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  1. sgCarMart rolls out its Car Protection Initiative for buyer peace-of-mind source: https://www.sgcarmart.com/news/article.php?AID=24012 Detailed vehicle inspections and coverage of engine, transmission and drive axle key benefits of Used Car Warranty Programme sgCarMart, number one car classifieds for buying vehicles, has announced the launch of a Used Car Warranty Programme in Singapore. The programme is underwritten by global insurance company Tokio Marine and administered by Assurant, Inc., a leading global provider of lifestyle and housing solutions that support, protec
  2. Hi all, Going to collect car soon. Some newbie questions. 1. Will the warranty void if I upgrade the kia dashcam to other brand with battery pack connected to fuse box from outside workshop? 2. Will the warranty void if I upgrade the car battery to higher capacity battery? Any recommended brand and workshop? TIA
  3. Hi all, Been hearing about how every & any add-ons or mod will void the car's warranty. I'm sure the agent (eg: KMC) will be quick to void the warranty at any opportunity given and hence, no point asking what 'add-on or mod" will void the warranty since I have already installed so many "add-ons" (eg: Voltage Stabiliser, Oil Catch Tank, K&N CAI, etc....). Been driving for 20 years and whenever I go back to Dealer's workshop, I always get the same reason... "It's wear and tear and I'll have to pay for replacement". So to me, warranty is like a MYTH..... do they even exist ? Ha
  4. I bought a washer from COURTS many years ago together with their highly recommended Extended Warranty (EW) package that costs a few hundred of dollars. A few months ago, my washer started to leak and I called up the COURTS' service hotline and they told me that I need to pay for the transportation charges else they will not send anyone down to verify the problem neither quote me for the repair cost and advised me to check the T&Cs. Like most of the consumers that including myself, how many of you will spend time reading those fine lines of T&Cs printed at font size 8??? COURTS claim
  5. hey guys, I have heard some people say they can ask their trusted workshop to take over their car warranty from their dealer. dont think there are much talks about this, or maybe I didnt search enough. can explain how the process goes ? curious to know. =D
  6. Hi all, Does changing after-market rims affect your warranty with AD? Understand from my friend that some AD will void your warranty if the rims that you replaced are not bought from them, even if you follow the manual approved specs.
  7. Hi gents, would like to seek your advices and opinions. My car had a recall from Cycle on the urea tank issue and cycle had replaced during the warranty period. I had another urea injector replaced just before my warranty ends however today I had a fault code on the urea emission but the car no longer has warranty. Just passed the 100k mark. My question is if the fault is again on the urea, can i still claim warranty from AD since recall issue has not being resolve which is due to manufacturer fault? My car is a citroen diesel.
  8. Get a collection of ultra-durable coatings, designed to shield vehicle's paintwork, upholstery, and glass against harsh contaminants with the Autoglym Carbon Shield Coating packages! Autoglym Carbon Shield Interior Package (Interior Coating) - $348 inclusive of GST Keeps spills and moisture out of your car's seat and carpets Allow spills to be easily wiped away if any accidents occur One year limited warranty* Autoglym Carbon Shield Coating Classic Package (Exterior + Glass) - $488 inclusive of GST Creates a water-repellent barrier tha
  9. Anyone does servicing package in Cycle & Carriage? Is it necessary to does servicing in Cycle & Carriage in order to valid the warranty? I know some of them does servicing at outside but still could claim warranty from the AD. Care to share is there a clause somewhere or any legal term to fight against?
  10. Car dealers to remove warranty restrictions to allow independent workshops to compete http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/car-dealers-to-remove-warranty-restrictions-to-allow-independent-9488024 SINGAPORE: Major car dealers have agreed to remove restrictions on warranties and related documents, announced the Competition Commission of Singapore (CCS) on Monday (Dec 11). The commission said this in a press release after concluding its inquiry into the supply of car parts in Singapore. The inquiry was carried out to better understand how the operations of the car parts
  11. Hi all, Tried searching but can't get a comprehensive ans on this. Only managed to get bits and pieces of info here and there. I'm looking at getting a new E Class, not sure E200 or E250. Definitely PI as i find the sales service at CnC not that great and it's too overpriced compared to buying from PI. I have bought from PI before but only jap cars, never continental. I understand the general feedback from most people is that conti cars run on more electronics so there's a higher tendency for conti cars to have abit of electronic issues/replacements that need to be done from time to ti
  12. Anyone heard of TrustCircle Extended Warranty Program? It is covered by Tokio Marine Insurance and up to 5 years. One of the authorised workshop for this program is BCC Workshop. Do you guys think I should buy? 5 Years: Continental Cars - $4,500 Asian Cars - $3,500 Wear & Tear not covered.
  13. With requests from Public for new car owners, DM currently offer a Warranty Free Hop over program for your new car. If you are not please with what your present workshop servicing standard, you might wanna join us for a Free warranty coverage program. All you have to do is to join us for your future servicing. Your hop over will only be approved after a call access check. Warranty booklet will be issued to you right after the check. Our Warranty hop over program is currently hot in demand due to our Servicing standards and quality customer service. Dont miss it. Hotline to call :
  14. https://www.cccs.gov.sg/media-and-publications/media-releases/major-car-dealers-amend-warranty-terms are you using independent workshops for servicing your car within warranty period, instead of going back to agent workshop ?
  15. New cars usually come with free camera, but the camera will off when engine off. If you connect camera to draw power from battery, it will void warranty. Heard that if we install a battery Power Pack to ensure camera is running when engine is off, it will not void warranty, but some say it will void warranty. Anybody knows if battery Power Pack voids warranty ?
  16. came across a funny question today posted in another forum. a person bought a car from a PI. the car comes with warranty. the person bought his own car insurance under authorised workshop. 2 months later, kenah accident. now this person dunno what to do. bring to his insurance's authorised workshop, was advised, his warranty may be compromised. bring back to PI but PI don't cover insurance claim. (btw, warranty got cover accident or not ?) so how ?
  17. With the assumption that consignment sales is transaction between buyer and direct owner, with dealer handling paperwork at a cost, that makes it equivalent to buying directly from owner which will comes without after sales warranty?
  18. Hi Bros Just got a new ride from Toyota with 5 year warranty. Does installation by wiring third party items like DVR recorder and Leg Room LED tied to door switch void the warranty under BM? I requested them to add on wires instead of tampering with the original wire in car. When I call BM they say anything you don't do with BM is void warranty. Any bro experience servicing from them? Will they inspect all these and be quick to indicate your warranty is voided? Planning to go next week. Thanks in advance.
  19. Wondering if any bros bought this coverage b4 and got FR? http://www.qbe.com.sg/Business/ProductProt.../Insurance.html
  20. Hi Some advice needed. My brother in law is interested in getting a 6 yr old used jap car from a direct owner. Tested the car and the car was ok. Had it checked. Also ok. Is it reasonable to expect the direct seller to provide him a 1 yr warranty on parts of engine and transmission? Get the direct seller to commit via a contract to provide him a warranty? Pls advice. Cuz my brother in law is afraid the car will give problems in future.
  21. Hi is anybody willing to share how a new car 5yrs warranty works? i have intent to change my headlights bulb from yellow to those white ones (but LTA approved) like philips 4300 kinds.
  22. Heard effective 1st Apr All new VW now comes with 5 year warranty + 100k mileage for new cars I suppose those that still wants to have the warranty intact will have to pay thru the nose for Year 4 and year 5 servicing
  23. Just wanna check if any brothers here took up the extended warranty offered by Mazda Motors? 5yrs/140,000km When do we need to sign up and what does it cover?
  24. A fren who just bought an Opel not long ago was told by her Salesman that if she doesn't send her car to Opel for servicing, her warranty will be void. Is that such a cond?
  25. Having Problems with your Existing Tied up workshop for your WARRANTY? Not very satisfy with their Services? Having doubts? DONT WORRY, you have an alternatives to join us for our NEW Warranty program (100000 KM or 3 Years WTY) ---- JUST HOP OVER ... MANY HAD DONE THAT AND SMILING Dynamics Mechanic - The Boutique Garage 'Best Service & Repair' among 1000 over workshops - Awarded by SGCARMART 2013, 2014 & 2015 based on most positive reviews by customers. CLICK HERE TO READ POSITIVE REVIEWS ON US Please contact us at 6341 6164 or PM us for more informations. The
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