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Found 12 results

  1. Any recommendation for towing service in Malaysia to bring back the car back to Singapore without burning your pocket.
  2. About Lee Sheng Auto Pte Ltd: LEE SHENG AUTO PTE LTD, formally known as LEE SHENG MOTOR WORKS, is an established workshop since 1979, totalling 29 years of honest, reliable and excellent experience in motor car repairs. We pride ourselves to be a One Stop Motoring Centre, just like any car agent workshop except that we will definitely will give you a smaller bill. About Our Staffs: Our staffs are committed to provide quality repair works and excellent customer service. All our staffs go through extensive training to keep up with today’s repair technology and even have a NITEC certificate in Automotive Technology. About Our Equipment: Our company have invested extensively in up to date equipment such as the Car-O-Liner Collisions Repair System for accident repairs, Handheld Diagnostic Tools to diagnose today’s fuel injection vehicles and an in-house oven baked spray booth facility to control the quality of spray painting. Thus you can be assured that we only employ the latest automotive technology and equipment to repair your car. Our Promise: Consistent, professional, quality service at a fair price.We will use only the best parts and state of the art handheld diagnosis tools & equipment available to perform repair to your car. Work done will carry a warranty of 9 month or 20,000km travelled for accident claims repairs For all engine repairs works except engine servicing a warranty of 3 months or 2000km travelled For all spray painting work and body work repair except insurance claim, a warranty of 6 months We have a total of 6 spacious unit located at : 1 Kaki Bukit Ave 6 #01-60 , Autobay 1, Kaki Bukit Ave 6 #01-58 , Autobay 1, Kaki Bukit Ave 6 #01-57 , Autobay 1, Kaki Bukit Ave 6 #01-36 , Autobay Do keep a lookout for our next post very soon! We are gonna share with all MCF users on our PROMOTION! Like our FACEBOOK page here for more updates!
  3. Recently saw many new bmw 7 series breakdown and require towing service. It is unlikely that it will breakdown but wonder why it always happens?? due to burst tire, failed engine, dead battery, failure in mechanism/electronic of the car or any other reason? Anyone can share the point?
  4. LookingBusy

    Car towing service

    Anyone has any specific car towing service to recommend? Or just generally stick to EMAS?
  5. Anyone knows if Mazda still provides free towing services for breakdown to their servicing centre?
  6. Mkl22


    Just a curious thought. We always say that it is a no no to tow vehicle on their driven wheels. ie for a FWD car, the front of the car is on the road and the rear wheels are lifted. The correct way would be for the driven wheels to be lifted up and the free-wheeling wheels on the road. this applies especially to automatic cars but also good for manual as it provides less strain on the gearbox. else the gearbox will be damage etc... But what about large vehicle like buses and dumper trucks etc. i only see them being towed with the front wheels off the ground and 99% of them are all RWD. and buses also have automatic transmissions. So why this difference?
  7. may i know what's the market rate for towing 2-wheel-drive cars (locally)? thanks in advance.
  8. I'm planning a short trip up North....either Malacca or KL with friends....But I need some info..... Anyone has lobang or contact to share for towing service in JB to nearest workshop ??? just in case anything happen......*Touch Wood*.....
  9. hi all, last time there used to be free towing/jump start.chg tyre service by CAS and some other companies if you have citibank esso mobil card or DBS esso mastercard. I went to DBS website to chk but seems no more... Citibank still has on its website but when i called CAS, they said no more promo... anyone which credit card or any other ways where we can hav the above free services? Thank you!
  10. Pulsar

    Front towing for E200???

    Last week, to my disbelief, I saw a tow truck towing a W124 E200 from the front, ie. the front wheels up & rear wheels on the ground. I thought E200 is a rear wheel drive & should therefore tow backwards by lifting up the rear? This tow truck was driving into the Mobil Station in Dunearn Rd.. If this is the wrong way to tow then better avoid this workshop! Anyone can confirm this? What sort of damage can occur?
  11. Dear all, I've lost my Sirion towing hole cover! Am I able to find a replacement from 3rd party accessory makers? Called STS Kallang Parts, but they said they only sell the full bodykit for replacement. This is what I mean by a towing hole cover (indicated in the red box). [inline missing.gif] Anyone can help me with some info?
  12. Never seen before! http://www.comingthrough.se/movie/Ret_91.mpg