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Found 39 results

  1. Blueray

    Ho Ching retire 2021

    Bye bye
  2. Straits Times Jun 21, 2011 Ho Ching not leaving Temasek, says report By Robin Chan TEMASEK Holdings' chief executive and executive director Ho Ching is believed to have told staff she is not resigning. Ms Ho reportedly told employees that if she had to leave on a high note, she could have done so last year, when Temasek's portfolio had more than recovered from the financial crisis, Reuters said, citing unnamed sources. Temasek's portfolio rose 43 per cent year-on-year to $186 billion at the end of March last year. A spokesman for Temasek declined to comment on the Reuters report. Speculation arose earlier this month when the Financial Times ran a front page story claiming Ms Ho may step down in August. It had said Temasek is expected to report further gains on its portfolio investments when it releases its annual report next month.
  3. http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/fire-at-shells-manufacturing-site-on-pulau-bukom-injures-six Pulau Bukom always a source of concern. 3 in critical condition after Pulau Bukom fire POSTED: 21 Aug 2015 22:32 SINGAPORE: Three people are in critical condition after a fire broke out at Shell's Pulau Bukom Manufacturing Site on Friday (Aug 21). The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) was alerted to the fire at 6.15pm on Friday evening. The blaze was extinguished by the Company Emergency Response Team before SCDF arrived on the scene. Six contractor workers suffered burn injuries and were sent to the Singapore General Hospital (SGH). "Contrary to speculation, there is no SCDF personnel among the casualties," the civil defence force said on Facebook. Of the six workers injured, three have been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit, SGH confirmed. One is in stable condition, while the two have been discharged after receiving outpatient treatment. "We are following the progress and treatment of the other workers closely and are working with our contractors to ensure all possible support and assistance are rendered to the injured workers and their families. All other personnel are accounted for at the site," a Shell spokesperson said. Shell added that the fire was put out by the sites first emergency responders within an hour and said there is no other impact on the sites operations. The firm added that it is working with the Singapore Civil Defence Force to investigate the incident.
  4. Porker

    Goldman Sachs

    TODAY is my last day at Goldman Sachs. After almost 12 years at the firm
  5. No more Toshiba products in SG soon
  6. Hi, I just installed a car cam with concealed wires and switch. Just wondering if leaving the cam on but switching off the screen, how much power does it typically drain? I have left it on for like 3-5 hours and engine can start, but never truly overnight like 10 - 12 hours... dun dare to try leh... think its ok? does it depend on how new/old the batt is etc? i have the option of motion sensor... does it help? my thinking is that switching off the screen is saving more energy than motion sensor...
  7. Efforts to get Singaporeans to leave their cars at home and take the train and bus appear to be paying off. This was among the findings of a recent survey by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) that was announced on Monday. Lawyer Jinny Tan still drives to her workplace in the Chinatown area each morning but she opts for the train when she goes out for lunch. Ms Tan said she is open to using public transport more if one major complaint is addressed. "For mornings, it does get a bit crowded and you have to really wait for a few trains before you get on a train." The government has put in place measures to address these and other concerns. The LTA's latest Household Interview Travel Survey indicates these measures might be working. The survey found that more higher-income earners appear to be choosing buses and trains over personal vehicles. Higher income earners refer to those who earn a salary of S$8,000 or more a month. They contributed to a rise in the number of peak hour trips on public transport last year. In 2008, just over half of all such journeys were made during peak hours. It rose to nearly two in three last year. Experts believe the key to increasing these numbers is to show people how using public transportation can benefit them. The survey also found that more people used public transport if they lived near MRT stations. The government plans to have eight in 10 households live within a 10 minute walk of a train station by 2030. Observers said getting commuters from their homes to public transport is straightforward with covered walkways. The harder part is getting them from buses or trains to their workplace. Ang Hin Kee, a member of the Government Parliamentary Committee for Transport, explained: "I think the challenge for the LTA is how it incorporates this last mile into a revision of their Masterplan so that for any commuters, it will be very convenient to get from their place of work to their place of residence." The survey also showed that total daily journeys on public transport increased by 13 per cent to 12.5 million last year. Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/more-singaporeans-leaving/839682.html
  8. is this posted before? Times are bad......many dealers chut pattern........... is this the same company that 1 of the forumer dad had encounter? =================================== http://ride.asiaone.com/news/general/story...eaving-some-fix Christopher Tan | The Straits Times | Monday, Apr 8, 2013 SINGAPORE - At least four motorists have been left in the lurch after used-car trader Galaxy Carz closed down recently. The Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) received four complaints last month against the trader in Turf City. Case executive director Seah Seng Choon said the complaints pertained mainly to consumers not getting their cars despite having made payments. Mr Tan Meng Wee, 46, is one of those affected. He got his car after paying for it in cash in mid- January. But the fund manager got a rude shock when his Volkswagen Passat was repossessed last week. "I thought it was an early April Fool's joke." Apparently, Galaxy Carz had not transferred ownership of the car to Mr Tan. It was still under the ownership of another dealer, which repossessed the car. In another case, 3-D designer Doreen Wong, 31, sold her Honda Civic to Galaxy Carz last October. The car carried an outstanding loan with Maybank. Galaxy Carz resold it to logistics executive Peter Tan, 49, without settling the bank loan. The bank is expected to repossess the car from Mr Tan soon. All three parties have been trying to reach Galaxy Carz, but to no avail. Its unit at Turf City is closed. Calls made by The Straits Times to its director Cheong Wai Keong went unanswered. The Land Transport Authority said it is investigating the cases with the police, who confirmed reports have been made against Galaxy Carz. Both Mr Tan Meng Wee and Ms Wong have also engaged legal counsel. Singapore Vehicle Traders Association secretary Raymond Tang said it was aware that Galaxy Carz had closed, along with a couple of other used-car dealers since the Government's curbs on car loans kicked in on Feb 26. But Mr Tang said: "We are not sure if they are affected by the loan curbs, or are using that as an excuse to quit." The curbs limit car loans to no more than 60 per cent of the purchase price, and the tenure to no more than five years. The restrictions sent demand diving for cars, as fewer buyers could afford the heftier down payments. This, in turn, brought certificate of entitlement (COE) premiums down. Used-car dealers bore the brunt of the curbs as stocks acquired before the cooling measures were devalued overnight in tandem with lower new car rates. The Monetary Authority of Singapore on Friday granted used- car traders a 60-day reprieve on the financing curbs to help them sell their stock. But industry players said most will still have to bear substantial losses because car prices will remain depressed.
  9. As topic. This morning found out that my car battery is totally flat. Can't even unlock door using remote. My batt is more than 2 yrs but the cranking sounded normal when i last drove it. i normally leave the car camera plugged into the lighter socket, could this be a reason why the batt is totally drained? Or could it be the alternater issue?
  10. it was a mistake at the beginning never the manager Chelsea fans, and perhaps players, want the fact that RDM was sacked unfairly and Rafa was once Liverpool's manager did not help looks like the managerial merry go round will continue at the blues
  11. Meganut

    Leaving for a year

    Hi guys, (the forum with some of the finest and smartest people), I need some help and advice. Assuming I were to go away for a year and I wont be back until next year. I have a 3 year old normal plate car and I intend to keep it, my COE for the car is about 8k. As I wont be around to drive the car, but because I am keeping it i need to pay road tax and insurance for it. Does anyone here have this knowledge about converting to OPC car? I am thinking if I can convert my car to OPC so that I can enjoy lower road tax and when I return I can just convert back. Does anyone knows how I can work around it? From what I know is that if I convert normal plate car to OPC, I just pay $100+ conversion fees and some money for a new licence plate and get the car a seal. I understand that if i keep the car for 6 months, every 6 months i will get $1100 is this true? If I want to convert back the car is it just pay $100+ again to reconvert to normal plate? Do i need to top up? Anyone has any knowledge on this or better solution? I will be very grateful. Thanks
  12. Anyone encounters colleague who did that before? i used to work in a MNC and received an email from australian engineer who massed email his greviance and grudges with the coy to everyone globally. my fren said he also received such emails before.
  13. From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg..._ambulance.html Posted on 27 Jun 2012 Woman strips naked after hitting cyclists and prevents ambulance from leaving A woman knocked down a mother and daughter in Shandong province last Sunday (June 17). When the ambulance arrived, the female driver stripped naked and and laid down on the road to block the paramedics from sending the victims to the hospital. The daughter was pronounced dead at the hospital while the mother was left in a critical condition. The driver, Mrs Zhang, was said to be a lecturer at a local junior medical college, specialising in Traditional Chinese medicine and used to teach anatomy and psychiatry. Ironically, witnesses talked about how emotionally unstable she was before and more so after the accident, being rough to her own injured mother who was in the car with her at the time. The article was contributed by the STOMP Team.
  14. Yattokame

    Leaving a will

    Hi guys Any lawyers to recommend for the above? Cheap and good ones. Thanx
  15. If we are going to leave our car unused for about 2 week at MSCP what are things we need to do to make sure that it will be in good condition and ready to use when we get back.Do we need to disconnect the battery negative terminal. Please need some advice from all Bros.
  16. STOMPer Kirbyzxc was on his way to work when he was delayed by a train service disruption along the North South Line. This is the most recent in a series of incidents involving SMRT trains having problems that lead to a service disruption. Said the STOMPer: "Today, SMRT was facing problems yet again. "I am rushing to work yet the train service has been disrupted. "This is not the first time. "SMRT has disappointed us by having so much problems. "I hope they will keep they train service in order all the time. "Because of this incident, Somerset MRT station packed with people early in the morning. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg..._yet_again.html
  17. WHY WHY WHY are you all leaving me... one by one... what did i do wrong??? did i not take care of you all properly??? i took so many people's advice... i did try my best... but i know that you all will not come back... its so bloody unfair... life is so unfair...
  18. Just curious what do you folks do to ensure and secure your family's future in the event of your untimely demise? How much is enough? I will be leaving behind (touch wood I will live to 85 yrs old)... 1. A fully paid condo 2. 600k Cash 3. 250K education fund when my daughter turns 18 I am thinking to increase it further when I can afford it...am I too kiasu?
  19. Sad.... I would have considered the car with the tax break ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Electric car firm pulls plug on S'pore Tesla exits after failing to secure 'green' tax incentives, making its cars unviable here By Christopher Tan, Senior Correspondent AMERICAN electric car company Tesla Motors is pulling the plug on plans to market its zippy, battery-powered sports cars to the wealthy and environmentally hip here - just six months after setting up an office at Suntec to do just that. It will pack up next week, without having sold a single car. The Straits Times understands that the company is pulling out because it failed to secure 'green' tax incentives for its cars, making them unviable. The two-seater Tesla Roadster, which runs entirely on lithium-ion batteries that can be charged from a normal household socket, would cost $400,000 to $500,000 without the incentives. That is in the ballpark of cars like the Porsche 911 and Maserati Granturismo. But had the tax break been granted, the car would have cost around $250,000 or less. The Economic Development Board, which is in charge of approving the tax break, said Tesla had not met 'technical requirements'. A Tesla insider said the company had garnered about a dozen bookings, most on condition that the tax break be granted. A few were willing to buy the car without the tax break, but Tesla said the numbers were too small to justify its presence here. One of the willing was businessman Melvin Tan, 38, who said: 'Too bad. I really quite liked the car.' Tesla Motors Asia-Pacific director Kevin Yu told The Straits Times: 'Unfortunately, Singapore has not turned out to be the market we hoped it would be. 'Given the Roadster's limited production run and the enthusiastic support from both customers and governments for the vehicle in other markets, Tesla has decided to focus our limited resources elsewhere.' He cited some examples of 'enthusiastic support'. They include Japan, which is granting 2.61million yen (S$40,000) in cash rebate for each Tesla buyer; Hong Kong and Malaysia, where electric vehicles are tax exempt; and various cities in Europe and America, which have similar tax breaks of varying amounts. Mr Yu added: 'We do hope that at some point in the future conditions will be right for re-entry...we have no plans at this point.' Meanwhile, Singapore's plan to test-bed a fleet of electric cars is still stuck in the slow lane. Public infrastructure for charging the cars is expected to be up and running only in the middle of the year, though the first batch of cars has arrived. Cycle & Carriage has brought in a fleet of 10 Mitsubishi iMiEV hatchbacks - the first of 25 committed here for the test-bed. The cars, which are set to be granted tax breaks, will sit in a warehousing area for the next half-year or so. Nissan and Renault said they hope to bring in electric models later this year, but are awaiting the green light regarding the tax rebate. The effort to bring in a trial fleet of electric cars - to test their durability in a hot, humid environment - started several years ago.
  20. Picnic06-Biante15

    Fancy Leaving Inside an Egg House ........

    Yahoo News : Hatching a living plan in Beijing A newly graduated architect in Beijing, China, has brought the meaning of living green to a whole new level. Dai Haifei, 24, has built himself a mobile solar-powered egg-shaped house in order to live rent-free, right on the street. The two-meter-high structure with two wheels underneath, small enough to fit on a sidewalk, is made from sack bags on the outside wall, bamboo splints on the inside and wood chippings and grass seeds in between.
  21. My work requires me to make daily visit to the warehouse where the Customs Operations Command is located (Keppel Road). On more den a few occasions, I saw custom officers in plain clothes but wif their dog tag hanging around their neck, standing beside their QX car, smoking and talking c--k while leaving the engine of the car running for extended period of time. I dun care if they smoke or wad, coz it
  22. Beginning to learn to take MRT to work..ahaha since my new place got MRT right at the doorstep, i figured might as well give it a try. The car can sit at home and stay nice, clean and dry in the meantime :) *goodbye massive CBD parking fees!* (until i get lazy and decide to drive again)
  23. Picnic06-Biante15

    Alonso Leaving Pool .........

    ESPN Latest : Real and Liverpool agree fee for Alonso move Liverpool's Xabi Alonso is poised to sign for Real Madrid on Wednesday after the clubs agreed a fee believed to be
  24. wow...heng this car never come over to SG... Nano car fire raises safety fears 05:55 AM Mar 27, 2010 Mr Satish Sawant was proudly driving his new Tata Nano home from the showroom when it started smoking and burst into flames. He managed to get his wife and five-year-old son out before the flames engulfed the tiny car (picture). The company believes it was a one-off problem. But Mr Sawant's ordeal raises questions about quality as Tata Motors sets its sights on global expansion, with plans to sell the Nano - priced from US$2,500 ($3,500) - in Europe next year. Last year, three customers in India complained that their Nanos started smoking, a problem Tata Motors attributed to a faulty electrical switch. "As of today, is Tata good enough to take on the world? I would say no," said Mr Deepesh Rathore, an auto analyst at IHS Global Insight. "This is the time for Tata to have a deep look at quality." AP untitled.bmp