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  1. Both car confirm totalled liao...
  2. From the video , i think the lorry driver heard the bang on his side view mirror and immediately thought he has brushed the taxi next to him ( at his right which he has 'cik' onto the lane divider already ) and so the instant reaction is the swerve to his left to avoid further damage . Luckily the biker only has his ego dented and not his life...
  3. Contax

    Is fiat still alive in SG?

    Fiat didn't produce many models as compare to all it's counterpart , whether it's European or Japanese marque which may or may not contribute to the down fall of its AD in Spore . If one don't have anything new to sell to the consumers , you are as good as dead .
  4. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/2-smrt-staff-dead-in/2625352.html?cid=cna_editorspick_070814 "(They) were part of a technical team that went down to the track to investigate a reported alarm from a condition monitoring device for signalling equipment. Permission to access the track was authorised," said Mr Nathan. "Initial findings indicate that before the accident happened, the team was moving in a single file on the walkway beside the track, on the way to the location of the signalling equipment." The brother of a signals officer who witnessed the accident told Channel NewsAsia that the signals officer was "traumatised".
  5. Contax

    Is fiat still alive in SG?

    I drove a Fiat Punto 1.2 with 6 speed CVT gearbox from 2005 till last year 2015 where I have to scrap it, regretfully . It serve me well .Always start on the first turn . Throughout the last 10years , I serviced it regularly and only change those wear and tear items . IMHO ,drivetrain is important ,drive a Fiat or AR either on manual or CVT / AUTO transmission . Semi auto gearbox (selespeed) gaves the most headache .
  6. Contax

    Recommendation for solar film

    I use Absolute tint for all my previous and current ride. I pay close to SGD500 for the top grade and you don't really feel the heat . You can called and ask for quote , if you going down make sure you make appointment as it usually takes about 3 hours to fully done up a car . http://www.absolutetint.com.sg/
  7. She probably park head in - want to shift to R but end up in D...
  8. Contax

    Is Car Necessary in Singapore

    I want the freedom , space , privacy and convenient of driving my own car around. I don't like to waste time planning to book or waiting for cab , less so fighting for a available cab along the roadside . Especially during festive seasons.
  9. Contax

    Life Span of CVT Gearbox

    I drove Fiat Punto 1.2 6speed CVT till scrap . It's a Fiat,and so i did preventive maintenance religiously. Never gave me any problem in the last ten years , start on every first crank , replaced only the wear and tears. This CVT unit , as i understand , was sourced from Fuji heavy industry aka Subaru , it comes with a oil cooler. It has 180k on it and still going strong and running smoothly . I recieved a lot of flakes from everyone who knows I'm driving a Fiat , passing unwanted and unnecessary remarks. I'm pleased with myself and satisfied with the overall performance of this little marvel from Fiat .
  10. Car complete stop then straight away put to ' P ' and pull handbrake. Off radio , aircon and light . Doing this for the past 18years on all my previous ride.
  11. Contax

    PI volks auto is a scam

    How can they sleep peacefully at night ?
  12. So coincidence! Ms Melanie just called and i promptly told her that her company price quotation isn't competitive at all .
  13. It's all about integrity , nothing wrong with making money as a business entity.