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Found 174 results

  1. Hi guys I face the following scenario. My friends told me it is weird and better let the workshop do the claiming. I was hit by a van from behind. I was stationary at traffic light when it is red. Sent my car to workshop for repairs and was advised that law firm of insurance company will contact me with regards to claim for doctor visits (anyway I see doc for 1 day MC only - $20+). The law firm contacted me and I furnished the receipts and MC. That was in May 2014 last year. Now, law firm calls back and says that the judge (dont know simi judge) says that in order to expedite the claims, the other party will pay 90% while I foot my own 10% (huh? SMLJ, must I die from the accident then the other party will pay 100%?). Anyway, to cut the long story short. I refused to accept the explanation of 'expediting' the claims. My question - has any bros here deal directly with the lawyers on such matters? Or will workshop settle for you? And also, if I settle with the 90/10, will this translate to me admitting that I was 10% at fault in the first place and will this affect my car repair claims also (meaning also become 90/10, then NCD kana affected)? Can any kind souls help me out here?
  2. But this time , it's a small one ... More like it's branch fell off along buangkok green and compassvale bow .. And the Police closed 2 lanes ..looks like it's the tree falling season ;( *** Pics will be uploaded soon ***
  3. My car skidded and I went to make a claim. My car insurance company gave me 2 choices: 1) Claim total loss - $45k 2) Claim repair cost - Car Repair Cost $16k+/- after reducing the market value of my car, insurance company is only willing to pay $9k( they called it Economic Repair Limit) so I got to fork out $8k out of my own pocket. Which option would you guys take? Is there a third option?
  4. Hi gents, would like to seek your advices and opinions. My car had a recall from Cycle on the urea tank issue and cycle had replaced during the warranty period. I had another urea injector replaced just before my warranty ends however today I had a fault code on the urea emission but the car no longer has warranty. Just passed the 100k mark. My question is if the fault is again on the urea, can i still claim warranty from AD since recall issue has not being resolve which is due to manufacturer fault? My car is a citroen diesel.
  5. 1. A motor insurance may be cheap, eg. DirectAsia (this is my current plan after I've switched from AAS available insurance plans since 2+ years ago). However, I have recently been told that when it comes to claims, there seems to be fineprints that void certain claims, eg. windscreen. 2. My NCD is 50% discount and I am thinking thrice now about renewing with DirectAsia - because in case I have claims, I don't want to be caught by it's fineprints. 3. This survey is to crowdsource motor insurance claim experiences from fellow forumers who have had at least 1 claim and would appreciate if you can reply by stating these information: (a) Name of Insurance company (and the motor plan if you recall, if not nevermind) (b) Give a score of between -10 to +10 (where the extreme -10 is no claim despite your situation being seemingly a valid claim, and +10 if your claim process is a smooth and quick claim with bare minimum fuss) © Optional: Which year? (if you remember) (d) Optional: You may also choose to elaborate your score, esp. if it's very negative or very positive - optional. 4. While a few data points may not be reliable, however if we have a lot of data points (eg. 100 people claiming terrible experiences with company XXX, or excellent experiences with AAA, then we know what is more probable). 5. Here we go, this is a list of 44 motor insurance companies listed in one motoring: 1 Action Garage Pte Ltd Able Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd AB Lim & Sons Enterprises Aik Chong Insurance Agency All Solutions AMA Insurance Agency Anika Insurance Brokers & Consultants Pte Ltd Automobile Association of Singapore AXA Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd Beng Soon Holdings Pte Ltd BMC Insurance Agencies Pte Ltd Chartis Singapore Insurance Pte Ltd Cowell Insurance Pte Ltd Daglen Insurance Agency Dickson Auto Agency Direct Asia.com Esse Insurance Agency ETS Insurance Agency Far Eastern Insurance Agency Gideon Insurance Agencies Pte Ltd GSC Auto Services Pte Ltd High Power Enterprise Insline Insurance Agency Insure2give Pte. Ltd Inspro Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd JG Motor Agency JMT Insurance Agency K & L Services Agencies LQ Insurance Agency Pte Ltd Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd NSK Insurance Agency O C W Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd Poon Poong Motors Pte Ltd Powerton Insurance Agencies Pte Ltd Pure Insurance Pte Ltd Securisks Insurance Agencies Pte Ltd Sime Insurance Brokers (S) Pte Ltd Sino Credit Pte Ltd Specialists Motor Pte Ltd Sun Hwa Insurance Agency T K H Insurance Agency Tan Bros Insurance Agencies Pte Ltd Times Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd Tong Tah Insurance Vehicle Agency source: http://www.onemotoring.com.sg/publish/onemotoring/en/autoshop/motoring_directory/motorcar_insurance.html Namaste.
  6. Scenario goes like this: I was stuck behind a line of cars in Lane 1 turning right so I decided to filter to Lane 2. Waited a while for some cars to pass, finally all-clear. I had entered the lane about half-way when this Nissan Note collided into my front left. I dunno whether it's evident in the video but he was filtering from Lane 3 to Lane 2. We stopped by the side and exchanged particulars and since I was in a rush to fetch my family from airport, we left the scene shortly. I did tell him that this is a 50-50 liability accident as both of us were filtering into the middle lane, so we should just both settle our own damages. https://youtu.be/P6gZbveV6Hs Subsequently, he messaged me to tell me that he's going to report the accident and claim my insurance. 50-50 accident can claim the other party's insurance? He feels that I'm totally at fault for this accident. When he makes the accident report, will the person advise him that this is likely a 50-50 scenario and thus, he should pay out of pocket for his damage? His car was quite badly damaged (dents, scratches from front driver door to rear) whereas mine can probably be settled with a polishing session. Sincerely seeking forumers' advice on whether you feel the fault lies with either party and experience in whether his claim against my insurance can be valid. This is my first at-fault accident over 13 years of driving, so not quite sure how an opposing claim on my own insurance will be handled. If he does claim successfully, I'll feel extremely aggrieved as it's clearly a case of 2 cars entering the same lane (50-50% liability according to BOLA) and risk losing my 50+5% NCD over this. P.S. My damage vs his really showed the difference between a Conti and Jap car in the event of a collision.
  7. Just want to check have anyone of you make any successful claim to Jetcover before? it is a travel insurance policy. early this month i have tried to make a claim due to the flight delay of about 8 hours . after sending the document which they require, one week later, i received a email reply asking for the same document again, i tried again to resend it with attachment and include my HP no. for her to call me, another week past, i receive the same reply again.. the frustration is they do not leave any tel no. for me to call back and ask.... and when i tried to contact the insurance claim no. from the website, the insurance claim that they are from different department, and when i asking for the telephone no. for the relevant claim department, their reply are they do not know the no??? week after week, how can we expect much from this in-house insurance company when they can't even have a proper customer office who can handle all these enquires when customer having problem. JS and Chart
  8. The National Parks Board (NParks) says it has a public liability insurance policy which covers its legal liability for personal injury, loss or damage to property following a fallen tree incident. But it will consider each case only on its merit. "Every case has to be assessed based on its own facts. In assessing liability, NParks' insurers will carefully consider all the facts and circumstances of the case, including inspection and maintenance records, the weather report, and NParks' or external experts' findings on the cause of the incident," a spokesman said in response to queries from The Straits Times. "Each case involving trees will have to be assessed on its own merit," added the spokesman. NParks, which manages about two million trees lining the streets, in parks and on state land, declined to comment on any specific case. In 2017, two car owners managed to recover more than $12,000 in repair costs to their vehicles damaged by a falling tree branch. NParks' insurer, First Capital, paid the amount without admitting liability. STAY PUT AND REPORT IMMEDIATELY It is important not to remove your car from the incident site. You should report the incident immediately to the police or agency that is responsible for the tree and wait for someone to come and inspect it. If the incident happens at a private property, you should alert the management of the property. MR HENRY KHOO, 38, manager of car workshop Poon Poong Motors, who has handled six cases of fallen tree claims. In the incident on May 27, 2017, a tree branch snapped and landed on the roof of a white Toyota Estima and a silver Kia Rio, both of which were parked in Turf Club Road. The windscreens and roofs of the two cars were badly damaged. Mr Henry Khoo, 38, manager of car workshop Poon Poong Motors, rushed to the scene after a client, one of the car owners, alerted him to the incident. He called the police, who in turn alerted NParks. "It is important not to remove your car from the incident site. You should report the incident immediately to the police or agency that is responsible for the tree and wait for someone to come and inspect it," said Mr Khoo, who has handled six cases of fallen tree claims. "If the incident happens at a private property, you should alert the management of the property," he added. Mr Khoo, whose workshop repaired the two damaged cars, spent the following six months trying to recover the costs from NParks on behalf of the owners. ST understands that Mr Khoo's claims were initially dismissed. A loss adjuster appointed by First Capital said the fallen tree branch was found to be alive and healthy. "The snapping of the tree branch was most likely due to strong wind conditions over the days before and on the day of the incident," said the loss adjuster, adding that the unfavourable weather condition was beyond the reasonable control of NParks. But Mr Khoo stood his ground, maintaining that his own investigation found the affected tree to be infested with termites. He had videos and photographs taken on the day of the incident as proof. The owners were eventually fully reimbursed for the more than $12,000 in repair costs for the two cars through the workshop. Lawyer Chia Boon Teck of Chia Wong LLP said: "In most cases, fallen trees would be covered by motor insurance as an Act of God so the motorist may claim insurance. Alternatively, the motorist may make a claim against the tree owner, whether NParks or the town council, but it will not be easy to prove their negligence." Mr Chia said: "Our citizens trust our government agencies to conduct themselves honestly and fairly. Most times we have to take their words at face value because we don't have the resources to prove them wrong. This trust is sacred and must never be abused." In an earlier incident in 2013, car owner Victor Yew managed to recover 75 per cent of his repair costs of some $2,800. The 52-year-old businessman was driving his Volkswagen Golf R along Somerset Road in heavy rain when a tree branch fell and hit the car's windscreen and bonnet in front of TripleOne Somerset. Mr Yew took photos of the 1m tree branch and made a police report on the same day. "I called NParks the next day and met its officers at the incident site. I wasn't told what caused the tree branch to fall, but I was compensated out of goodwill within three months," said Mr Yew. On Dec 20 last year, two trees fell at Sembawang Park, injuring 14 people. While investigations are still ongoing, NParks said in a statement a day after the incident that the uprooted trees, which were last inspected in May last year, were found to be healthy. About 400 cases of fallen trees were recorded last year, up from the 361 reported a year earlier. There were 800 cases recorded in 2016.
  9. Hi all gurus. Summary of my case: Involve in an accident in 2017 and paid up for my own repair first although I am claiming the other party. 2 years on, the Workshop tells me that there is no update on the claim and they will keep my 2k deposit until the other party insurance get back to me. A more detail write-up I was being hit by another car (supposingly rented) in June 2017. So based on my friend's father advise, I went to a Workshop in Woodlands Road to make the claim against the other party. I am pretty inexperience in this area so I just follow the advice by the Workshop Boss. He told me that he is an ex-SPF and Hwa Chong grad or something, and all his friends are lawyer etc. So he knows the stuff and will handle it for me. Long story short, he mentioned that it is a 50-50 case. In fact the chances of me claiming successfully is not high according to him. So he requested that I pay him for my own car damage upfront (about $2k) and if the claim is successful, he will refund me the 2k. In mid 2018, the other party have claimed my insurance. As for my claim against the other party, the workshop mentioned that there is no update. Till date, they are still holding on to my 2k. So I asked the Workshop Boss to email the other party insurance company and get back to me on the status but he refuses and chided me for being ungrateful because he is actually helping me in a 50-50 case. I explained to him that I am asking him to do so only because I am unable to do so. I have tried getting an update from the other party insurance but they ask me to go through my authorised workshop. So my question is Is there any way I can get an update on my claim status against the other party without the Workshop? Is it possible that the Workshop have forgotten to claim the other party it is too late to claim now? Thanks all. I am really at a lost now on what to do because the Workshop refuses to assist me yet the other party insurance request that I follow-up with my authorised workshop directly.
  10. Hi Seniors.. Need your advise on the below: I was involved in a cross junction traffic accident whereby I was driving straight towards a junction when the greenlight is in my favour. I hit a right turn car. My front bumper is badly damaged with engine and passenger air bags activated. The car is quoted 65k to repair at authorised dealer. As my car has a high parf of 80k and a resale same car is going at ard 100k. The opp insurance company treat this case as a total loss. As much as i will prefer to repair the car..thereis now no other offer from other workshop to take up this job. What other alternatives are available to me? As a total loss write off will be at my disadvantage? Appreciate your constructive comments please. Thanks
  11. Hi Brothers and Sisters, Need your advice. Just met an accident recently. The other driver took photo of my driving license. However, the other driver only gave me his membership card for photo taking. His membership has his photo but his NRIC number is incomplete, eg: S78xxxx55E. So far, the info I had collected from him is his membership card photo and phone number. I had make a report at one of my insurer's workshop. 1. May I know whether we should provide the real driving license for other party to take photo at the accident site? If not, a membership card also ok? 2. What is the info that we should collected from other party at the accident site?
  12. Deckbuild

    Medishield or Medisave claim

    Hi, this few days having back pain directly behind the inverted V or my rib cage, would like to ask if I go for a CT scan, or what ever scan, can I claim from medishield or medisave?
  13. Kissed someone behind, one small dent. At first received letter from insurance say kena claim estimated a few k Now received letter from insurance say kena claimed 5 digits. The videos/photos were submitted to the insurance. If the see the video, will know obviously cannot be claim so high. What's going to happen now? Insurance say they will be handling the claim. Will they fight it if they think is too high? Since they say they will be handling, any inputs needed from my side?
  14. HI, For those travelling to Bali and have query on travel claim, please see below notice sent by AIG. P/S: The below is only for info only. May varies between insurers. Please check with your insurer for more info. Important note for travellers to Bali On 23 September 2017, the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a travel advisory which indicated that with the increased possibility of the eruption of Mount Agung, Singaporeans should defer non-essential travel to the affected areas at this juncture. With the advisory in mind, we would like to inform travellers to Bali that disruptions arising out of any volcanic activity in Mount Agung, including but not limited to the airspace closures in Bali, may not be covered unless your travel insurance policy was issued or travel insurance arrangements confirmed on or before 22 September 2017. Travellers who purchased or confirmed travel insurance cover on or after 23 September 2017 may not be covered as the event would not be considered ‘unforeseeable’, as the disruptions have been widely reported in the media from this date. Hence, we would like to advise our travel insurance policyholders who purchased or confirmed their travel arrangements on or before 22 September to check their respective policies for the wording relating to eligibility, cover entitlement and the type of expenses that can be claimed. As always, we will assess any claims for cover for trip cancellation and additional expenses incurred based on the individual circumstances, as well the terms and conditions of the policy. Please see the below for scenario examples. Per Trip Plan Policies purchased on or before 22 September 2017 1. Insured wishes to file for travel cancellation – It will not be a payable event as volcano has not erupted and does not satisfy terms and conditions for claim under Travel Cancellation Benefit. 2. Insured decides to cancel the policy – We will arrange for full refund of premium. 3. Insured is travelling on 5 October but the volcano erupts on 4 October – Insured can file in for Travel Cancellation and we will assess claims according to Travel Guard terms and conditions. Per Trip Plan Policies purchased on or after 23 September 2017 1. Insured wishes to file for travel cancellation – It will not be a payable event as MFA has already released the travel advisory and the potential of volcanic eruption is a known event which is excluded from coverage. Any other claims that are relating to the volcano eruption is excluded from coverage as well. 2. Insured decides to cancel the policy – We will arrange for full refund of premium. 3. Insured is travelling on 5 October but the volcano erupts on 4 October – It will not be a payable event as highlighted in point 1. Annual Plan Policies 1. Insured wishes to file for travel cancellation – If travel arrangements were confirmed on or before 22 September 2017, it will be a payable event. The event is not covered if the travel ticket to Bali is purchased on or after 23 September.
  15. Was rear ended. Clear-cut fault of the party as he did not stop and rammed into my vehicle. Did not experience any noticeable injury then. Took photos and exchanged contacr. Wanted to keep it fuss free and private settle as the other party admitted full liability. Reported to my insurance. Was told to bring car to any approved or preferred workshop with the Accident Report to process with the accident repair. Today I am beginning to feel effects of whiplash. Havent seen a doctor yet. If medical is included with vehicle repair, I dun think can private settle as sum will be too big. I am not familiar with accident claim. I heard workshop can do medical claims for the customer? I just want some party to arrange all these for me. Also my car has been treated with 9H ceramic coating. After rear is repaired/replaced/sprayed, will recoating be included in repair? Can someone recommend a workshop that can take care of this?
  16. kelaihoyin

    Third Party Claim Query

    Hi All, Recently I was met with this incident, Long story short: Nissan guy side swiped me as he was going straight on a RIGHT TURN only lane. I was on his left. Evidence from front and back cam submitted to my workshop and claiming third party. Both side reported accident but according to workshop he said that the other side is refusing to admit fault and insisted that I turned into him which the video clearly says it isn't. Workshop mentioned the third party insurance persuaded the driver to admit liability but he refused so now the process is stuck. Workshop told me that if the Nissan driver refuses to admit fault there is nothing we can do. But if the other party has already reported the accident and evidence is secured shouldn't the third party insurance determined whether whose fault is it and deciding liability instead of needing the driver to admit his fault? Appreciate if anyone can advise on this because a simple side swipe like this already dragged on for 2 months. Seems pretty much a way for insurance company to drag out the case until you give up in the claiming process.
  17. Darn! my less than a year old Kia hit by stone again on NSH. There's a small star crack at the center bottom of the windscreen. Should I repair it or just send to Kia to file for claim to change it?
  18. Hi guys met one accident last sat which involved one malaysia lorry, was parked my car behind it on one road side and it suddenly reverse hit my car front, no injury as was not inside the car and police report made. Called my insurance and was informed very difficult to claim them and take very long time, and they ask me to find myself any shop good in claim malaysia vehicles . SO bad luck, can check any guys here know any shop good in doing such claim? many tks
  19. http://www.asiaone.com/singapore/joanne-peh-involved-accident-gets-offers-car-repairs-and-insurance-scene Am I right to say there are tons of commission based insurance referral claims out there which I’m missing?
  20. I was involved in an accident yesterday. I was going straight passing a junction and a NTUC comfort taxi who is going to turn right failed to give way to me, as a result, his right front corner rammed into my right car body. It was green light for both direction. TP came due to heavy traffic flow and oil leakage from the taxi and I also got hold of two witnessess who came forward. Subsequently my car was towed to IDAC for assessment. I was advised by my insurance company to make an insurance claims. They said its either I make a own damage claims or 3rd party claim. Own damage claim - Not provided with courtesy car as it did not covered that in my Comprehensive Insurance coverage. But procedure is faster and they can reclaim the excess i forked out if I was found not to be at fault. 3rd party claim - IDAC find a workshop for me who can provide me with courtesy car and I dun have to fork out a single cent for the repair. They will do the 3rd party claim for me and the claiming process takes longer. I have to go through lawyer interview on the accounts of the accident. If I am 100% sure I am NOT AT FAULT, do I still have to settle for a 50-50 or 90-10 negotiation??? Can I insist the taxi insurance company to pay all the repair costs?? Any bros can advise me which option is better??
  21. My wife was hit by a car while crossing on a pedestrian crossing. She suffered a fractured knee for which she was hospitalised for 1 day and is on 2 month MC. according to the doctor, full recovery may take upto 6 months or more. We contacted the insurance company of the driver for the process about filing 3rd party claim. the insurance company has proposed that they will be appointing an investigator who will contact us and assess about the medical claims and other damages which the insurance company will pay us. however we have the option to counter propose and reject if we feel the offer is too low. No lawyers are involved in the process till now. 1. Our Hospitalisation expenses (including MRI scan & CT scan) and the subsequent follow up > 5k till now. There will be monthly follow ups and she will need to go for rehab and physio for at least 6 months( may be weekly sessions, not sure yet) 2. I understand that we can file for injury claims within 3 years following the accident. 3. we have filed a police report and case is under investigation. We have submitted all the documents to the IO. So my queries are- 1. How impartial are these 3rd party investigators in assessing the claims and offer of compensation. 2. as the follow up is prolonged should we wait for the injury to get better and see whether there are any complications or should we settle it now. Most of the friends i have talked to are asking me to talk to a lawyer, but i understand that they charge a lot or may take a portion of the compensation which is offered. so is it really necessary to engage a lawyer or we can just proceed without one. Any help and advise will be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  22. hi, need your advice, the motorbike slip and bang onto the rear of my stationary vehicle. i have file police report, witness also file report. and i have show the TP officer the video. Safe to claim my policy ?
  23. Dear MCFer brudders n sysders, like to hear some opinions and advices. My sister(real one) was involved in a minor accident some 7 to 8 months ago, lightly rear ended the other car and dented his bumper. She lodged her accident report promptly at that time within 24 hours with A##. But nothing happened since. By the way, she has since scrapped the car and A## had also since refunded her unused insurance premium balance. Heres the thing. This morning(after 7 to 8 months) she received a letter from A## saying that a 3rd claim has been made against her, and is asking for details. Question - is she liable still? since the 3rd party did not respond all this while. Is this something for A## to sort out with the other side? I mean, how do we know that the other party did not now try to inflate damages claim or claim for things that are over n above n not related to the accident 7 months ago? IS A## so stupid or is there a case here.
  24. My bro was driving my car and he stopped at right turning lane waiting to turn right when out of nowhere a speeding taxi driving too close hit his side mirror and whole mirror flew off. The taxi stopped and admitted his fault. I have photos and video of the accident too. My bro agree to private settled and tomorrow i will be going down to C&C workshop ( am driving a KIA K3). Have taxi driver settle bill on the spot and if he give any excuse i will claim his insurance. As i am still pretty new to this, anything i should look out for like process wise? Should i go back to C&C and 3rd party? My mirror is those motorized auto folding. Thanks
  25. Hi, I got into an accident last Thursday. As this was my first accident, I'm not sure what to do. Would appreciate some advise here.. What happened on Thursday was this delivery lorry in front of me suddenly stopped and reversed into my bumper, causing damage to my bumper and bonnet. I made a report already (albeit late). I went to this random workshop near my house and the cost of repair is $350. That bugger admitted that he was at fault and offered to pay $200 to settle privately, but the payment never came. He has stopped picking up my calls so I think it's safe to assume that he no longer wants to settle it privately. Making a claim against my own insurance is not worth it because my excess is $600. Now I have 2 options - either to bear the cost of repair myself or file a third-party claim against him. The workshop I went to advised the latter. He said if I decide to pursue a TP claim, I'll only have to pay $350 if I lose and if I win, I don't have to pay a single cent. The latter option sounds more appealing to me because I wish to teach that bugger a lesson, but my only concern is do I have to bear the inflated cost of repair if I lose my claim? Also, how troublesome would the TP claim become? I understand I need to appear in court and be interviewed by the lawyers, but are there other commitments? It's also rumoured that making a TP claim would increase your premium - is this true? Is there a difference in making a TP claim with a workshop authorised by NTUC Income (my insurer) and one that is not? Hope those with experience can share! Thanks.