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Found 9 results

  1. Ruriimasu

    Spam calls starting from 31290xxx

    Normally I don't do this, but there seemed to be some marketeers using Singapore virtual numbers ranging from 31290xxx doing spam marketing calls recently and they are bold and irritating. Their calls start as early as 7am and the latest I received was almost 11pm. When I did get calls on a particular day, they could reach 20 calls in a single day with the last 3 digits different each time. Being on the DNC list and complaint to PDPC, they could not do anything. Threatened these morons not to call anymore, they laughed back. WTF?! My blood pressure must have shot up 20 points. Apparently a few persons I know also got such calls, which are as good as harassment. Anyone else received these calls and who do you turn to for help?
  2. There is a REPORT button on every post, can use that to inform the admin/mod. By tagging mods, the thread gets to stay "alive", after post have been removed. It's ironic that when I go in to view a recently refreshed thread (last post donkey years ago), the spam post gone but left with post informing about spam.
  3. What’s this got to do with MCF?? Dear Bluepica, You're one of the lucky members selected to receive an exclusive $300 gift from Jonsson Protein! Enjoy 1 FREE fully customizable VE Protein® Hair & Scalp Treatment now! By using tiny protein molecules that can effectively penetrate your scalp, VE Protein® helps to deep cleanse your clogged follicles, stimulate healthy hair growth and replenish your hair's natural protein! With enough protein, you can solve dandruff, oily scalp and hair loss problems easily. Improve your hair & scalp condition in just 90mins* today!
  4. Look at the new topics created by newbies all in Chinese spam, power la... hahaha
  5. RadX

    Spam mail from SingPost!

    For those who DO NOT want those nonsense spam mail. Here is the golden tip on how to get those mail OUT of your mailbox. Credits to MrBrown! https://www.facebook.com/mrbrownlah/posts/1129610207088862 Recently, SingPost said in a CNA report that most residents welcomed the junk mail in their mailbox, judging from low response to their Opt-Out scheme. To which many residents replied, "Har? Got such thing meh? Can opt out? Where got? Where?" It seems there is an online form buried deep inside their Contact Page. Here is how you can opt out: 1. Visit the Singpost site and tear your hair out looking for an Opt-Out of Junk Mail link. 2. Finally find it at: http://www.singpost.com/contact-us/service-enquiry 3. For "Service Type", choose "Postal" 4. For "Category", choose "Advertising Mail" 5. For Sub-category, choose "OPT-OUT Service" Then you can fill out the special form to get an orange No Admail sticker to paste on your mailbox! contrary to what they say hahahahaaha You've got junk mail: SingPost says most residents welcome advertising material While SingPost offers a service allowing residents a choice to opt out of receiving advertising mail, few households have signed up for it. By Lim Jia Qi Posted 21 Nov 2016 11:29 Updated 22 Nov 2016 10:38 Just 0.8 per cent of 1.2 million Singapore households have opted out of receiving advertising mail, says SingPost. SINGAPORE: While some residents might complain about their mailbox being clogged up with promotional offers, furniture catalogues and discounts from food establishments, such advertising material is welcomed by most residents, SingPost told Channel NewsAsia. That could explain why only 0.8 per cent of the 1.2 million Singapore households have chosen to opt out of receiving unaddressed advertisements. The service – introduced in 2006 – was provided for residents who prefer not to receive advertising mail. Residents can either call SingPost or apply through its website and an orange “No Admail” sticker will be attached to the back of the letterbox. “From our data, most of the residents in Singapore welcome the catalogues and discount coupons they receive in their mailboxes,” said a SingPost spokesperson last week. “We also understand that there are residents who may prefer not to receive these free mailers so, to respect their wishes, we provide them an opt-out option,” the spokesperson added. RISING DEMAND FOR DOOR-TO-DOOR DISTRIBUTIONResidents who have opted out of receiving admail from SingPost will have an orange "No Admail" sticker attached to the back of the letterbox. (Photo: SingPost) But while most residents still take delivery of advertising material from SingPost, the increasing use of mailboxes with anti-junk mail features is presenting problems for flyer distribution companies. This has forced them to adopt a different delivery strategy as more households block their mailboxes. Alibaba Printing’s sales and marketing manager Chris Tan said that more companies which want to distribute advertising material are choosing door-to-door over letterbox distribution, although the former option is more expensive. Since 2009, his company has seen a 10 per cent increase in door-to-door deliveries. “Our clients feel that they can reach their customers more effectively through door-to-door distribution. It'll be faster to get to customers, especially for businesses that have new launches,” said Mr Tan. “For example, there is a new restaurant and they need to target the residents within a certain time frame. They will look for us to distribute flyers rather than using a digital platform.” Citypost Asia’s executive director Victor Ho estimated that a small minority of letterboxes are now accessible to companies like his, forcing him to switch focus to door-to-door distribution in 2009. “Only 15 per cent of the letterboxes are accessible. How do you distribute?” said Mr Ho. “Door-to-door is more effective because the households can receive it and they can have a look at the flyers, instead of putting it at the letterbox (where) they will just take them and throw away without looking at it,” he added. But some residents that Channel NewsAsia spoke to said they find these flyers to be a turn-off as more of such material is stuck into front gates or pushed under doors. “I think it’s fine to receive the mail in my letterbox. But for the mail that is at the door, I do find it quite annoying. Because when there are too many flyers, it messes up the outlook of the house,” said Pasir Ris resident Nur Fitriah, 27. Mohamed Faiz, 32, agreed, saying that such material is a waste of resources. “It doesn’t serve much purpose. I feel it's more junk mail when it’s at my door rather than useful information. Because (for) most of the things we can get it from Internet, not flyers. Flyers are just a waste of resources; we just throw them away,” he said. Recognising that some residents do not like flyers being stuffed randomly, distributor Lim Yuan Hua said that he makes an effort to place the marketing material in the gate hinges and not dirty the surroundings. "I’ll fold the flyers and I will slot them in the gap of the metal gate. For letterboxes, I'll just use my bare hands to do from left to right so as to avoid any scratches on the letterboxes," said the 28-year-old. "Sometimes residents will complain and say ‘Hey, why are you putting junk mail at my doorstep?’ So what I will do is I’ll go back to the unit and take back the flyer and just walk away." TOWN COUNCILS PROVIDING BOXES FOR FLYERS To help residents manage the problem, Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council started a pilot project in 2011 by distributing a few hundred containers to its residents. Residents can choose to attach the container to their gate to collect flyers. The town council’s spokesperson Regina Ang said it started the initiative after receiving feedback from residents about flyers stuck in their gates or strewn along common corridors. “We noticed that some residents solved the problem by hanging a plastic container or basket at their gate to collect these flyers. We also noticed that with such receptacles, the common corridors looked neater without flyers strewn on the floor or having them stuck at the gate,” said Ms Ang, adding that the town council has since distributed a flyer box to all households in the constituency. The response was so well-received that Nee Soon GRC started a similar initiative in 2014 for its 57,000 households.Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council provides a box for each household in its constituency to collect flyers. (Photo: Lim Jia Qi) Said the town council’s spokesperson Pauline Kwa: “The rationale is to minimise unsightly flyers being stuffed between the gates, under the doors or strewn along corridors. This also reduces the risk of residents slipping on these flyers, and lightens the workload of our cleaners. It is also more convenient for residents in clearing the items in the boxes.” But for some residents like Mr Ng, he hopes that the authorities can do something to address the problem. “The flyers are a nuisance. The authorities should do something about it. Currently, there is a Personal Data Protection Act to prevent consumers from receiving any telemarketing messages. This should include flyer distribution,” said the Choa Chu Kang resident. - CNA/jq
  6. Mockngbrd

    VWClub.sg Y U SPAM ME?

    kenna spam on my PM box
  7. Lamzh87

    Singtel Spam

    Anyone received an sms from singtel saying - 'We will be changing out the default connecting tone to Singtel Friends to greet your callers free of charge from 15June' ? i am DAMN annoyed with singtel. the fact they just start this service WITHOUT asking the phone owner, EVEN THOUGH i'ts free of charge. SO WHAT if it's FREE OF CHARGE? Make me WASTE TIME calling in to cancel the colour-me-tone
  8. Titanium

    Speaker Spam at Tampines.

    I encountered the Speaker Spam Van at Tampines for 3 times in a weeks. Exactly the same vehicle number... GR7595B http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/showthre...1705581&page=47 Will the police take actions?
  9. Osiris

    SPAM thru PM

    How many of you received this spam in PM last niht or today? Is this allowed? This is from Iop8416 Mods, do something.