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Found 25 results

  1. How can one stop motorists from making too much noise with their engines? Someone in Malaysia reckoned that building speed humps outside his place will work. As seen on an article by Mothership.sg, Nor Muhamad Roslam Harun, who lives in Besut, Malaysia said that the exhaust noises caused by the vehicles disturbed his sleep. So the 40-year-old, who was "depressed" due to this, built 11 speed bumps to slow down vehicles travelling past his house. The bumps which stretched across a 40m stretch of road cost him RM1,080 (S$354.83) and it was from part of the i-Sinar Employees Provident Fund. For those who aren't in the know, the i-Sinar fund are for workers who are self-employed and had their business suffered due to COVID-19. Soon, the humps pissed motorists off and he had to remove them after videos of people using the road went viral. As explained by Roslam, he originally wanted to build lower speed bumps. However, the asphalt hardened too fast, resulting in higher and bigger speed bumps. He has since apologised hired the pros to level all the speed bumps, including the additional two that were on the road originally after the police advised him.
  2. Maybe the advancements in technology help the police crack the case SINGAPORE: A man has been arrested for the murder of a 19-year-old woman, 13 years after she was reported missing by her mother. Police arrested the 35-year-old man on Tuesday (Dec 15) and he will be given the capital charge in court on Thursday afternoon. The man is suspected of causing the death of Ms Felicia Teo Wei Ling with an accomplice who was Ms Teo's friend. The suspected accomplice is currently not in Singapore and police are trying to locate him, the authorities said in a statement on Thursday. Ms Teo, who would have been 32 this year, was reported missing on Jul 3, 2007 by her mother. She could not be found despite extensive investigations at the time, but the police said that she was last seen at the suspected accomplice's home in Marine Terrace. Police interviewed both men, as they were believed to have last seen Ms Teo in the flat. However, the two men maintained that Ms Teo had left the flat in the wee hours of Jun 30, 2007, of her own accord. Nothing incriminating was found after a search of the unit and a check on closed-circuit television footage in the area. As there were no facts at the time to link the two men to Ms Teo’s disappearance, it was classified as a missing persons case and a police gazette was issued to find her. The police explained in their statement that unsolved missing person reports are regularly reviewed for further leads. The reviews uncovered no new leads until the case was referred to the Criminal Investigation Department after the latest review in July this year as part of police processes for long-standing unsolved missing person cases. Fresh leads were found when investigators traced the belongings believed to be in Ms Teo’s possession when she was reported missing. Police linked one of her belongings to the 35-year-old suspect and said they are continuing their search for Ms Teo’s remains. Preliminary investigations revealed that she had died before the report was lodged in early July 2007, and that the two men had allegedly disposed of her body. The penalty for murder is death. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/man-arrested-murder-19-year-old-woman-2007-felicia-teo-13790186
  3. Cracked screen protector almost causes Malaysia man to amputate thumb https://www.asiaone.com/malaysia/cracked-screen-protector-almost-causes-malaysia-man-amputate-thumb Most of us are guilty of using cracked phones and screen protectors until they are absolutely falling apart. But be warned — even if you don't get cut, you could still get a nasty infection. A man in Malaysia had to be hospitalised and almost lost his thumb after playing games on his smartphone despite a cracked screen protector, according to newspaper Harian Metro. Azuan Iqbal Abdullah Sani, 23, said that he had been using the cracked screen protector for four months. His first inkling that something was wrong was when he noticed that his right thumb was swollen and had some black spots about three weeks ago. Azuan visited a doctor who diagnosed him with a bacterial infection and prescribed antibiotics and painkillers. However, his thumb continued to swell and the pain only worsened even though there was no visible wound. After visiting a private hospital, Azuan was told that he had to undergo surgery to save his thumb from being amputated. Azuan underwent surgery to remove the glass shards embedded in his thumb as well as the infected flesh, reported another newspaper Sin Chew Daily. "It was shocking to know that my finger would have to be amputated if I had delayed treatment," Azuan told Harian Metro in Malay. "It is my fault that this happened since it is easy to replace the screen protector. I hope that others will immediately replace their cracked screen protectors so that they don't become like me," Azuan said. He has been discharged from the hospital and is recovering. Let Azuan's story be a cautionary tale to all of us to fix our cracked screens and replace our cracked screen protectors. Smartphones are already causing health issues like "skull horns" and "text neck". Let's not add "deadly bacterial infection" to the list. kimberlylim@asiaone.com
  4. Maybe they were in a rush or had some emergency to attend to? But no matter what it is, there is still almost no excuse to cross the road when the lights tell you not to. 2 young teens were knocked down by a taxi along Paya Lebar road on 1st of Oct 2020 as they crossed the road while the light wasn't in their favour. The 17 year-old female pedestrian was conscious when taken to Raffles Hospital while the male refused to be taken to hospital according to The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). He seemed to suffer from some bleeding from his knee but was still able to move around on his own. Investigations into the incident are ongoing, said the police. Check out the various angles of the accident video on SG Road Vigilante.
  5. SINGAPORE - The police are appealing for information on a man who robbed $3,000 from a SingPost branch at Potong Pasir Community Club on Thursday afternoon (Feb 8). There was no weapon involved and no one was injured. The police said in a statement on Thursday that they received a report of the robbery at about 1.30pm. The male suspect had walked into the branch wearing a white surgical mask and allegedly demanded the female staff to hand over all the money, the statement said. "The female staff immediately ran into a room for safety. The male suspect then climbed over the counter and made off with about $3,000 in cash that was placed in the drawers." The male suspect was wearing a black cap, a black sweater, blue jeans and black shoes, and was also carrying a black sling bag. He was last seen running in the direction of Upper Serangoon Road, along Potong Pasir Avenue 1. Police investigations are ongoing. Anyone with information can call the police hotline on 1800-255-000 or submit information online at www.police.gov.SG/iwitness http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime/man-robs-3000-from-singpost-branch-police-appealing-for-information?utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&xtor=CS1-10
  6. US man drowns while proposing underwater to girlfriend at Tanzanian luxury resort https://www.asiaone.com/world/us-man-drowns-while-proposing-underwater-girlfriend-tanzanian-luxury-resort NAIROBI, Kenya - An American man has drowned while proposing to his girlfriend underwater at an idyllic island off the coast of Tanzania, a luxury resort said in a statement Sunday (Sept 22). His girlfriend Kenesha Antoine posted on her Facebook page footage of Steven Weber proposing to her through the window of their underwater hotel room at the luxury Manta Resort in Zanzibar. "You never emerged from those depths so you never got to hear my answer, 'Yes! Yes! A million times, yes, I will marry you!!'," she wrote Friday in a post confirming his death. Her video shows Weber swimming up to the window, and pressing a handwritten note against it which read: "I can't hold my breath long enough to tell you everything I love about you, but everything I love about you I love more every day. Will you please be my wife, marry me." He then pulled out a ring as Antoine squealed with joy while filming. It is unclear what went wrong during the proposal at Pemba Island, a popular honeymoon destination. "We never got to embrace and celebrate the beginning of the rest of our lives together, as the best day of our lives turned into the worst, in the cruelest twist of fate imaginable," Antoine wrote. "Knowing him, always quick with an off-color joke, he's probably entertaining someone with a story about how he royally screwed up that proposal and died while being extra." Manta CEO Matthew Saus confirmed to AFP in an email Sunday that "a male guest tragically drowned while freediving alone outside the underwater room" on Thursday. "The accident is currently under investigation by the local Zanzibar police authority." The couple were staying in the resort's famed "Underwater Room", a US$1,700 (S$2,340) a-night floating structure offshore in crystal clear waters, where the bed is surrounded by glass windows looking into the ocean.
  7. Tianmo

    Richest man in MCF

    It's a boring Friday........and since there is a star award going on.......let's have some fun in guessing who is the richest guy in MCF.........those old Farkers who always compare income tax I think you guys outdated liao..............i just saw we have a new kid on the block.............he can buy 40 BMW F10 in cash............ @throttle2 pay cash just got a whole new meaning............ come come............let's guess the RICHEST MAN IN MCF.............
  8. Ysc3

    Is this art ?

    Esplanade to take down Vincent Leow artwork after kerfuffle Singapore — The Esplanade will be removing a sketch showing the back of a naked man on top of a chicken from its exhibition walls, after the artwork sparked an online furore. In a statement by Esplanade’s chief executive officer-designate Yvonne Tham on Wednesday (June 6), the performing arts centre said it came to this decision following a discussion with Mr Vincent Leow, the artist featured in the exhibition BLANK at Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay. "We have agreed to not continue displaying the drawing, given that the public space at Esplanade’s Community Wall does not allow opportunity for an advisory and is visited by a wide range of visitors, including families,” she said. “We appreciate Vincent’s understanding of the situation, which arose solely from Esplanade’s error of judgement in exercising our responsibility to both artist and audience for presenting work in the appropriate space and context,” Ms Tham added. The 1989 artwork is part of a April 13 to July 8 exhibition curated by the Esplanade showcasing Mr Leow’s sketchbooks and loose drawings from his 30-year career as an artist. Facebook Group Singaporeans Defending Marriage and Family accused the Esplanade in a Tuesday post of “promoting bestiality” by featuring the work in a public space. The group noted that the exhibition, which spans the school holidays, is located near a children’s art space and play area. Several parents and passersby interviewed by TODAY on Tuesday also expressed concern. A 69-year-old retiree, who gave her name only as Madam Chan had said: “We don’t want to see our children being exposed to this. Their values will be shaken. They will find that there is a new norm appealing to people.” On Tuesday, Ms Tham admitted that it was an “error of judgement”, while stopping short of apologising. She said the Esplanade needed to discuss with Mr Leow before taking any further action. “This exhibition has no intent to advocate for any position… The sole intent of the exhibition is to be able to present the very different things that may go behind the minds of an artist,” she had said.
  9. Interesting news. Kidnapped for such a reason. Police probe case of Indian man 'kidnapped' for marriage NEW DELHI - Allegations a young engineer was kidnapped and made to marry at gunpoint are being investigated by police in one of India's poorest states, which has a history of forced marriage of men. Video footage apparently showing Vinod Kumar being forced to go through with a wedding by his bride's family sparked the probe, police in the eastern state of Bihar said Friday (Jan 5). 'Pakadua Vivah' (forced marriage) is a practice specific to Bihar and surrounding areas, and is mainly carried out by poor families who cannot afford a dowry - still a widespread expectation in India. A video circulated on social media shows the engineer being manhandled and forced to dress for the wedding as he pleads for freedom. "We are only performing your wedding, not hanging you," one man is heard to shout as Mr Kumar begs to be released. Another video shows Mr Kumar sitting beside his bride crying while a woman, apparently an in-law, tries to console him. Lalan Mohan Prasad, a local officer, told AFP police had contacted Mr Kumar and offered their help but he had not formally complained. Local media quoted the engineer as saying one of the bride's relatives had pointed a pistol at him after they met at a mutual friend's wedding and ordered him to marry her. Since the incident, he has reportedly escaped and returned to his home in neighbouring Jharkhand state. Bihar has a long-held reputation for lawlessness and gang violence, with families thought to enlist organised criminals to help them carry out abductions and forced marriages. Local social scientist Saibal Gupta said such marriages enjoyed widespread acceptance and tended to endure, given the stigma of divorce. "The frequency of such kidnappings has come down, but certainly not stopped. Poverty is still rampant," he told AFP. Official figures show police received nearly 3,000 complaints of groom kidnapping in 2016. None of the marriages were annulled. http://www.asiaone.com/asia/police-probe-case-indian-man-kidnapped-marriage
  10. SMRT has confirmed an order of 570 new buses, which includes 332 MAN 12-metre buses, 40 MAN articulated buses, and a total of 201 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 double deckers. This the new livery of SMRT ADL double deckers to be launched soon As part of the initiative to increase bus capacity on longer routes and bring greater comfort to the commuter’s bus journey experience, SMRT has confirmed the delivery of over 570 buses. Orders are confirmed for 332 MAN 12-metre buses, 40 MAN articulated buses, and for the first time, a total of 201 ADL Double Deckers. This is the largest fleet renewal and growth initiative by SMRT to date, and re-affirms the company’s commitment to offering commuters the highest standards in safety, reliability, care and comfort. A first batch of about 30 buses will be delivered to SMRT’s bus depots in June 2014. The vehicles will undergo further tests including functional, systems and road tests before joining SMRT’s existing fleet of over 1,200 buses to serve commuters from July 2014. SMRT Buses will be introducing the rest of the fleet progressively till end 2016. The addition of the ADL Double Deckers in particular will help ease crowdedness during peak hours, particularly on longer routes with high passenger loads. Together with other bus orders, these new vehicles will replace older bus models, and address the need for more bus trips and better bus service levels. Mr. Benny Lim, Senior Vice President for SMRT Roads said, “We are very excited with this major fleet expansion and renewal initiative. Expanding our existing fleet with ADL Double Deckers and MAN buses will enable us to better address increasingly dynamic road conditions, and ensure enhanced capacity in handling increased ridership. We look forward to bringing passengers even more comfortable and reliable rides.” Of the over 570 buses that SMRT has confirmed delivery for, 218 are introduced and funded under SMRT’s participation in the Land Transport Authority’s Bus Service Enhancement Programme. http://www.mynewsdesk.com/sg/smrt/pressreleases/smrt-buses-enhances-strategy-for-fleet-growth-and-renewal-double-deckers-among-confirmed-delivery-of-over-570-buses-979666
  11. He has been filming male students showering for the past 5 months, finally kena caught. http://news.omy.sg/News/Local-News/story20160514-426119
  12. 57-year-old man was charged yesterday with committing a slew of sexual offences and indecent acts on a 13-year-old girl over two years. Roger Yue Jr is accused of 48 charges in total. The alleged offences occurred all over Singapore - from Pasir Ris beach to Jurong West - between October 2008 and July 2010. Some time between October and December 2008, he allegedly made the girl, who was then under 16, perform an indecent act at Lakeside MRT station. He allegedly committed multiple indecent acts on other occasions . Yue is said to have raped the girl twice in a Tampines flat and once in an abandoned building in Lavender Street in March 2009. He also allegedly tried to rape her twice - once at a "place with many trees" and at a pagoda at Chinese Garden in Jurong. The bulk of the charges are for sexual penetration of a minor. Among the places where the alleged offences occurred were a staircase leading to the back stage of a secondary school, a classroom at a primary school, a swimming pool at Home Team NS Sembawang, a multi-storey carpark stairway in Tampines Central 1, a deserted house in Rochester Park and a lookout tower at Jurong Heritage Trial. Bail of $70,000 was allowed. If convicted of the most serious offence of rape and sexual penetration, he could be jailed for up to 20 years and fined. Yue will appear in court again on Feb 19. This article was first published on January 30, 2016. Get a copy of The Straits Times or go to straitstimes.com for more stories.
  13. Kb27

    Man walks off cliff..

    ..distracted by his cell phone http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3374444/Man-plummeted-60-feet-death-Christmas-Day-distracted-cell-phone-San-Diego-cliffs.html Watch where you are walking, folks.
  14. StefanK

    Idiocies of a Rich Man

    Not sure if any of you guys have seen this, but I find it damn stupid, plus this guy is actually my neighbour... sigh... Now I know I really live in an estate filled with idiotic people, probably me included. Sauce: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153694088972866&set=pcb.10153694089247866&type=3&theater
  15. Staff69

    938 live lambo free joy ride

    Hi folks, I just won a free lambo joy ride from 938 live But cars is not really my thing that why i never buy a lambo So i am willing to give up this chance to anyone that can make a 200 dollars donation to any charity and i insert your name in I dont need the cash, anyone keen just make a donation to any orphanage and enjoy the ride. I heard it worth 298 The radio station is checking if it possible cos first time they had such request😊
  16. Life is too stress everywhere. . http://www.channelnewsasia.com/mobile/asiapacific/two-feared-dead-in-japan/1949976.html
  17. RIP. Live by the sword, die by the sword! Swordfish kills fisherman who speared it during struggle in Hawaii After struggling to escape, the fish swam back around toward the 47-year-old man at a high speed and struck him in the chest with its 3ft bill Largely an open-ocean species, swordfish rarely swim in shallow waters. Photograph: Norbert Wu/Corbis Alan Yuhas @alanyuhas Saturday 30 May 2015 22.21 BST Last modified on Saturday 30 May 201523.33 BST Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share via Email Share on LinkedIn Share on Google+ Shares279 Comments53 A swordfish impaled a Hawaiian fisherman after having been speared by the fisherman itself, state officials said on Saturday. Police named the victim as 47-year-old Randy Llanes, saying he had grabbed his speargun and jumped into Honokohau harbor on Friday morning when he spotted a broadbill swordfish near his boat. Llanes speared the fish, but as it struggled to escape the spear’s line got tangled in a mooring anchor. Caught on the anchor, the fish swam back around toward Llanes at a high speed and struck him in the chest with its 3ft bill. Although Llanes was quickly pulled from the water and emergency personnel arrived minutes later, CPR attempts proved unable to revive him, according to the state Department of Land and Natural Resources. Shortly afterward Llanes was pronounced dead at the hospital, where a large crowd of people gathered to pay their condolences. A Hawaii native, Llanes had worked for more than 18 years as captain for a charter fishing business, and had more than 25 years of experience fishing in the archipelago’s waters. “Hawaii is one of those rare places where sea monsters still exist and world records can still be broken,” he wrote on his company’s website. “My greatest pleasure is being able to share the excitement and natural wonder of the Hawaiian offshore fishing experience with others.” He was described by family members as an intimidating but generous man. “He was a tough guy, he was such a tough guy that everyone’s scared of him, the whole harbor’s scared of him,” Kalina Llanes, the man’s sister-in-law, told KITV news. She added that those who knew him well were “not scared of him because he has such a big heart”. Llanes’ friend Dale Leverone told Khon the fiserhman was “just a great local boy. A good attitude, good person, a help-anybody kind of guy. He had a heck of a lot of friends.” Leverone described him as an “accomplished fisherman”, saying “he actually caught a 500-pound marlin yesterday out of his skiff.” State officials also pulled the 6ft, 40lb fish from the water. Largely an open-ocean species, swordfish rarely swim in shallow waters. County police and conservation officials said they are investigating the incident, and said that while such accidents are rare, swordfish and other large billfish are aggressive and fast animals who have injured and killed humans before. In 2004, a Malaysian man out fishing was killed by a swordfish when the animal leapt from the water and delivered a fatal blow to the chest. A year earlier, a researcher studying whales in the water survived a marlin’s lancing off the coast of Maui after the fish veered into him to escape its predators.
  18. Can't think of any nice words for this beast 畜生. http://www.tnp.sg/news/world-news/man-kills-daughter-3-months-after-winning-custody MAN KILLS DAUGHTER 3 MONTHS AFTER WINNING CUSTODY 6563 May 17, 2015 5:08pm He was happy to win custody of his four-year-old daughter. But three months later, Alexa-Marie Quinn was dead. It turned out her father Carl Wheatley, 31, had savagely beaten her to death. Other shocking details also emerged: Wheatley had wanted her so he would get more money. Earlier, the supermarket worker had bragged to a colleague about the increased benefits he would get if he won custody over one of his four children, such as a two-bedroom house and £1,700 ($3,530). He broke her teeth, then searched for glue When police discovered the girl's body on March 12 last year, Alexa-Marie was riddled with 66 different injuries. They concluded she had died from extreme blunt-force trauma. Wheatley, from Hertfordshire in southern England, had called the police on the morning of the fatal attack, after Alex-Marie was dead for several hours. The court heard he tried to conceal Alexa-Marie's injuries, going on the Internet to search on "how to reduce swelling" and "what glue can I use to put teeth back in". He pleaded guilty to manslaughter but denied murdering his daughter. Sadistic attack While psychiatrists said that Wheatley suffered from several mental health disorders, the judge described Wheatley's "final and fatal" attack on Alexa-Marie as "relentless and sadistic and to a horrifying degree". Wheatley was sentenced to life imprisonment and will only be considered for release after 21 years. - See more at: http://www.tnp.sg/news/world-news/man-kills-daughter-3-months-after-winning-custody#sthash.N4AXscxj.dpuf
  19. Mockngbrd

    Chio bu sailor

    ai motorboat mai? http://www.mindef.gov.sg/imindef/resourcelibrary/cyberpioneer/topics/articles/people/2015/mar15_backpage.html#.VSIKBY7kqYl
  20. Byteslurve

    Man's Hopes

    Men got hope liao https://sg.news.yahoo.com/worlds-first-successful-penis-transplant-performed-africa-153815720.html
  21. lai leh..........all those like to turn every thread into a XOXO thread .............all come do it here lah........... I....as GM of tiko rangers..............feel so disgust that the good name of all our tiko rangers is tarnish.......everywhere we go we see threads OT into some low class dirty old man talks............. We men must be tiko............all men are tiko............but let us express our tikoness with some class.......... All the overnight you char kway......fresh baked french loaf ..............dont care you stand at 12am or down at 6.30pm.........lets keep all the dirty talk here lah........... leave the other threads to the topics................and of course the usual OT talk cork............ so which dirty old man want to start first????................ Mods...............please delete or lock sld thread not be appropriate ........gum sia. side note.......ladies enter at your own risk!!!!!!
  22. think he abit Kept on wanting to board the double decker bus, in the end damaged the wiper too...and stop another car beside the bus despite being pulled by 2 good samaritans to the side... Too many people nowadays liao...will SBS Transit ask him to pay for damages? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=638142909590913&set=vb.289564517782089&type=2&theater
  23. Man Jailed for beating up a chef who tried to trick his Girlfriend into giving him free sex. A sales supervisor who beat up a chef for trying to trick his girlfriend into giving him free sex was jailed for a year and ordered to be caned three times on Tuesday. Melvin Koh Ting Ying, 30, stripped Mr Liaw Jin Yin from the waist down after finding him in a hotel room with 20-year-old student and social escort Claudia Tay Hsin Ye, who had stripped to her bra. He then whipped him with a belt, hit him with a torch and burned his thigh with a lighter and heated silver pendant. According to a report in The Straits Times, Mr Liaw, 33, was left semi-conscious and with injuries including a broken rib. At an earlier hearing, Koh admitted that he and his girlfriend had kicked and punched Mr Liaw. He also admitted stealing his two mobile phones worth a total of $1,200 and trying to bribe the hotel's security supervisor not to reveal his identity to authorities. source: http://therealsingapore.com/content/man-jailed-beating-chef-who-tried-trick-his-girlfriend-giving-him-free-sex
  24. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqMjvVaMsE4 A man who was filmed throwing a kitten at a wall has been jailed for a year. Farid Ghilas, 24, sparked outrage in France after a video appeared online of him picking up the cat and hurling it towards a block of flats. Remarkably, five-month-old Oscar survived the attack. He suffered a broken leg but is expected to make a full recovery. More than 260,000 people signed a petition calling for Ghilas, who is of North African descent, to face "exemplary punishment" for his actions. He was charged with animal cruelty and faced up to two years in jail and a 30,000 euro fine. “He acted with a singular perversity and sadism that has shocked the entire planet,” said Emmanuel Merlin, the prosecutor. Ghilas, who has been subjected to racist insults and death threats since the video came to light, was jailed for a year and banned from owning an animal. Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/farid-ghilas-case-man-who-3110400#.UvD34_mSzh4
  25. An 80-year-old church caretaker who suspected his girlfriend was in a relationship with her landlord threw a kitchen knife at him in a brawl on holy ground. Lim Song Chong hurled the 20cm-long blade at 65-year-old Mr Cheong Yee Mun, who escaped being hit by hiding behind a pillar at the Glad Tidings Church. Mr Lim also threw an umbrella, a pocket knife and kitchen scissors at the retiree, who retaliated by chucking a fire extinguisher at his "very, very frail" rival. None of the projectiles hit their intended target and police arrived to separate the seniors. Lim was fined a total of $3,000 and jailed for a day on Monday after he admitted committing criminal intimidation by chasing Mr Cheong with the knife and performing a rash act by throwing it at him. Another charge of criminal intimidation and two counts of throwing the smaller knife and scissors were taken into consideration. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/church-caretaker-80-jailed-and-fined-threatening-girlfriends-landlord-