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  1. Spartan

    Mazda Biante MPV

    So what about the speaker at the 2nd row passenger side
  2. So as long as driver is not watching the TV during driving of the car it is not illegal. So what is a good brand to buy?
  3. Hi Folks as the topic title stated . Is there a need to apply any permit? or can just install
  4. Spartan

    Ssangyong Stavic

    Hi Folks May I know who has tried or own this car? How is the drive like and maintenance support?
  5. Spartan

    Should I buy a new car now?

    Hi all. Yesterday went to a car showroom , my car still left 18 mths . The sales person told me that if I continue to drive for another 6 mths. I would only able to trade in my car at paper value. May I know is it true or is he trying bluff me to buy a car from him.
  6. Spartan

    New 5th Generation Honda Stepwagon

    Any PI bringing it in?
  7. Spartan

    Honda Mobilio coming soon

    Details: http://hondamobilio.sg/
  8. Spartan

    Honda Mobilio coming soon

    It seems like Kah Motor is launching this MPV car. So what is the expected price ? Is it under power and too small for 7?
  9. Hi all. I plan to CPF to pay my bank loan for my new house . May I know what if my medical for Home Protection Scheme From Cpf is being rejected due to medical ? Does that mean I cannot buy the house any more or it is just that I still can proceed with the purchase but only without medical coverage that all? Anyone will encounter this?
  10. Spartan

    TOYO C1S

    Hi Folks thanks for ur reply. The reason why I did not suspect the suspension setup is because Kah Motor did not find anything wrong with it in fact i just change my front lower arm 3 mths back hence there should not be any problem.
  11. Spartan

    TOYO C1S

    Tried to do wheel rotation + alignment @ two workshops during servcing (Honda + autobac) . The tires are changed from back to front and not left to right. But after fixing the tires from back to front, the steering wheel cannot be centred . Going thru a wheel alignment process will not help . May I know why as the tires are only 1 mth old bought from a tyre shop quite famous in the forum . There no damage to the tires it is just that is cannot be aligned . Hence in order to not to cause any unnecessary wear and tear to the car .I switch the tires from front to back again and this time round there is no problem in the alignment. So is there a case for exchange for my case ? or should I just trade in the tyres
  12. Hi all: Currently I see a tailgate light intermittenly light up during driving even though it is lock properly . And when I lock the car sometimes it can be lock but sometimes cannot. Even after I manage to lock successfully the car alarm will sound after some time. May I know what is spoilt? Pls advise