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Found 1,693 results

  1. SINGAPORE: Singapore Airlines (SIA) will cut 96 per cent of its capacity that had been scheduled up to the end of April, said the airline on Monday (Mar 23). The decision was made after the further tightening of border controls around the world over the last week to stem the COVID-19 outbreak, SIA said in a news release. About 138 SIA and SilkAir planes, out of a total fleet of 147, will be grounded as a result. Scoot, the company's low-cost unit, will suspend "most of its network" and will ground all but two of its 49 planes. This comes amid the "greatest challenge that the SIA Group has faced in its existence", the company said. "It is unclear when the SIA Group can begin to resume normal services, given the uncertainty as to when the stringent border controls will be lifted," it said. "The resultant collapse in the demand for air travel has led to a significant decline in SIA’s passenger revenues." https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/business/covid-19-singapore-airlines-suspend-flights-coronavirus-12566248?cid=FBcna bad year for aviation
  2. VteckiCk

    where's the street food in sg?

    Singapore has been ranked as the best city in the world for street food in 2019 msians are triggered n rightfully so. as a singaporean, first thing i ask is, wheres our street food? our hawker centres are considered as street food? well it used to be out on the streets until the government decided to put them under 1 roof. Ceoworld reported that the ranking was conducted based on four parameters: Number of street food vendors, Affordability, Number of street food experiences, and Food hygiene. perhaps for Caucasians visiting the cities, hygiene should be placed quite high up on the list. generally asians are used to "street food" but for an angmoh they may not be so accustomed to it. with the number of flies... msia have lots of street food but they're not number 1 on the list for sure.. i love msian food. cheap n good but not so much of the street ones if we talkin abt night markets etc?? where's considered street food? jonker street considered?? ipoh? penang? jb night market considered? Jalan Alor considered? night markets? cameron highland night market?? bought street food from jonker walk many times alrdy n real disappointed each time.. my list for asian countries Taiwan Thailand Hong Kong Vietnam China
  3. Singapore Regulator, Banks in Talks to Extend Debt Relief source: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-09-28/singapore-regulator-banks-in-talks-to-extend-debt-relief-scheme Singapore’s central bank is in talks with lenders about extending the nation’s debt moratorium program beyond Dec. 31 to provide extra relief for borrowers hit by the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, according to people with knowledge of the matter. One of the key measures being discussed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and local banks is the possibility of lengthening the debt relief program, with industries that have been impacted most by the crisis potentially having aid extended by as many as six months, the people said, asking not to be identified because the talks are confidential. A tiered approach is being considered, so relief is targeted to those needing the most help, one of the people said. Details of the plan and what types of borrowers will be covered under an extension are still being finalized, they said. An extension to the debt moratorium would help mitigate the so-called “cliff effect” on consumers and businesses once relief measures end. Authorities are using both fiscal and monetary tools to provide support against what may be a record recession that came with the pandemic. The government introduced additional support measures of S$8 billion ($5.8 billion) last month, bringing Singapore’s total pledged pandemic aid to more than S$100 billion. They extend to March most wage subsidies that would have expired in August, and are tapered depending on how impacted different sectors are. Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat has warned, however, that the measures won’t be indefinite as they draw heavily on reserves and risk propping up nonviable businesses. Income Loss Under MAS’s current measures announced in March, small and medium-sized firms can opt to postpone principal payments on their secured term loans until the end of the year. Consumers can defer both principal and interest payments on residential mortgages. Individuals suffering a loss of income can ask for a lower interest rate on unsecured credit. The proposed extension “may not fully mitigate the cliff effect, but it provides more time to banks to restructure their problem loans,” Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Rena Kwok said. Such a move may push the bulk of non-performing loan formation to next year, with credit losses to peak by the end of 2021 and begin returning to normal the following year, she said. Shares of DBS rose 1.2% at 4:35 p.m. in Singapore on Monday, paring this year’s decline to 22%. OCBC was trading 0.8% higher and UOB was up 1.1%.
  4. Scb11980

    National Service in Singapore

    Personally, the mindset of the national is if it is FREE we will keep it hence, i dont envisage a possible reduction in our NS duration what i am very worried about is the world is moving so very fast we already had been disadvantaged by NS, resulting in being 2 or 2 1/2 years behind our girls and our foreign classmates in the future it will be worse for our children even 6 months can mean a break or score the economic cycle also is shorter hence, i am just worried about our children am i worrying too much for our kids or should i just relax TAIPEI
  5. Theman

    Crazy weather in Singapore ?

    Has anybody feel that yesterday(Mon 8-Dec-2008) was indeed very cold? From my flat i have to wear sweater in the morning, i am jsut wondering whether it was below the official announced 24 deg C, anyone felt the same?
  6. Carbon82

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    VW Singapore plots Skoda comeback Volkswagen-owned Czech brand Skoda is making a comeback, yet again. But this time, it is parent group Volkswagen which will do its own importing and retailing here. Volkswagen Group Singapore - the manufacturer-owned importer and retailer of Volkswagen vehicles here - has registered a new company for this purpose. According to the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, Skoda Centre Singapore was registered last month and will be operating out of 247 Alexandra Road, which is the same address as the VW showroom. The Straits Times understands renovations are being carried out at the facility and that Skoda Centre Singapore will start operations in the first quarter of next year. Volkswagen Group Singapore was not available for comment, but it is understood that a meaningful price differential will be in place to re-launch the Czech brand here. Previously, Skoda cars - which are based on Volkswagens - were the same price or even costlier than equivalent VW models. In other markets, Skodas are cheaper. The brand was last represented by Harvest Automobiles, part of businessman Peter Kwee's now dormant motor group of companies. Harvest Automobiles went bust in 2013 - the third Skoda agency to have failed in Singapore. The Straits Times understands Vertex Automobiles, the dealer for Chinese automobile brand Chery that is owned by egg trader Lian Fong, had made a pitch for the Skoda franchise. But it has since landed Seat, a Spanish brand also owned by Volkswagen Group. Skoda had also been courting Trans Eurokars, a multi-franchise group owned by businessman Karsono Kwee. Among its brands are Rolls-Royce, Porsche, Mini and Mazda. The best year for the Skoda brand here was 2010, when it sold 105 cars. That is less than 4 per cent of Volkswagen sales last year. Will the brand have better success under Volkswagen? Nanyang Business School's Adjunct Associate Professor Zafar Momin, previously an automotive expert with the Boston Consulting Group, said: "Skoda may be able to make a comeback in Singapore if priced and promoted properly. It needs to be very competitive with its Korean competitors in terms of pricing, as it could provide solid, competitive products targeted at value segments of the markets. "With VW Singapore now doing it themselves, it has a better chance than before. Having said that, I wonder what "comeback" really means in a small crowded Singapore car market which has small volumes for many non-mainstream brands. Would it really be worth the effort and to what extent would it cannibalise VW products?" When contacted back in 2014 - when Harvest Automobiles relinquished the business - Volkswagen Group Singapore said it had no plans to take over the Skoda retail business here. It has, however, taken over the maintenance and warranty of Skodas here. There are about 400 Skoda cars in Singapore today. As a onwer of both Skoda and VW model, I can attest that Skoda is indeed better, in almost every aspect, than VW. I can wait to welcome it back to Singapore!! Here are some interesting models in current Skoda lineup, that I hope can be made available to local motorist when sales start next year. Superb Superb Combi Kodiaq
  7. Cunnosieur

    Perodua Club Singapore

    hi all started this new thread for perodua owners in s'pore. can share tips on modi, spare parts n accessories, etc.
  8. We had so much fun talking about this last year, with supporters and haters of various brands coming out of the woodwork.. Should we fear starting a topic on this? Nah... Like Nike, Just Do It 😉 So which cars will feature in the top ten? How about the brands? Which ones will be top again? IMO, the top brands won't change much: Toyota, Honda, Merc and Hyundai will be there. Who else will be interesting to watch, as the fortunes of the various brands have changed a lot over the last year. Nissan would have been there a few years back when they had the QQ, the darling of the local market five years ago, but no longer so. The Subaru Forrester used to sell very well, but let's see if the current version can do the same too. Come come, send in your predictions, but this is no EDMW, so let's keep it civil 🙂
  9. M-Sport wor. Looks like 320?
  10. BEIJING (BLOOMBERG) - ByteDance, the Chinese owner of video-sharing app TikTok, is planning to make Singapore its beachhead for the rest of Asia as part of its global expansion, according to people familiar with the matter. The Beijing-based company is looking to spend several billion dollars and add hundreds of jobs over the next three years in the city-state, where it has applied for a licence to operate a digital bank, said the sources, who asked not to be identified because of confidentiality. The investment would come at a crucial time as the technology firm is forced to sell its TikTok operations in the United States under pressure by the Trump administration. ByteDance, the world's most richly valued start-up, is ploughing ahead with plans to take its social media services deeper into Asia after setbacks in India and Britain, as well as the US. The Internet phenomenon controlled by billionaire Zhang Yiming has long eyed South-east Asia's 650 million increasingly smartphone-savvy population, a region where Alibaba Group Holding and Tencent Holdings are also making inroads. The plans for Singapore include establishment of a data centre, the people said. Its operations there include TikTok and Lark, an enterprise software business. ByteDance currently has more than 200 job openings in Singapore, for positions in everything from payments to e-commerce and data privacy, according to its job referral site. The company already has 400 employees working on technology, sales and marketing in the city-state, one of the people said. A ByteDance representative offered no comment. US DEADLINE In China, ByteDance also runs news aggregation app Toutiao, and TikTok's Chinese twin Douyin. Collectively, its stable of products has more than 1.5 billion monthly active users. ByteDance is said to have generated over US$3 billion (S$4.1 billion) of net profit on more than US$17 billion of revenue in 2019. Asia is a growth area for the company, especially when it is increasingly likely to miss the US government's deadline for the sale of its TikTok US operations. President Donald Trump said on Thursday (Sept 10) that he will not extend his Sept 15 deadline for the deal. In India, TikTok is among more than a hundred Chinese-made consumer apps that are banned by the government on concerns about security. SoftBank Group is exploring gathering a group of bidders for TikTok's India assets. The British government will likely ban TikTok from moving local user data out of the country, Bloomberg News has reported. ByteDance is leading a consortium that has applied for a digital-bank licence from the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Other members of that group include a private investment firm owned by a member of the Lee family that founded OCBC Bank. The regulator will award as many as five such permits to non-banks by December. Ant Group and Tencent-backed Sea have also applied.
  11. In the midst of all the negative news, this is one piece of beautiful news... literally https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/covid-19-singapore-airlines-care-ambassadors-hospital-manpower-12608118 Oh my... Can you imagine... If I'm an inpatient and I'm expecting the rubbish food given to me, and along comes the Singapore Girl, and says: "Hello!" Today, we offer these uncooked toufu and eggs or the overfried chicken, served with plain water... Suddenly everything will taste better! Wooo... Or get them to teach you to wear a mask ... like putting on the life vest 🙂 Or better yet, teach HCW to wear the PPE... A patient's quarantine pr NCID stay just got sweeter... hmm.... 😉 Their roles can be extended.. As for social distancing... I can imagine even those old chaps at the hawker centre will obey them when they ask them too The only side effect? Well they might move further from others, but they might have trouble maintaining social distance from these lovely ladies... Brilliant idea...
  12. This is the first time I hear about horse therapy and still wondering how it work. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/health/horse-therapy-is-gaining-traction-in-singapore SINGAPORE - The weather on this September afternoon is hazy and humid, but it does nothing to dampen the spirits of the 10 nursing home residents - some of whom are in wheelchairs - who are eagerly waiting to walk with and groom two gentle beasts. Argentinian former polo ponies Costera and Valentina are the stars of this session by charity Equal-Ark Singapore, whose Elderly Programme has used equine therapy to help improve the emotional well-being of hundreds of seniors with dementia or depression. Working with the animals is a novelty for long-time St Theresa's Home resident Bertha Hang, 74. "I'm very happy with the horses - I can go round with them; touch them," she said as she deftly slotted a body brush onto her amputated right arm to groom Valentina. Ms Hang, who had lost parts of her four limbs to gangrene in 2003, had become downbeat after she was hospitalised for sepsis - a life-threatening illness as a result of the body's extreme response to an infection - last year. Grooming the horses is a role reversal and an empowering activity for Ms Hang, who, like other nursing home residents, are usually the care recipients. While the use of dogs and cats in animal-assisted therapy is more common here, equine therapy has been gaining some traction in land-scarce Singapore. Organisations such as Equal-Ark, Therapeutic and Educational Riding in Singapore (Theris), Healing Horses Singapore and Hovi Club Horsecity have been growing their clientele and expanding their programmes over the last few years. The goal of equine therapy is to help people develop necessary skills and attributes, through their interaction with the horses. It includes therapeutic horseback riding, where riding lessons are adapted to the person's disability and needs, and hippotherapy, which uses equine movement to engage the sensory, neuromotor and cognitive systems. "Being prey animals - as compared to dogs, cats and even humans, who are predators - horses are incredibly sensitive to their environment, and are able to perceive and respond to the smallest of changes, including our tone of voice, body language, behaviours, emotions and even our biochemistry," said Theris' founder and managing director Jessamine A. Ihrcke. "They also provide immediate feedback in response to these aspects, which creates an opportunity for people to reflect on or be more aware of their behaviours and emotions, and adjust themselves accordingly in order to build a relationship with the horse," she added.
  13. SINGAPORE - A contact-tracing smartphone app has been launched to allow the local authorities to quickly track people who have been exposed to confirmed coronavirus cases. Dubbed TraceTogether, the app is able to identify people who have been in close proximity - within 2m for at least 30 minutes - to coronavirus patients using wireless Bluetooth technology, said its developers, the Government Technology Agency (GovTech) and the Ministry of Health (MOH), on Friday (March 20). "This is especially useful in cases where the infected persons do not know everyone whom they had been in close proximity with for an extended duration," said its developers. While use of the app is not compulsory, those who use it have to turn on the Bluetooth settings in their phones for tracing to be done. They also need to enable push notifications and location permissions in the app, which is available on the Apple App Store or the Google Play store. Should one of these users be infected, MOH will be able to quickly find out which other users they have been in close contact with, allowing for easier identification of potential cases and helping to curb the spread of the coronavirus here. On its website, TraceTogether's developers said the app is meant to complement current contact-tracing methods and allow for the identification of people who were in close proximity with an infected person more efficiently. There is currently no target for the number of users for the app. In a release on Friday, the Smart Nation and Digital Government Office (SNDGO) said users have to give explicit consent to participate in TraceTogether, and for their mobile number and data to be used for contact tracing. "When requested by MOH, users can send their TraceTogether logs to facilitate the contact tracing process. Up to that point, the authorities, including MOH and GovTech, have no knowledge of the user's TraceTogether data," said SNDGO. Official contact tracers will provide a code that users can match with a corresponding verification code on their app. Once authenticated, users will be given a PIN that allows submission of logs when entered. Official contact tracers will also not ask for any personal financial details or request for the transfer of money over the phone. When contacted by contact tracers, that is the point that users will be asked to share their data logs. If they refuse, they may be prosecuted under the Infectious Diseases Act. On its website, TraceTogether developers said that keeping the app running all the time will not drain a phone's battery significantly. The only data that is collected by the Government through this app is the user's mobile number, which is kept so that MOH can contact users quickly if they were in close proximity with an infected case. The app also does not collect or use users' location data, but only records who they might have been close to. Similar apps have been said to be successful in helping to turn the tide against the coronavirus in some countries. In highly-connected South Korea, for instance, people know quickly when a new coronavirus case is found in their neighbourhood through a government alert sent to their mobile phones. This alert includes details such as the new patient's age, gender and travel history. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/coronavirus-singapore-develops-smartphone-app-for-efficient-contact-tracing
  14. Singapore Sees Flash Floods In Numerous Areas On 30 Apr Due To Torrential Rain source: https://mustsharenews.com/flash-floods-singapore/ Flash Floods Hit Singapore In Tampines & Serangoon North Singaporeans across the island saw heavy rain descending on Thursday (30 Apr) afternoon. Stormy weather involving loud & frequent cracks of thunder and streaks of lightning lit up dark cloudy skies across Central, West and East areas in Singapore. While many of us at home enjoyed the cooler weather, others felt first-hand the devastating effects of such a downpour. PUB issues urgent flash flood notices Numerous parts of Singapore reportedly saw flash floods as a result of the rain. PUB, the nation’s water agency even issued 3 flash flood notices within a short span of 30 minutes. According to PUB notices, most of the flash floods occurred in the Eastern region of Singapore at these 3 locations: Jalan Teliti Tampines Road (Near Hougang Ave 1) Upper Paya Lebar Road Flash floods at Serangoon North washed away road barriers Serangoon North also experienced its fair share of ‘flash floods’ at around 3pm this afternoon. Captured via an MS News reader’s Insta-stories, she described that it was “raining massively” at her house. The resident of this HDB apartment complex also described watching “barriers from roadworks” under her flat get “washed away” due to accumulated water from the rain. Joo Seng HDB carpark affected by ‘ponding’ In a video uploaded by All Singapore Stuff, ‘ponding’ seems to have occurred at a HDB area in Joo Seng as well. We can observe that the heavy rainfall caused the entire HDB parking lot to fill up with murky water, as a lone taxi tries to exit the premises. Ponding should have subsided by now With May’s weather forecast predicting more frequent thunderstorms, we can expect future occurrences of flash floods. Thankfully, PUB has confirmed most of the ponding locations mentioned in their alerts have subsided at the time of writing. However, since most of us are staying home during the month of May – with extended Circuit Breaker measures still in place – we hope that the effects will be minimal on our daily lives.
  15. Heartbreakid

    2020 Subaru Levorg

    2020 Subaru Levorg teased. Going to reveal a pre-production model concept at Tokyo Motorshow in late October. https://www.carscoops.com/2019/09/subaru-teases-all-new-levorg-wagon-ahead-of-tokyo-motor-show-debut/
  16. Burger chain Shake Shack to open its fourth outlet, this time in Suntec City SINGAPORE - New York burger chain Shake Shack is continuing its expansion here with a fourth outlet, in Suntec City Mall. It will be located on the ground floor in the West Wing near the convention centre. The hoardings were unveiled on Monday (Aug 24) and featured murals by Ripple Root, the artist moniker of Singaporeans Liquan Liew and Estella Ng. Their colourful paintings showcase bougainvilleas, triangular motifs representing the Suntec architecture and splashes of water inspired by its Fountain of Wealth. There is no official date for the opening yet, but the chain said in a statement that it is aiming for this autumn. Shake Shack has three other outlets, which are in Jewel Changi Airport, Neil Road and Liat Towers in Orchard Road. https://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/food/burger-chain-shake-shack-to-open-its-fourth-outlet-this-time-in-suntec-city wow, they already have 3 outlets in SG ? may try the SG Exclusive pandan shake one day ...... should be sweet-die-me one.
  17. JOHOR BARU: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has announced that the Government has decided to implement the Vehicle Entry Permit fee for all foreign vehicles entering Johor. Najib said that the decision was made following a request made by the state. "I have discussed the matter with Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and have also informed Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Wahid Omar of our decision. "I have instructed him to inform the Road Transport Department (JPJ) so they can work out the details before the VEP is implemented," he said during a buka puasa event organised by the state Wednesday. "We will make an announcement later on the date of implementation and the rates for the VEP," he said. Najib also assured that a portion of the collection would be channelled to the state Government.
  18. national day special https://www.todayonline.com/8days/seeanddo/netflix-launch-106-classic-singaporean-films-series-including-55-mediacorp-shows
  19. See_eff

    Subaru Levorg

    Any idea whether this Subie will arrive in SG? If yes, when?
  20. just received a renewal notice from ICA for my son's passport. question : is there any difference if i renew now (before expiry), or apply new when this pandemic is over ? i don't think we will be seeing the light at then end of the tunnel so soon also.
  21. https://mothership.sg/2020/08/wrs-adopt-an-animal/ Animal lovers looking to show support for Singapore's zoological institutions and the creatures they care for, here's some news. Members of the public can now adopt an animal of their choice from the Singapore Zoo. Choose from 10 featured species Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) launched its "Adopt an Animal" programme on Aug. 13. Under this programme, people can choose to symbolically adopt one of 10 of the zoo's featured species. These are: 1. Ah Meng the Sumatran orangutan 2. Ben & Bella the African penguins 3. Bosco the red ruffed lemur 4. Bunny the two-toed sloth 5. Coco the Aldabra giant tortoise 6. Matahari the Malayan sun bear 7. Pedro the California sea lion 8. Psota the pygmy hippopotamus 9. Rambo the eastern grey kangaroo 10. Ronnie the rex rabbit There are three tiers of adoption, with prices ranging from S$200 to S$1,500. Each contribution is accompanied with special privileges such as adoption e-certificates, admission tickets and invitations to WRS events and previews. The higher the adoption tier, the more the privileges. You can make an adoption here: https://www.wrs.com.sg/en/get-involved/partner-with-us/become-a-wildlife-partner/select-your-contribution.html Funds contribute to care of animals Funds collected from these symbolic adoptions will be channeled towards the care of animals, such as providing for their daily meals, the purchase of medical equipment, and the general upkeep of animal habitats. These contributions will also support research and education programmes across WRS' parks, as well as conservation projects in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Such a programme helps provide the public with accessible ways in which they can "play active roles in conservation and be inspired to care for wildlife," said WRS Senior Director of Partnership Isabel Cheng. This was after visitors visited the parks and felt a particular connection with the animals. "After visiting us and making a connection with these species, many have followed up to ask how they can do something for wildlife and make meaningful contributions towards our animals and the conservation work we do around the world." Although adoption is currently only available for animals from the Singapore Zoo, there are plans to expand the programme to include creatures from Jurong Bird Park, River Safari and Night Safari.
  22. Wow! Most Expensive now to Most Powerful Red Dot Passport Singapore passport becomes 'most powerful' in the world......CNA says one......... http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/singapore-passport-becomes-most-powerful-in-the-world-9341920 INGAPORE: For the first time, Singapore is the single most powerful passport in the world, thanks to a little help from Paraguay. By removing visa requirements for Singaporeans, Paraguay helped Singapore edge out Germany for the top spot in a passport index developed by global financial advisory firm Arton Capital. Read more at http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/singapore-passport-becomes-most-powerful-in-the-world-9341920
  23. VteckiCk

    Mahathir to form new malay-based party

    From Minister of Home Affairs and Law K Shanmugam fb page. [Dr M’s new party] Dr Mahathir introduced the name of his new party by reference to a poem. Party’s name is “Pejuang” meaning fighter/warrior. (https://www.facebook.com/TunDrMahathir/posts/10157624675483652) Two lines in the poem are interesting: “Lihat Melayu negara jiran. Melayu lagikah negara mereka?” Meaning: “Look at the Malays of the neighbouring country. Is their country still Malay?” Wonder which country Dr Mahathir is referring to.