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Found 6 results

  1. So many W212 on the road, do check in if you are in mcf Also do share what you have done to ur ride 1. Thaiyotakamli (brown) E200 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. I know fongmy own one
  2. One of my grandkids must have inserted a coin into the rear aircon vent , in order to retrieve the coin, i have to remove the plastice louvre cover, but because the plastic was already 15 year old, the snap on catches all broke off the moment i remove the cover. I ended up have to order a new OEM cover to replace it. This is a good thing about conti, one can find replacement parts easily. Below picture is with the damaged louvre removed. This is the new cover This is when the cover is removed, the defective one on top, the new one below. With the new one snapped on.
  3. Sharing this DIY on how I replaced my W212 left side mirror actuator. The left mirror will tilt down when i reverse my car, but recently it has been making strange noise, I knew one of the micro motors must have gone bad, I could buy a micro motor from taobao to fix it, but upon removing the refector , I realised that the actuator assembly screw is bad, so i decided to replace the entire actuator unit instead. The micro motor should look like this, it should be on a plastic worm gear, not the one as shown. I replaced it on my W211 before and it costed me less than $10 from taobao. These are the simple tools I need. a set of Torx screw drivers and a platic pryer. bought this from Surpass, Mr Lim, jiang zua ji. for $195.00 first, I removed the reflector using the plastic pryer. The reflector is snapped onto the actuator with several snap-on clips , do it gently to avoid damaging the clips. The reflector has two heater wires on it, be careful not to stretch the wires . I did not detach the wires because they did not cause any obstruction to my work. you can see a few of the snap-on clips at the back of thereflector. once the reflector is removed, I could see the three screws that mount the actuator onto the casing, I removed the screws and the actuator came out naturally. there is a cable connected to the actuator, disconnct the cable gently. Reverse the same process, and job is done. Maybe 15 min job? Now i am a happy man, no new car but i have a new actuator, very silence.
  4. Just bought a certified pre-owned 2011 E200CGI (W212) with the 5-speed gearbox... Anyone know in details the difference between servicing A and B at C&C? Heard it is just additional checks for B but have to leave car overnight which is really inconvenient. A is regular minor service cost around 480 while B goes at least 1k although usually will shoot to 2-3k which is kind of ridiculous. To avoid leaving the car overnight, some owners request for A (when B is needed) then change fluids at outside workshops to maintain warranty. Checked with SE and seems it's ok to change wear and tear items outside. I'm actually more concerned about when to change ATF and how many litres required... I was actually told by the SE that C&C usually don't change ATF during servicing since it's supposed to be "lifetime" (duh.. not that again...) So I intend to change ATF at 3rd party workshops, while going back to C&C for minimal servicing to maintain warranty. Would be great to have some info on when to change spark plugs and which ones to use too. Went though the owner's manual, and there's really nothing much in there in regards to type of ATF / amount required.. no info on spark plugs too. Thanks!
  5. Just saw one at Zion road. How come taxi companies so slow? The W212 has been launched quite long ago already, think couple of years.
  6. Hi all, By when would the local W211/2 turns 10 years old? Why the used Benz tend to have such unbelievable low mileage when advertised? Company car or what? Thank you all. Regards,
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