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  1. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/singapore/nsmen-national-servicemen-100-credits-home-team-safra-membership-ns55-campaign-2588161 Still recall few years ago Use $100 pump petrol No fish prawn good too
  2. dcb

    House painting

    Plan to give my house a fresh coat of paint. Any house painting service lobang to recommend?
  3. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/politics/cost-of-enlisting-women-into-ns-even-in-non-military-roles-far-outweighs-benefits-ng-eng-hen What have Ng Eng Hen been smoking? So the males can forget about supporting family income during the full time NS stint..... The males family no need them to supplement income? Though I don't support female conscript but Ng's argument about not valid. I do agree the part of female are enlisted meaning there will be labour shortages for awhile cohort for the initial 2 years implementation. So labour shortages me
  4. Earlier on discovered my main gate stuck and could not be opened from the outside, had to stick hand through the iron wrought gap and open from the latch inside. Did a Google search and found this 24-hour service with a "call us anytime" kind of motto. Managed to get through and a rather gruffy guy answered, after a bit of haggling he said "lao siong (brother) today Sunday, tomorrow can or not?" Can I said but your advert said 24-hour and anytime. "Aiyah okay lah okay lah, where you stay and what is the problem?" Told him I needed to get my lock on main gate replaced and how much? $20
  5. Hey, For people who are about to buy their first car, or recently did, here are very good tips for maintenance you NEED to do regularly, to keep your car in good shape and avoid damage!
  6. Grab service disruption this mornign affecting transport, food service... my friend was there to collect art kit and cashcard and noticed lots of uncle queuing up outside grab office. some even became heated poor grab team https://mustsharenews.com/grab-outage/
  7. Please don't KPKB about serving NS anymore when you are able bodied. https://mustsharenews.com/amputee-serves-ns/?fbclid=IwAR2LEI_YzyLJa5oWCve50zmY4FN4IVMdlOJUEruJcIzBHaS0vTnd6P7VdJ4
  8. Download FREE Service, Repair & owner's Manual of cars & SUVs. including parts catalogs, pocket reference guides and supplement manuals www.vehiclepdf.com We strive to provide free available manuals for masses. In fact building a online storage of free Service, Repair & owner's manual. Providing Manuals in PDF format to assure the ease of users You can request manual for your car here, we are not promising but we will try our best to find free manual you required. It is important to know that manuals for every vehicle is not free of cost but we provide the manual
  9. Any recommendation for towing service in Malaysia to bring back the car back to Singapore without burning your pocket.
  10. Personally, the mindset of the national is if it is FREE we will keep it hence, i dont envisage a possible reduction in our NS duration what i am very worried about is the world is moving so very fast we already had been disadvantaged by NS, resulting in being 2 or 2 1/2 years behind our girls and our foreign classmates in the future it will be worse for our children even 6 months can mean a break or score the economic cycle also is shorter hence, i am just worried about our children am i worrying too much for our kids or should i just relax TAIPEI
  11. Quite a lot of incidents in last 2 weeks.. RIP 39-year-old SAF regular dies after feeling unwell following own physical training at Kranji Camp Read more at https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/39-year-old-saf-regular-dies-after-feeling-unwell-following-own-physical-training
  12. Suddenly noticed quite a few ants in my car, am sure there are many hidden cockroaches too. Anyone know if there is any shop providing some car fumigation/pest control type service??
  13. I am going to paint my house,need help which best paint service to choose. I have called up these services. Any other services you guys know please reply.
  14. I am selling my Merc purchased from C&C to another conti car. I have about 2000+ balance service credits which are not transferable to other Merc owners. So planning to use the balance credits to purchase items from Merc boutique in Alexandra and to sell the items to anyone interested at 30% discount off the usual boutique price. The discount is slightly negotiable and you can decide which items you would like. You can accompany me to the boutique. If anyone is keen, please pm me to arrange meet-up at the boutique. Thanks.
  15. Hi, Can anyone intro me a petrol kiosk with car vacuum service? I help to ferry my friend's dog and all the fur is stuck inside my car. Please help!
  16. Time for servicing soon. I only knows rdy but it is always crowded. Any other recommendations please?
  17. For full news:https://www.cnet.com/how-to/disney-disneyplus-streaming-service-name-release-date-shows-movies-to-expect/ Disney is betting big on its 2019 streaming service called Disney+. With Disney CEO Bob Iger calling the streaming service the company's "biggest priority" for 2019, the company is ending its streaming deal with Netflix so it can launch its own service as the exclusive streaming home for Disney movies, TV shows and other original programming. Most of the programming planned for Disney+ leans into the company's franchises like Marvel and Star Wars. Captain Mar
  18. Hi guys looking to service my home aircon however, i am quite worried to engage the wrong guy as i do not know any. anyone had engage one which you highly recommend? Thanks
  19. http://chevy.mrmax.dp.ua/EN/GMDE_TIS_START.html DIYers take note. No need to download.
  20. Last Friday morning, I realised that something was wrong with my 08 Passat 1.8TSI's gearbox (only had 3rd Gear when driving forwards - No problem with Park, Neutral and Reverse). Even when I tried to change gear manually, or use a different mode, it still stayed in 3rd gear when driving (indicator is always 3). Hence it was pretty sluggish off the line, and to maintain highway speeds, the engine was rather strained. So, I drove straight to VW Service Centre. At first, the receptionist said that a Master Technician needed to take a look at my car, and asked me to have a seat at the lounge. A
  21. I have a simple no sound from my lenovo laptop speakers issue. I got their "premium care" so it is on site warranty. Two appointments already still cannot fix. Keep getting my address wrong for appointments. Really one of the worst service I have seen... I use to use Dell and it was not so bad... Never again going to buy lenovo.... Have anyone tried other laptop brands servicing? HP?
  22. From http://www.forbes.com/feeds/ap/2010/11/09/...agebusinessnews I've always been uncomfortable in A380s - they simply don't seem very stable, especially in turbulence. Now with the engine faults, I have no confidence at all.
  23. As of last Friday, Figo "Azalea" Chua successfully secured a deferment for his upcoming National Service. That means there’s nothing keeping him from staying on the team and playing on the global stage. https://www.hardwarezone.com.sg/tech-news-team-sgs-azalea-successfully-defers-military-service-overwatch-world-cup
  24. i was in technical line as senior engineer, ok pay is not dat gd. but life is stable come 9am knock off 530pm. got once a yr idle trip to europe by company. then i think perhpas it is time for me to try management but current no management positions la so decide venture into civil service. the current company also not expanding in my area of work and i feel most of time not doing much or learning much, becoming very lazy. oh by the way tis company i joined since graduate for nearly 6 yrs. then there was advert for assistant director. looks damn big but not much salary incr
  25. Hi guys, Just wanna recommend a pretty good car wash service in Sin Ming area. For $15, you get the following : 1. Proper car wash using Sonax shampoo 2. Vacuum 3. Tire Shine 4. Finish of with Sonax 3-in-1 mirror shine Compared to those petrol kiosk manual wash, i will definitely go for this as u're only paying $3 more. I do wash my ride frequently on my own (weekly), but usually dont wash my rims cuz i using no-rinse wash. So this is a good alternative to complement my weekly/monthly car maintainance. Disclaimer : I've completely NOT RELATED in anyway to the service provider. Those inte
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