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  1. So many W212 on the road, do check in if you are in mcf Also do share what you have done to ur ride 1. Thaiyotakamli (brown) E200 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. I know fongmy own one
  2. Hi current peugeot owner, will like to know are there usually many issues with peugeot's cars? Checked out the facebook page and read many complaints. Thinking whether should i get the new 3008.
  3. Now then I know there's a Soft Belly Fat Vs. Hard Belly Fat and the difference can mean LIFE and DEATH! Must admit I used to drink quite a bit of beer but has refrain from it for years , came across this article on the net and hope to let brothers here know the dangers. http://www.livestrong.com/article/338079-s...hard-belly-fat/ Overview Belly fat isn't all the same. One type of belly fat seems squishy and is easy to grab between your fingers; the other is like a bowling ball in the middle of the gut. The differences between the two types of fat don't end there. Understanding the dramatic difference between the two types of belly fat may extend your lifespan, especially if you carry extra weight in the abdominal region. Subcutaneous vs. Visceral The belly fat you can grab in your hand is subcutaneous fat, which resides between your skin and abdominal wall. This fat tends to be more visible than deeper fat, but it isn't as harmful as visceral fat, which surrounds your abdominal organs, according to MayoClinic.com. Causes Aging causes your metabolism to slow down. Being sedentary can also contribute to weight gain as you get older. However, factors such as age and lack of physical activity don't directly influence the amount of visceral fat you have. Hormonal changes that occur after menopause can cause women to store more fat in their bellies. Additionally, some people inherit a tendency to be "apple-shaped" as opposed to "pear-shaped." Health Risks Visceral fat is linked with a variety of health problems, including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, insulin resistance and diabetes, according to UAB Medicine. These conditions increase your risk of stroke and heart attack. Visceral fat may be linked to such health conditions because it's thought to be biologically active. This means it acts more like an endocrine organ or gland that produces hormones and other substances that may damage your health, according to Harvard Health Publications. Having too much visceral fat may throw off the functioning of hormones that help keep the body in balance. Screening You can determine whether you're likely to have too much visceral fat by taking a few simple measurements. Wrap a tape measure around your waist. You may have a dangerous amount of visceral fat if you are a woman and your waist is at least 35 inches, or if you're a man whose waist is at least 40 inches around. You may also be at increased risk for health problems related to belly fat if your waist-to-hip ratio is over .80 as a woman and over .90 as a man. Treatment Eating fewer calories and burning off more calories through exercise can help you burn off visceral fat. Visceral fat seems to burn off quickly once you commit to losing weight. For optimum benefits, get at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise on most days and do weight-training sessions two to three days per week, recommends UAB Medicine. You may also lose weight at a rate of 1 lb. to 2 lbs. per week if you cut down your daily caloric intake by 500 to 1,000 calories. However, consult your doctor about your weight loss plans to ensure that your method is ideal for your individual needs. How many brothers here have HARD FAT belly?
  4. Hi all anyone can share a reputable workshop you have used before to do bodywork repairs like dents, scratches and spray painting? don't mind share your experience, repair done and price of repair. thanks.
  5. Bro & Sis, Need your advice on holiday in Brisbane - Free & Ez + Self Drive Thanks In Advance
  6. My second HP printer died on me. It's PrintScanCopy1210. Error: Incorrect ink cartridge/ink cartridge problem/incorrect ink cartridge/cannot detect blah blah -Changed to a brand new cartridge but problem came back again in a week. -Tried cleaning metal contacts with alcohol -Tried head alignment -Tried cartridge cleaning (utility which wastes alot of ink) -Tried pressing some weird combination of buttons to reset printer -Tried taping up some metal contacts to 'trick' the printer into thinking it's new -Tried updating driver -Tried HP ink cartridge utility software I wouldn't mind if it keeps jamming or it's too creaky to move but I just can't tolerate ****ing stupid software problem. There must be a patch but HP can't be bothered it seems. Heard printers are cheap these days (are there any <$50? That's almost the cost of a damn HP cartridge). I'm a lite user, probably print <50 pages a year. I don't mind taking out a printer and hooking it up each time I use, so I would like something small preferably. Doesn't matter if it prints slow. Hopefully replacement cartridges are cheap also. I don't want to buy a new printer just because it's cheaper than to replace ink. (cutting down on e-refuse) Can anyone recommend brand/model if possible?
  7. Hi MCF bros, I'm planning to get a fitness band, the one that keeps track of your heartbeat, blood pressure, distance travelled, steps taken and all those stuff. Prefer one which is waterproof, any of you bro using and can share your experience? Thanks!
  8. Just to have an idea who are the Toyota owners, can share share tips also for similar model owners! Vios DarkLord- Black Vios Altis/G9 RAV4/MPVs PI models
  9. Hi Appreciate if you can share your experience, recommendation or advice should you have had this similar problem I'm facing now........ Hired a 9 yrs experienced Indonesia maid - paid more hoping she can help my wife........Maid arrived & complained not happy, wanna transfer on her 3rd day. Called maid agency....... was told to hold on to her, no new Biodata available yet. Waited & waited, while bearing with her bad, 'bochap' attitude towards us despite treating her like one of our family.... makans, short tour, outings etc. Of course, gotta bear with her mistakes made........ she spoiled 2 TVs by wiping with wet cloth, choked toilet pipe & many others. Despite lecturing her, she continued her 'bochap' attitude. On the 4th week, she ran away (w/o our knowledge) to the agency & accused that my wife slapped her. Last I heard from maid agency that police report was made by them & she is now under investigation. I guess she's now either in the Home or agency's lodge. Obviously, agency is not helping us at all, for all this matter! We (me & wife) are concerned but not worry in proving our innocence. Yes, my wife chided her at times on her mistakes, but we do not lay hands on her! We lodged a police report for our perusal to further actions, if needed. Called MOM, they adviced to speak with concerned IOfficer for permission to cancel WPermit. Called police, they dunno if any abovementioned report was made against us, just asked us to wait . . . Called maid agency, I summarized the answer: 'no disclosure until investigation ends' Now, what can we do besides waiting........ WPermit is still under my name, I'm still liable for her & I'm sure there will be $$$ charged onto me during this 'investigation period'. Your Best Advice Please. . . . .
  10. Hi Everyone, a shout-out to all fellow Altis owners. We are organizing an event on 19 May 2018 at Stamford Lok Yang, so do join us if you are available
  11. On and off, we have came across news about parents leaving their kid in locked car or at home, while rushing to run errands, but mostly nothing serious happened to the helpless young ones. This latest incident is really heart wrenching though... May the boy rest in peace. 5-year-old boy falls to his death after he was locked inside 8th floor Woodlands office SINGAPORE - A five-year-old who was accidentally locked inside his parents' eighth floor Woodlands Close office was found dead at the foot of the building on Saturday (Jan 5). Soo Jia He is believed to have attempted to escape through a window after he had been left alone for around 10 minutes, said his parents. Soo's mother, who gave her name only as Ms Hu, told Shin Min: "Our home is only a five-minute drive from the office. I couldn't believe that when we rushed back to the office, we would see my son's body lying on the ground floor." Ms Hu added that she noticed that the office window was opened when she returned to the scene. She believed that her son could have fallen from the window in a panic, having witnessed their car driving away, a friend of the family told The Straits Times at the boy's wake on Sunday. The police said that they were alerted to a fall from height case at 11 Woodlands Close at about 9pm. The boy was found lying motionless at the foot of the building and was pronounced dead by paramedics at the scene. The police are investigating the unnatural death. Chinese-language newspaper Shin Min Daily News reported that the boy's parents had taken him and his brother to their office that day, and he had fallen asleep while they did some work. The couple run an education centre, though there were no lessons held on Saturday. When it was time to leave, the boy's father switched off the lights in the office and they drove home with his older brother. It was only when the couple arrived at the carpark of their home did they realise that they had left their son behind. When ST visited the building on Sunday afternoon, candles and joss sticks had been placed near the accident site - following a ritual the parents had commissioned for their son earlier that day. The boy was the youngest of the couple's four children and he was doted on dearly by everyone, said the boy's father, who wanted to be known only as Mr Soo. They have a daughter and two other sons, the oldest of whom is 18. The other two are in primary school and secondary school respectively. "It is a tragic accident that nobody could have foresaw", Mr Soo told ST at the boy's wake on Sunday night. He said both he and his wife had not slept since the accident the day before. He said: "We don't know for sure how it happened, but all that does not matter now, the end result is still the same. "Just like that, our son is gone. How are we going to be okay again?" And please, for the seek of the deceased and his parent, don't start questioning how could such things have happened, or condemning the parent, as they are already filled with guilt... Let just help to remind ourselves and people around us to be more careful and mindful when dealing with young children, and think twice about leaving them alone, even just for a short while...
  12. My 12 years old Sanyo fridge just "up lorry", any brand to go for/avoid and the reason? My budget is S$1,000 and below, just a simple one will do. Please advise. Thank you.
  13. I am a suzuki SX4 owner and am very proud of my ride. I am sure there are others out there? I hope to get to know you guys and chat about SX4 (I am looking at installing a wing, body kit, etc and if you have advice to offer, it would be great!)
  14. Hi guys could you please help me with the Laplace transformations please? I'm really bad at it. Thanks in advance!
  15. Hi, started this thread to find out more about Thule racks. Would like to request folks who have used Thule racks before to share their experiences. For me, I am currently exploring the possibility of fixing roof racks + roof box onto my Toyota MPV (Sienta). I have some questions that I hope can find some answers. 1) For cars without roof rails, how are Thule racks fixed onto the roof? Is any drilling of hole on the roof required? Read that cars with screw-holes on their rain gutter can be use to fix racks. Is this also possible for Toyota cars? 2) Besides Pro-RV, any other shops in Singapore that sells Thule racks? 3) Any problems that can result from installing roofracks? Eg, water leaking into car from the roof. 4) Any issues with height for entering MSCP? 5) How badly is FC affected with the empty box on, and also with just the rack without box? 6) Is the installation permanent, and cannot remove easily if we don't want the racks in future? 7) They have so many boxes, hard and soft type. Which model of box have you tried and which is good? I guess too big not good too small also not good. 8) The picture I found at the bottom is RV-INNO rack nd box. Any place selling this RV-INNO brand in Spore? Thanks for any contribution.
  16. I will urge all drivers to be considerate of other road users when approaching yellow box. Don't use yellow box as your waiting area "while traffic light is red in your favor" as others could be waiting for long to exit to find you are blocking their way. I have numerous cases when trying to exit car park but no one want to give way and when comes your turn then entire box is blocked by taxis/cars (Happen very frequent at Marina bay financial center car park exist).
  17. My current set of Bridgestone RE001 (205/50/R17) has been used for 3 years and it's high time for me to replace them soonest possible. I have checked with 2 tire shops and below are what they have quoted: Shop A - CSC 5 (215/45/R17) - $230 per pc nett. (Inclusive of GST, installation, balancing, FOC tyre repairs & unlimited rotations every 10,000k with purchase of 4 tyres). Shop B - Bridgestone RE001 (205/50/R17) $220 per pc nett (Inclusive of GST, installation, balancing). This shop does not have CSC 5 but quoted me CSC 3 (215/45/R17) @ $265 per pc (High price as this model is NOT ON OFFER). The price of CSC 5 and RE001 quoted by these two tire shops are quite competitive. Which one is the better deal? Your feedback is much appreciated.
  18. Hi all Proton Owners, (be it wira or waja or satria etc) Just want to find out who are the Proton Owners here, so that we can share Tips and Tricks about the car. LIST - Wira 1. Gad 1.5M 2. 3. LIST - Waja 1. 2. 3. LIST - Other models (Saga, Satria etc) 1. 2. 3.
  19. Hi all Honda Cityzen, the hunting season is on, pls show yourself... Just want to know who are the City owner here so that we can share tips and info on the car.... List 1. Saaber 2G/Silver/Manual 2. King 2G/Beige/Manual 3. Vtecc 2G/Silver/Auto 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.
  20. Setting up this thread to help myself and others who may have caught a snippet or the whole movie somewhere, like a plane, trailer or something and would like to know what the movie title is, so they can find and watch that movie :) Some format to help others find the movie for you: - rough period in which the movie was viewed - likely year of release of the show, even if you only narrow it down to the decade, it helps - Western / Chinese / Jap / Korean etc - genre So here's my first question: It was an incidental finding on an recent flight.. What I know It's release in the recent past - 2016 onwards It's a Chinese / Korean / HKG / Jap collaboration Set in WWII, with a Jap treasure involved, and an HKG who plays a kick ass Jap general with a wonderful fight scene at the end The movie starts with an Indiana Jones / Han Solo type hero rogue who bluffs and cheats his way out of trouble, and a Korean actress who is a spy and kills her Jap army officer husband on a train to secure some map / info.. That's all I have... Thanks bros!
  21. I'm looking for suitable workshops to do some repairs,can someone help me?? Here goes the problem, after some detailed checking i discovered that my car's chassis is a bit dent mabi b'cos the previous owner had an accident but repair was not complete [unsure] .Now the car front seems to be higher.Ok 2 cut the story short,i'm looking for a precision engrg workshop 2 pull back the chassis.Any1 noe of any such workshop?? [unimpressed] [unimpressed]
  22. There is a REPORT button on every post, can use that to inform the admin/mod. By tagging mods, the thread gets to stay "alive", after post have been removed. It's ironic that when I go in to view a recently refreshed thread (last post donkey years ago), the spam post gone but left with post informing about spam.
  23. Again, I started this without expecting such overwhelming support! We have over 8000 views for previous thread - which is overzealous if we look at other ride threads (average 1000 views) I got my ride early last year and wanting to find out more abt the ride + know more similar rides owners....we have indeed come a long way. Sorry been busy and lesser time to come in. Cheers bros/sis!! =========================================================== Please continue our discussion for Part XIII! Thanks everyone CS3 Owners: 1. Xtraun 2. Josephteo 3. Outside83 4. Icekitten 5. Creative_tec 6. Fong 7. jalibhoy 8. Blacklancer224 9. Maroon5 10.Katou 11.Octopus 12.Kanchelsk 13.Cloudywind 14.Deepstink 15.Beyond_26 16.Xiao_Qiang 17. Titanium 18. Threeleggedman 19. Patience 20. Sagz 21. JB15 22. Lynni LANCER EX Owners (new model) 1. Jonnie_sedan 2. Axils 3. Xspace 4. 5. Ex-Owners (Owned Lancers b4) 1. Hiphiphoray (now driving Sonata ) 2. Mazda323 (now driving Mazda323 and Toyota Hiace ) 3. Gtrend (now driving RX STI JDM MY08 ) 4. Azarael (now driving Lexus IS250) 5. jezter (now driving e9 gt) 6. upandcoming (now driving opel astra)
  24. Anyone have any affordable Android Auto HU for Qashqai 2016 to recommend, please? Somewhere less than $600 will be good. Do also recommend the installer if possible. Thank you in advanced.
  25. Konichiwa brudders! Any idea where to buy those fix-on bidet for my toilet, preferably a more reliable one which can hit the "butt eye" zhun zhun Got hooked to using the bidet when in Japan last week. Wah, love it man! Checked the internet but got so many types to choose from, I'm looking for one which need not use electricity. Any recommendations?
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