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Found 15 results

  1. A video of an aggressive Mercedes-Benz driver (who does not react well to being honked at) has gone viral. The video was uploaded on SG Road Vigilante’s YouTube channel and has since gained over 10,000 views in a single day! Here’s the video courtesy of SG Road Vigilante Using the powers of inference The video of the dashcam footage has little to no audio, but it’s pretty clear what’s happening if you use your inference skills. Image by SG Road Vigilante YouTube Channel The Mercedes-Benz C-Class feels like his lane is too slow for his liking and wants to switch lane loyalties. If you notice carefully, he starts his lane change before signalling. Image by SG Road Vigilante YouTube Channel Dashcam driver CLEARLY speeds up when he realises what’s happening and when he does not manage to prevent the C-Class from cutting into his lane, he jams on the brakes and the horn which is super uncalled for and childish. EGO, so much EGO! Does the C-Class driver let this go? Of course not! Men and their ego right? (the writer is a dude too, so it’s not sexist) Image by SG Road Vigilante YouTube Channel Mr C-Class then pokes his head out all angry like with accompanying hand gestures. He then puts his car to a complete stop on a two-lane road to get out of his vehicle to show his displeasure and holding up traffic behind dashcam driver. Image by SG Road Vigilante YouTube Channel He approaches the dashcam driver and disappears from the screen completely for a couple of seconds before heading back into his C-Class. Image by SG Road Vigilante YouTube Channel Thought that was all? Nope. He comes back with his mobile phone this time to take a video of the dashcam driver. Towards the end of the video, you can see part of a video of dashcam driver’s mobile phone. Bro, what are you doing? The kicker comes when C-Class decides to make some derogatory sign to the dashcam driver. Like, what’s the point here? Here’s what he did. You decide. Image by SG Road Vigilante YouTube Channel Want to know what this sign is? Here you go courtesy of Urban Dictionary. Does this mean the dashcam driver was a girl? If it was directed to a guy, that’s just…. weird AF! Even so, this is so uncalled for and rude and vulgar. When you buy a Mercedes-Benz If you drive a Mercedes, you’re telling people some basic information about yourself – You’re used to a certain standard of living, you like to stand out and show that you’ve got class and that you’re a confident and independent individual. Mr C-Class’ actions show us that instead, he’s a childish and petty person who would be better off walking from point A to point B. Dashcam driver, you’re no better for antagonising Mr C-Class. Here’s what the people have to say Image by SG Road Vigilante Facebook Page Pretty much split. Image by SG Road Vigilante Facebook Page So wise.
  2. In a video submitted to Roads.SG and uploaded on YouTube and Facebook, a recent case of road rage has got me fuming mad with a particular individual. However, I'll try to be as civil and professional as possible. The video was just uploaded about 3 hours ago and has already received more than 100 shares on Facebook. Here's the video, in case you haven't seen it. Video from Road.SG YouTube channel The driver and his mother were entering a HDB estate and driving towards the entrance of a carpark when a white Honda Vezel almost has a head-on collision with their car. Screenshot taken from Roads.SG YouTube Channel Reviewing the footage, you can see the Vezel was on the verge of crossing the white line to the opposing lane. The dashcam driver gives a honk, accident averted, and that should be the end of the story yes? No. An Abang decides that there was an injustice with the horn and goes all aggro on the dashcam driver. Abang wasn't even the driver of the Vezel! Abang: The relationship between the Honda Vezel driver and Abang is not clear. Dashcam driver tries to defend himself and asks the Abang to look at his dashcam footage for proof, to which, the Abang says "don't need" multiple times. The spark to the argument The dashcam driver then says "Nevermind, LTA will see" and intends to drive off, but Abang Dashcam driver loses his cool and disregarding the warnings of his mother, he steps out of the car to confront Abang. Abang asks a damn stupid question - "What's your problem?". Dude, the problem is you. But, I digress. Moving on, Abang starts screaming his lungs out at Dashcam Driver. He's so fierce that Dashcam Driver actually starts shivering (the subtitles in the video helps a lot). Screenshot taken from Roads.SG YouTube Channel Shifting over to camera phone footage All this time, we only caught a slight glimpse of Abang. But with video footage from a camera phone, you can now see Exhibit A of the Singaporean Douchebag - Angry Abang. Screenshot taken from Roads.SG YouTube Channel I don't know about you, but when he starts laughing at the camera and saying shit like: Doesn’t it tick you off? The last straw My blood boils to its very core when he starts shouting at his mother - for presumably getting angry with his stupidity and trying to talk some sense into him. Screenshot taken from Roads.SG YouTube Channel Abang, you sir, are a turd aka shit. That's as vulgar as I can be in this article. What the people say Can get wife meh like that? Comments taken from Roads.SG Facebook page What do you think?
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwjN1Wbr4B4&feature=youtu.be Transit link bus 190 driver cuts into my lane aggressively, forces me to gently steer into the left lane and brake to a stop. video captured him showing a middle finger to me as I drove past. driver is indian race, please advise me on the channels to lodge a complain. Thank you. Incident happened at 3 30pm on Orchard Road on a weekday afternoon, traffic condition is light and smooth. I seriously got no idea why the bus is doing on the fourth lane and then have to cut through 3 lanes just to stop at the bus stop which is just after the traffic light. Is there a need for such impatient and reckless driving? Please advise or assist me with regards to the various authorities which I can file a proper complaint against this selfish public bus driver who does not give a damn to other road users' safety. I only tap my horn lightly. I do not think that this tapping of the horn warrants a middle finger from him. Driver was caught on video showing me the middle finger as I drove pass him.
  4. Got into a minor incident. Was happily going to work after clearing massive jam on expressway. On my way to office, this orange fit which I assume was lost, started playing the crawl and stop game with me after I honked him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2A64pIHT7H4&feature=youtu.be First 45s of video show there was no incident before that. As per title. He crawled. I honked. He stopped. He crawled at 1st gear. I honked. He stopped. I overtook. As I was overtaking him, I could hear his engine roar trying to block me. After the circle, he caught up and started high beaming me repeatedly. I guess the first honk hurt his pride. The overtaking when he went WOT torn apart his sanity. Aiyo, why nowadays people like that har? One honk only and suddenly like the world collapsed. I have been honked don't know how many times in my life when slowing down to look for a place. Sometimes unknowingly, a car will be behind. Just wave sorry sign and signal to left and let the car behind over take lah. I am sure we would have been on stomp for road rage incident if I had stopped to reason with him.
  5. The cyclists are trying to out-do one another - throwing own bike now! Cyclist charged with throwing bike at car after honking incident Published on Jan 14, 2015 12:13 PM 524 30 1 0 PRINT EMAIL Canadian Jason Blair Unger, 39, allegedly threw the bicycle on the bonnet of Mr Woo Wing Onn's car on Selegie Road on the morning of Oct 17 last year. -- ST PHOTO: WONG KWAI CHOW By Elena Chong SINGAPORE - A cyclist who allegedly threw his bike at a car after believing its driver was honking his horn at him was charged in court with mischief on Wednesday. Canadian Jason Blair Unger, 39, allegedly threw the bicycle on the bonnet of Mr Woo Wing Onn's car on Selegie Road on Oct 17 last year. Dents and scratches were caused to the front part of the vehicle, resulting in damage costing about $2,220. Unger sought an adjournment to engage a lawyer. His bail was extended and he will be back in court on Jan 28. The incident was caught on Mr Woo's in-car camera and he posted the video on citizen journalism website Stomp four days later. Mr Woo said he was driving home with his wife when he honked at a taxi which was travelling slowly and hogging the road. But a cyclist who was just up ahead thought he was honking at him instead and became enraged. The maximum penalty for mischief is two years' jail and a fine. - See more at: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/courts-crime/story/cyclist-charged-throwing-bike-car-after-honking-incident-20150114#sthash.j2WzuhI7.dpuf
  6. With the rise in road rage incidents, having a dog in your vehicle could seem like a good way to protect yourselves from violent motorists... While the guy walking up to the Mitsubishi L200 truck did not actually look very agitated, I am sure he still got a good shock seeing the dog trying to get a piece of him. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T323_Dp8L9k
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpPRavanSGI I dunno whether you all have watch this but it's quite comical. The man kenna hoot is quite an ass, cut into their lane and jam brake.
  8. SKH3536D? Is this a one-sided story? http://www.allsingaporestuff.com/article/angry-ang-moh-driver-tails-nsf-home-beats-him-lift/ ANGRY ANG MOH DRIVER TAILS NSF HOME & BEATS HIM UP IN THE LIFT To Editors of A.S.S, This happened at my residence in Sentosa this evening 25 June 2014. My son was driving back from his army camp and just after entering Sentosa, a car cut abruptly into my son's lane so my son horned at him to avoid any accident. As a result, the other driver horned back at my son. My son ignored this and continued driving not realizing that the other car driven by an angmo was following him. Once my son reached our residence car park the other car tried to follow but was stopped by the security. So the angmo left the car outside and ran inside the carpark even though the security guards tried to stop him. He ran towards my son who had parked his car and followed him. When my son entered the lift lobby using his access card, this ang mo barged into the lift and started shouting at my son accusing him of nearly causing an accident. My son denied this and then the ang mo pushed my son against the wall and strangled him while lifting him by the neck. My son was shocked and then the angmo took a picture of my son and threatened him. The attacker then rushed off but was stopped by the security. We called the police who is investigating the matter. We managed to take a picture of the assailant. Regards Mdm RD
  9. Often we have seen road users complain about terrible road users and there are countless videos on youtube that depict the horrors of Singapore road. But how many times have you encountered road users who raised his left hand to signal a "thanks" after you slowed down a little to let him filter in your lane or allow them to enter the expressway? They did their part by signalling early. I believe in what goes around comes around, eventually others will give you way if you need it eventually. Just a night rant. :) Age is catching up. Unable to sleep much at night. :(
  10. If you want to find footages showing the most temperamental people on planet Earth, Russia is definitely the way to go. There have been numerous videos spread on the World Wide Web showing how messed up things in the country are. As a matter of fact, don't you even wonder how it functions as a country after watching those videos? Yet again, it seems that the people living there just never learn or they simply don't want to change. A video has been filmed again recently, showing how simply passing the road can turn into a fight that involves fists and even guns altogether in the middle of the city traffic! Therefore, even if you have the money to go and live in Russia, I would say that you better not think about it. Whereas road rage will turn into horns honking at most on our shores, the Russians aren't the type that takes things lightly, that's for sure.
  11. While you're driving on the road, one rule of thumb that you'll always have to keep in mind is to be careful, real careful. You have to watch out not only for vehicles to avoid a crash, but you'll also have to beware of drivers who may go mad at you, even if you think you've done not even a single thing that's wrong. I believe you don't want to experience what this motorcycle rider did. Unfortunately enough for the motorcycle rider, he got slapped in the middle of the road by a guy driving a Volkswagen Golf. Honestly, this Golf driver is kind of stupid, I would say, thinking that the motorcycle rider was trying to race him. He claimed that the rider was riding aggressively while in fact it was the VW Golf driver himself who was an aggressive driver and the public could see it as well. Based on what we can see in the video, in addition to the statement from the motorcycle rider which seemed true, we tend to believe that the Golf driver was entirely wrong. Besides, had the motorcycle rider tried to race him, he would have gone past the VW Golf way ahead, keeping in mind how motorcycles can easily slip through traffic whereas cars can't. In addition to that, most of today's motorcycles have really fast acceleration. Just try to recall for yourself, how often have you seen motorcycles going past cars so easily? I believe it happens nearly all the time. However, the response of the motorcycle rider is somewhat cool, I should say. Instead of fighting back, he chose to report the aggressive driver to the local police department. All that's left to do now is to wait for police investigation to complete and it should not take long as the Golf driver had already been identified. According to the rider, one little slap was no big deal, but had the Golf driver hit him the second time, he would have taken his revenge and things would have gone out of hand. Furthermore, the motorcycle rider was putting on a full face helmet, carbon gloves, and protective gear. With that being said, you should be able to imagine how bad things could have gone for the stupid guy in the VW Golf. Well, two thumbs up for you, motorcycle rider!
  12. CheeJun

    Road Rage Singapore style

    With cameras almost everywhere these days, whether you've bought one to be installed in your car or whether your phone has one, its led to a whole load of videos being uploaded on the Internet with people fighting over trivial road issues. This one in particular, stands out. I guess the first thing that comes to mind is that rich men don't really know how to behave and all they think about is their money. True. This 'uncle' is just being an idiot no doubt and no one can say exactly what happened before this was recorded but from what i see, the guy with the Jag is truly an embarrassment. Letting all Jag owners down! Not that I'm one or anything but he's never ending stream of vulgarities and pointing, his poor wife for goodness sake! I really hope I don't end up in such events, and over a stupid parking lot.. People have commented on youtube about the Jag having a HDB parking label and that he's not rich or whatever. But I don't think who has more money or who drives what is the point; we as Singaporeans should just move on!! One day you'll get cut in a parking lot queue, I've been there before and its really frustrating, or get tailgated, or shown the finger but by dwelling on such things and trying to fight to see who's better is plainly not the way to go. I'd say just walk away and make the guy look like a fool for shouting at you and screaming vulgarities. Its better off that way.
  13. Pinkypink

    Road rage is inevitable of city life

    I'm sure you are aware of the slew of road rage incidents lately: There was the motorcyclist who followed a motorist for 20km before kicking his car door and grabbing the driver because the driver changed lanes without signaling and nearly knocked the biker down. There was the driver who threatened the other driver with a wooden bat which he retrieved from his boot. Then there was local artiste Pierre Png who got flashed the middle finger when he came out of the car to check if his car was alright. Such incidents are not uncommon. They happen all the time in cities like Singapore - cities which are cosmopolitan and bustling. Singapore is already such a small island with limited land space, coupled with the huge number of cars on the road and the level of stress and competitive pressures from society, it's no surprise that we are angry most of the time or we get angry easily. It doesn't help that we pay so much for our cars and then get charged ERP to use roads which are extremely prone to traffic jams and delays. We are all part of this fast-paced rat race and our society is just so high-strung and uptight that we allow our stress and frustrations to take over the wheel, causing road rage between drivers. Can road rage be solved? I say NOPE... impossible. Road rage in a city like Singapore will never be resolved because of our culture and the mentality of our people. Places like China have the worst traffic order [think organised chaos] with three-lane roads becoming six-lane, but yet the motorists there aren't impatient or angry. That is culture. We are kiasu, we hate to lose, we want the best, we think we are the best... Now that's totally Singaporean. Be it at work in the office or on the roads behind the wheel, we are egoistic and we think we are always right. Always striving for excellence, efficiency and speed, time is money and hardly any room for error is tolerated. Road rage is a human flaw and a societal emotional problem. If I strike first prize in Toto or 4D, by all means, please cut my lane without signalling and please road hog. Simply because I will be over the top and your little act of stupidity is not gonna dent an inch of my happiness. But if I'm having a bad day and I'm feeling short-fused, you can be sure I will stare at you and if looks could kill you'd die on the spot! I'm no angel.. I've flashed fingers, flicked headlights and tailgated idiots on the road who annoyed me. In fact, driving has made me an angrier person because I let life's frustrations translate into aggression on the road. My vocabulary of expletives and vulgarities has expanded tremendously since I started driving and I have harboured thoughts of scratching one's car or puncturing the tyre because he offended me on the road. After you cool down you might feel like it wasn't such a big deal.. but when you're in it, the anger is overwhelmingly boiling! Yes life is too short and we shouldn't allow ourselves to get so worked up over momentarily incidents, but we're hard to please and we have high expectations for ourselves as well as for others. What can we do to reduce the incidence of road rage? Pretend Singapore is a peaceful countryside? Hold more courtesy campaigns with greater monetary incentives? Implement CWO and shame offenders by making them wash car parks? Bring them onto a programme to show people these are the culprits who make our roads unsafe? Nah... none of the above will work. As long as our society gets more affluent and the rich get richer, I can guarantee that baseball bats [or worse.. like a hockey stick!] will remain in the boot of many cars.
  14. CheeJun

    Taxi Terror

    Taxis take up the most space on our tiny little island that is getting increasingly populated by cars. Of course taxis help to provide a convenient alternative to owning a car and saves the environment to a certain extent by lowering each individual's carbon footprint. It gives those who don't own a car a set of wheels to roam around Singapore. However, the downside is not the taxis themselves, but its drivers. There have been numerous campaigns in Singapore to promote courteous drivers, I mean even the driving schools 'promote' the idea of having a safe and courteous drive. So I'm wondering, has that all been forgotten? I'm sure there are many taxi drivers out there who do their utmost best to serve their passengers, some who go the extra mile to make a passenger feel comfortable or even those who are honest and return the items that have been lost in their taxis. However, there are just some of them who spoil the whole profession of being a taxi driver. They drive recklessly at speeds that are way over the speed limit, cut into lanes abruptly, swear behind the wheel constantly and even show the finger to other drivers who, to them, piss them off. I have even witnessed two taxi drivers attempting to fight albeit with their cabs and it wasn't a pleasant sight with screeching tires and hands flailing inside the cabin. The main question now is why these things happen. Why do taxi drivers behave in such a manner that allows the general public to label them as 'bad' drivers? Well it could be that they spend the whole day sitting in one position driving people around and of course there will be instances where passengers become unreasonable and just run off and not paying, that kind of stuff. But for the majority of the time, they are ruthless on the road. Even one taxi driver who I was talking to said that taxi drivers now a days don't care much for the rules on the road or the safety of the passengers. That particular taxi driver was one of the safest and most courteous drivers I've ever known and I even tipped him at the end of my journey. The whole purpose of this article is to find out your opinion on cabbies these days, do you think that they should improve their style of driving?
  15. CheeJun

    Fighting on roads: The real deal

    I was surfing the Internet recently and one of my friends shared this video link on his Facebook profile which made me rather confused. It was on the verge of being funny, yet I felt quite disgusted at what I saw. I'm sure some of you have seen this video before but here it is for those who haven't got the chance to see it. If you burst out laughing because the man is practically flailing his arms everywhere, I won't blame you because that part is genuinely funny.. The part that's not funny is how these fights even occur. I've realised that driving on the roads somehow increases tensions between motorists; people begin to judge others by the car they drive, and the way they drive. The car and driving style become the sole basis that people are judged on the road. The funny thing is, if the 'bad' driver was your friend, you wouldn't want to take out a baseball bat and hit him to that state as shown in the video, sometimes you'd just laugh off his mistake. But when it comes to other drivers, its a whole new world of hell. There is little humanity on the roads these days in Singapore and in Malaysia. However, I'm also quite certain that many of you readers have travelled overseas and experienced different roads, drivers, driving styles, from my personal experience, I think the UK is one of the best places to drive, and its something that we can all try to emulate. Its civilized and people are courteous on the road. Over here, you signal early to change lanes, 90% of the time, the car behind accelerates past you leaving you stranded on your unwanted lane while other cars blaze past, not giving you any room to move over. In contrast, while I was in the UK, this phenomenon hardly ever happened! Motorists slowed down and clearly gave way to the car I was in and everything went smoothly. Its the same for parking. People here tend to get impatient and start to have hands that are glued to the horn and repeatedly blast it while someone else is trying to park in a congested carpark. I was just one of the people waiting behind while the car in front of mine created a symphony of horn blasts in the multi-storey carpark. Where is the love? Waiting a few seconds longer or slowing down to give way wouldn't kill you would it. Trying to save those few seconds could. For that guy who got beaten up in the video, I'd say that was his unlucky day but I guess it still takes two hands to clap. We can all make driving a much more pleasant experience if we want to. So what do you think? Have your say here under the comments!