which governments agency

    Hi was sending my kid, this guy just block the drop off point At least 4 to 5 kids were drench trying to go to school The sign say 400 dollars fine Which agency to send this to . Thanks
  21. Well.... Nice showroom....cheaper prices....volks auto number 2? It's high time the government looks to regulate the PI market.
  22. Auditor-General’s Report FY 2015/16: Audit observations http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/auditor-generals-report-fy-201516-audit-observations In its latest report for financial year 2015/16, the Auditor General’s Office (AGO) flagged lapses and inadequate financial controls in six ministries and six statutory boards. These ranged from investments made without proper approval and evaluation by the Ministry of Defence, to the National Arts Council paying a consultancy fee of S$0.41 million for the construction of a bin centre that cost S$0.47 million. Here’s are highlights of the AGO’s audit observations: NATIONAL ARTS COUNCIL (NAC) The AGO found lapses in the NAC’s management of the Victoria Theatre and the Victoria Concert Hall redevelopment project, after carrying out test checks on six contracts with a total value of S$139.17 million. It found: The NAC paid S$0.41 million in consultancy fees for the construction of a bin centre, equivalent to 87.2 per cent of the S$0.47 million construction cost of the centre. • The AGO called the consultancy fee “exceptionally high”, and said the NAC directly engaged consultants for the additional services without first conducting a cost assessment. • Its supervising ministry, then the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (MICA), did not have a robust assessment of the consultancy fee. It benchmarked the fee against more complex projects. • The Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY), which now oversees the NAC after a restructuring, cited the complexity and expertise needed for the bin centre, and the effort to coordinate with multiple parties as reasons for the higher fee. The AGO noted there was no documentary evidence these reasons were considered then. • Going ahead: > The NAC said it would include relevant cost assessments when seeking approval for procurement. > The MCCY said it would adopt the norm for cost assessment of consultancy fees and provide justifications where there are good grounds for deviation. • The NAC also allowed 47 instances of alterations to the scope of works under two construction contracts to be carried out prior to approval. • The 47 variations were estimated to be valued at S$4 million, and were among 164 variations made to the contracts. The delays in obtaining approval ranged from 12 days to 3.5 years. LAND TRANSPORT AUTHORITY (LTA) The AGO found that the LTA failed to ensure proper collection of tolls at Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints. • Tolls at Woodlands and Tuas were under-collected by an estimated S$13.93 million in financial year 2014/15 — almost 22 per cent of total tolls collected that year. • AGO’s site audit showed that there was no effective system to ensure that vehicles pass immigration booth only after fees were paid • The LTA has agreed to review controls and enforcement over toll collection. HOUSING AND DEVELOPMENT BOARD (HDB) The AGO identified lapses in HDB’s collection of parking fees at residential and industrial estates. • At five car parks at industrial estates, the AGO found 113,103 instances of vehicles not charged parking fees. An estimated S$159,000 was not collected between April 2014 and August 2015. • At 59 residential car parks, the AGO found 2,501 instances of non-payment upon exit between April and September 2015 on more than three occasions a month. • The HDB has begun a thorough analysis of reports from car park operators, and made police reports against motorists who deliberately tried to evade parking fees in industrial areas. MINISTRY OF DEFENCE (Mindef) The AGO audited the Savings and Employee Retirement and Premium Fund (SAVER-Premium Fund), focusing on receipts and payments as well as investments. It found: • Mindef failed to provide for Central Provident Fund (CPF) contributions on the Full Savings Vesting (FSV) Bonus, which is paid to SAVER Plan members who have completed 10 years of service. • Mindef did not provide the CPF contributions since 2007, when the FSV bonus was introduced. • Mindef had considered FSV bonus as an integral part of the SAVER Plan and as a termination benefit which would not attract CPF contributions • But AGO said the bonus is paid to officers while they employed, hence CPF contributions would need to be paid. This was affirmed in the legal advice sought by Mindef. • MINDEF said it would make the required CPF contributions by next month. For FY2014/15, the estimated CPF amount for 215 members is S$324,000. • Last January, Mindef invested S$50.26 million in a United States Real Estate Investment Trust exchange-traded fund (US REIT ETF) without proper approval and evaluation by the SAVER-Premium Fund’s Board of Trustees. The ministry only sought approval from the then Director of Defence Finance. • It also appointed an investment manager without the Board’s approval. • Evaluation of the US REIT ETF was not adequate, and complete information on the investment costs was not presented when seeking the director’s approval. • Mindef said no approval for the investment was sought from the Board because it was deemed a transitional investment consistent with the Board’s approved strategic asset alocation. This was pending the appointment of two Board-approved fund managers for investments of S$25 million each in Global REITS and US REITS. • However, the AGO noted that Board’s approval was only for the aforementioned S$25 million investments. • Mindef has since obtained covering approval from the Board for the appointment of the transitional investment manager • It will review the processes relating to seeking approval for investment MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS (MFA) The AGO found irregularities in the management of subscription of telecommunication services, with overpayments totalling S$109,868 and wastage totalling S$80,744 on mobile lines that were no longer needed. • No proper verification of invoices to ensure that rates and amounts billed and paid were correct. • Out of 26 invoices, 18 had indications of overpayments. • Rates billed were different from usual rates, or there were wide fluctuations (more than 20 per cent) in rates billed between months. • No evidence officers verified service and rates billed by vendors against the contracts. • Their methods of either comparing with the rates in previous invoices or spot checking the phone plan subscription rates billed against an internal listing were not effective, said the AGO. • The MFA has since recovered the overpayments. • The MFA also subscribed to 28 mobile lines that were no longer needed. • 11 lines had not been used in more than two years, while 17 lines belonged to officers who had either left the MFA or were assigned other lines three months to three years earlier. • Measures to rectify this include: > Terminating the 28 mobile lines > Implementing processes to monitor usage and review the need for mobile lines annually, > Plans to trigger the termination or assignment of lines when officers leave the MFA The AGO also identified irregularities, overpayment, lapses and wastage at the Manpower, Law and Home Affairs ministries. The Intellectual Property Office and the Civil Service College were also called out for lapses in procurement and administration of course/trainer fees. The AGO’s report is available here: http://www.ago.gov.sg/docs/default-source/report/18599c06-73f0-4965-a32b-db9394110e4a.pdf
  23. Porker

    Smoking Can Help Czech Economy

    Article dated 2001 though Philip Morris Cos. officials in the Czech Republic have been distributing an economic analysis concluding that cigarette consumption isn't a drag on the country's budget, in part because smokers' early deaths help offset medical expenses. The report, commissioned by the cigarette maker and produced by consulting firm Arthur D. Little International, totes up smoking's "positive effects" on national finances, including revenue from excise and other taxes on cigarettes and "health-care cost savings due to early mortality." The premature demise of smokers saved the Czech government between 943 million koruna and 1.19 billion koruna (between $23.8 million and $30.1 million or between 20.3 million euros and 25.7 million euros) on health care, pensions and housing for the elderly in 1999, according to the report. The report also calculates the costs of smoking, such as the expense of caring for sick smokers and people made ill by second-hand smoke as well as income taxes lost when smokers die. Weighing the costs and benefits, the report concludes that in 1999 the government had a net gain of 5.82 billion koruna ($147.1 million) from smoking. Philip Morris said it received the Little report late last year and handed it out recently after complaints from Czech officials that the tobacco industry was saddling the country with huge health-care expenses. "This is an economic-impact study, no more, no less," said Robert Kaplan, a spokesman for Philip Morris's international tobacco unit in Rye Brook, N.Y. "We're not trying to suggest that there would be a benefit to society from the diseases related to smoking." Philip Morris manufactures about 80% of the cigarettes smoked in the Czech Republic. The New York company, which owns a 77.5% stake in a formerly state-owned Czech tobacco enterprise, sells its flagship Marlboro smokes as well as local brands. Measuring the net costs of smoking to societies and governments long has been controversial and difficult. Studies measuring the lifetime health-care costs of smokers, who die sooner but have higher annual medical expenses, have reached conflicting conclusions. Some find that, over their lives, smokers have similar costs to nonsmokers. Others have found that smokers' health-care costs are higher. Gauging the real level of such costs is very difficult, and hard-to-quantify expenses aren't captured in many estimates. Smokers, for example, recover more slowly and are more likely to have complications after surgery for unrelated problems, increasing the cost of caring for them. Tobacco-control experts attacked the Czech report. "Is there any other company that would boast about making money for the public treasury by killing its customers? I can't think of one," said Kenneth Warner, an economist at the University of Michigan's school of public health. Dr. Warner said the study appeared to be seriously flawed because, among other things, it fails to consider what the economic impact would be if smokers stopped buying cigarettes and spent their money on other goods instead. Eva Kralikova, a physician and epidemiologist at Charles University in Prague, said the report also "very much underestimated" the costs of medical care for people suffering from smoking-related diseases. Dr. Kralikova said lung cancer and other illnesses caused by tobacco use account for about 20% of all deaths in the Czech Republic, killing about 23,000 people a year. And she said the number of illnesses and deaths is expected to mount, as is the expense of medical treatment, as smokers age.
  24. As per topic, would you report TP if it was you?
  25. Hi everyone, Am currently in the process of looking for a first used car. Of the cars that I have viewed (mostly sourced on SGCM), I have had one sent for AA testing and pre-purchase evaluation. As I have relatively limited knowledge of car mechanics and repairs, would like to appeal for help and feedback regarding the report. Model: Audi A4 1.8T FSI MU S-LINE Registration: May 2009 Mileage: 120,000+ Previous owners: 1 Dealer claims - no major accidents, stock colour, servicing already done before initial viewing No declarations with regards to major servicing/repairs required beforehand Am looking for opinions on whether this vehicle appears roadworthy/worth purchasing (+/- negotiations or additional servicing) based on the report, or if there are any major red flags etc. Thanks in advance. Any constructive comments or suggestions would also be very much appreciated!