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Found 166 results

  1. Travel lockdown, time to dig up old travel photos... I curated like 200 photos... going to post like 3-4 a day. hopefully when I reach the end, the lockdown is over... Starting from many many years ago, without the kids.... Some of these are posted previously last year but many are probably unposted. Added a drop shadow frame. China, Beijing. Newly weds Korea, Yongpyong. Portrait with tele lens Japan, Kyoto. Overblown skies... Australia, Great Ocean Road. No kids only Wife
  2. joSG

    Rimowa luggage

    Hi, any views on aluminum or polycarbonate?
  3. Most Airlines To Become Bankrupt Due To Covid-19, As Travel Restrictions & Cancellations Ground Planes source: https://mustsharenews.com/airlines-bankrupted-covid-19/ Aviation Consultancy Says Most Airlines To Be Bankrupt By End-May Unless Govts, Industries Help Them Among the range of businesses that have been affected by the Covid-19, airlines have probably been the worst hit. The increasingly severe travel advisories and restrictions that have been implemented by countries worldwide have caused airlines to cancel a massive amount of flights. That, added to the flight cancellations by customers, have caused what might be irreparable damage to profits. Now, an aviation consultant has confirmed that the damages suffered by airlines would be catastrophic, saying that the pandemic will bankrupt most airlines by the end of May. Airline bankruptcy will happen unless action is taken Sydney-based consultancy CAPA Centre for Aviation said in a statement on Monday (16 Mar) that unless world governments and the industry take action, most airlines worldwide will be bankrupt by the end of May, reported Bloomberg. Flight cancellations and travel restrictions have caused many planes to be grounded, and those that a still flying are half-empty — which leads to airlines’ cash reserves being drained rapidly, CAPA said. In fact, many airlines are probably already technically bankrupt or have breached their debt covenants in a large way, it added. Bloomberg also quoted CAPA as saying that government and industry action was needed, or: Airlines in dire straits, $161 billion in lost revenue predicted. Malaysia Airlines is one of the airlines that is facing bankruptcy due to the pandemic. Many airlines worldwide, like American Airlines and Qantas Airways, have cut their flights. Others like Sweden’s SAS have retrenched staff. European regional airline Flybe has already collapsed. The International Air Transport Association has predicted that airlines could lose as much as US$113 billion (S$161 billion) in lost revenue this year. It’s a no-win situation While we sympathise with the airlines, we also understand the need for travel restrictions and for people to cancel their travel plans. It’s truly a no-win situation for all. We hope that governments and the industry can provide much-needed help to our struggling airlines so they can stay on their feet till the pandemic is over.
  4. Hope this is helpful and drive safely... for the guys do try to come back with 3 legs
  5. steveluv

    General travel - Taiwan

    Breakfast was not bad, had chunky red snapper porridge for main course but started with some fruits and a fritter So my trip will be starting from the south of Taiwan in the city of Kaohsiung then will move to Taipei Friday evening. So, when I arrive at Taoyuan Airport (near to Taipei) I have to take their High Speed Rail (HSR) to the Kaohsiung in the south. But before that I need to get to the Taoyuan HSR Station, by bus Follow the sign to go to the bus station at B1 level, just outside the glass door go to number 12 kiosk for bus number 705 and pay just $30 Inside the bus Train ticket $1,980 (non-reserve seat cost $1290, standard reserve seat costs $1330) from Taoyuan station to Zuoying Station (this is the name of the HSR station for Kaohsiung) Here comes the train https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vKVaVpHMl0 Inside the train
  6. First of all, I am a social responsible person, so I did not go against our government advice (traveling out of Singapore). And in case you are guessing I have been surfing those travel videos online, nope, I didn't. I went to these "countries" physically by car and a few on foot even. So how I did it? Maybe I should share which are the countries I have traveled to as a hint. They are: Australia Bermuda Canada Cyprus England Falkland Fiji Gibraltar Jamaica Kenya Malta New Zealand Nigeria Pakistan Saint Helena South Africa Sudan Does some of these countries sounds very familiar to you? OK time to reveal the answer. I just went to an area near to Sembawang Park this morning. As you can see from the map above, there are more than 20 roads which were named after countries or states, such as, Bermuda Road Canada Road Cyprus Road Falkland Road Fiji Road Gibraltar Crescent Jamaica Road Kenya Crescent Malta Crescent Pakistan Road Saint Helena Road Sudan Road Auckland Road (New Zealand) Canberra Road (Australia) Deptford Road (England) Durban Road (South Africa) Hobart Road (Australia) Lagos Circle (Nigeria) Montreal Road (Canada) Ottawa Road (Canada) Tasmania Road (Australia) Wellington Road (New Zealand) Thanks to a friend of mine who drove me around the estate. Btw, some of these roads out of bound to general public as they are classified as military related premises. To all seniors here, are there any other interesting place and road name in Singapore? I can't wait to learn more of them. Thank you.😉
  7. Wind30

    Family in Seattle

    Took the new direct flight to Seattle. Picked up the car and drove to Whistler. Stayed there for 3 nights but I did not see ANY mountains at all because it was cloudy and snowing. The tours were also not open on mid Dec. Basically just play snow and idle in hotel Whistler Canada
  8. Hmmm....no wonder their prices often seemed higher than other booking websites
  9. Wind30

    London with Family

    Brought my youngest on a business trip. First time we traveled not as a family as his sister has school.
  10. steveluv

    Short Trip to Cambodia

    Arrived at 7.30pm today. Immigration was a breeze, by 8.15pm out here By 9.30pm sipping my mojito
  11. Just want to check have anyone of you make any successful claim to Jetcover before? it is a travel insurance policy. early this month i have tried to make a claim due to the flight delay of about 8 hours . after sending the document which they require, one week later, i received a email reply asking for the same document again, i tried again to resend it with attachment and include my HP no. for her to call me, another week past, i receive the same reply again.. the frustration is they do not leave any tel no. for me to call back and ask.... and when i tried to contact the insurance claim no. from the website, the insurance claim that they are from different department, and when i asking for the telephone no. for the relevant claim department, their reply are they do not know the no??? week after week, how can we expect much from this in-house insurance company when they can't even have a proper customer office who can handle all these enquires when customer having problem. JS and Chart
  12. Fcw75

    Taiwan: Kaohsiung

    Don't see any Kaohsiung thread so starting one. Anyone been there recently? Any recommendations? Hotels? Can take the MRT from airport to town? Thanks.
  13. Mediacorp is producing period drama for the first time in 20 years. The story is set in the Ming Dynasty and based on the historical figure Li Shizhen. Out of the 30 episodes, 6 episodes is in the ancient setting. The production will fly to Hengdian to film in December, and slated for broadcast on Channel 8 in May 2020. Mediacorp may produce full fledged period drama again if the response of this show is good. https://www.zaobao.com.sg/zentertainment/movies-and-tv/story20191002-993825 Hope it won't be a flop
  14. Travel For Even Cheaper Now As Scoot Removes Payment Processing Fees Globally Source: https://vulcanpost.com/675940/scoot-removes-payment-processing-fees/ Looking to travel somewhere before 2019 comes to a close? Here’s some great news. Today, low-cost carrier Scoot announced the removal of payment processing fees globally, aligning with its vision of making travel attainable for all. This means that flights will get cheaper for travellers! Said Mr Lee Lik Hsin, Scoot’s CEO on the announcement: “When Scoot first started, we offered a limited range of payment methods at a higher implementation and maintenance cost. As we expanded globally and heard our customers’ feedback, we took advantage of advancements in payment technology to implement many more payment methods to improve our customers’ experience.” “In order to pass on the savings to our customers as our costs came down, we have since March 2018 progressively removed payment processing fees in selected markets. Now, we are ready to do away with it globally.” This change will happen with immediate effect and will be applicable to bookings made on its direct channels. For travel out of Singapore, Scoot previously charged $10 per traveller per flight for payment via credit card. This meant that for a return trip to Taipei from Singapore, each traveller previously incurred a $20 payment processing fee. These fees will no longer be applicable. Singapore Travellers, Use PayNow To Pay For Your Air Ticket In a bid to provide its customers with a seamless booking experience, Scoot currently offers a wide range of payment options. Beyond the more common payment options like Credit Card and PayPal, Scoot also offers payment via e-wallets Apple Pay and Google Pay. With a presence in 67 cities and 17 countries and territories, Scoot has also made efforts to tie up with localised payment systems. Other examples of their localisation efforts include payment by WeChat Pay and Alipay for customers in China, Konbini for those in Japan, DragonPay for those in the Philippines, and POLi for customers in Australia. With technological advancements helping to significantly defray costs required to support and maintain payment infrastructure, Scoot has progressively removed payment processing fees since March 2018, starting with Europe. P.S. If you’re looking for even more savings, Scoot’s Got To Go Promotion is also commencing tomorrow (24 Sept)! Find out more about the destinations and applicable travel periods for the promotion here: www.flyscoot.com/gtg
  15. Saabest

    Yangon visit

    Anyone travel to Yangon recently? How is the airport taxi situation there? Pay in kyat or USD? Please advise if you have been there recently.
  16. Wind30

    Family in New York

    took a vacation to New York east coast in June 2019. Went to a few places like Niagara, washington, Montreal, Quebec, boston, new york. 1. First pic New York. I really liked the vibe in New York. quite different from the rest of the cities I have been especially new times square. New york Library. Looks really impressive.... Near rockefeller center And the must see, statue of liberty :) so crowded....
  17. Arrived this evening On the way to hotel at river Arrived at hotel Went for a walk Respect this fella lifting up a bunch of cables for his truck to pass Why are bottle beers here costing $4 per bottle? Snails
  18. steveluv

    Short trip to Hong Kong

    At hotel lobby taking to lobby staff Me: Hi could you please recommend a good dimsum restaurant? Lady: Yes very good restaurant Me: Yea yes I like very good restaurant Lady: ok out of the hotel turn left one block down very good restaurant Me: ok thanks so name of restaurant please Lady: oh it’s very good restaurant you can’t miss Getting agitated by now Me: Yes its a very good restaurant but I need to know the name of the restaurant can you please tell me the name of the restaurant? I arrived at the restaurant finally :oops:
  19. In the beginning there is only my wife...
  20. Ahbengdriver

    Problem with Travel Company

    wanna ask MCFer hiadees/hiabuays. My brother had a tour booked through NATAS that was cancelled. The tour company agreed to refund the deposit. He signed a paper with the company which states it takes 4 to 6 weeks to get his refund via reverse credit card entry which the bank will advise and update in his credit card account. 8 weeks had passed, nothing. Now brother is thinking of complaining to the relevant authorities. CASE as we know is toothless. Should be go to NATAS? anyone can advise or perhaps share similar experiences?
  21. Hi what is your cost per km for your car? Mine is about $1.50 per km travelled It prices in the coe cost of car road tax maintenance parking erp insurance fines and giving free trips to friends
  22. Greetings! Did a short getaway to Guangzhou, China with my wife a short while back. We were looking for a short getaway, and at first we looked at the region, but finally decided that it would be more fun to go to China instead. So we chose Guangzhou, which was a 4 hour flight (like flying to Hong Kong). It was a free and easy trip. We didn't cover very much, but hey, this was supposed to be for rest and relaxation. Before I jump into what we say, check out this new 'All Fours Movement' (coined by me). Elderly crawling up hill on all fours? This was at Yue Xiu Park, Guangzhou. Quite bizarre, but they seem to know what they were doing. Stay tuned for more.
  23. steveluv

    Short trip to France

    Had a good 6hrs sleep on flight nice dinner too Starter Duck confit Cheese Breakfast chose pork porridge
  24. Some of my pics during all the short trips I have taken in Asia in the past year. http://www.keehian.com/asia2019/
  25. HI, For those travelling to Bali and have query on travel claim, please see below notice sent by AIG. P/S: The below is only for info only. May varies between insurers. Please check with your insurer for more info. Important note for travellers to Bali On 23 September 2017, the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a travel advisory which indicated that with the increased possibility of the eruption of Mount Agung, Singaporeans should defer non-essential travel to the affected areas at this juncture. With the advisory in mind, we would like to inform travellers to Bali that disruptions arising out of any volcanic activity in Mount Agung, including but not limited to the airspace closures in Bali, may not be covered unless your travel insurance policy was issued or travel insurance arrangements confirmed on or before 22 September 2017. Travellers who purchased or confirmed travel insurance cover on or after 23 September 2017 may not be covered as the event would not be considered ‘unforeseeable’, as the disruptions have been widely reported in the media from this date. Hence, we would like to advise our travel insurance policyholders who purchased or confirmed their travel arrangements on or before 22 September to check their respective policies for the wording relating to eligibility, cover entitlement and the type of expenses that can be claimed. As always, we will assess any claims for cover for trip cancellation and additional expenses incurred based on the individual circumstances, as well the terms and conditions of the policy. Please see the below for scenario examples. Per Trip Plan Policies purchased on or before 22 September 2017 1. Insured wishes to file for travel cancellation – It will not be a payable event as volcano has not erupted and does not satisfy terms and conditions for claim under Travel Cancellation Benefit. 2. Insured decides to cancel the policy – We will arrange for full refund of premium. 3. Insured is travelling on 5 October but the volcano erupts on 4 October – Insured can file in for Travel Cancellation and we will assess claims according to Travel Guard terms and conditions. Per Trip Plan Policies purchased on or after 23 September 2017 1. Insured wishes to file for travel cancellation – It will not be a payable event as MFA has already released the travel advisory and the potential of volcanic eruption is a known event which is excluded from coverage. Any other claims that are relating to the volcano eruption is excluded from coverage as well. 2. Insured decides to cancel the policy – We will arrange for full refund of premium. 3. Insured is travelling on 5 October but the volcano erupts on 4 October – It will not be a payable event as highlighted in point 1. Annual Plan Policies 1. Insured wishes to file for travel cancellation – If travel arrangements were confirmed on or before 22 September 2017, it will be a payable event. The event is not covered if the travel ticket to Bali is purchased on or after 23 September.