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Found 78 results

  1. https://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2715635-singapore-reckless-drivers-part-vii/ Last thread too big. Continue here!
  2. Walau eh! Ah Lian sarlar still can hamtam people...😠
  3. focus on the woman eating in the foreground !! forward to 2:46 for the action !
  4. Dear all, I disappear for awhile...hehe...my daughter is 2 weeks now old...she's beautiful and adorable and healthy and cheerful and the list go on and on... However my confinement lady is a nightmare.... Anyone has good confinement lady (preferably you use before) to recommend? And yeah I already tried and called many confinement lady from motherhood forum and the likes. Many thanks!
  5. Carbon82

    Life / Safety or Tradition First?

    Sumo in uproar as women first responders ordered out of ring TOKYO (AP) — The head of Japan's sumo association has apologized over an incident in which women first responders were asked to get out of the ring as they attempted to revive an official who collapsed. In sumo's tradition, the ring is considered sacred and women are prohibited from entering. That posed a problem Wednesday when Ryozo Tatami, the 67-year-old mayor of Maizuru in northern Kyoto, collapsed during a ring-top speech. Two women, apparently medical experts, rushed in and started performing first aid as several male sumo officials surrounding the mayor looked on. When two more women rose to the ring trying to join the first aid effort, announcements demanded the women get out of the ring. "Ladies, please get off the ring," a sumo referee said, determinedly. "Only gentlemen go up." Footage posted on social media triggered outrage, with many criticizing sumo officials and saying they were choosing tradition over life. The incident reminded me of the weird regulations that Woman were not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia (it was lifted only late of last year). Imagine in a life threaten situation, and only with women, and yet they (whom know how to drive - maybe got their driving license overseas) are not allowed to drive the victim to seek further medical treatment? Life is less important?? We are lucky to be born here...
  6. Was looking through SGcarmart just now... noticed that some of the resale cars were advertised as having 'lady owner' etc. Obviously, the SE sees it as an advantage or a good selling point of a resale car. Was wondering.. is it really true that lady drivers tend to be less aggressive on the engine and so the engine of the car would be in better condition or is it just a stereotype? Hahaha... I have never seen a car advertised as having an ex 'young male owner'.
  7. So this sort of incident is usually too minor to post, but I thought the behavior of this young lady in brown Mini SKP3090E needed to be called out. This was a two way road, with the way ahead blocked by a large tour bus. I saw another tour bus coming on in the opposite direction, and moved to the side, right signal on, to let it pass. The lady in the brown Mini, with zero situational awareness, decided to inch its way out oblivious to her blind side, despite my repeated waves to warn her. Then, on her way past, she decided to flip me her middle finger. https://vimeo.com/220196504
  8. ...Not asking about her looks, but her behaviour. Please pardon me. I normally don't like to do such things, but this lady really is I was sitting on an empty table waiting for my colleague to buy his lunch when this lady sat on the empty table beside mine and shoved the used tray and used bowls onto my table, right in front of me. This is really the ultimate - 1st time I came across such a person. When my colleague came back with his food, I simply took the tray and put it on the Tray Collection Centre just 10 metres away. No point arguing with such person.
  9. Met an irresponsible Lady Lexus driver this morning while ferrying my baby to my Mother place at the cross junction of Mandai Road and Sembawang Road. The light already turned red for a good 3 to 5sec and she still rush OUT!!!! These are the scums that cause major accident on the road! Very similar to the Ferrari case! Luckily i saw the bikes stop and I stop immediately, my view was blocked by the bikes and din't know some idiot would rush out. Next time better wait for a while before moving off from traffic light! Carplate: SGW228G Driver: Lady
  10. if I were to get offended by being called bangla, or-or, i would hv committed suicide...hahah Facebook user Aili Si was offended when she found the words "Pink Fat Lady" written on her takeaway receipt after ordering from Pizza Hut at Bukit Merah on Sunday. bit.ly/1sJzCdr "I don't think it is nice for your staff to describe me as such on my receipt... what's wrong (with) being plus size?" she asked. Customer gets called "fat lady" on receipt at Pizza Hut's Bukit Merah outlet Singapore More Singapore Stories - SINGAPORE - A Pizza Hut Singapore customer has found the words "Pink Fat Lady" written on her pizza takeaway... STRAITSTIMES.COM
  11. cocobay

    Small car for a lady

    Hi, I posted for advice at the Jazz and Mazda thread, but no good response, thought of starting this thread for some advice. I am going into sales early next year, so will need a form of own transportation. This is the first time I am buying a car, and I am looking at resale rather than new. Can I request for some advice and help here? what I need is a Automatic compact car(saloon or hatchback ), easy to drive, easy to maintain, and easy to park ( very bad at parking). haha I will have $1000 transport allowance, $500 petrol allowance, parking and ERP is claim as use. I want to keep the car expenses within this budget,is it possible? I have in mind Honda Jazz and Mazda2, any other recommendations welcome. Thank you all.
  12. Today afternoon..around 1pm ++ at Serangoon Garden Market and food center, I witness an accident that involved a red Mazada 3 and a old lady...maybe mid 50 years old. The driver reverse the car to park in the lot and this old lady just happen to walk behind..the car reverse and hit her..and lucky she did not fell down and the car stop. The driver get down from the car ..and instead of asking how is the old lady..he immediately point finger and ask why aunty walk behind his car when he reversing... The driver of the red mazada 3 is an old uncle as well..roughly same age as the aunty. Saw the old aunty walk off and rubbing her stomach To anyone here who happen to know any of your family or friends who mother/aunty/grandmother..etc complain about car reverse and hit her...I happen to be there to saw the whole event. .if need my help..let me know. The aunty seem like stay near by the hawker center looking the way she dressed.
  13. Picnic06-Biante15

    Lady Gaga Flashes ......

    This is too much....... Show so little... :angry: from Yahoo news : Lady Gaga Flashes Audience For Shock Value Lady Gaga continues to attempt to "shock" her audiences by flashing them and performing other antics link: http://sg.entertainment.yahoo.com/video/wowtv-lady-gaga-flashes-audience-171500188.html sorry unable to copy the video URL ...
  14. What is this Mille Crepe Cake? it looks delicious but look like kueh lapis :D
  15. Well done for Smantha! Good for her that she can now do her art in peace....would be fun......!!! she meant no harm and is indeed creative! Well done Mgt of Sentosa! http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singap...8.html?cid=FBSG Sentosa has teamed up with 'Sticker Lady' Samantha Lo to create signs with a Singapore twist that will be placed at Siloso Beach as part of this year's National Day celebrations. ENLARGECAPTION SINGAPORE: 'Sticker Lady' Samantha Lo is getting a new canvas to paint on. However, this time round, she will not be getting into trouble because of her art. Sentosa has teamed up with her to create signs with a Singapore twist that will be placed at Siloso Beach. The collaboration is part of Sentosa's National Day celebrations. The project between Lo and Sentosa is called Signs on the Loose. Sentosa said it hopes to work with her on a longer-term basis to come up with new signs every few months. In May, Lo was ordered to perform 240 hours of community service after she spray-painted Singlish phrases on several roads and pasted stickers on various public properties. Regina Chia, senior manager of entertainment and programming at Sentosa Leisure Management, said: "I believe that with Sam's creative expression, display, and appreciation of the Singaporean way of life, she is able to translate that to simple messages that appeal to both local and international audiences. The delivery of her work is fun, witty, tongue-in-cheek, yet relevant." Ms Chia added that partnering with Lo on the project is one of Sentosa's initiatives to work with local talents. "In recent years, Sentosa has been providing home-grown talents with a platform to showcase their works to both local and international audiences," she said. Lo said that working with Sentosa was a good opportunity to express her creativity freely. "What I really like about working on this project is the fact that Sentosa believes and trusts in an artist's vision," she added. - CNA/fa
  16. https://www.facebook.com/video/embed?video_...151336217824877
  17. VellfireS

    Cane Lady

    Bros, came across this interesting FB post about an old lady going around.. caning those who wears shorts.. lols.. a bit weird le.. Extract : Hey all ladies in amk. Beware of this sweet ol' looking lady. She's wielding 4 canes and goes around caning those in shorts. My shorts werent even that short! I missed her cane by an inch. Lol http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=101...e=1&theater
  18. Vid

    RIP Iron Lady

    Just read that Margaret Thatcher has passed away. RIP
  19. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...calls_boss.html This [mad] lady driver, hit and run, drive against the flow of traffic, has no remose when caught in the act, keep denying and lastly block traffic for good 50mins. Hope TP and police can take action against the driver and make sure 1 less of such dangerous driver around.
  20. http://www.tubechop.com/watch/334235 Cannot drive properly dun drive lah!!!!!
  21. Phluvcat

    Lady passenger in Machi case...

    How come no news about her? So quiet, no statement from her? I thought she still alive right? The most important witness and evidence and yet nothing at all from her??? Police never took statement from her? Again back to China??? Pardon me if I missed out any information on her in the newspaper or media but I do not remember seeing anything. Family of deceased taxi driver going to claim against the Machi estate? Seriously WTF is the investigation and media doing? knn only know how to dig out rubbish and sexy news, really hopeless. pui. I hope AXA wins the case against the Machi family and in the process dig out cans and cans of worms in the system. Think by law AXA still need to pay out to the innocent victim but exclude Machi's family and then AXA will claim back the payout money back from Machi's family or estate. The bias of the general system is becoming nauseating. Money makes the world go round.
  22. This afternoon at the usual packed MBS carpark while searching for a lot i turn into a dead end, while i was about to reverse out. I was lucky that a family was walking over to their porche, so i inch forward 5 meters to wait for them to drive off. 10secs later a lady in a nissan sylphy drove up by my side wound down her window and tells me that she has been following the family to their lot. I replied her but my car was here. She seems pissed off but still with a smile gesturing the take it take it hand sign paused for 3 secs and she says "if it makes your day" then wound up her window reverse out and drove away. Well i did not reply her and wound up my window too. So i shall ask, did i snatch her lot as she reckon?
  23. From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg.../fast_cars.html Posted on 20 May 2012 'Unfair to blame or label all fast car drivers as speed demons,' says Porsche owner Miss Carena Chen, 40, owns a Porsche Carrera 911. She believes that the accident involving the Ferrari driver that killed three is an isolated incident and it is unfair to blame or label all fast car drivers because of it. She is one of the women who make up the 20 per cent of Porsche owners. Miss Chen also believes that women are probably safer drivers than men because they tend to be more cautious while driving. Chairman of the Public Transport Council, Mr Gerard Ee, also told The New Paper that accidents involving supercars continue to remain low. He says most owners take good car of their cars probably because they are very expensive. He also remarked that he sometimes sees them driving very slowly on the road, just to enjoy the purring of the engines. Mr Lester Wong, 40, also feels that not all supercar owners be blamed because the Ferrari driver made an error. He also feels that true 'petrolheads' make the effort to know the limitations of their cars, sharing a simple calculation to gauge when to slow down while travelling at a fast speed and what gear to use. Both Mr Ng Chwee Ping, 37, and Mr Gary Goh, 30, feel that if one buys fast cars because one has the desire to speed, one should go to the tracks because one should always be responsible on public roads. Mr Ng also advises that one should do so to know the limits of the car and how to respond should something go wrong. He hits the race tracks in Malaysia four times a year with his friends. Of course, there are also those who buy fast cars merely as an investment, as Mr Leow Ju-Len, 36, motoring journalist and STOMP Star Blogger says.