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Found 18 results

  1. Hi, I want to buy over Season Parking at Paya Lebar Square or Singpost Centre at Paya Lebar. If you are selling, please contact me. Thank you.
  2. SINGAPORE - The police are appealing for information on a man who robbed $3,000 from a SingPost branch at Potong Pasir Community Club on Thursday afternoon (Feb 8). There was no weapon involved and no one was injured. The police said in a statement on Thursday that they received a report of the robbery at about 1.30pm. The male suspect had walked into the branch wearing a white surgical mask and allegedly demanded the female staff to hand over all the money, the statement said. "The female staff immediately ran into a room for safety. The male suspect then climbed over the counter and made off with about $3,000 in cash that was placed in the drawers." The male suspect was wearing a black cap, a black sweater, blue jeans and black shoes, and was also carrying a black sling bag. He was last seen running in the direction of Upper Serangoon Road, along Potong Pasir Avenue 1. Police investigations are ongoing. Anyone with information can call the police hotline on 1800-255-000 or submit information online at www.police.gov.SG/iwitness http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime/man-robs-3000-from-singpost-branch-police-appealing-for-information?utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&xtor=CS1-10
  3. SingPost revises rates, ends doorstep delivery for packages SingPost customers who take advantage of low basic postal rates to send small packages domestically will soon have to pay more, as the postal service provider revises its services to cope with the e-commerce boom. From Dec 2, only letters and printed papers weighing up to 500g will be accepted under a new basic mail category that will replace ordinary mail, SingPost said in a statement yesterday. Postage rates for such mail will remain unchanged at between 30 cents and $1.70, depending on weight and size. Currently, mail items between 501g and 2kg can be sent domestically as ordinary mail, costing up to $3.35 for a 2kg item. SingPost will be replacing this option with two new categories: basic package and tracked package. Basic packages of up to 2kg will cost between 90 cents and $3.50, while tracked packages will be priced between $3.20 and $4.80 and offer tracking of the delivery as well as notifications for the recipient. Doorstep deliveries for packages sent through SingPost will effectively cease from Dec 2, as all items sent through these services will be delivered to recipients' letterboxes. Currently, ordinary mail items including parcels under 2kg are delivered to recipients' letterboxes. However, the postman has to make a doorstep delivery if an item cannot fit into a letterbox because it is too large or the box is cluttered. International postal standards allow for packages that are larger than letterboxes here to be sent through the postal system. Under the new package delivery services, parcels sent through SingPost must meet maximum dimensions that allow them to fit into letterboxes. Items that cannot fit into a letterbox have to be collected from a post office.
  4. Remember them? The bookstores? For many young people, the online store has been their source of books or just downloading a book is the norm. But for many of us in this forum of middle aged men, the hard copy is still king... Good news for those of us who grew up with MPH or Malayan Publishing House. I recall my childhood, accompanying my dad to Shenton Way and he plonks me in the MPH there while he goes to look at the stock exchange.. so it was a sad day to see them close. Amazon is great, but the physical bookstore is a treasure. I guess I have also helped in their demise, since I have not been there for a while... But I will strive to visit them now 🙂 https://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/arts/mph-to-return-in-november-with-new-books-and-lifestyle-store-at-singpost-centre
  5. Singpost Postman caught throwing a stack of letters into the rubbish bin , being confronted https://www.facebook.com/sureboh.sg/videos/1726051920748339/ - Postman mentioned he has 2600 parcel/letters to deliver which is heavy workload and still work despite having an ankle injury, "placed" letters into the rubbish bin - Video uploader sign up flyer distribution with singpost in the few blocks at keppel bay , end up all his flyers went missing in the vicinity which he is also staying
  6. https://sg.news.yahoo.com/singpost-fined-record-300000-failing-meet-delivery-standards-2018-060935281.html?fbclid=IwAR3lf6WGvU1WD_lr1GGPLy0bTus7QbuAYBFjc5QunahDwQSw8EqiKk_cDYk
  7. Singapore Rolls Out Next-Gen Post Offices Complete with 3DP http://www.engineering.com/3DPrinting/3DPrintingArticles/ArticleID/8643/Singapore-Rolls-Out-Next-Gen-Post-Offices-Complete-with-3DP.aspx SingPost is rolling out new generation post offices island-wide as part of its ongoing efforts to transform its post office network. To provide a more seamless retail experience to customers, SingPost began to integrate essential Sporting an immaculate and modern look, the spanking Suntec City Post Office is one of the new generation post offices featuring 24/7 auto-lobbies offering essential services. Over the next few years, all post offices will undergo a major revamp and be remodeled into a vibrant lifestyle hub integrated with a 24/7 auto-lobby to bring round-the-clock access to customers. Other customer-centric features will be introduced, such as user-friendly signages, packing desks where customers can pack and prepare their packages for mailing and service ambassadors on hand during counter operating hours to assist customers with their needs. Dr Wolfgang Baier, SingPost’s Group Chief Executive Officer said: “Our new-generation customers are digitally-inclined, buying online and on-the-move, and they expect a post office experience that is digitally integrated. To meet their changing lifestyle, we are basically remodeling our post offices, and transforming them into modern, efficient hubsto meet their e-commerce and digital needs. This includes 24/7 self-service lobbies with POPStation and ezy2ship facilities for them to post, collect or return parcels.” Dr Baier added: “Customers can look to us also for digital solutions such as tracking parcels, calculating postage or locating a post office through mobile. This integrated experience will also apply to other touch points such as SAM (Self-service Automated Machines) where they can access multiple platforms including smartphones, tablets, desktop and our physical kiosks.” SingPost pilots Innovation Corner with 3D Printing Service In its push for innovation, SingPost is piloting an Innovation Corner in Suntec City Post Office. Innovation Corner provides a collaborative platform for starts-ups and young entrepreneurs to showcase new business ideas that enhance and complement the post office experience. In collaboration with 3D Matters, SingPost is piloting 3D printing service at Suntec City Post Office, giving small businesses and end-consumers the convenience and option of printing cost-effective prototypes and customised gifts such as such as architectural models, accessories, figurines, toys, etc. Mr Elvin Too, SingPost’s Vice President for Post Office Products, Services & Network said: “We are innovating for the future. Our customer needs are ever changing. This Innovation Corner serves as a testbed for innovative new services that can be offered at post offices in the future, such as 3D Printing. That way we can ensure the post office always offers services that are relevant to Singapore.”
  8. A few days back I had a registered article being sent to me via singpost. So i called in on the friday evening at roughly 4pm and was told item was out for delivery with courier should arrive anytime before 6. So i sent a family member to wait at the door in case the courier arrived with the door open. Waited and waited but courier never came. I later checked the letterbox downstairs and found the registered article slip. This meant the lazy courier didnt even bother coming up and just chose to throw the slip into the letterbox. Standard practice to prove that they did come up to deliver at your door is by slipping under your door step. Not in your letterbox. I understand that this has occured to many and not myself and there are many complaints made but no action has been taken by singpost. In the end i had to go down to the post office the next day which was already overwhelmed with people and orders. Poor counter aunty had to do so much more work because of a lazy courier. Imagine this multiplied by so many cases.
  9. RadX

    Spam mail from SingPost!

    For those who DO NOT want those nonsense spam mail. Here is the golden tip on how to get those mail OUT of your mailbox. Credits to MrBrown! https://www.facebook.com/mrbrownlah/posts/1129610207088862 Recently, SingPost said in a CNA report that most residents welcomed the junk mail in their mailbox, judging from low response to their Opt-Out scheme. To which many residents replied, "Har? Got such thing meh? Can opt out? Where got? Where?" It seems there is an online form buried deep inside their Contact Page. Here is how you can opt out: 1. Visit the Singpost site and tear your hair out looking for an Opt-Out of Junk Mail link. 2. Finally find it at: http://www.singpost.com/contact-us/service-enquiry 3. For "Service Type", choose "Postal" 4. For "Category", choose "Advertising Mail" 5. For Sub-category, choose "OPT-OUT Service" Then you can fill out the special form to get an orange No Admail sticker to paste on your mailbox! contrary to what they say hahahahaaha You've got junk mail: SingPost says most residents welcome advertising material While SingPost offers a service allowing residents a choice to opt out of receiving advertising mail, few households have signed up for it. By Lim Jia Qi Posted 21 Nov 2016 11:29 Updated 22 Nov 2016 10:38 Just 0.8 per cent of 1.2 million Singapore households have opted out of receiving advertising mail, says SingPost. SINGAPORE: While some residents might complain about their mailbox being clogged up with promotional offers, furniture catalogues and discounts from food establishments, such advertising material is welcomed by most residents, SingPost told Channel NewsAsia. That could explain why only 0.8 per cent of the 1.2 million Singapore households have chosen to opt out of receiving unaddressed advertisements. The service – introduced in 2006 – was provided for residents who prefer not to receive advertising mail. Residents can either call SingPost or apply through its website and an orange “No Admail” sticker will be attached to the back of the letterbox. “From our data, most of the residents in Singapore welcome the catalogues and discount coupons they receive in their mailboxes,” said a SingPost spokesperson last week. “We also understand that there are residents who may prefer not to receive these free mailers so, to respect their wishes, we provide them an opt-out option,” the spokesperson added. RISING DEMAND FOR DOOR-TO-DOOR DISTRIBUTIONResidents who have opted out of receiving admail from SingPost will have an orange "No Admail" sticker attached to the back of the letterbox. (Photo: SingPost) But while most residents still take delivery of advertising material from SingPost, the increasing use of mailboxes with anti-junk mail features is presenting problems for flyer distribution companies. This has forced them to adopt a different delivery strategy as more households block their mailboxes. Alibaba Printing’s sales and marketing manager Chris Tan said that more companies which want to distribute advertising material are choosing door-to-door over letterbox distribution, although the former option is more expensive. Since 2009, his company has seen a 10 per cent increase in door-to-door deliveries. “Our clients feel that they can reach their customers more effectively through door-to-door distribution. It'll be faster to get to customers, especially for businesses that have new launches,” said Mr Tan. “For example, there is a new restaurant and they need to target the residents within a certain time frame. They will look for us to distribute flyers rather than using a digital platform.” Citypost Asia’s executive director Victor Ho estimated that a small minority of letterboxes are now accessible to companies like his, forcing him to switch focus to door-to-door distribution in 2009. “Only 15 per cent of the letterboxes are accessible. How do you distribute?” said Mr Ho. “Door-to-door is more effective because the households can receive it and they can have a look at the flyers, instead of putting it at the letterbox (where) they will just take them and throw away without looking at it,” he added. But some residents that Channel NewsAsia spoke to said they find these flyers to be a turn-off as more of such material is stuck into front gates or pushed under doors. “I think it’s fine to receive the mail in my letterbox. But for the mail that is at the door, I do find it quite annoying. Because when there are too many flyers, it messes up the outlook of the house,” said Pasir Ris resident Nur Fitriah, 27. Mohamed Faiz, 32, agreed, saying that such material is a waste of resources. “It doesn’t serve much purpose. I feel it's more junk mail when it’s at my door rather than useful information. Because (for) most of the things we can get it from Internet, not flyers. Flyers are just a waste of resources; we just throw them away,” he said. Recognising that some residents do not like flyers being stuffed randomly, distributor Lim Yuan Hua said that he makes an effort to place the marketing material in the gate hinges and not dirty the surroundings. "I’ll fold the flyers and I will slot them in the gap of the metal gate. For letterboxes, I'll just use my bare hands to do from left to right so as to avoid any scratches on the letterboxes," said the 28-year-old. "Sometimes residents will complain and say ‘Hey, why are you putting junk mail at my doorstep?’ So what I will do is I’ll go back to the unit and take back the flyer and just walk away." TOWN COUNCILS PROVIDING BOXES FOR FLYERS To help residents manage the problem, Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council started a pilot project in 2011 by distributing a few hundred containers to its residents. Residents can choose to attach the container to their gate to collect flyers. The town council’s spokesperson Regina Ang said it started the initiative after receiving feedback from residents about flyers stuck in their gates or strewn along common corridors. “We noticed that some residents solved the problem by hanging a plastic container or basket at their gate to collect these flyers. We also noticed that with such receptacles, the common corridors looked neater without flyers strewn on the floor or having them stuck at the gate,” said Ms Ang, adding that the town council has since distributed a flyer box to all households in the constituency. The response was so well-received that Nee Soon GRC started a similar initiative in 2014 for its 57,000 households.Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council provides a box for each household in its constituency to collect flyers. (Photo: Lim Jia Qi) Said the town council’s spokesperson Pauline Kwa: “The rationale is to minimise unsightly flyers being stuffed between the gates, under the doors or strewn along corridors. This also reduces the risk of residents slipping on these flyers, and lightens the workload of our cleaners. It is also more convenient for residents in clearing the items in the boxes.” But for some residents like Mr Ng, he hopes that the authorities can do something to address the problem. “The flyers are a nuisance. The authorities should do something about it. Currently, there is a Personal Data Protection Act to prevent consumers from receiving any telemarketing messages. This should include flyer distribution,” said the Choa Chu Kang resident. - CNA/jq
  10. Adrianli

    Mail sent to Pulau Ubin by drone

    Mail sent to Pulau Ubin by drone in world-first SingPost trial The 2-kilometer test flight from Lorong Halus to the island off Singapore's north-eastern coast took 5 minutes, and carried a payload of a letter as well as T-shirt in a packet, SingPost said. POSTED: 08 Oct 2015 08:49 PHOTOS A SingPost drone successfully makes a 2km mail run from the mainland to Pulau Ubin. (Photo: SingPost) Enlarge Caption 50 4 14 Email More A A SINGAPORE: Mail delivered in flight, with not a postman in sight? The first step toward making this a daily reality was taken after Singapore Post successfully trialled a mail run from mainland Singapore to Pulau Ubin - the first time in the world a postal service has successfully used an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for point-to-point recipient-authenticated mail delivery. The last-mile mail and packet drone delivery from Lorong Halus to Pulau Ubin trial was successfully completed as part of a joint development between SingPost and the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), the postal service provider announced on Oct 8 (Thursday). The 2-kilometer test flight took 5 minutes, and carried a payload of a letter as well as T-shirt in a packet, SingPost said. The drone was built upon the Pixhawk Steadidrone platform by IDA Labs, and is tailored for use in a challenging environment like Singapore, SingPost said in a press release. The drone is equipped with enhanced safety features, and comes with a prototype app designed with security and verification features to ensure mail reaches its intended recipient. It has the capacity to carry a payload of up to half a kilogramme, fly at a height of up to 45 metres and travel for 2.3km. The focus of the flight was to test the drone technology and safety boundaries. "SingPost’s exploration of the drone technology is a move to provide enhanced end-to-end solutions to facilitate urban logistics as well as tap on the burgeoning eCommerce growth in Asia Pacific," the postal operator added. "LITERALLY AIMING FOR THE SKY" Added IDA Managing Director Jacqueline Poh: “The successful conclusion of this trial shows how SingPost is thinking out of the box and its willingness to expand its traditional mail delivery model in innovative ways. "Although it will be a while before it is viable for drone mail delivery to take off in Singapore, taking into consideration commercial and safety factors; this first step by SingPost and IDA demonstrates what Singapore is trying out with our Smart Nation vision – to have the various parts of our ecosystem collaborate, experiment with new ways of doing things, and in the process, literally aim for the sky with new technology." Said Dr Bernard Leong, Head of Digital Services at SingPost: “There is immense potential in UAV technology for last-mile mail and ecommerce delivery. As SingPost transforms into an eCommerce logistics enabler, we will continue to collaborate with industry leaders and chart new frontiers. "Not only do we want to enable or accelerate eCommerce, we hope to contribute towards building Singapore into a Smart Nation, where technology improves the quality of lives. We seek continuous exploration to break new ground, innovate and harness technology to bring end-to-end solutions that matter to our customers.” The multi-agency Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Committee facilitated this trial. Said its Chairman, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transport Pang Kin Keong: “The UAS Committee has been encouraging and discussing with public and private sector organisations on innovative uses of UAS, and facilitating such trials. The technology opens up numerous exciting possibilities which could help us enhance operational productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.” SingPost said the trial drone flight was conducted with permissions and cooperation from IDA, the Ministry of Transport, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, Republic of Singapore Air Force as well as the Singapore Police Force. - CNA/es http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/business/mail-sent-to-pulau-ubin/2177406.html
  11. SingPost raises rates for the first time in 8 years CNA POSTED: 02 Sep 2014 20:38 SINGAPORE: SingPost has raised its rates for the first time in eight years. It announced on Tuesday (Sep 2) that local postage rates for letters weighing 20g or less will be adjusted upwards by 4 cents to 30 cents from Oct 1. Adjustments to international rates will range from 5 cents to 25 cents, depending on weight and the zones. International registered mail fee will increase from S$2.20 to S$2.50, to partially recover the cost increase in terminal due payments for registered mail. SingPost said rates were last adjusted in 2006, and that costs have gone up nearly 50 per cent since then. To mitigate the impact of the rates increase, SingPost will give a 5 per cent rebate on franked mail for a year from Oct 1, 2014. Every household will also receive six free local stamps, and charity organisations will enjoy free postage. SingPost says the increase in revenue from the rates adjustments will allow it to invest S$100 million into postal and delivery infrastructure, extended operations and employees. These improvements will include new integrated sorting machines to ensure 100 per cent delivery by the second business day. Extended operations of six days, with Saturdays dedicated to mail packages, will cater to the growing trend of online shopping. SingPost will also hire up to 200 more delivery staff to boost its current manpower strength and serve new housing estates. In a statement, the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) said SingPost had sought its approval to increase domestic and international postage rates for basic mail services. IDA reviewed SingPost's request and agreed to the rate revisions with effect from Oct 1, 2014. IDA said it took into account that SingPost's commitment to investing in measures to improve its services, such as upgrading its postal infrastructure, increasing its manpower, and improving the welfare of, and investing in, its postal workers. The authority also added that it will continue to monitor SingPost's service enhancement measures to ensure that these measures will improve the reliability and quality of basic postal services for businesses and consumers. ---------------------------- With Saturday delivery services resume, they have to recoup some cost back... And that is increase in postage stamps... Better buy SingPost shares, Huat Ah :((
  12. Hi All I know its a very slim chance but just trying my luck. My car was parked at SingPost Paya Lebar today between 12 to 6pm. Some stupid car or motorbike hit my car and run away. My car was resprayed 1 month ago and groomed only 3 days ago. Spent $1800 in total and now this sh!t happen. I went to 1 workshop and they quoted me $450 for the repairs. Moreover tomorrow is a PH and not many workshop are open!!! I might need to wait till Thursday to repair my car. What a waste of money. I hope someone out there witness the hit and run. Please call me at 81111207. Many thanks.!!
  13. I was at SingPost Jurong Point to collect something this afternoon........there were a total of 10 counters......but only 3 out of 5 working for general services........2 out of 4 on remittance..........of which 1 is for telco boxes return or something like that............only 1 counter for registered mail collection cum parcel sending............ I had to queue for more than 30 min just to collect a few mails.............reason being there was only 1 counter and the staff had to handle both collection of registered mail and those who wants to send parcels........ The fun part was........a PRC wanted to send parcel and the Filipino counter staff could not understand, and best part is nobody behind the counters were able to help......the Filipino had to refer the PRC all over the counters while the PRC got very lost and started to get demanding............I stepped forward to help translate and settle their dispute so that the queue could move on............or we would all be stuck....... two things came to my mind........ 1) the PRC was very demanding and requested for someone who can speak mandarin to come forward to service her..........but Filipino could not understand a single word of what she was saying.........really a chicken and duck talk situation......... 2) what have our SingPost become???.............not even one staff can speak mandarin in the whole place...........and now SingPost really look like an Emart liao.......selling funny funny things.......even sell handphone and all......... things here are really changing........... [:/]
  14. Hi bros, Super angry with Singpost / Speedpost.. Received a delivery advice for a package coz i wasn't at home when they delivered on Sat. Wanted to transfer the article to a PO nearer my WS but when i key in my Article Number, they tell me "Sorry, we are unable to process your request. Kindly contact our Speedpost Hotline for assistance. Thank you." Okay, I call their hotline. Am slowly directed to key in my Article number, and same thing, error. Also dun seem to be able to get to talk to a REAL PERSON no matter wad option i select.. Doesn't help that there's no email address anywhere on their website to write to also. Can any bro help??
  15. ST Forum Jun 17, 2011 Is SingPost keeping its promise? SINGPOST should clarify whether it is still adhering to its promise of delivering mail to recipients on the next working day if the mail is posted before 5pm on a weekday. I posted a cheque on June 9 before 10am at the post office at Block 218, Bedok North Street 1 to an address in Jurong East Street 13. The cheque did not reach its destination until June 14. At the same post office on two occasions, I had also encountered a situation where the post box was completely full such that the mail could be easily picked from the box opening. Of these two occasions, one was during a long weekend where Friday happened to be a public holiday. I suggest that SingPost put a telephone number on the post box for the public to call to alert the appropriate department should we come across such situations of mail overflow. Yeap Kin Han (Madam)
  16. Anybody spotted Singpost Fast Response Van with Siren, Blinking Lights speeding down bartley flyover tailgating vehicles and turning into kaki bukit ave 4 and travelling against traffic at vicom outside at 830am yesterday 17 jan?? I saw a bro recording with his hp camera on the incident... His driving a mit lancer....
  17. Was surprised to see that there is 5% off when I made payments at Singpost. See attached receipt for terms and conditions.