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Found 26 results

  1. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-48572130 didn't want to create a new thread so lump it up here. BBC article did embedded a video of the scuffle happened at the end March.
  2. steveluv

    Short trip to Hong Kong

    At hotel lobby taking to lobby staff Me: Hi could you please recommend a good dimsum restaurant? Lady: Yes very good restaurant Me: Yea yes I like very good restaurant Lady: ok out of the hotel turn left one block down very good restaurant Me: ok thanks so name of restaurant please Lady: oh it’s very good restaurant you can’t miss Getting agitated by now Me: Yes its a very good restaurant but I need to know the name of the restaurant can you please tell me the name of the restaurant? I arrived at the restaurant finally :oops:
  3. Scion

    For Hong Kong Movies lovers

    a tribute clip to mark the rise and fall of Hong Kong movies very well edited and nostalgic think i have watched all these movies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cgi-T8KQ4X8
  4. What would you do if money started falling from the sky? People walking along Fuk Wa Street in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong, witnessed the baffling sight of banknotes floating down from above on Saturday afternoon (Dec 15). Videos posted online suggest that the notes were thrown from the roof of a building, fluttering through the air before landing on the busy street below. Passers-by can be seen eagerly grabbing the notes, with some climbing on to the roof of the subway exit to pick up the banknotes. Photos on social media show that the notes were of the HK$100 (SG$17.60) denomination. One Facebook user appeared to have picked up at least six notes. Police were called to the scene after receiving reports of someone distributing money at Fuk Wa Street, and told people not to pick up the money, said South China Morning Post (SCMP). Officers collected around HK$5,000, according to the report. A live video on the Facebook page of Epoch Cryptocurrency that began at 2.42pm showed a man dressed in a black hoodie saying in Cantonese: "I hope everyone here will pay attention to this important event… (I) don't know whether any of you will believe money can fall from the sky." The man is believed to be the owner of Epoch Cryptocurrency, a Facebook page that promotes cryptocurrency. The man is widely known online as "Coin Young Master" and his real name is Wong Ching-kit, reported SCMP. Bowen Press said that the 24-year-old man refuted claims that he was behind the incident when interviewed at his home. However, Agence France-Presse (AFP) later reported that he was arrested on Sunday for causing disorder in a public place, after he drove back to the neighbourhood in his Lamborghini. Wong had said in a Facebook post that he wanted to “help the poor by robbing the rich”.
  5. many such accidents happen when driver never pull their handbrake, not the first time and happen in many countries.
  6. so many HK celebrities pass away in a week.
  7. Many would have watched films made by Golden Harvest and find this opening most familiar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkxCbcwBldw RIP Raymond Chow, founder of Golden Harvest and producer of many Bruce Lee (First of Fury, Enter the Dragon, ..), Michael Hui (半斤八兩, 賣身契, 摩登保鑣, ..), Jackie Chan (A計劃, 警察故事, 龍兄虎弟, ..), Sammo Hung (鬼打鬼, 人嚇人, 五福星, 殭屍先生, ..) films, and was one of the first to take HK action films to Hollywood (e.g. Cannonball Run series). 嘉禾創辦人鄒文懷逝世,終年91歲。《蘋果》今午致電鄒文懷女兒鄒重珩,但不獲接聽。人稱《EYT之父》的資深影視人蔡和平表示,昨已得悉鄒正處於彌留階段,其女兒亦已趕到他病床旁陪伴。 蔡稱,當年因《歡樂今宵》關係曾與鄒有數面之緣,一年前亦曾與鄒氏夫婦茶聚。他續表示,最後一次看到鄒露面,是數月前的一個派對,當時他留意到鄒步履緩慢,亦需要女兒攙扶。他坦言當時已感到鄒的精神和氣色不太好。蔡和平本身是已故武打巨星李小龍的好友,盛讚鄒文懷及嘉禾當年「將李小龍帶出世界」,更令李小龍成為香港武打演員的典範,形容他對香港電影貢獻良多,「我好Respect佢。」 特首林鄭月娥對著名製片人鄒文懷辭世表示深切哀悼。她稱鄒文懷在電影界地位卓越,於七十年代創辦嘉禾公司,開創多類型電影風格,製作了不少風靡一時的電影,亦提攜了多位國際級導演和演員,對締造香港八十年代的電影黃金期功不可沒。為表揚他推動香港電影業發展的貢獻,一九九八年獲頒金紫荊星章,「我對鄒文懷的辭世深感哀痛,謹代表香港特別行政區政府,向他的家人致以深切慰問」。商務及經濟發展局局長邱騰華亦發聲明表示哀悼。 西九文化區管理局主席、前政務司司長唐英年表示,鄒文懷對香港有莫大貢獻,是電影界泰斗,他將李小龍的電影帶到海外,令香港電影揚威國際。唐英年指,任職工商科技局局長期間及香港沙士期間,一直與鄒文懷就香港電影業的發展緊密聯繫,對其離世深切哀悼,是電影界損失。 工程師學會前會長周明權今早出殯,影星許冠文到場致哀。許離場時被問及鄒文懷逝世消息,他當時一臉愕然,稱未曾聽聞,又反問記者是否確認鄒的死訊。 資深導演張同祖表示,今天才由廣州回港,對鄒病危消息全不知情。他指雖然較少與鄒直接接觸,但形容鄒在片場內對人頗和善,「佢見到人都笑嘻嘻。」他與鄒都住在佐敦,算是半個街坊,有時外出遇見都會打招呼,但最近一年半已較少在區內看到他。張又表示,鄒絕對是一個成功的製片人,當年由嘉禾出品的《炮彈飛車》,更令香港動作片在國際上嶄露頭角。 曾任電影監製的立法會體育、演藝、文化及出版界議員馬逢國稱,鄒文懷是一名愛護後輩、願意提攜新人、熱愛電影的謙謙君子。他記得鄒文懷曾支持過他拍攝電影外,最深印象是早年他代表衛星電視洽購嘉禾片庫一事。馬憶述,當時整個洽購過程長達一年多近兩年,雙方頻密接觸,令他有機會深入地認識鄒文懷,從而在鄒的身上學到更多,他形容鄒「好識捕捉市場脈搏」,因而製出作多質素高又具市場潛力的電影。最近一次碰面,已是約半年前的事,當時一班朋友相約看電影和吃飯,鄒文懷亦有份,馬指間中都會在戲院遇到鄒,可見鄒確實是十分喜歡電影的人。 鄒文懷於1970年與著名電影製作人何冠昌及電影人梁風一同離開當時香港影壇龍頭的邵氏電影公司,另起爐灶創辦嘉禾娛樂,及後更在主板上市。嘉禾影業公司曾招攬武打巨星李小龍加盟,80年代亦捧紅成龍、洪金寶、許冠文等巨星,製作多齣精彩動作電影,其中許冠文的《鬼馬雙星》為嘉禾創下票房紀錄,影星張曼玉亦是旗下藝人。 隨着90年代後期香港電影市場萎縮,嘉禾轉型重點經營院線,但對挽救業務無甚幫助。2004年與鄒文懷份屬好友的李嘉誠斥資近3,500萬元買入嘉禾娛樂股份,成為嘉禾娛樂第二大股東,當年外界形容李嘉誠的入股為「出手打救」鄒文懷,但鄒稱是李嘉誠的經常性投資,正如自己也會投資對方項目一樣。 https://hk.news.appledaily.com/local/realtime/article/20181102/58868228
  8. alfakidz85

    Hong Kong MTR 6 Hours Breakdown

    Hong Kong’s MTR trains disrupted for 6 hours, morning commute thrown into chaos Mass Transit Railway (MTR) train services in Hong Kong were disrupted for six hours during peak hour on Tuesday morning (Oct. 16) due to a signalling fault, throwing the morning commute for millions into chaos. The disruption was said to be “unprecedented” as three lines broke down at the same time. They were the Island, Tsuen Wan and Kwon Tong lines. The signalling fault was first reported at around 5.30am. But at 10.18 am, a fourth line — the Tseung Kwan O line — was also affected. Commuters were told to take other forms of public transport instead. For those who were already inside the stations at the lobbies, they proceeded to the platform in 10-minute intervals. But for some who could not wait any longer, they chose to jump over the railings and leave the stations instead. Train services started to resume at around 11.45am. After the breakdown, operating staff had to drive the trains manually. As a result of the manual operation, trains ran at a slower speed — 23km/h instead of the usual 60km/h. Best in the worldHong Kong’s MTR has been acknowledged as the best in the world. Well-known vlogger NAS Daily even did a video on the MTR, calling it the “World’s Best Metro”. He also cited the HK$1 million fine MTR has to pay if a train is late for more than 30 minutes as the reason why trains are on time for 99.9 per cent of the time in the city. I think Nas Daily is a jinx.
  9. It's been a hectic 2017 , some had enjoyed much , some wished 2018 the new year would be better ! A short trip is indeed a refreshment to perk up your drive for the many days ahead. Hong Kong , a bustling city of people , culture , modernization with an intense blend of the old . A walk down the streets of Hong Kong is never dull albeit the old houses . Enjoy the walk of life through Hong Kong as I filmed the transition of Hong Kong from 2017 to it's new year 2018. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XETBVO7t48 Totally low powered after editing this film, which took 5 days of sightseeing and walking filming the scenes whenever I had the chance. As I took into my shock , I had more than 30 Gigabyte of 4K footage to edit and process. But it was pretty much satisfying to produce this short film as a remembrance for myself and my family to look back in the future. It is all memories. The new year also allows me to inject some spices into my old mediocre style of film production and I departed from my usual in this first 2018 new short film. Hope you ladies and gentlemen will enjoy !
  10. The recent Typhoon Hato in Hong Kong and Macau was a disaster. This video captures a man trying to save his lorry from topping over, but get killed when it falls over him. (Warning Gross) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcOjpvQSatE
  11. Hey guys, I am going to Hong Kong this coming December and i wanna go and eat till drop as i foresee that winter nothing to buy. Any recommendation? I know the standard ones like Tim Ho Wan and Xu Liu Shan. . . Come contribute to the list!
  12. Jman888

    Freedom of speech in hong kong?

    some time better keep the opinion to yourself, especially regarding politic of other people.
  13. New_Atlantis

    HongKong Protest (riot)!

    My friend just complained, why always riot when he wants to go to the country for a holiday! First Thailand red and yellow. Now Hong Kong student riot. Anyone as sway as my friend?
  14. actually there are many McRefugee around the world, even in singapore.
  15. One of the most interesting things we did for our recent Hong Kong trip was to join the queue at Jenny Bakery (Tsim Sha Tsui) branch, for the famous cookies. We stayed at a nearby hotel (Hotel Panorama), so the bakery was about a 5 minute walk away. After checking in at our hotel, we went out for a walk. Made our way to the bakery and we were confronted with this line. Seeing is believing. And the weather was really hot! They were standing in the sun. Went inside to check out the store. This place accepts cash only. Be prepared to know exactly what to order. The staff will rush you, understandably so because there is a non-stop line! We returned to the place later in the evening and managed to buy some cookies. Here is our experience. Were the cookies good? Yes, very. Kids loved it. Adults loved it. We bought a few small tins back to give friends and they really loved it. Would we buy again? Yes, but we will go close to closing time, when the line is much shorter and at least you don't have to wait in the sun. It was really hot earlier in the day, and you could see the people in the queue were rather uncomfortable!
  16. We flew to Hong Kong and back recently on Tiger Airways, budget carrier owned by Singapore Airlines. Based in Singapore, TigerAir operates a fleet of 25 aircraft (Airbus A320) to almost 40 destinations. This is the first time we are flying with Tigerair. Overall, the flight for 4 pax (2 adults and 2 kids) cost us SGD $530 in total including taxes, return. This is about USD 375 or US93.75 per person. The flight from SIN to HKG takes almost 4 hours and the return leg about 3.5 hours. Our departure was early morning, 0605hrs. In this video, I show you snippets of Singapore Changi Airport that morning. Changi Airport is a beautiful airport. Very proud of Changi. They take a lot of effort to make it beautiful. Changi Terminal 2, early morning. In the line to board the plane. This video shows you the flight itself. Pretty smooth. We ate breakfast before boarding the aircraft, so we did not purchase any food while on board. The flight would be quite long, almost 4 hours. So what we did was to bring pieces of bread for discreet consumption. Tigerair's policy is that they do not allow outside food but they don't really enforce. That said, I don't think we should abuse this by bringing onboard a lot of food (especially if they smell!). So we bought pieces of bread from Baker Talent and our own water. We consumed the bread shortly after take-off and after that we went to sleep. Most pax also slept since it was an early flight, 0605 hrs departure. We got up just before 4am and took a taxi to the airport. At my seat. Aisle seat towards the front of the plane. Legroom was decent for a Budget Airline. I could put my bagpack underneath in front of me and yet have enough space to stretch out my legs. Waiting for more passengers to board. Cockpit door not yet closed. I could see the pilots making preparations for the flight. This video shows you some footage post arrival at HK International. We were at a satellite terminal and we had to take an airport bus to the main terminal. It was a very bright and sunny day. From the aerobridge, here is a cool picture of the Tigerair Airbus A320 that flew us to HK this morning. Good flight! This was taken from the airport bus. Tigerair uses the satellite terminal. So we have to be bussed to the main terminal for immigration and customs clearance. Check out my video for the bus ride and walk.
  17. Jman888

    We Love HDB

    you can get a 450 sq ft 2 room flat at $70K, and that is only eligible for one person to stay
  18. Remember when the internet went bananas trying to find out the date of Cheryl’s birthday in a logic question? Here comes another one. Don’t worry, this is pretty simple, as long as you know how to think out of the box. (Photo: Mashable) The puzzle is meant for elementary school kids, who have to identify the number of a blocked parking lot spot in less than 20 seconds. In the question, six numbered parking spots are displayed, with one blocked from view by a parked car. With the numbers, 16, 06, 68, 88, and 98, it does prove to be quite a challenge. The answer is simple: Just flip the image over, and the answer will be right in front you, clear as day. (Photo: Mashable) This puzzle appeared in a Hong Kong elementary school first grade student admissions test, and was circulated on Chinese social media platform, Sina Weibo. According to The Guardian, the puzzle was in fact created by British puzzle inventor David Bodycombe, who came up with the question when he was in a car park in Portugal. It was also published in a 2002 IQ puzzle book for Marks & Spencer. ========================================================================== It is L8 rite?? Cant be 87...
  19. This is my blog landing page for a recent short family trip to Hong Kong and Macau. http://guitar123foodandtravel.blogspot.sg/p/hong-kong-and-macau-2015.html A very short trip, only 4 nights. We flew with FlyScoot (cheap fares but the timing isn't great). Upon arriving in HK, we had a quick breakfast at the airport and took the Citybus A21 into HK and stayed at Eaton Hotel, which is 380 Nathan Road. Over the 2 days, we had Tim Ho Wan (twice), Tsui Wah, Australian Dairy Company and some random food. We also visited Ocean Park and saw the Pandas. That was a very good day outing. We took the ferry to Macau and stayed at the Holiday Inn, Cotai Strip, for one Night. We didn't do very much in Macau, just walked around Cotai Strip. It was too rushed, so we decided against going to the old downtown Macau. Shrekfast at Holiday Inn was pretty cool. We took the ferry back to Hong Kong, stayed one night at the Regal Airport hotel, before taking the Scoot flight back to the Singapore. The plane was severely delayed. Plenty of videos and some pictures on my blog, for your reference. Hope it is helpful for other tourists.
  20. What's happening in HK in the past 2 days is pretty amazing. Economists have come out to say they don't know what's happening. http://www.businessinsider.sg/why-hong-kong-has-the-hottest-stock-market-it-the-world-right-now-2015-4/#.VSf-JPmUeJQ Since I don't understand economists, what do the bros here think about what's happening?
  21. Jman888

    Hong Kong Princess

    CY Leung's daughter claims she was attacked by mother, says she's 'leaving home forever' Hong Kong Chief Executive CY Leung's daughter is sure to stir up more controversy with the most recent series of posts on her Facebook account, where she's been known to go on a lengthy tirade or two. In a public post published to her personal Facebook account at around 7:00 a.m. this morning, Chai Yan Leung accused her mother of physically assaulting her and threatening to call the cops on her. She ended the post by vowing that she will be "leaving home forever" and is "Never coming back". In a subsequent string of posts, all published within the same hour, the 23-year-old law student at the London School of Economics wrote "I'd rather be living on benefits sleeping on a couch eating cup noodles everyday than living the life I'm living now," and "I honestly wouldn't give a single f**k if my parents died right now this minute." She concluded with a "life event" on her Facebook wall declaring her departure from home "forever". It's unclear what exactly triggered the series of posts and whether or not police will investigate the assault accusations. About an hour beforehand, Chai Yan Leung had uploaded a photo of herself posing with Paris Hilton at an after-party for an amfAR fundraising event in Hong Kong. Regardless, it's not the first time the Hong Kong leader's daughter has landed in the spotlight for her outspoken presence on social media. Back in October, she gave a good tongue-lashing to her critics on Facebook after someone had seemingly likened a necklace she wore in one of her photos to a dog collar. She hit back by saying "This is actually a beautiful necklace bought at Lane Crawford (yes- funded by all you HK taxpayers!! So are all my beautiful shoes and dresses and clutches!! Thank you so much!!!!)". The post surfaced in the heat of the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong—about a day after protesters rallied outside of her father's office demanding his resignation—ultimately landing Chai Yan Leung a slot as the subject of mockery on the US satirical talk show "The Daily Show". This is also not the first time she's used the platform to publicly criticize her mother. In July, she wrote a status reading: "Courage and loyalty are the virtues I value the most. My mother embodies the exact opposites of both." A source had previously told SCMP that Chai Yan Leung has been allowed to freely express her thoughts on her own Facebook page. Today's posts follow an announcement made in February through the same personal Facebook page that she would be leaving Hong Kong for "a while" and that she was cutting off communication with all media "for privacy". Her account seems to have been deactivated as of writing.
  22. We will be going to Macau for a short 2D/1N stay, from Hong Kong. Staying at the Holiday Inn at Cotai. I understand Macau is a small place. I am not into casinos. Can recommend the 'must-sees' during the time that we are there? Thanks.
  23. Looks like a professional group at work this is more exciting than Ocean 11, 12, 13
  24. rich tycoon can tahan 5 years in jail or not? or maybe it is a resort
  25. anyone heard of this? (apologies to those who can't read chinese) machiam like the HK gangster movies this Charles Heung really the HK triad boss?? [shocked] he acted as the bodyguard in the God of Gambler movies... quite cool leh