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Found 10 results

  1. StreetFight3r

    Bukit Batok Drama & SPF

    5 minutes of shouting match So many never wear mask also Spf please arrest all of them I think for such cases Spf should get all to wear their mask first. Non compliance all arrest and send to lockup + fine Something must be done to protect our police offers
  2. Italian Man Walks 450km To Cool His Head After Quarrel With Wife, Argument Must’ve Been Intense source: https://mustsharenews.com/italian-man-walks-450km/ Man In Italy Walks 450km To Cool His Head After Quarrel Living 24/7 with your spouse will certainly bear moments of friction, but that’s part of the process of growing old with the one you love. One man in Italy was so determined to cool his head after a quarrel with his wife that he walked 450km away. He’d merely stepped out for a walk, but ended up walking 450km away from his home in Como, ending up in Fano along the coast. He was found a week later because he’d violated Covid-19 regulations. Man walks 450km after quarrel with wife According to BBC, the 48-year-old man stepped out of his house in Como, North Italy, for a walk after quarrelling with his wife. A week later, he was found by police in Fano, which is way further south and on the coast, walking aimlessly and cold. Because there’s currently a lockdown curfew in Italy, he received a S$648.36 (EUR400) fine for being outside during the curfew. He was said to have told police that he didn’t use any transport to get to Fano. People had offered him food and drink along the way, although they curiously didn’t also point out that he should be getting home. Wife filed a missing report A check of his name showed that his wife had actually filed a missing persons report the night he left the house. The police thus called her down to Fano. We’re not sure what the wife’s reaction was upon hearing of this curious development, but she’s probably glad deep down that nothing untoward happened. That said, he still has to pay the fine. Kudos for keeping his temper While some marital disagreements sadly turn violent and sometimes even worse, it seems a good thing that the man chose to walk off his anger. That said, there’s probably a limit to how long one can walk off one’s anger, not to mention that it probably isn’t safe to wander that far away. One probably can’t walk 450km away in Singapore since we’d need a passport before long. That said, we definitely advise to cool your head if you do experience a marital disagreement.
  3. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1aYoepzZbtH-tX8zn2BGt5HW5-Qxt3vr_ https://drive.google.com/open?id=1aYoepzZbtH-tX8zn2BGt5HW5-Qxt3vr_ Who do you think is right? The limousine driver (Kevin) or the passenger (Mr Lee) seem to me that it is a free limousine service offered by banks (DBS Asia Treasure, OCBC Voyage etc). Honestly, don't understand why is it that the passenger can get so worked up. By the way, the driver got fired by Wolero (I heard).
  4. You accidentally pump diesel in your car? Too distracted etc. Read online that our diesel pumps in our gas stations are significantly larger and wouldnt fit into our fuel tank nozzle? Just curious. Also if pump in, just have to drain the diesel out and fill gasoline in and everything would be fine liao?
  5. [extract] Disputes over parking space are quite common. Most of them do not end up in a fight. However, in a bizzare case at Haikou City in Southern China, a man was murdered in a rather unusual manner. Apparently, a 41 year old woman tried to park her scooter in front of the deceased
  6. Happened at about 1130am I was walking near to the overhead bridge in front of Sengkang Kopitiam Square when I saw two drivers shouting at each other. This is at the usual place where the Kopitiam mini- shuttle bus will park and wait for passengers to board the bus. The Honda Jazz was parked in front and I heard the driver sounding his car horn several times and eventually both came out and started shouting and gesturing at each other. The jazz driver insisted on not moving away his car even when told to do so. Parking is free at the carpark for the first hour, no harm going up and park the car, if not others will have problem turning in from the main road.
  7. Grassroots leader hanged himself after quarrel with committee members Lianhe Wanbao A grassroots leader of Holland-Bukit Timah GRC, BBM Mr Loh Meng Hai, Louis hanged himself after a quarrel with fellow committee members of Bukit Timah Beauty World Merchant Association. During its AGM held on Monday, Mr Loh, who was the Chairman of the association, was accused of
  8. Guys, what will u do when u have a quarrel or heated arguement with wife/gf in the car? Will u drive more aggressively or wack the engine?
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3sNTeGDbB4&feature=related This ah soh really