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Found 66 results

  1. Another facelift, for a 6 year old model... The sensor activated sliding door look interesting, and will be good if it work as intended.
  2. Hi, I did not expect my first post for year 2021 would be to report an accident which happened earlier. Here are the details: Vehicles involved: Motorcycle (Grab Food delivery) and Honda Odyssey Registration plate: Too blur as it happen on the middle lane (lane 2), while I was driving on lane 1 a distance away Location: PIE towards Changi Airport, just after Mount Pleasant flyover Date/time: 15th January 2021, 14:24:17 hrs I have the video footage from my front dashcam, but as it was a slight bend and I was driving on lane 1, the video playback could not show the license registration plates clearly. But it did show the circumstances where the Grabfood motorcycle clipped the left rear of the Odyssey. I sincerely hope the motorcyclist a quick recovery. Shall not write too much, and should the motorcyclist or Odyssey need the video footage, please PM me. Lastly, do drive, ride and walk safe, all road users !
  3. HONDA SATURDAY! Honda Odyssey & Honda Fit came to to have: 1. Carbon cleaning 2. Fuel injector cleaning 3. Throttle body cleaning 4. EGR cleaning **Regain lost Power & Restore Fuel Economy. **Extremely beneficial for your car. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! Ask GG Autolodge for Triple Carbon Clean. ~WhatsApp us at 8123-0543.
  4. SeriousGuy

    2014 Honda Odyssey

    Now Taller and Wider and with sliding door , anyway this is the JDM version not the US version , now it really look like the US version. Probably will come to our shore end of this year.
  5. Duckie1979

    Toyota estima vs honda odyssey

    As above, any comparison done between these 2 models? My views after test drive of odyssey: Odyssey's engine sounds louder than estima within the car cabin Pick up seems more sluggish as compared to estima Odyssey more high tech, auto parking, blind spot indicator etc, BUT no auto tailgate?! Any idea whether Estima is getting a facelift or new design coming out end year/soon?
  6. Spartan

    Honda Odyssey Absolute

    Hi all: I am currently looking to purchase a Honda Odyssey Absolute (KAH)('07). May I know any comment of this car ? Is the car underpower with 160 PS ? Any problematic thing to take note? Any accesories I should install to make car more drivable?
  7. Just bought odyssey from dealer, driving for 1 month, fuel consumption is about 8.8 km/L. Regular route - Bukit panjiang to Buona vista, sometimes highway during weekend. Is this normal? or I am too weak ;(.
  8. Honda Elysion Honda introduced its new Elysion, the series-produced version of the Honda ASM concept car from last year's Tokyo Motor Show on its web-site. The bigger brother of the Odyssey will officially be unveiled on the 13th of May. It is now wonder that its name comes from Odyssey by Homer where Elysium (Elysion) was a section of the underworld where the soul found its final resting place. Main specifications: Engine options: - 2.4-liter DOHC i-VTEC. 118 kW (160 hp) @ 5500 rpm, 218 Nm @ 4500 rpm - 3.0-liter i-VTEC with Variable Cylinder Management technology. 184 kW (250 hp) @ 6000 rpm, 309 Nm @ 5000 rpm. Transmission: - 5-speed automatic Suspension: Double wishbone on all four wheels Dimensions: Length/Width/Height: 4840/1830/1790 mm Seats: 8
  9. Hi Guys, Anyone here knows when will KM bring in the 6th generation Odyssey? Cheers!
  10. Dear all, A friend has a Honda Odyssey (just renewed COE) and to save some cost, he is thinking of sending his car to JB for servicing. 1. Would the Honda's authorized service centers in JB accept Singapore cars? 2. Any third party workshops that are familiar with Hondas to recommend? Thanks.
  11. Am looking at the odyssey PI from carbiz pte. ltd. at commonwealth. Anyone heard of them? Any reviews? Tks!!
  12. Driven In 140 Char: 2014 Honda Odyssey 2.4 EXV-S (CVT) ‘Driven In 140 Char’ delivers itemized driving impression in (more or less) 140 English alphabet characters (just like Twitter!). It proffers of an alternative to run-the-gamut mainstream with a no-holds-barred altitude and drivel perspective. Fast action drivers will love the quickie read. So, seat back. Pop the soda. Chill. Enjoy the ride. Driven on 15 April, 2014 What is it? Fresh minted off factory floor, this is Honda’s popular MPV nameplate in its fifth outing and the first with sliding rear doors. Underpinning Be assured you aren’t catching a rerun because the fifth-generation Japanese-built Odyssey rides on a brand new ‘ultra-low-floor’ platform. Ride & Handling A softly-sprung and quiet chassis (but it will fidget on broken surface) cradles Baby to a smoothing doze. Plus, speedy thrills around bends wouldn't interrupt Little Snoozing One as the Odyssey exhibits good body control. NVH It’s polished, comfortable and quiet riding just as sweet vibes from Honda’s Earth Dreams are enough to delight a keen driver even as the wife engrosses herself in Odyssey EXV-S’s parody OSIM chairs. Powertrain Honda has built a drone-less simulated 7-speed CVT tranny. It’s found on the Odyssey. And they have thrown in a pair of steering rim-mounted paddle-shifters for good measure. Cabin Dash: Level of quality inside the EXV-S is nearly up there with European offerings of its class. The high set dash cowl fools driver into thinking he’s behind the wheel of an Accord. Driving position and ergonomics are impeccable; wood-effect plastic trim is ACCEPTABLE! Controls: Center stack’s touch sensitive controls duplicate smartphone experience; powered driver seat takes chore out of car-sharing with spouse. Odyssey’s spacious third row seats are fiddly to stow. Space: With one-touch electric dual sliding rear doors, 7 seats and kiddo-friendly ingress and egress why bother in a full-size Toyota Alphard? Walk-through flat floor is the clincher for the EXV-S. Design Honda’s in-your-face concept car bling nose job (embellished with OTT chromeworks on range-topper EXV-S) is let down by Odyssey’s prosaic and frumpy body style all the way round the back. Why, Honda?! Bottom Line Not everyone routinely agree on Nina Davuluri. Which is why the new-for-2014 Odyssey EXV-S is, in my opinion, Singapore’s best mid-size people carrier of the year. What's in store Price: $198,900 (as tested), Power: 174hp, Torque: 225Nm, 0-100: 11.5s, Kerb weight: 1,855kg, Fuel economy: 12.7km/l, CO2 emission: 187g/km Gallery
  13. Extinguisher

    Question about 08 Odyssey price

    I was browsing sgcarmart n found that an 08 odyssey cost around 65k. Compared to 08 wish our stream at about 55k n estima about 80k, the odyssey seems value for money. The price jumped simultaneously for 09 odyssey. Any ideas why? or is 08 odyssey not popular?
  14. Honda Odyssey EX, EXV, Absolute What are the main difference guys? Which is a better buy in our opinion?
  15. Hi all: Currently I see a tailgate light intermittenly light up during driving even though it is lock properly . And when I lock the car sometimes it can be lock but sometimes cannot. Even after I manage to lock successfully the car alarm will sound after some time. May I know what is spoilt? Pls advise
  16. oomph

    Respray odyssey same colour

    Have a 5 year old white Odysssey, thinking about re-spraying whole car same colour. anyone done this, how much would it cost? how long would car be out of action?
  17. Acura, the luxury division under the Japanese automaker Honda, has released an image of a new concept vehicle prior to the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show. From the image released, the concept vehicle is seemingly a crossover. Acura had mentioned that the concept will debut for the first time in the world at the automotive exhibition that will take place later this month in Shanghai, China. Unfortunately, apart from that and the image, the automaker has yet to reveal any other details, such as engine specifications and interior features. The concept is likely to create a new market segment, considering Acura has recently launched the 2013 all new RDX and the 2014 MDX. Judging from the tyre sizes in proportion to the car's body in the image, it seems that this new concept vehicle from Acura will be a compact crossover. If so, it'll potentially compete against the BMW X1, the Audi Q3, the Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class, and the Lincoln MKC, the latter two of which are going into production soon. It seems that Acura won't be the only one previewing a new concept vehicle as Honda will also do the same thing. The model that Honda will likely preview is a redesign of the Honda Odyssey. Yes, although the North American version (redesigned) of the model had just recently been revealed in the 2013 New York Auto Show, Honda has actually been selling the global version since 2008. Therefore, it seems wise for the model to see a redesign of its global version soon.
  18. Eko6


    Just got a 2006 Odyssey. What kind of petrol can I pump, 92, 95, 98? Anything I should be aware? Thanks.
  19. Fresh from oven... To be launched in Japan in mid October.
  20. Playerbanker74

    Odyssey pc925 race strong battery

    http://www.autoobsession.com.au/shop/onlin...-12v-2400a.html Got an extra used 6 months pc925 , any takers msg 97886400
  21. Got a friend selling his Honda Odyssey Mar2005, mileage 70k at $47k to me. Is this worthwhile? The current paper value is about $37k. Condition is ok. can anyone advise me whether is this purchase worthwhile? Thanks
  22. Nivag

    New Touran Vs Honda Odyssey

    I am currently driving an 07 honday odyssey. Seems like the new touran is a good proposition to replace my 3 year old odyssey. Any one having the same thoughts can share some insights?
  23. Wishxsr

    Odyssey or estima

    Which will you guys choose ?In term of value and power.
  24. Hi all, Anyone able to highlight the difference between Odyssey 2.4 base model VS Odyssey 2.4 EXV. It's for the older model of the Odyssey in which KM site no longer has it. So far the only difference i can spot is the sunroof. Thanks
  25. Greatbirdlegend

    2011 Honda Odyssey

    When will KM bring in this new Honda into Singapore? Read that it's launching next month in America. I'm sure this is old news but I could not find anything on Google. Anyone knows? http://automobiles.honda.com/future-cars/