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Found 79 results

  1. Ommph

    Help on Workshop Needed

    Hi All Bro and Sis, My 9yrs old skoda has been trembling rather badly recently and today, it finally stalled. But after a while, it was ok again but the trembling continue. Anyone has such issue before? Any reliable workshop to recommend? Thanks in advance!
  2. Billcoke

    Recommended workshops for Merc

    Bro, My C class is out of warranty and looking for a workshop, any recommendation?
  3. Hi all! Very fed up with TTS (long story)..anyway, just wanna know where do you guys go to service / repair your Proton cars in Singapore? I specifically want Singapore workshops for those ocasional urgent issues whereby its too troublesome to tow to JB. Thanks!
  4. Hi Bros & Siss, Does anyone know any Pro workshops doing for Subaru cars in JB?
  5. https://www.cccs.gov.sg/media-and-publications/media-releases/major-car-dealers-amend-warranty-terms are you using independent workshops for servicing your car within warranty period, instead of going back to agent workshop ?
  6. Anyone got any reliable workshops in the west to recommend? I used to go Autobay for serving, but it's a little far from where I stay. I used to go Motec too, but too bad they closed down. Thanks!
  7. I'm looking for suitable workshops to do some repairs,can someone help me?? Here goes the problem, after some detailed checking i discovered that my car's chassis is a bit dent mabi b'cos the previous owner had an accident but repair was not complete [unsure] .Now the car front seems to be higher.Ok 2 cut the story short,i'm looking for a precision engrg workshop 2 pull back the chassis.Any1 noe of any such workshop?? [unimpressed] [unimpressed]
  8. hi everyone, I am looking for the above.. anyone can recommend me as I don't know where to start.. preferably a workshop with Facebook etc so that I may view their completed works.. thanks bros!
  9. http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/events_features.php?AID=3294 It's interesting to see that these days it isn't just enough having a clean waiting room/rest area/lounge for customers to relax in while waiting for their cars to be ready. I would suppose it would be a privilege to even have an air-conditioned lounge for customers to kill some time, yet some of these workshops have upped the game. Not so lucky for the motorcycling community though! What's your ideal lounges for car workshops? This is a non sponsored post anyway. Just for some leisure reading!
  10. hi all, my friend's tourag right fender got seriuos damaged and need to replace, need to ask if there are any workshops (other than AD) that can reapir? the part of right fender got a piece of surface ripped off, most likely got to replace....help please thank you.
  11. L&L Automart Address: No. 2 Jalan Waja 5, Taman Pandan, 81100 JB. Locality: Row of 2-storey workshops before left turn to Carrefour. Tel: +607 351-1826/7 Contact person: Ah Lee Mega Champion Address #1: 27-33 Jalan Meranti Merah, Melodies Garden, 80250 JB. Locality: Along Tebrau highway. Tel: 07-332 5616 / 5617 Address #2: 195K & 195L, Batu 4 1/2, Jalan Skudai, Tampoi, 81200 JB. Locality: Along Skudai highway. Tel: +607 234-7488 Advance Auto Sport & Accessories Address: Southern City Hypermart (Xtra) L1-1A,1B,3, Jalan Suria 19, Taman Suria, 81100 JB. Locality: Along Tebrau highway, near Taman Putera. Tel: +607 334-1721 Contact person: Technician - "Seng" or "Chay", Boss - "Ken Lee". Top Speed Address: no. 25/26 Jalan Sulam, Taman Sentosa, 80150 JB. Locality: Stretch of workshops opposite the Mega Champion listed above. Near The Store.+ Tel: (HP) 012-779-4225 (Boss: Ah Yong) By the way, does anyone know how I can get a map of JB online ?
  12. I just went for my 1K servicing yesterday at MBM Wheelpower, and as I've only been to an AD service centre (Kah Motors), I wonder if my experience yesterday is typical of most/all PI workshops. I went to the reception counter, and was told to go to the workshop myself and look for their service advisor. So I was kind of walking about outside the workshop because everyone there is just busy going about their work and I had no idea who I'm supposed to look for. Finally a kind gentleman saw me looking rather lost and came over to help me. This is very different from my AD experience, because at the AD service centre, all I had to do was pass my service booklet to the receptionist, and they would send one of their service advisors out to me. No confusion whatsoever on my part. Is this typical of PI workshops, where customers have to look for service advisors themselves, or is it just this particular workshop? I have to say, I would much rather pay a small premium for the kind of service the AD workshops provide - online service appointments, cleaner and more spacious parking lots, free Wifi, more choices in terms of service centres, and no need for me to wander into their workshops looking for an advisor I do not know.
  13. Dear all, A friend has a Honda Odyssey (just renewed COE) and to save some cost, he is thinking of sending his car to JB for servicing. 1. Would the Honda's authorized service centers in JB accept Singapore cars? 2. Any third party workshops that are familiar with Hondas to recommend? Thanks.
  14. Guys, I need your help. Can anyone tell me which air-con servicing/repair workshop is opened on Sunday? I need to go down for a chack...cos air con is not function properly. Thanks a million.
  15. such as Engine Oil, other than autosaver, any other workshops to reccomend?
  16. Hi all I tried "cable installation" and "cable installer" search on the forums but couldn't find an answer. Was wondering if anyone has a workshop to recommend to install just the in car camera power cable? Any idea on the cost of installing 2 (1 at the rearview cam and the other at the rear)? I got the in-car camera but the wire is hanging from my 12V socket to the rearview mirror, kinda looks fugly. Thanks in advance!
  17. hi, anyone has a quality workshop that specialises in volvo to recommend? i find SM Motors out of way for me and i plan to go to SM only for major maintenance.
  18. In particular, she took issue with a booklet distributed during the workshop, which she said ”seemed to emphasise and enforce traditional gender roles in a relationship”. Dr Hon did not comment on the contents of the booklet in his letter, saying only that it was a “source of unhappiness”. http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/hwa-chong-design-its-own-workshops-future SINGAPORE — Following feedback from a student that a workshop on managing relationships was sexist in content, Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) said it plans to design its own workshops in the future. In a letter to students and teachers yesterday — a copy of which was seen by TODAY — HCI principal Hon Chiew Weng said the school had concluded its internal investigation into the complaint and found that the facilitators of the workshop in question were ineffective in addressing the participants’ concerns. Earlier this week, HCI student Agatha Tan set off a wave of controversy with a Facebook post on her concerns about the workshop conducted by Focus on the Family Singapore, a vendor appointed by the Ministry for Social and Family Development (MSF). In particular, she took issue with a booklet distributed during the workshop, which she said ”seemed to emphasise and enforce traditional gender roles in a relationship”. Dr Hon did not comment on the contents of the booklet in his letter, saying only that it was a “source of unhappiness”. He pointed out that the feedback from the students was that one facilitator in particular was unable to address their concerns “satisfactorily” when several of them objected to viewpoints that had been raised during a discussion. The workshop, one of several on managing relationships, was held for the HCI students last week. Students who attended a similar workshop held in another venue were happy and the facilitators were professional and qualified their claims, added Dr Hon. These facilitators recognised that the views put forth in class were generalisations that do not apply to everyone and when referring to controversial viewpoints, they were open to alternative explanations and perspectives, he added. He added that the school had previously used the vendor’s services and the students’ feedback had been positive.
  19. Hi guys! Anyone knows of any tyre workshops that buy used tyres? Can list or PM me the workshop if know any? Have a set of 16' excellent condition Yoko A13 tyres to sell, not sure if workshop buy them. Thanks in advance!
  20. Sorry - mods pls close this thread. Accidentally created a duplicated thread.
  21. Hi, any good workshops in Bukit Merah to recommend?
  22. My car just turned 3 years this month. Not sure if i should continue with C&C or try other workshop for servicing. Any recommendations? Thanks.
  23. Crazybugger

    When workshops open?

    Hi Bros .. anyone got any idea when the auto workshops will re-open after CNY? wanna fix exhaust
  24. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is reviewing the enforcement regime against workshops which illegally modify vehicles. 2,645 summonses were issued for illegal modification offences for all vehicle types in 2010. The figure went up to 7,322 in 2011. For motorcycles, 341 summonses were issued for illegal modifications in 2010, and 1,175 summonses in 2011. In 2012, the figure shot up to 7,239 summonses for illegal vehicle modifications in the first eight months alone. 1,405 summonses were for illegal motorcycle modifications. In a written reply to Parliament, Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew said no one has been jailed for illegal modification offences. Enforcement actions are currently focused on owners of illegally modified vehicles. No summonses have been issued against motor vehicle workshop owners so far. Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1236786/1/.html
  25. Hkapd

    How workshops are eating your money

    Many of us know that workshops are overcharging us. Whether it is an authorized workshop or it be Ah Tan's Motor (fictitious name). Many times we have no idea at all as to what went wrong and we will blindly listen to what the mechanics are telling us, nodding our heads as though we understood everything they said (or did not say). Most other times, we just grumble a little and hand over our ATM card. After all, when something goes wrong with our car, we just want to get it fix as soon as possible. Recently I met with one such incident and, in what I felt, had been totally ripped off. It was probably partly my fault for being too rough on the car. I had pulled up in a Shell station, grab the gear shifter, and with probably a little too much force, yanked it to "P". What followed was a heart sinking "krucckk" sound, accompanied by all the lights beside the gear indicator lighting up and the car now stuck in "R" gear. The gear shifter now has completely lost all resistance and could freely move from P to 1 with a push of a finger. The gear linkage had came loose. Now, if this were to happen to your friend (lets call him John), who is the average driver and knows nothing about cars, along say Ang Mo Kio Street 11. He/She would probably have thought the worst and a tow truck would be definitely called for. In his/her mind now, this seems to warrant a pretty serious repair, and equally hefty bill. The workshops know this and therefore, they charge accordingly. Let me show you what actually happened to my car. No. 2 is the Gear Linkage that goes to the shifter No. 3 is the Actuator Lever that is connected to the Gearbox itself Due to my excessive force, No.2 came loose from No.3. It is basically a rubber boot (No.2) that slots into a ball end on No.3. However, I had damaged the rubber boot slightly and it will not fit properly onto the actuator lever anymore. So, the workshop decided to change the actuator lever to another which has a screw end instead of a slot-in ball end. They then drill a small hole into the rubber boot so the screw can be fitted through and a nut can be used to hold it in place. This actuator lever is only a piece of metal about the size of your thumb. So I thought, Hey! That will be cheap! Estimated about maximum $30 for that piece. NO. It cost $240. I was a mechanic in army and I know a little about stuffs like that, $240, that is way overkill. The mechanic who knows me knew it was excessive but he said that's what the boss quoted and he can't do anything about it. Not wanting to put my friend in a spot, I reluctantly paid up. Now, if your friend John who by now believe that he needs to fork out at least $1000 for some huge damage to his gearbox was told that he will only have to pay $240. He'd be delighted and would have gladly paid up. Sad truth here is, due to the high cost of cars in Singapore, many people mistakenly think that car components cost a lot when in fact cost price for a basic Suzuki swift can be as low as $6000 -$8000 (est.). Do you think that a piece of metal warrants $240? If you have any similar experiences, do share under the comments section.