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Found 28 results

  1. I am buying one of these, new one from AD for my next 10 years usage, my annual driving is around 18k mileage, seldom do long distance drive. Reliability, how much do i need to set a budget for repair cost (not under servicing and maintenance) for these model typically for 10 years driving. What are the typical problem parts which need repairing? I am not sure how to choose, i am fine with all these car style and handling and electronics. Seeking advices from the many car gurus here, which car is a smart buy? considering cost and maintenance. Thank you.
  2. Hi all, Was thinking of extending my current car's COE in 2015. However was adviced that since I want to extend, should get something that is reliable and better value. I narrowed down to the GS300 and E200 for their brand's reliability and comfort. Hope to get some comments here on which is a better car in terms of reliability, parts availability and workshops' familiarity with it. For mercedes, I am only aware of the good old w124 200E, 5spd, that is still running strong in many workhorses. The 1996 to 2003 w210 onwards seems to be less popular. For Lexus, I am only aware of the ES300 which is FWD and is a larger Camry-like car in other markets. I am looking at GS300 for its RWD but other than that not familiar with its characteristics. Appreciate any comments on the subject. Thanks in advance.
  3. Finclk

    Mercedes E200 or e230

    Hey guys, Im thinking of an e200 or e230 resale car. Most likely 2007 or 2009 yrs old. Haven test driven any yet. What do you think of the merc e classes? Is the e230 necessary? Also do merc cars hv problems generally after 5 yr mark?
  4. Bieffe

    Merc E200 (W211)

    How much is the battery? I was told there is 2 in the car and the main batt will cost S$500 to change! Is this true?
  5. Vit4wd

    S80 or E200?

    Tell me - why would anyone want to pay a hefty premium for a 1.8l E200 at S$12,000/yr when they can have a much more powerful 2.5l turbo Volvo S80 for only S$7,700/yr? S80 http://www.sgcarmart.com/main/info-2EnH27ow-1076.html E200 http://www.sgcarmart.com/main/info-2EniU1oW-1076.html Is it purely the Mercedes badge that Mercedes owners / prospective buyers are going for? I don't see how the S80's overall features, reliability, handling and ride comfort can lose out to the E200. Given a choice between these 2, which would you choose? Why? * Both cars are 3 yrs old
  6. Pss2

    Used C200 vs E200

    Does anyone knows why in general an used C200 is same or higher price than a E200 based on similar registration date? C200 has much lower OMV too.
  7. Just bought a certified pre-owned 2011 E200CGI (W212) with the 5-speed gearbox... Anyone know in details the difference between servicing A and B at C&C? Heard it is just additional checks for B but have to leave car overnight which is really inconvenient. A is regular minor service cost around 480 while B goes at least 1k although usually will shoot to 2-3k which is kind of ridiculous. To avoid leaving the car overnight, some owners request for A (when B is needed) then change fluids at outside workshops to maintain warranty. Checked with SE and seems it's ok to change wear and tear items outside. I'm actually more concerned about when to change ATF and how many litres required... I was actually told by the SE that C&C usually don't change ATF during servicing since it's supposed to be "lifetime" (duh.. not that again...) So I intend to change ATF at 3rd party workshops, while going back to C&C for minimal servicing to maintain warranty. Would be great to have some info on when to change spark plugs and which ones to use too. Went though the owner's manual, and there's really nothing much in there in regards to type of ATF / amount required.. no info on spark plugs too. Thanks!
  8. guys, was looking at 2008 e200. found a few ngt models more than 10-15k cheaper than normal ones? wonder why? is it boot space compromised? or maintenance issues? any one can advise?
  9. I was informed by a C&C SE that they are reducing the price of C180 and E200 Sports Edition by $5,000 this weekend. The first 80 units will enjoy guaranteed COE package, after which the following units willbe based on a non-guaranteed pacakage. C180 CGI now $193,888. Compare that with BM's Toyota Camry at $185,888. Looks like C&C may be the only AD dropping price of their entry-model best sellers, while others are increasing price - as a fall out of the recent COE bid exercise. How much the Volvo V60 T4 ah? Can compare with the C180 pricing or not?
  10. 1. Now the 1996 Big Small Eyed Mercedez Benz E200 is going for 60K+. Better than buying those CEO Mercedes with square eyes. 2. Anyone knows about this E200 model? Is it reliable? How long has this model been around before replaced by the Joined Big Small Eyed ones? Regards,
  11. 1990 Mercedes Benz E200. 17 year old car but only clocked 72380km??? How true is it? The previous owner bought the car just to exhibit it in the car park. http://www.sgcarmart.com/main/info-2AJGLPF0-1000.html
  12. Bladerunner

    E200 Compressor Problem...

    Hi guys, have anyone change their 2004 E200 compressor b4? Recently, went to a mechanic to check the lost of power and also sound coming from the engine, they mentioned need to change the compressor plus some ball bearings or something. Was quoted ard $3000 plus. Is it reasonable? Thanks in advance.
  13. Spawnstar

    E200 / 520 /525 and S80

    Given a task to look for a car for someone , if you have a budget to get one of these , which will you get. E200 $160L OMV~51K 520 $140K OMV~44K 525 $163K OMV ~51K S80 $140K OMV~42K I try to advise the person to consider S80 but was told the look a bit "Woody". Any owner for these models have any feedback.
  14. http://www.asiaone.com/Motoring/Owners/Buy...1109-99262.html MERCEDES-BENZ Of all the cars in its extensive line-up, the E200NGT should get special mention because it is the only purpose-built bi-fuel car you can get from a showroom here. The E200NGT (below) is equipped to run on compressed natural gas as well as petrol. Unlike the gas-converted cars here, its CNG innards are neatly and intelligently packaged so they are unobtrusive. Its engine is modified to combust the cheaper and cleaner fuel with no ill effects and no loss of power. Not only that, Merc agent Cycle & Carriage is on an aggressive sales drive, by pricing the car nearly $30,000 lower than usual. Who says you can't save the Earth (and some moolah) if you drive a luxury car? Price: $136,888.
  15. Friendstar

    Mercedes E200 NGT CNG

    Hey bros, How does this work? what is the advantage? I've seen 3 brand new mercedes having such configurations.
  16. Just at around 2210hrs at Ang Mo Kio Central open air carpark, near the MSCP beside POSB, saw this P-plate driver driving this dark blue E200 mid 90s make SBP5146(Why) while doing a reverse parking, reverse right into a blue colour Van parking beside him. The best thing is the driver park beside the van properly later on and walk away laughing with his friend as if nothing big deal happen...... What do you guys think??
  17. "Hello Kitty" COE Mercedes Benz E200 for sale. http://www.sgcarmart.com/main/info-2AfM6Dy5-1122.html This is the first time I see a Pink Mercedes Benz. Some how, pink colour looks funny on this car.
  18. http://www.sgcarmart.com/main/info-2fCSC7U7-1000.html Is there a mistake? One owner, but car selling at $160,000? Depreciation as stated in the advertisement is $44651 per year. Would you buy?
  19. along commonwealth ave west at buona vista junction towards city, there was some road works there but the lane markings were clearly drawn. dont you know you accidentally drift into other peoples lane already?? i horn you to alert you but you continue your stunt. after i stop along side with you next junction to talk to you, you dont dare to wind down window, instead you and your "Big F" wife started showing me some ugly hand gestures. come on, if you are in the wrong drifting into other people's lane, admit your mistake, dun give me the "elite face" like driving a merc is Big F ( no offense to merc owners )
  20. Pulsar

    Front towing for E200???

    Last week, to my disbelief, I saw a tow truck towing a W124 E200 from the front, ie. the front wheels up & rear wheels on the ground. I thought E200 is a rear wheel drive & should therefore tow backwards by lifting up the rear? This tow truck was driving into the Mobil Station in Dunearn Rd.. If this is the wrong way to tow then better avoid this workshop! Anyone can confirm this? What sort of damage can occur?
  21. Bieffe

    Merc E200 NGT?

    Have been seeing afew of these cars recently on the roads. Are they run by natural gas or something? I thought only for taxis? Private registration i saw today E200 NGT....what is this?
  22. Guitar77

    IMPORT E200 Benz

    Hey guys... My mom looking for a 2l car. I have checked out some dealers "not C&C" selling E200 at S$149800 with rebate of $10k after which will be S$139800. Any one here bot Benz outside C&C? C&C E200 NGT selling for 168k.
  23. Hi, tried searching thru the ngk and denso sites but am unable to locate the sparkplug model for the mercedes benz e200 (1.8litre engine) kompressor. Could anyone please point me to the proper plugs please? iridium or normal, does not matter. Thanks.
  24. Hi all, Recently I'm discussing with my family if we should sell the 4 years old E200. It's underutilised and we thought of cutting spending. But when I checked with some dealers, it seems like all are quoting me scrap car value. ie, COE+Parf+body price. Seems like it's not quite worthed to sell 2nd hand cars in singapore. We will make about $100K loss over the 4 years (not counting the interest we paid also ). So now, I'm really wondering if we should or should not sell the car. Even if we sell the car next year, we'll still get back the same $$ except COE rebate will fall by around 3K. Honestly, I think we don't think we'll get back much money from this deal, so it's not really that we need to liquidate this car and get cash. But more of cutting spending on something we seldom use. Basically we probably drive that car once every 3 days or so. Most of the errands are done on my trusty 323 which is much cheaper to run. Any views? Thanks.
  25. Pan2004

    Price of Merce E200

    Hi, would like to seek advice the market price for a E200 Jun'04 Merce can fetch in the used market. Mileage is <10km, OMV 55K, COE 32K.