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Found 9 results

  1. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1aYoepzZbtH-tX8zn2BGt5HW5-Qxt3vr_ https://drive.google.com/open?id=1aYoepzZbtH-tX8zn2BGt5HW5-Qxt3vr_ Who do you think is right? The limousine driver (Kevin) or the passenger (Mr Lee) seem to me that it is a free limousine service offered by banks (DBS Asia Treasure, OCBC Voyage etc). Honestly, don't understand why is it that the passenger can get so worked up. By the way, the driver got fired by Wolero (I heard).
  2. Duckduck

    LKY Bust

    does it look like him?
  3. Incidentalsingaporean

    Government launches websites to bust online rumours

    http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...umours-20120922 By Rachel Chang In a bid to cut through the swirl of rumour and distortion online, the Government has quietly launched a few "myth busting" initiatives. The first is a new section on its www.gov.sg website called "Factually". Since May, it has collected a series of primers on hot topics like the national reserves, certificates of entitlement and procurement processes. They aim to give bite-sized answers to questions that have arisen over controversial decisions, such as the one in March to give $1.1 billion to bus operators to ramp up services. Taking things one step further, the Housing Board (HDB) two weeks ago started a new website known as HDB Speaks. A first for government agencies here, its sole purpose is to address topics of controversy, like the affordability of resale HDB flats. One was recently been sold for more than $1 million. Replete with bright graphics and written in a conversational style, it is a far cry from HDB's more sober main website, and aims to be a place where people can "get the facts on the myths about HDB" - its tagline. Both initiatives are works-in- progress, said the agencies in charge.
  4. And he's a scholar too! Former NUS lecturer nabbed in drug bust SINGAPORE : A former National University of Singapore (NUS) Associate Professor was among those arrested for drug possession during a Central Narcotics Bureau raid. The raid in the Lavender Street area took place on December 16 last year. 54
  5. Rubberstamp

    How does bust enhancement work?

    every week, i see so many ads on how to make your breast bigger or to lift them or shape them better. But does anyone know how does it work? To me (without any background info), its a gimmick. Thinking to myself, how does some cream or massage or electric pulses make them bigger? Where is the scientific explanations to back this up? Isnt breast primarily a lump of fats? so fat deposition is determined by your hormornes? I am no doctor...
  6. http://www.unoriginal.co.uk/lust-or-bust.html http://www.meltgames.com/games-online/46/Under-Cover.html
  7. Onenightstd2

    Key US mortgage lender goes bust

    I am very concerned about our investments with UBS, CitiBank and Credit Suisse, after reading this morning BBC news. I think our government will let everythings go up (cos more GST collection) and wages down, all Singaporeans will stay dry and high. Don't believe me read what all our ministers talkings for the last few weeks, eg. petrol tax cut cannot help oil price going up by MBT, up wages cannot fight inflation by this S...something indian minister. I think all fellow Singaporeans are like second wife sons or son of a B......... Nobody will comes to your rescues man...
  8. A Singapore motor racing team, whose crew allegedly attacked a Malaysian team and their boss, had to be escorted out of the Sepang F1 Circuit by police after their paddock was surrounded by angry rival supporters. . The incident took place at about 1am on Sunday as the teams were packing up, two hours after the completion of the gruelling 12-hour Merdeka Millennium Endurance race for high-performance cars. . The Singapore team, Falken ST Power, took third place behind Team Rueben Wong in Class A of the endurance race. . According to eyewitnesses at the Sepang paddock, about eight to 10 members of ST Power raided Team Rueben's hospitality room and assaulted team owner Mr James Wong and four of his crew, after locking them in. The Malaysians were assaulted for about 20 minutes in front of their horrified wives and girlfriends. Witnesses said the Singaporeans hit Mr Wong on the head with a coffee table. . The Team Rueben boss, who is in his 50s, bled profusely from an 8cm gash and had to be attended to by a circuit doctor after his attackers, who were in their 20s, fled the scene. He was later sent to a hospital for further treatment. . ST Power, one of six Singapore teams that took part in the weekend event, faces the possibility of being banned from taking part in future races in Malaysia, an official said. Sources said a Singaporean man is expected to be charged in a Malaysian court. . Mr Wong's wife, Ms Rina Cheong, who helps in managing the team, was stunned. . "How could they assault an old man? They are not sportsmen, they are hooligans," she told Today. . According to Ms Cheong, the attack came after Mr Wong had picked up a brake pad, not realising it was hot, and thrown it away in pain. It landed close to ST Power's garage, which was two doors away. . "They accused us of trying to cause trouble, even though we told them it was an accident," said Ms Cheong. "But they were not satisfied and raided our hospitality room a while later. And to think we had a driver and quite a number of Singaporeans on our own team. . "They ended up apologising profusely on behalf of their countrymen." . Sources at the Sepang race track told Today that some of the crew of Team Rueben were formerly members of ST Power and had left the Singapore team after a falling-out. They were racing against each other for the first time in the event. . When the police arrived, an angry crowd of about 100 people had gathered outside the ST Power paddock, where about 10 members of the Singapore team had locked themselves in. The frightened team members were frantically stripping race stickers off their vehicles to avoid identification before they were escorted out of the circuit by police. . Inspector Effendi of Sepang Police Headquarters told Today that an investigation was under way and that no arrests have been made. . Singapore Motorsports Association president Mr Matthew Lee, who was at Sepang for the race, said that ST Power faces being banned from future races in Malaysia. . "We are in Malaysia to compete as sportsmen and sportswomen and we should wear the Singapore badge with honour," said Mr Lee. "I have apologised to the AAM official and Sepang Circuit officials on behalf of Singapore and would like to assure Malaysians that this is not the way Singaporeans behave. We will conduct our own investigation and will decide what actions to take." Ian De Cotta In Sepang ian@newstoday.com.sg
  9. Garlic

    350Z tyre bust @ 300km/h