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Found 22 results

  1. I'm beginning this thread so I can continue to discuss matters on a topic that interests me. I know there is a thread with similar content, but it's become a bit toxic, so if the mods don't mind, I'll start one here? Otherwise go ahead and merge. Basically we have an economic crisis on us, and internationally things are not doing well either. But in spite of this, property prices seem to be headed northwards and the agents will want to tell you, they won't drop. But job losses are on the way, and the capital appreciation on property isn't what it used to be and despite what agents try to tout, one must consider all factors rationally, and see if your money is better served elsewhere. Eg a good benchmark will be the 2.5% that CPF offers. But property remains enticing because it takes a lot more effort and investigation to find alternatives and not all Singaporeans are that hardworking or familiar with the investment instruments available. I wonder what the rest think? Cheers
  2. Genie47

    My favorite movie scene

    It was 1980. Posters of the carrier USS Nimitz were everywhere. Lightning flashes around. It was the Final Countdown. I bought tickets and went to watch it. Was at good old Odeon cinema. Then this scene came. The dogfight. F14A Tomcat vs A6M2 Type 0 "Zeke". All I remember was being awed by the scene. Then when the Sidewinder fired and the Zero was splashed. The whole cinema erupted into cheers and applause! Girlfriends and wives will not understand. Thank you Hollywood.
  3. On and off, we will come across news, photo or video footage of driver(s) performing stupid stunt / act with their ride(s). Let me start off with these 3 cases reported recently (overseas). Autonomous car from Ford? Not yet... Residents of Arlington, Virginia, were stunned to see an unmarked, gray Ford Transit van tooling around town without a human driver behind the wheel. According to ARLnow, the vehicle was spotted driving through the Courthouse and Clarendon neighborhoods with nary a soul in the driver’s seat. Some speculated the van was part of Virginia Tech’s recently approved autonomous driving tests... ... A few days later, NBC 4’s transportation reporter Adam Tuss spied the driverless van again at a stop sign. And when he approached, Tuss noticed the driver’s “seat” had two hands and legs sticking out from it. Tuss tried to get the costumed driver to talk, but they sped off, running a red light in the process. A Cage to Protect Your Rolls-Royce, Will it Work? A rich guy buys $645,000 (Australian dollars) Rolls-Royce a few weeks ago, and then decides the parking structure of the luxury apartment building just wasn’t secure enough to safeguard his Roller. The Rolls owner had a custom cage built surrounding his parking space to protect the Rolls-Royce, sort of like how you’d protect a $500,000 labradoodle. Unfortunately, that very cage, built with the sole purpose to protect the car, also proved to be what caused a good amount of damage to the car, since the owner soon found that navigating in and out of the cage was a challenge beyond his skills, and ended up driving into one of the cage’s support poles and walls, causing a surprising amount of damage to the car. The steering was damaged along with a good bit of bodywork on the side and rear, plus the loss of a marker light that probably costs more than most of the objects you and I interact with every day. Ouch... ... Lessons learnt: Cars aren’t meant to be kept in cages. Especially if you’re pretty shitty at parking as it is. Porsche Pay For Owners Sunglasses? Lawsuits and settlements are usually pretty straight forward but one involving Porsche is anything but normal. A class action lawsuit has resulted in the company being held responsible for compensating owners for sunglasses - yes, sunglasses. According to the settlement, customers who purchased or leased any Porsche model between 2007–2016 are eligible to make a claim. However, the vehicle must have been equipped with a Cognac, Luxor Beige, Natural Brown, Platinum Grey, or Sand Beige dashboard. If you're one of the handful of Porsche owners who fit that description, you could receive up to $175 in compensation. Affected owners can check out DashboardGlareClassAction.com for more information but claims for sunglasses need to be submitted by September 21st. Customers who made other modifications to reduce the glare coming off their dashboards will have until June 25th of next year to submit a claim. The whole issue sounds ridiculous but the original lawsuit claimed the glare was a safety issue. Porsche objected to this notion but eventually decided a lengthy court battle wasn't worth the effort. In case you were wonder, the lawyers for the plaintiffs will apparently receive $790,000 in attorneys’ fees and $50,000 for expenses. That should be more than enough to buy a few Porsches and their own pair of sunglasses. Penny wise, pound foolish??
  4. Darth_mel

    Best shootout scene in movie history

    Well, IMO at least..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONHHdjyyVHo...player_embedded
  5. Leinad8919

    Nice English movie scene

    Please post your favorite English movie scene preferably with original dialogue & a simple introduction. The other thread too much rojak. Sorry. Here I start the ball rolling... Drive through shooting & suicide bomber scene in THE KINGDOM.
  6. This Accident Happened This Morning Along Jalan Bukit Merah Towards CTE At About 0030 hrs. The Impact Of The Crashes Dragged The Bike Many Meters Away After Throwing The Chinese Rider And A Pillion In Their 50s Many Meters To The Air. Both Were Seriously Injured. Please Be Alert At All Time! Picture From Taxiuncle Group https://www.facebook.com/taxiunclegroup
  7. A fire broke out at The Pinnacle@Duxton on Cantonment Road on Sunday afternoon. Two fire trucks, an ambulance and the police are at the scene. Smoke was seen coming from the upper levels of Blk 1D. A resident said she initially thought it was the haze, before she realised there was a fire when the fire alarm went off. The Pinnacle, an iconic public housing development, comprises seven connected 50-storey towers. http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/fire-broke-out-the-pinnacleduxton-five-fire-trucks-the-scene-20140126
  8. Hiphiphoray

    Jumper Scene

    8+ morning walking to the carpark, i enounter the aftermath of a jumper scene. i think happen a few minutes ago nia. Ambulance nor police was not there yet. It was a exetremely terrible sight. First time i see this sort of thing. i think its a young boy probably in lower secondary. May he rest in peace. 3rd jumper case in 4 years around my neighbournood liao. Hiazzzzzzz. Now my mind blank blank one.........and stomach dont feel too good. i feel like taking leave and take my kids go outing now....to get it off my mind.
  9. STOMPer Boleh sent in a video which shows Malaysian fans attacking Singaporean fans at Horne Road before a football match on June 8. Another STOMPer, Kane, feels that the Malaysian fans should behave themselves when they are in Singapore. A New Paper report (June 8) had stated that a fight had occurred two hours before the match between fans from both sides. It was stated that the fight had started because a Singaporean fan had hurled vulgarities at the Malaysian fans. A Singaporean was later arrested by local police for disorderly behaviour with regards to the incident. In a follow-up New Paper report from June 10, local fan Sulastre Hamzah, who attended Friday
  10. Just to share here happening in SG.. Was walking out to buy lunch towards Serangoon North..around 1250hrs today.. Was trying to do some smsing.. Then heard a lady a passerby shouting for help ..lookup and to my frightening and shocking sight...the lady was chasing a barefooted boy in the middle of the road .. Those who knows this road AMK Av. 3 which have a very long loop from CTE exit to Yio Chu Kang are known for fast moving vehicles..and many accident.. Was still in shock ...saw a swift action Malay guy with knitted cap came from behind me holding behind the fast moving cars to slow down and quickly grab the boy to safety...Kudos to his bravery and action.. The boy in yellow T-shirt could be had ran off from a Child care centre nearby Lit*** F**tp****... Then saw the caregiver from the centre running towards the boy... How can this thing happening...
  11. Hi all, After the freak incident involving a bike that kissed my rear and ran away, I'm determined to install the in-car video recorder not just the front but at the rear as well. Hope to get a pair over the weekend. Sorry that I've skipped the other 2 long winded discussion on the gadget as I want to be very specific and also to lower my expectation now: 1. Which is the smallest recorder I can get in the market? No PDA or Handphone option. 2. Auto start and stop. 3. HD quality and play back resolution. 4. Longest recording time possible (high storage memory). 5. No messy wiring like ciggy lighter wire. 6. Reliable and cost effective. Kindly recommend one. Thank you Thank you very much . Regards,
  12. Alvinnoob

    Local MRT scene

    check this auntie... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OW4sRhP17HQ
  13. From Straits Times interactive... Fly the flag or lose licence Proud citizens: Ipoh City Council staff waving the Jalur Gemilang during the launching of the National Day celebrations on Monday. -- PHOTO: THE STAR IPOH - ALL businesses in the city must fly the state flag on the Perak Ruler's birthday on April 19 and the national flag on Aug 31 if they want their licences renewed, said Ipoh Mayor Roshidi Hashim. He warned that those who failed to comply with the new ruling could also be issued compounded fines or be blacklisted. 'If the businesses don't fly the flags on both these days, they will be considered to have violated the new condition for their licences,' he told reporters after handing over the national flag to to Ipoh City Council's department heads here on Monday. Mr Roshidi said the ruling was part of the council's efforts to inculcate patriotism among city folk, particularly among the business community. He admitted that despite the launch of the Merdeka month celebrations by Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin on Aug 1, most premises in the city have yet to raise the national flag. Mr Roshidi said premises owners should take the initiative to buy their own flag and not wait for this to be distributed free to them. -- THE STAR/ANN What a way to make people show how they "LOVE" the country....... Boleh lar Bolehland.....
  14. Jeffang

    Chinese Sex Scene

  15. Darth_mel

    StormRiders II epic scene

    无名的万剑归宗。 http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=669968898
  16. Darth_mel

    Deleted Star Wars scene

    Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
  17. Kelpie

    A small scene at Hitachi Tower

    Recently, was at Hitachi building, queuing for Chwee Kueh at this food stall. In front, an office lady was trying to pay the cashier $1.50 in coins. 1stly, the cashier commented that one of the ten cent is dirty, doesn't want to accept . Nevermind, the OL gave her 2 x 5 cent coins. Guess what the cashier said : "we don't accept 5 cents" . I could understand why that OL was furious and told the cashier off :"If you don't want to sell me the chwee kueh, give back my money!" . Later, the boss intercepted and apologized to the OL. 10 cent coin not money meh? 2 x 5 cents also not legal tender meh . I walked away and went for Burger King instead. No wonder people been saying Singaporean has very poor customer service standard. Time is bad now and people still have this type of behaviour . Regards,
  18. Thermodynamics

    Ugly scene at Toa Payoh hub

    Guys, take a look at this. I don't know who is in the wrong. Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0ug2cBISwg Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpXpvXUPzwQ&feature=related Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02qZ_RJ6ejQ&feature=related I am not sure whether the 2 spore gals got provoke the ang mo and his wife or not before the clips or not. What's your opinion?
  19. Time to look at some scrap junk. (Ok, I'm farking bored so surf, surf ended up finding some clips ...) just wondering if the clips owner belonged to MCF???? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gIHBXLTrOY...related&search= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJZb4TLTAfw...related&search=
  20. Eatnsleep

    Scene from Hollywood

    Witnessed a little drama along TPE towards Changi at 1:30pm. This car A was behind me at lane 1, following with a comfortable (1-2 cars) gap and travelling at the same speed as me. Then this car B entered TPE from Lor Halus, the next thing I know, car B is in between A and my car. By the time I reached API flyover, I have opened up the gap between B and I. [Action begins] A filtered to lane 2, cut to the front of B immediately. B filtered to lane 2 after being cut, A immediately filtered to lane 2. B attempted to return to lane 1 but failed as A made a similar move. B moved to lane 3 as there was a slower car at lane 2 and returns to lane 2. B started to follow a car in lane 2 after that. A continued the journey at lane 1. I exited at Tampines ave 12. [Action ends] Exciting eh? I had to be extra careful myself while watching the whole thing via the rear mirror. Regardless, it was a stupid act for both A and B. Worse is A has a female passenger in front.
  21. Hi Guys Just to share with you a experience , during my accident . After my accident out of a sudden , Some "good hearted" people representing a repair workshop approaches you for repairs , offering to fight the claims for you . They are very pushy and kept persuading u to tow the vehicle to their workshop . They will tell you your insurance won't cover you and your authorised workshop will take very long for repairs. They claim that they will engage their lawyer to fight to give you maximum claims . So I reckon that they are very dodgy and suspicious , like trying to take advantage of you when you are shocked/stunned after a accident . So in the end, I ignore them , insisted to tow it back to C&C . Just curious , how come these ppl so fast , knows the location of the accident , even way before TP comes? Anyone in such suitation , tow their car to their workshop? Share experience please ?