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Found 445 results

  1. MAZ Nitro Review by SGCarMart - Cleaner Engine for Better Performance MAZ Nitro Review by SGCarMart: http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/writeup.php?AID=249 Do also check out the reviews on Qoo10.sg here: http://list.qoo10.sg/item/MAZ-NITRO-MAZ-NITRO-SAVE-UP-TO-59-OF-GASOLINE/415153451 More Road Test results here: (Done by independent drivers in Singapore) MAZ Nitro Road Test Results MAZ Nitro Analysis Reports MSDS US EPA Registration (USA Environmental Protection Agency) No Harm Analysis (Princeton Polymer Laboratories) Copper Corrosion Analysis (Saybolt Laboratory) NTU Study on MAZ by Professor Chan Siew Hwa MTEC Paper 103 - Combustion Efficiency in Bunker Fuel ISO8217 and IP541/06 Bunker Analysis More than 10,000 bottles of MAZ Nitro has already been sold since we first launched it in mid-April 2014! You can purchase them online via Qoo10.sg or Maznitro.com or just drop by our office at 126 Neil Road. You may not have heard of us, but we have been in the market for more than 12 years. We have been specializing in marine bunker fuel, industrial diesel, mining, gensets and other industrial markets in Australia, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and many more! MAZ Nitro is the ONLY fuel performance additive in the World that combines BOTH Nitro-Paraffins and PEA together. Using proprietary chemicals, we are able to stabilise the high volatility of NP and yet retain its power boost features with PEA - the strongest & most effective complete fuel system cleaning agent. This is the first time that we have decided to bring MAZ Nitro back to Singapore at the most affordable pricing ever! Hope we will be able to help drivers in Singapore achieve fuel savings and enjoy a smoother & more powerful ride. Drive safely! News Update (27th June 2014) Our heartiest congratulations to Prof Chan Siew Hwa from NTU for being listed among The World's Most Influential Scientific Minds for 2014 by Thomson Reuters!! Professor Chan Siew Hwa has been on our board for the the past decade and have done countless research and written a few thesis on MAZ Nitro. We are indeed most privileged to have the guidance of Professor Chan Siew Hwa for all these years! 4th September 2014 We are deeply honoured to have Mr. Sat Pal Khattar writing us a review on MAZ Nitro after trying it out in his BMW 745 and Lexus 460. Before & After MAZ Nitro treatment in HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil) Noticed the stronger flame & reduced black smoke emissions? That's the POWER of MAZ Nitro with only 1 dosage you can spot/feel the difference immediately! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPACljJRB3w MAZ Nitro WILL NOT Void your engine warranty! Read the below notice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPY4LcRP7TI Are you sure that gasoline in Singapore is really that clean ? Before & After MAZ Nitro treatment on Peugeot 308 Turbo - Esso 5000 Unleaded Petrol (Singapore) - Treatment of (6 x 50 Litres of Esso 5000 + MAZ Nitro) - Approximately 3,500km - 50% Highway/ 50% City Driving WHERE TO BUY MAZ NITRO - www.maznitro.com - Qoo10.sg MAZ Nitro DX (Diesel) $15.90 (65ml) 1 set contains 3 sachets of MAZ Nitro for 3 full tank treatments.
  2. Seems like The bids are damn aggressive. See this one
  3. This is a thread asking how much do you spend on your utility bill monthly and how we can reduce it Dear friends I was in a chat with some friends over lunch and I was shocked to find the variation, so I hope everyone can share the amount they spend and also how they reduce it. Maybe everyone can post the total bill size (including gas, water and electricity if it is from different vendors) and the number of members in the household and any other info? Eg I have a friend in a four storey landed with 9 pax and two kids who use $900 plus a month - they have the aircon turned on in the living room most of the waking hours. Another young couple only use $30 a month and they spend most of their time at work and seldom eat at home. Here are some tips on saving electricity from Asiaone : https://www.asiaone.com/singapore/10-hacks-save-your-water-and-electricity-bill-home More tips: https://iswitch.com.sg/save-electricity-tips/ https://www.pub.gov.sg/savewater/athome/watersavinghabits
  4. I am looking for a cordless power tool system, most likely 18v, which I can grow with. It would be for home and automotive use. For a start, I am looking at a impact wrench to remove the wheel lug nuts. I am also looking at a good impact drill for masonry work for the home. There are numerous brands of these cordless power tool system e.g. Makita, Bosch, Ryobi, Milwukee, etc. Do share your experience, please.
  5. Man taken to hospital for burns after power bank explodes in his pocket at Bedok hawker centre A man was taken to hospital on Friday evening (Jan 11) after suffering burns from a power bank, which had exploded in his pocket. The middle-aged man at Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre burnt his palm when he reached into his pocket to remove the device, reported Chinese-language daily Lianhe Wanbao. The Singapore Civil Defence Force said it responded to a call at about 6.40pm at Block 209 New Upper Changi Road. The man, who is in his 40s, was taken to Changi General Hospital. Ms Wendy Hong, 60, told The Straits Times that she was having her dinner when she heard a commotion, with several diners standing up, surrounding the injured man. "There was a thick, grey smoke, and I could also smell a very strong stench of burning chemicals," said the part-timer who works in the clothing industry. Passers-by helped to put ice on his hand, wrapping it up with plastic food wrap. "His face was screwed up - it was clear he was in a lot of pain," she added, noting that the ambulance arrived shortly. Photos given to Lianhe Wanbao show the badly burnt and melted remains of the power bank on the hawker centre floor, as well as a large frayed hole in the man's back pocket. Duck rice stall assistant Huang Jia Qiang told Lianhe Wanbao that he heard a small explosion, in addition to the smell of something burning. He said that the man had been using his phone while eating, with the phone connected to the power bank in his pocket at the same time.
  6. steveluv

    Japan Sanyo's Plastic Battery

    https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Technology/Japan-drone-submarine-eyes-16-hour-dive-with-plastic-battery?utm_campaign=RN%20Subscriber%20newsletter&utm_medium=JP%20update%20newsletter&utm_source=NAR%20Newsletter&utm_content=article%20link&del_type=4&pub_date=20200721090000&seq_num=13&si=%%user_id%% Japan drone submarine eyes 16-hour dive with plastic battery Sanyo tests rechargeable prototype with Kawasaki's unmanned vessel Sanyo Chemical Industries' all-polymer battery can power Kawasaki's unmanned submarine for 16 hours on one charge. YUKI MURAKAMI, Nikkei staff writerJuly 21, 2020 00:29 JST KYOTO -- Sanyo Chemical Industries' rechargeable battery made almost entirely of plastic is now powering an unmanned submarine by Kawasaki Heavy Industries in a test run, with the promise of doubling the vehicle's operation range to 16 hours. The trial presents the first commercial use of the all-polymer device made by Sanyo subsidiary APB. The battery, whose electrolytes are also made of resin, lasts twice as long as its lithium-ion cousin and boasts cheaper production costs and greater resistance to fires. Kawasaki's autonomous underwater vehicle is designed to inspect oil pipelines and other deep sea equipment. Due to the nature of the work, an internal battery would be subjected to high pressures. The all-polymer battery can withstand depths of more than 3,000 meters. APB's battery can power the vehicle for about 16 hours on a single charge, up from roughly eight for a lithium-ion battery. Mass production for the all-polymer battery is said to cost 90% less than for a lithium-ion counterpart due to the simplicity of the manufacturing process. APB, is setting up a plant in Japan's Fukui Prefecture. Full-scale production will be ready around fall 2021, with sales to begin before the fiscal year ends in March 2022. The aim is to develop a business worth hundreds of billions of yen (100 billion yen equals $934 million) within five to 10 years. The operation will focus on stationary power storage for buildings, but batteries for undersea drones have become feasible as well. APB has raised roughly 9 billion yen from eight investors through June, including trading house Toyota Tsusho and energy major Eneos Holdings. Both Nissan Motor and Sanyo have licensed polymer battery technology to APB to accelerate development.
  7. https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Companies/Toshiba-s-megawatt-fuel-cells-have-enough-juice-to-power-a-factory?utm_campaign=RN%20Subscriber%20newsletter&utm_medium=JP%20update%20newsletter&utm_source=NAR%20Newsletter&utm_content=article%20link&del_type=4&pub_date=20200722090000&seq_num=10&si=%%user_id%% Toshiba's megawatt fuel cells have enough juice to power a factory Hydrogen system bolsters Japan's efforts toward renewables Toshiba looks to expand the market for its hydrogen power systems. TAKAYUKI YAO, Nikkei staff writerJuly 22, 2020 05:13 JST TOKYO -- Toshiba is set to roll out a hydrogen-powered fuel cell system capable of generating enough electricity to power 1,000 homes, or an entire factory or hospital in a boost to a government push of the zero-emission energy source. Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions has developed a 1 megawatt system consisting of at least 10 of its existing 100kW hydrogen fuel cells and will start selling it as early as this fiscal year. A megawatt equals 1,000kW. Other than Canada's Ballard Power Systems, there is no other supplier of hydrogen fuel cells with such capacity, according to the Toshiba subsidiary. Factories and hospitals generally require power capacity of 1MW to 2MW to operate. Japan has been pushing hydrogen as a more environmentally friendly alternative to carbon-based fuels. Hydrogen can supplement solar and wind power supply, which tends to be unstable, generating electricity at night for those who rely on solar during the day, for instance. Another idea is to produce hydrogen using solar energy and generate power from that hydrogen later. Because hydrogen can be stored, it can be an emergency power source. One issue is cost. Electricity produced by hydrogen fuel cells for industry users costs about 40 yen (37 cents) per kilowatt-hour by one estimate, roughly twice as expensive as conventional electricity. That figure is also higher than rechargeable batteries. Factories where hydrogen is created as a byproduct can use it as fuel. Efforts are underway to build hydrogen fuel infrastructure in Japan. Trials have begun at a hydrogen production facility in Namie, Fukushima Prefecture, one of the world's biggest such plants. The project, which involves Toshiba Energy Systems and local utility Tohoku Electric Power among others, will produce and store up to 900 tons of hydrogen a year. Increased use of hydrogen could help bring down the cost of power generation. With the shift away from coal and toward renewables, use of hydrogen is expected to grow. The hydrogen fuel market in Japan is set to undergo explosive growth from 7.3 billion yen in fiscal 2018 to 408.5 billion yen in fiscal 2030, according to projections by research company Fuji Keizai.
  8. Hi all guru, i am driving a honda stream 1.8x 2009 model. Just purchase this car from close family member. He is a careful driver thus i believe that the car has no previous problem. But recently i realise that my car has slight longer time (1second more) to start engine when i turn on the key. SPark plug was removed to check and is in good condition. Also, i experienced loss of power when going from 2000 rpm and above..specially when im trying to change lane and speed up. The car behave like "a buffalo", cant accelerate as fast and car from behind already came near me!! And sometime i tried to rev the rpm to 5-7rpm, i feel that the car is "free gear" ...i feel that the engine just keep turning at high speed but it feels that it nt engaged in any gear **(hard to explain this feeling. the car seems to be at free gear which i cant really control the speed but to let go accelerator then the accelerator seems to be engaged into the gear for me to control the speed) I tried to top up full and drive slowly. Full tank is about 470-480km. But the consumption sometime still state 9.9-10.2km/l I heard from my close family he used to get 11-12. Would like to check if anyone has this problem for high fuel consumption loss of power when overtaking (*seriously mus solve this problem) thanks in advane!!
  9. Vroomtattat

    In-Car Power Inverter - Safe or Not?

    Hi Brudders of MCF, I'm thinking of buying a power inverter to power up the Porter Cable car polisher. Is it safe to use? http://www.blackanddecker.com/productguide...927&toolview=4# Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you. [inline PI200AB_1.jpg]
  10. Microsoft to buy solar power in Singapore in first renewable deal in Asia REUTERS Mar 01, 2018 SINGAPORE - Microsoft Corp said on Thursday it will buy solar power from the Sunseap Group in Singapore, the technology company's first renewable energy deal in Asia. Microsoft will purchase 100 per cent of the electricity generated from Sunseap's 60 megawatt-peak solar power project for 20 years for its Singapore data operations, the software company said in a statement. Sunseap's project consists of an array of solar panels on hundreds of rooftops across the city-state. "This deal is Microsoft's first renewable energy deal in Asia, and is our third international clean energy announcement, following two wind deals announced in Ireland and the Netherlands in 2017," said Christian Belady, general manager, cloud infrastructure strategy and architecture at Microsoft. Microsoft said it is on track to exceed its goal of powering 50 per cent of its global datacenter load with renewable energy this year. "Once operational, the new solar project will bring Microsoft's total global direct procurement in renewable energy projects to 860 megawatts," Belady said. The solar project is under construction and will be operational by the end of the year, the companies said. http://www.asiaone.com/singapore/microsoft-buy-solar-power-singapore-first-renewable-deal-asia
  11. Tianmo

    erhu power (二胡)

    came across some impressive erhu music, just sharing. Do share if you come across anything musics that are interesting and impressive..
  12. SGMCF328

    The power of "makeup"

    The Change E (a frictional Chinese character commonly associating with Mid-autumn festival) statue at Chinatown was slammed by netizens for being too manish, with some even questioning if she is a transgender. But after a night of touch up, it look quite different as of this morning...
  13. Want to install a light that light up (got maybe 30 sec to one minute only) after switching off engine or when door is open. Any idea where can i tap power from? First came to mind is from cabin door light switch. But the light i want to install is in the engine bay, so its quite a long route to the engine bay. Wondering if any advise where can i tap power from?
  14. Despite Lewis Hamilton's team winning all seven races so far in the 2019 calendar year, the Formula 1 champion is still weary of his rivals in Ferrari. To be more exact, he feels that Ferrari’s engine features a power mode that his Mercedes does not have. “They were so quick on the straights,” Hamilton remarked in an interview with Autosport. “They definitely have another power mode that we currently don’t have. So, all of a sudden they turn up the power and he (Vettel) pulls away massively on the straight, even if I have DRS open.” Certain that he isn't just talking nonsense, the British driver pointed out that the evidence whereby his team was losing up to six tenths of a second on the straights compared to Ferrari in the Canada's qualifying session. “In the race I know all of a sudden they pick up a lot of pace on the straights [as well] but that’s the name of the game,” “They’ve clearly done a great job with their power unit.” he added.
  15. JD Power Says Korean Cars Beat US and Europe in Quality! Sources: https://www.wired.com/story/jd-power-korean-cars-beat-us-europe-quality/ Ask the average car buyer who makes the most reliable vehicles, and they’ll likely start with Japanese automakers, followed by the Germans and the Americans, and ending with the Koreans. Going by the results of this year’s JD Power Initial Quality Survey, though, that’s all wrong. “It’s almost the complete reverse,” says Dave Sargent, who oversees Power's vehicle quality research. The change in fortunes rides largely on how automakers have handled two big technological trends: proliferating infotainment screens and advanced driver assistance features. The ranking, based on the number of problems owners of new vehicles report in the first three months, puts Genesis, Hyundai’s luxury brand, in the number one spot, with 63 problems per 100 vehicles. Kia and Hyundai are right behind, making for an all-Korean top three. The next three slots go to the Americans—Ford, Lincoln, Chevrolet—with Lexus and Toyota after them. All these brands score better than the industry average of 93 problems per 100 vehicles. Below that bar, you’ll find the Europeans, including Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Volvo, and Volkswagen. In the bottom two spots are Land Rover and Jaguar. A spokesman for those two brands, both owned by India’s Tata Motors, said that the addition of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto has reduced complaints around infotainment issues, and that it's working to improve those scores. A Mercedes-Benz representative notes that this JD Power survey "doesn’t reflect the total ownership experience," but that it's helpful for "finetuning" its work. The results don’t surprise Sargent. “This is not a one-year phenomenon,” he says. The Korean automakers have consistently improved their cars’ quality in recent years, especially around the infotainment systems that offer a combination of navigation, music, and voice calling features. The Korean manufacturers offer relatively simple systems that do the basics well, even if they skimp on next-generation ideas like gesture controls. That matches Consumer Reports’ most recent infotainment system ranking, which listed Genesis, Hyundai, and Kia among its favorites. It gave the top score to Tesla, which JD Power doesn’t include in its rankings, due to a lack of data. The “problems” that consumers report tend to fall into two buckets. Some are defects that affect individual cars, like a headlamp that goes out. Others are related to the design of a vehicle, like a hard-to-use voice recognition system for doing things like placing calls and set navigation destinations. Today’s cars have far fewer defects than their predecessors did a decade ago, Sargent says, and mass manufacturers match the luxury brands on that count. So drivers are more focused on the things that bug them about their vehicles. That exposes the luxury automakers to criticism, Sargent says, because they offer more features that may not work perfectly or be easy to understand. This year’s survey found a small increase in what Sargent calls “traditional problems” like bad paint jobs and brake and suspension noises. That may be because, as car sales have slowed, vehicles are spending more time in the elements before going home with a customer—an effect known as “lot rot.” While infotainment systems are responsible for more problems than any other category, they’re also where automakers made the biggest overall improvement since 2018. Industry-wide, the survey says, the systems are getting less glitchy and easier to use. The new bad boy looks to be driver assistance systems, which for JD Power includes things like basic cruise control, lane departure warnings, and “semiautonomous” systems like Cadillac Super Cruise. As these features become more prevalent, more consumers are having trouble understanding how they work, or criticizing when they do and don’t intervene. And yes, studies show that drivers in the US and Europe often overestimate what their “semiautonomous” cars can do—setting them up for disappointment. Overall, Sargent says, the encouraging thing is just how reliable new cars are these days. The 2019 industry average of 93 problems per 100 vehicles represents a 14 percent drop over the 2009 figure. Volvo, he notes, is in 28th place, out of 32. “I drive a Volvo,” he says. “I love it.”
  16. focus on the woman eating in the foreground !! forward to 2:46 for the action !
  17. Looking to buy a DC / AC Power Inverter Adapter... for charging laptop etc. Any places selling it? something like this http://cgi.ebay.com.sg/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...em=120316103205
  18. Anyone installed this? Can feedback? https://e-revmotorsports.com/index.php?route=product/ecatalog&path=61_967
  19. Hv any bros here used the E Power voltage stabilizer, think the brand is silvers ? How's the feedback ? Recommended ? Tks
  20. The Aunty power! Think they kept voltage low But damn violent https://www.facebook.com/1993145654159487/posts/2843433685797342?sfns=cl This time not yishun Heng ah @mustank https://www.facebook.com/SingaporeUncensored/videos/359493464615446/
  21. Horsepower has always been a universal indicator of a car's performance. So, let's find out what are the cars that offers the lowest cost per bhp! To a car enthusiast, every detail in the specification sheet of a car is important as they all play a part in painting a complete picture of the car in point. To most people, however, information such as 'double wishbones suspension', 'Carbon fibre monocoque' or 'gasoline direct injection' are just technical jargons that serve little purpose. Horsepower, however, is much simpler to understand. As the term suggests, the origin of this unit of measurement came from the desire to compare the output of an engine to that of horses (which were used to complete tasks such as pulling carriages in the past). So, more horsepower equals to more energy which is surely a plus point! Our aim here is to find the cars that give you your metaphorical horses at the lowest price point, which will no doubt means the best deal (because, clearly, power is the only thing that matters). Here are the top 20 new cars with the cheapest horsepower. 1. Skoda Octavia 2.0 TSI RS245 $539/bhp Price: $129,900 (including COE) Bhp: 241 OMV: $26,004 Annual Depreciation: $11,600 2. Kia Stinger 3.3 GT V6 $542.46/bhp Price: $197,999 (including COE) Bhp: 365 OMV: $42,239 Annual Depreciation: $17,200 3. SEAT Leon CUPRA 2.0 TSI DSG $543.36/bhp Price: $155,400 (including COE) Bhp: 286 OMV: $33,884 Annual Depreciation: $13,500 4. Maxus G10 Executive 2.0T Luxury $544.18/bhp Price: $116,999 (including COE) Bhp: 215 OMV: $25,085 (Flagship) Annual Depreciation: $10,343.95 5. Subaru Forester 2.0 XT $549.58/bhp Price: $130,800 (including COE) Bhp: 238 OMV: $16,760 Annual Depreciation: $12,200 6. Mazda CX-3 2.0 Standard $575.64/bhp Price: $89,800 (including COE) Bhp: 156 OMV: $17,024 Annual Depreciation: $8,100 7. Hyundai Elantra 1.6 GLS $587.29/bhp Price: $73,999 (including COE) Bhp: 126 OMV: $12,424 Annual Depreciation: $6778.7 8. Skoda Superb 2.0 TSI Ambition $589.40/bhp Price: $127,900 (including COE) Bhp: 217 OMV: $27,255 (Ambition Plus) Annual Depreciation: $11,282.15 9. Subaru WRX 2.5 STI M $593.92/bhp Price: $175,800 (including COE) Bhp: 296 OMV: $26,700 Annual Depreciation: $16,100 10. Subaru WRX 2.0 M $597.73/bhp Price: $157,800 (including COE) Bhp: 264 OMV: $24,239 Annual Depreciation: $14,500 11. Renault Megane RS 1.8T TCe $597.82/bhp Price: $164,999 (including COE) Bhp: 276 OMV: $30,800 Annual Depreciation: $14,700 12. Honda Civic Type-R 2.0 Turbo $598.04/bhp Price: $182,999 (including COE) Bhp: 306 OMV: $41,257 Annual Depreciation: $15,800 13. Toyota Harrier 2.0 Elegance (MY18) $599.07/bhp Price: $135,988 (including COE) Bhp: 227 OMV: $32,604 Annual Depreciation: $11,700 14. Kia Cerato 1.6 L $603.17/bhp Price: $75,999 (including COE) Bhp: 126 OMV: $11,115 Annual Depreciation: $7,000 15. Perodua Bezza 1.3 Premium X (M) $604.26/bhp Price: $56,800 (including COE) Bhp: 94 OMV: $10,986 Annual Depreciation: $5130.70 Source: https://m.sgcarmart.com/articles/articleinfo.php?CT=e&AID=3628
  22. Hi Just attempt to change the power window switch from the centre console to the side of the steering wheel(like GetzFie) But the original power window switch is too small to cover the entire hole for the new location. does anyone know where i can buy the switch that fits perfectly into the hole? Image for reference See pic from GetzFie's car Credits to GetzFie for the picture My vehicle is a FL1.1M Thank and advance.
  23. Jammy_buttons

    EVA Power Stickers

    I came across this product called EVA Power stickers. Supposedly it will help increase torque, HP and improve your FC. Somehow it sounds like BS. Here is the link for the product: https://savcon.com.sg/eva-power/
  24. Ccjna

    St James Power Station

    Anybody been here b4? Any comments?
  25. This question was asked on a forum I frequent but I'm interest in knowing whats the opinion of Singaporean driver/car owners. I purposely posted the poll in whp because what matters is what the car can put to the ground not at the engine. My opinion is anything more than 500whp is too much and really no point. So how much power is too much for street in your opinion?