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  1. Gammaray88

    Turbo will void insurance?

    smart or not, stupid or not is not base on 1 qn or 1 area... so myopic... sigh.... I merely pose a qn bcos i hav doubts and the so called not extremely stupid people here start to personal attack.. is it necessary?
  2. Gammaray88

    Turbo will void insurance?

    It is not a approved mod how to ask insurance companies? My qn is on the part of surveyor! will the surveyor close one eye since it is not part of the claim! seems like most people here are very smart! wish u all gd luck in ur life!
  3. Gammaray88

    Turbo will void insurance?

    Ignorant in certain areas is not equal to low IQ or stupid. Pls dun judge people base on 1 qn. I would appreciate if these comments are kept to urself BTW, one workshop say not sure, another say shdnt be a problem, 3rd one called his insurance lobang and say no prob! and they are suppose to be knowledgable in this area. I hav doubts thats why i wan to clarify.
  4. hi all, In the event of an insurance claim, if the surveyor go down and see the car has turbo installed (not originally installed), will the insurer void the insurance even if the turbo is not the damage part? or will they jus ignore and continue to allow claims for the other parts damaged? anyone have experience or can give advice? thnx alot!
  5. Gammaray88

    Car accident today! need contacts

    thnx for all ur advice and encouragement!
  6. Gammaray88

    Car accident today! need contacts

    thnx for all ur advice... jus feeling very down..
  7. Gammaray88

    Car accident today! need contacts

    her car is 1.5 yrs... really hope she dun go bac citroen, i scared they sure will chg the door! :(
  8. hi all, i got into an accident today and bumped into a citroen C4. My toyota rush bumper dented and lights mounting cracked, fog lights also gone.. The C4 hatchback rear door dented, bumper dented abit also.. lights did not break but not sure if got crack... it's not very serious and i hope if repair is within 2.5k i will not wan to claim insurance.. hopefully she agree not to claim too... :( can anyone recommend me workshops for the repair ard Ubi, eunos, east area? and for citroen, will the workshops get the spares if required? thnx thnx!
  9. pls take note that it only includes waxing and not polishing! need to top up for polishing.. info abv from the CSO over the phone
  10. Gammaray88

    The myths of Alfa Romeo?

    i am also interested in getting a 2nd hand 1 yr old 159.. I feel that overall it is value for money. I like the look and also the power.. There is only 1 thing that holds me back... reliablity.. I read from the forums and reviews that Alfa romeo is really not as reliable as japanese cars and also BMW and Mercs.. I am used to good reliablity after driven Lancer and Maz 3 for 6 yrs. really no prob at all!! nvr visited mechanics due to car problem! I am afraid that with the 159, i might get very frustrated with the down time and inconvenience of reliability issues..
  11. hi all, i am looking for a 159 that is less than 2 yrs old. pls PM to discuss. thnx!
  12. what i observed is that some of the congestions are contributed by LTA! Eg, ECP towards east before Marina bay sands: the roads there are winding and therefore everyone slows down! why cant make it straighter?! ECP towards west before benjamin sheares bridge: recently the roads are winding again! and cars really slow down at this stretch! When i saw the above, in my mind was tinking surely the ERP will go up again since the speed is so slow now!! they cant attributed the slow speed to motorists! It's their fault that the the road alignments are not straight!
  13. Gammaray88

    COE qn

    scrap or sell the 3 yr old Vios and transfer the old COE (with 7 yrs left) to the new car... therefore, there is still 1 car on the road. jus that it is a newer car! and this is good for environment too as newer car has lesser emmision...
  14. Gammaray88

    COE qn

    hi all, I have a thought in mind.... For exisiting car owners, we already have our COE coupled with our old car. If the govt idea is to control the no of cars on the road, can we jus change the car and use back the old COE? meaning if I currently hav a 3 yr old Vios, can i sell my Vios and get a new CIvic and use back the old COE? now I will have 7 yrs of COE left for my CIvic which is a brand new car. If this can work, it will be best! no need to pay the high COE now and there will also be no increase in no of cars on the road... PS: pls dun blast me :)
  15. Gammaray88

    Snooker halls in katong area to recommend??

    katong mall closed liao!! haha :) long long long time ago there is one at marine parade central... tink 7 or 8 storey... above Macdonalds